Saying Goodbye to Corinne

Yay! My new show Love Buzz has a new episode up NOW!!! We normally release on a Tuesday but decided to post this episode on a Monday since we are talking all about the new Bachelorette Rachel!! Plus the original Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, joins the show!!!! I adore Trista and I loved chatting with her about Rachel joining our little Bachelorette squad. Watch it below!

OK.. now let’s talk about last night’s episode of The Bachelor. I knew there wouldn’t be any drama between Andi and Nick. They are both adults and had a totally civil conversation. It commical how it looks like the other girls are waiting outside in the cold while he is talking to Andi. There is NO WAY that happened! If by some chance it did happen, Nick was totally unaware I assure you. He would never intentionally keep them waiting in the cold like that.But Nick is certainly in a weird position. Andi brought up how Nick called her out for having sex with him. Now if he sleeps with more than one woman, they all totally have the right to call him out too! It should be VERY interesting to see what happens.

I was pretty surprised to see Corinne get sent home. I honestly thought it was going to be Rachel, only because we know she’s the next Bachelorette. And I was so sure Nick would want to take Corinne to the fantasy suite. Ha! But I have to say that I am totally impressed that he didn’t let his you know what do the picking for him. Seriously, I mean that as a real compliment. Nick continues to impress me. That said, I truly felt sad for Corinne when she got sent home. Poor thing. You can tell she really cared for Nick. The way she broke down right in front of the other girls just broke my heart. And what she said in the limo during her exit interview made so much sense to me in terms of trying to understand her behavior throughout the show. She kept saying that she was doing and saying what she thought men wanted to hear and wanted her to do. So that is why she leads with her sexuality. She said she isn’t going to do that anymore moving forward and I hope that’s true!!! I hope she has realized that she doesn’t need to do those things to find love! I truly wish her the best. But I know this isn’t the last we will see of her. I look forward to following her next journey to love… maybe on Bachelor in Paradise? Cause we all know she is totally going to be on it!

I have NEVER cried when someone says I love you for the first time on this show. The reason it doesn’t get me emotional is because it’s always forced and doesn’t feel real. When Raven told Nick that she loved him I was so choked up. She is so well spoken. I feel like I should be taking notes from her for my wedding vows! Ha! Maybe I should call her up and ask for wedding vow advice. Girl has a way with words. Love her!

The two things Raven told Nick during dinner were intense!!!! Because first she tells him that she’s only slept with one guy. Almost to let him know that she isn’t opposed to sex as long as she is the ONE in his eyes! But she’s basically letting him know that he shouldn’t sleep with her if he doesn’t think or doesn’t know that she’s the one. But then RIGHT after that she told him she has never had an orgasm! Well if that isn’t a challenge I don’t know what is! Nick is going to be DYING inside wanting to give Raven that big O. I feel weird even talking about this, but man, he has got to by dying to show her what’s she’s missing.

I actually like that this was only an hour episode. Ha! I mean, I can’t wait until next week, but I loved that we got to really focus on what happened tonight! Maybe it’s my mommy brain and I can’t focus on too much at once these days.

Let’s discuss EVERYTHING – including what we said about Rachel on my show Love Buzz – in the comments below!

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And I had to share this video on Motherhood that I did with Us Weekly! Watch it and let me know what you think! I’m sure you other mothers can relate!!! xoxo




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59 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Corinne

  1. As i watched the show 2nite, Corrine and Nick reminded me of a H.S. girl crushing on the college guy and hes just being nice to her…or the H.S. freshman crushing on the H.S. senior.

    The rest of the show was just a breath of fresh (cold) air. Lol

    Cant wait til next week!

  2. I love that they got me. I was totally shocked when Nick sent Corinne home. I thought she was surely going to be in the final two.

  3. Can you elaborate on your decision to cut fruit out of your diet? Also, do you have details about the cute shirts you wore in the Us Weekly video?

  4. I am going to be a new mom soon (in June) so I loved watching your US weekly video! Can you elaborate on your decision to cut out fruit? And also where are the flannel and polka dot shirts from in the video! I love getting blog updates on Molly and how the first year is going. I know the first few weeks will be extremely difficult so any advice helps!

    1. I don’t know where the polka dot shirt is from! The stylist for the shoot took it with her so I don’t have it. And I am writing a post about what I eat now!!! Should be up by tomorrow, Thursday at the latest.

  5. I was shocked but very pleased that Nick sent Corinne home. Other than that surprise, the show cut short by 1 hr leaving me wanting to see more of the overnight dates. I wish Corinne good luck with finding true love.

    1. I felt like the producers invited Andi to come
      So much of this season seems to be ALL about shock value and ratings. Andi has moved on…. that visit was prompted. And ONE about? When my DVR quit I was sure something was wrong. But nope!

      Corrine will find someone her own age who wants a sugar mama. She’ll be fun and drama to look forward to in paradise for sure.

      And Raven…. Raven Raven. I feel like Mick has had conversations witn Vanessa and he knows better than to “test drive” in the fantasy suite. Having said that any red blooded man would have taken that conversation as an invite and “see if you can”‘option……..
      And Miss Raven ….. really did you have to have that part of the conversation on TV? You realize your family not to mention ALL of America knows and that could have (yes I know it’s tv) could have happened in private. Personally I don’t think the “O” conversation needed to happen at all—- Just sayin’

  6. Ali, I have to say that I didn’t feel bad for Corrine at all. She was such a bitch and she treated the other girls like shit because she’s a spoiled brat. I’m glad she was sent home and I know Nick wanted to send her home even though he said “it wasn’t her fault.” She needed to get sent home because of her immaturity and selfishness. Also, Raven opening up to Nick isn’t a bad thing, I’d do the same thing if I was her but not the orgasm part, I’d wait for the fantasy suite for that. But, seriously, I don’t know why Rachel does get sent home but we’ll see next week. I’m not watching “After the Final Rose” for Corrine, she’s a brat and that’s all she will ever be. She’s going to need to mature a lot more if she ever wants true love or any love at all from a guy who only wants her for her money.

    1. I hear you! She definitely didn’t act great most of the season. But I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and believe that people are good deep down.

      1. When Corrine was with her family I could see where are Dad goes along with what Corrine wants…..actually sad for Corrine…..its preventing her from maturing. Her dad was a nice man who loves his daughter…..but doesn’t see its harming her….

  7. You know, I didn’t like Corinne all season but I really felt bad for her this episode. It really goes to show you that she doesn’t have very high self worth. She thinks that she has to impress men, buy them things, be someone she isn’t to make them like her. It’s quite sad really. Hopefully as she matures and gets older she will realize her worth, gain some self esteem and learn that just being herself will eventually be enough and not until she does that, will she find someone. She has a lot of growing up to do. Glad to see that Nick has matured enough not to take her to the fantasy suite and send her home. I’m curious to see how this ends because I have seen spoilers. But man, Raven is soooo well spoken! She is a gem! She was so sweet last night and really has her head on straight. It’s really sweet to see their connection! I love her.

      1. I agree with Kat. How many of us have gone the distance to impress men only to end up heartbroken? I do think it’s time for Corinne to let a man go the distance to impress her. Everybody deserves to be romatically spoiled. <3

  8. So surprise that Nick sent Corrine home. I thought it was going to be Rachael being that we all know she’s the next bachlorette. But really glad the Corrine drama is over. She was very immature and monetary. But I honestly thought the producers were going to keep her around for all the drama. I was surprised. I wish her luck and we’ll def.. see her in Paradise. They have to have drama….. Hi Ali. Have a great day!!!!

  9. I’m right there with you, Ali! That profession of love from Raven got me big time. At first she started talking about her previous relationship and I thought “oh no this isn’t how you tell a guy you love him” …. but she totally used it as an example of how much those words mean to her and how much her feelings for Nick have developed. I felt like I was watching a movie! Raven is well-composed and articulate but also has this quirky, wild side which seems to keep Nick on his toes. I just love her 🙂

    1. What really hit home with me when Raven was telling Nick she loved him, is when she said her dad always prayed that she would have an easy love. I think that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. Heartbreak is the worst emotional pain to go through, hands down. I would never want anyone I love to experience the kind of deceit and sadness I, and so many others, have experienced in relationships.

  10. Corinne really grew on me this season and I was sad to see her go. It was also touching to see how Nick handled the goodbye. The way he held her and kept kissing her head showed how much he genuinely cared for her in my opinion, and he really impressed me. I was also impressed with Corinne being so open about her feelings and wishing him luck. Can’t wait for next week!

  11. I don’t understand all the Corrine hate from the show or media. I almost got teary eyed when she left and I thought Nick’s goodbye to her seemed so genuine and real. I could tell he really liked her and was really going to miss her.

    Besides being sexual at times (which is personally NOT my prerogative) I found her quite entertaining and sweet. I don’t see Corrine as a mean girl at all. Her sexual antics, at times, don’t make me not like her. I may not like what she does and says (sometimes) but there is more to Corrine than just that. Even the new Bachelorette Rachel said she likes Corrine and she would know more about Corrine than any of us.

    So, I am not really understanding why the other girls and viewers don’t like her. If it’s all about the sexual antics, let’s be real, The Bachelor/Bachelorette isn’t G rated so let’s stop pretending like it is. There is a fantasy suite, hot tubs, bikinis and more on this show. The couples might be playing checkers in their room and they might not 😉 I come from a belief system of waiting until marriage for sex which I really wanted to uphold. I personally didn’t though and I painfully regret it. I was with one person before I met my Husband. When I met my Husband we actually waited until our honeymoon to be intimate. Totally TMI, I know, but it was worth it to me to wait even though I knew I was going to marry him. So, even with this belief, I still love Corrine. There is “always more” to a person which is some sweet advice I got from Audrey Roloff from Little People, Big World.

    I admit, I look away a lot while watching this show because there are things I don’t want to see and there are definitely uncomfortable conversations I don’t want to hear (like Raven’s) but what would I expect? Let’s take the scarlet letter off Corrine and show some compassion to a human being because that is what she is 🙂

    And Raven, God Bless her, she is just a hoot 🙂 P.S. I’m kind of on the Raven train

  12. I’m sorry Ali but Raven clearly showed how immature she is. I think Nick realized it too & I am sure nothing happened in the fantasy suite. I mean, this is Raven’s problem & you just don’t bring that out on tv. This actually can make for a very awkward evening…

  13. We saw Rachel in the very beginning of the season in a preview where they were together in a cold place which we now know to be Finland. So I knew that it’d be Corrine last night because I had remembered the preview!

    With that said- there were no tears! Corrine made the crying noises and scrunched up her face but I’m not actually convinced she cried. I think it was all an act and it’s been very clear how much more of a connection Nick has had all along with the other remaining girls over Corrine.

  14. Love these recaps, Ali! Can I ask a question about the faux-leather leggings from Nordstrom you have on this page? I know you won’t steer us wrong! Are they as thin as the reviews say? They’re on sale now and I want to buy them but I don’t want plastic-y difficult to pick up a pen off the floor style leggings (Legally Blonde, anybody?). Thanks for the affordable outfits, adorable Molly pics and fun recaps! xoxo

    1. They are on the thin side but in a good way!!! I think the thicker one stick to my skin and don’t allow me to move freely. These are soft on the inside so they don’t stick to your skin at all! I really think you will love them. I HONESTLY do! And if you don’t, Nordstrom has FREE returns 🙂 Hope this helps!xoxo

  15. If I understood Andi correctly, she was telling Nick that if it felt right, he should have sex with anyone he chooses to in the fantasy suite. I hope I misunderstood, but if I didn’t, I think that is HORRIBLE advice. Because when he chooses THE one it will kill her to know that he had sex with anyone at all while on this show.

  16. Saying goodbye to Corrine should have happened a long time ago !! I can’t believe he kept her around, don’t get me wrong she’s a nice person I’m sure, but was absolutely not there for the right reason. It was about “winning” ! you don’t win a partner in life or a marriage, it’s not something you enter like a contest. She showed a very immature girl who needs to learn self respect, someday she may hate herself for the way she acted on the show, at least the parts TV nation saw for example the, first/second episode in the water stripping off her top !! Then her sleeping, stuffing her face and chewing like a cow, the bounce house, grabbing her boobs and saying this is mature, and lastly the best one her platinum vagene!! I did not feel bad for her at all, I would honestly like to write her a letter and tell her what she needs to do and change to really find a partner in life. And I’m curious to know what Mama and Papa think about their little girl ! I would be mortified if my 21 year old daughter acted that way.
    So onto better things, first I thought Rachel would go home and was surprised when it was Corrine, cuz we know she’s not the one. So it’s down to Vanessa and Raven. Nick’s arrival to Finland was awesome, what a beautiful place and he chose Raven as his first date. I really really like her, she is the ONE for Nick, although I didn’t like when she spoke on national TV about not having an orgasm, TMI (too much info), should be kept private. I’m not sure about Vanessa, she has doubts because she learned that Nick asked all Dad’s for their blessing. And I don’t feel she’s willing to compromise moving from Montreal and Nick isn’t keen on moving up there. So my lady is Raven ! She and Nick look great togehter and you can see how happy he is when he’s with her, something about her lights him up

  17. Hi Ali,
    How has your experience been with Shein? They have such cute stuff but I’m nervous about ordering from them. How is sizing in particular? Pretty TTS?

    Love your outfits!

  18. I watched your US weekly video and could relate to so much of it! I started laughing because as I was watching it, my 3 month old sat in his crib just screaming because I can’t figure out what to do to make it stop and YOU mentioned the same frustration! Any mom advice on what you do during those times (other than scream yourself, which I’m totally guilty of ha!)? He is the worst napper. I mean 10 min and he’s done with it…even though I know he’s tired! Pretty soon I think we’ll both lose our minds!! Thanks for sharing this mom journey with everyone and being real!

    1. I am a mom of a 4 month old and totally feel you. I started drive her around just to get her to nap (and made sure I had my caffeine with me so I wouldn’t nap, ha). For us, the difference of just being one month older helped and really watching the clock. At 1 hr 15 min, we start the nap routine. Diaper change, book, swaddle, rock, and then into bed. I can’t get her in bed, “drowsy but awake” but she does stay asleep when I put her down. She is not perfect every time but getting better and sometimes I just hold her for her nap. It won’t last forever and I quietly read or watch tv. Its nice down time. I also have a 4 year old and I assure you it will get better! Good luck.

  19. While the beginning of the season she came on ready to “win” her man, I totally do not agree with people saying she acted like a bitch. She seemed to be fine making herself goofy and the brunt of her own jokes. And she probably likes saying outrageous things to get a reaction. She may be immature but she appeared to be hysterical and a smart cookie. If you notice any time the girls were together, on the couch, rose ceremonies, the girls were always seated by her, including her and making eye contact. No one ever spoke negatively to the camera about her, even when she was in the final couple of girls and was more of a threat to them (totally different than in seasons past with actual girls who weren’t as nice). She was not given a rose and never said to nick “but I bought you….” and then wished him well and thanked him for holding open the door for her to get in the limo. I feel like these little things speak very highly of her character. I started off not liking Corrine and now I wish I could be her friend!

    Ps…. I LOVE Nick. His emotional maturity is off the charts, a little less conforming, totally not into typical gender roles and more into what will work for him. He’s a man of 2017 (and reminds me of my hubby!) Love it!!!!!

  20. One thing people don’t realize is Corinne’s authenticity. She was true to herself and to others even when others didn’t like who she is. That said, she does need to realize her self worth. I agree with her that she should wait for the right guy to show her true love and treat her right. Corinne has a good heart just misguided. I wish her the best.

  21. I was so sad when Corrine apologized to Nick after he sent her home – it just shows how little self confidence she has, it made me feel sorry for her. She exerts such confidence on the show but that showed just how little she has, by apologizing to Nick and saying she was sorry for anything she did… she looked like a little girl in that moment 🙁

  22. I totally thought Rachel was going home and that Nick would probably keep Corrine around for fantasy suites as well!! The only sad thing is that it was spoiled for me because I was wating it streaming live on and early in the episode they had a commercial that said to tune in to GMA in the morning to watch Corrine, so duh, I knew she was going. I HATE spoilers so that was disappointing! I think Raven is so gorgeous and sweet!! I really love watching her open up to Nick. I think if I were a guy and heard that from her I might be a little afraid – like, what if he can’t do it either?? Especially since it was brought up on national television lol!!! You know if they go to the fantasy suite somewhere down the line someone will ask if he succeded!
    Have a great day!

  23. I wasn’t surprised that Corinne went home. We all saw Rachel in Finland in the “coming up this season” right off the bat. I was surprised that Corinne was able to get me to like her the last two episodes, only for me to not like her again this episode. I think she fake cried at the rose ceremony most likely more upset to have “lost” than to not have Nick. And the limo interview came off very fake. It felt like how she was in the beginning of the season. I really want to see what happens with Rachel. The previews make it seem she is sent home because she can’t say I love you. We’ll see. I have been staying away from all spoilers.

  24. When I watch Corrine I feel that she has studied all the Bachelor Seasons/bacheloerette seasons and knows exactly what to say. In the limo, the cry felt very fake to me. When she moved her hand from her face you could see she was laughing. Every quote she had seemed like deja vu from past villains. With all that said, I’m looking forward to watching her in Bach in Paradise.

  25. Does anyone else think the producers made him send Christina home before hometowns? He had a much more emotional goodbye with her than he did with Corrine. His goodbye with Corinne felt very surface level, whereas his goodbye with Christina was so heartfelt and gut wrenching. I think the producers knew that corinnes hometown would get ratings and they persuaded nick to take her there, even though they had never had a one on one previously.

  26. **Agree with you Ali on everything (like always). Raven is extremely well spoken and would love to see her as Bachelorette one day. Love that Nick got choked up listening to her as well. But the “O” conversation on tv… cringe… hands over my eyes…!! Save that for private, UNLESS– that was a shoutout to her horrible, cheating ex. In your face ex-boyfriend from Little Rock!

  27. I was hoping you would ask Trista about how she can relate to the raven comment! Trista did the EXACT same thing on her season of the bachelorette. She told him during the fantasy suite date that she has never had an orgasm before! Crazy how they were both brave enough to mention that!

  28. I thought it was sad the episode centered around Andi’s approval for sex and then Ravens lack of sexual pleasure. This is why I have no friends left that watch the show. And the fact that Raven felt her fantasy date was “a much bigger deal” than the others because of her lack of sexual experiences is pretty much what is wrong with this world. Nothing is private anymore.

  29. I certainly was surprised he sent Corrine home, I am sure her feeling were genuine.. but he tantrum at the end of her conversation was silly and unnecessary…and wanting to sleep.. Go Raven she is the perfect match for Nick. they compliment each other. She is well spoken and really thought about what she wanted to say, and that is important in a relationship.. she communicated her feelings so perfectly and so what if she talked about the big “o” takes the right man to take the time to find out what pleases a woman.. and if he takes his time with her I bet there will be fire works.. its about talking in the bedroom too.. Can’t wait until next weeks episode..

  30. I loved your US Weekly video. It made me feel better that I’m not the only one who misses day drinking and hanging out with my friends 🙂

    I’m coming to the end of my breastfeeding journey and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I’m SO proud I’ll have made it to a year, (definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever done as a working mom) but on the other hand it is the end of a chapter for us – and I don’t feel ready to give up that relationship with my baby and admit the fact that she’s almost a toddler.

  31. Hey Ali!

    Thank you for your blog and I love your recaps.

    Nick has posted a picture on Instagram of him almost kissing Raven. Raven has also posted a picture herself kissing Nick. If in the end he ends up picking Vanessa why would be the meaning behind these posts? If I were Vanessa and if Nick had chosen me those posts would have to hurt and make me second guess.

    Thanks again!

  32. Hi Ali, I love your site and blogs!
    It was nice that Corrine went home but I do feel sorry for her. I’m sort of hoping she goes on Paradise as a new Corrine. I felt like Raven gets the night with Nick but it gets cut short from the way they showed some video last Monday. It seems like Rachel doesn’t commit to Nick so she leaves and Vanessa is questioning her time with Nick. If he proposals at all it would be Vanessa but I can see him with no one too. Rumor or not I still feel he finds out he’s having a baby with one of the contestants due to all the sex talking. Could it be with Raven? I don’t know but it should be an interesting 3 hrs. this coming Monday.

  33. First of all- you go girl! Rockin’ your post-baby bod!
    Second, I believed Nick when he told Corrine it wasn’t her fault that he sent her home. I really think it was her dad’s fault! When he told Nick that Corrine would be his ‘sugar momma’ essentially if he couldn’t find a job (SLAM!!) –the look on Nick’s face was priceless. He looked like he wanted to punch someone! I think that really bugged Nick and he knew he wouldn’t fit in with that family. She couldn’t buy his love. Which is what I felt she was trying to do on home towns.

  34. I wasn’t shocked to see Nick send Corrine home. I don’t think Corrine is ready for a long term commitment. Love should come natural. Real genuine love shouldn’t be bought. I hope Nick is sincere about finding love. But I have to wonder why he is all over the map emotionally with regards to the women?

    I don’t think Raven did anything wrong with being up front with Nick. Being honest and open shows maturity. One should be able to discuss any topic when they are in love. I’m not a fan of the fantasy suites. It’s one thing to spend quality time getting to know each other for compatibility without the cameras. But to try someone out sexually to see if they might be the one is not wise. Lust isn’t love. Andi’s advice was a bit loose. I’m sure Nick has an idea of which woman will challenge him, and who he has the most chemistry with.

    That’s my thoughts anyways. When I met my husband I already knew of his character wgoch is most important to me. We also had instant chemistry. We are a balanced match. Adversity has always brought us closer together. We made a commitment for life when we got married, and we will be together until one of us dies.

  35. I’m now catching up to this weeks episode ! First i was glad to see corinne go, she has alot of life to live before she gets a ring. Also i loveeee Raven, my goodness i have never heard anyone profess love in such a genuine way on this show. I think Raven can be the one too really give Nick the love he is looking for. Lastly its still sooo taboo to be a women and talk openly about sex, which is a shame. Good for her for being honest and upfront about her past.

  36. If Corrine really runs her own successful business then she can’t be as dumb as she makes out. Does she really have her own business?? From the way she acts I don’t know how she manages to get out of bed without help!! I’ve asked girls that my sons have known who acts just as dumb as Corrine…why do they want not only a guy they are wanting to date but the WHOLE world to think they’re dumb and no one can really give me an answer. I’m hoping to get one here. If it’s an ACT it’s not going to get you the kind of man who’s going to be there forever. Trust me on this…I’ve been married almost 35 years and have 2 adult & a 21 year old in heaven. Neither of my sons would have married a woman like that. My daughter has her Masters in early childhood education and teaches school. It’s sad that for some reason some women think it’s cute, sexy or whatever it is that they think to act dumb as a door nail..!! If she’s not acting and someone reading this knows her PLEASE get her some help!! I’d suggest that the 1st thing that needs to be done is that she get her own apartment either alone or with a roommate but NO nanny & none of Daddy & Momma’s money!! She’s to old to take tiny steps. If this hasn’t been an act…her parents failed miserably raising her & should be ashamed of themselves!! If it is an act I feel sorry for her. If she really thinks that’s the only way to get a man. Breast reguardless of the size don’t make you a mature woman. They make you a woman with BREAST…that’s all. I will admit I didn’t like watching her on the show. I went back and forth between disliking her and feeling sorry for her!! If anyone can get this girl some help please do so BEFORE she has a baby!!!

  37. I agree with Patty that someone who is close to Corinne needs to have a heart to heart with her and encourage her to get some help! My reason is different, though, and is something I haven’t seen talked about anywhere but in eating disorder communities– Corinne is clearly in the midst of an eating disorder. Her relationship with food is unhealthy and self-abusive, she has the chipmunk cheeks that come from purging and she never took off her pro-ana/mia red string bracelet on a nationally televised show. This is a prime chance for our culture to address eating disorder awareness as well as guiding a young woman toward professional help. Criticism of her other behaviors aside, we are missing an imperative here by not helping Corinne.

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