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Ok let’s talk about Hometown dates! Alright I lied, before we get there I have to to address the the way Nick gave out his hometown roses. I LOVED IT!!!! That was a Bachelor first that made my heart happy. It was more like real life and I loved that about it. I kind of wish the rose ceremonies were done away with most weeks. They can’t get rid of them entirely, they are a HUGE part of this show. But I just like a little variety with the “rose ceremony.” Nice work Nick!!!

On hometown, Raven is up first! When the police showed up at the grain bin I thought it was pretty cheesy and obviously set up, but then when we found out it was Raven’s brother I thought it was super cute! Speaking of a cute moment, when Raven and Nick were splashing around the water (Swamp? What is that considered? Ha!), I thought it looked like a scene straight out of a movie!!! I felt I was watching a mashup of Sweet Home Alabama and The Notebook. Adorable! And pretty hot too.

When her mom and dad told her that her dad was cancer free I cried my eyes out!!! And then when Raven starting crying, I just about lost it. Actually I completely lost it. I’ve never cried so hard watching a TV show. And that’s because that was as real a moment as you could possibly see on TV. After watching her hometown date, I really want them to end up together. Just because I love her so much and it would mean so much to her family. That said, I just don’t think they are going to end up together.

This pic below BTW is inspired by the white sandy beaches they are about to travel too!


Now let’s talk about our new Bachelorette!!! I know a lot of you were upset that ABC announced Rachel as the Bachelor before she was off the show, but I actually LOVE that they did that. Not only does it allow for ABC to get a more diverse group of men to apply for the show (guys that maybe wouldn’t have before knowing about Rachel being cast as the Bachelorette), but it also let us watch last night’s episode and get excited about her!!! And fall in love with her family. Oh my gosh I just adore her mother. When she was talking to Rachel I felt like she was all of our mothers. Ha! Such great advice. I also really appreciate the conversations about interracial relationships. I think we have seen a lot of hate in our country recently (and no I’m not talking about politics so please don’t comment about that here!). I’m talking about hate. I think it’s so important that we all keep an open dialog about loving one another regardless of skin color, background, religion, sports teams (ha!) and any differences we may have. I hope this conversation continues on Rachel’s season of the Bachelorette. But only as a way to promote loving each other more. I truly cannot wait for her season. It will surely be the best season yet!

Oh and I reached out to Rachel about her super cute outfit of course! Her dress is by LoveRiche and her white vest is by Mustard Seed.

Now, the shopping spree. Oh man. I don’t even know what to say. Once again, I just feel sad that Corinne felt she had to flaunt around her money to win over Nick’s affection. But I don’t want to focus on that. Instead, I want to discuss Corinne’s convo with her dad because it really struck a chord with me. She told her dad “He sees a lot more than other people see in me.” She mentioned that he appreciated the good, the bad and the embarrassing aspects of her. I really loved seeing her open up about this. And that’s why in many of my blogs, I’ve suggested that all of us see the good in Corinne. Nick is a smart guy and if she’s in his top 4 then I believe there must be a lot of good in her that is being edited out of the episodes. I’m continuing to see the good in Corinne, but also recognize when she needs to clean up her act and love herself a little more. I know what you’re thinking, who loves Corinne more than Corinne? I think her behavior shows that she believes sexuality and money buy love. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. If she loved herself more, she would realize that she’s enough and she deserves love regardless of her looks or wealth. I know she will get there some day and learn this lesson about self worth and love.

Vanessa is officially my MAJOR girl crush. Is she perfect or what?! Seeing her interact with her students was so heartwarming. She truly has a heart of gold. And then watching her speak 3 languages!!! Man, I barely speak half a language (no really I did REALLY bad with vocabulary on the GRE. Ha!) I just love her all around. I would love to see her end up with Nick.

And I really appreciated how realistic her family was being about the whole Bachelor process. If she and Nick end up together (and I really think they will) they are going have to make some serious sacrifices to be together. I get the sense that Nick wouldn’t want to move to Montreal full time and I highly doubt Vanessa would want to leave her family or students. So what will they do if they end up together? We shall see if she does in fact get his final rose. Nick lives in LA now and so do I, so I would LOVE if Vanessa moved here for selfish reasons. Ha! Btw, Vanessa’s pants and fur vest are both from Zara (no longer available).

Overall I just LOVED this episode. Every single hometown date was special and every relationship seems strong. Every season I usually always think at least one or two hometown dates seem forced and the relationship doesn’t seem legit. But not this season! Every girl truly seems smitten with Nick and VERY invested. It’s going to be heartbreaking to see someone get sent home next week. Who do you think it will be? We know Rachel is the Bachelorette, so I feel like it would be her. But then again, they had SUCH a good hometown date. So I don’t know! I would say Corinne, but I REALLY think Nick wants some fantasy suite time with her. Ha! I hate to say it, but come on. She’s been holding that carrot in front of him all season. Let’s discuss in the comments below!!!

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103 thoughts on “Hometowns

  1. Noo. I’ll be so sad if him and Raven don’t end up together hahaha. This is off the subject, but can you do a beauty post of current fav beauty?

  2. Ali, let me first say that you are an amazing lady with a beautiful family. Congratulations you are a winner. Now about the show, this was the first episode of the season that I truly enjoyed from start to finish. Best hometown dates ever for me. I think Rachel will go home next and possibly a 2nd lady. Maybe just 2 fantasy suite dates would be perfect in my opinion. So not looking forward to Andi’s visit. For some reason the show is only 1 hour next week and it’s a shame that ABC is giving Andi more tv time. That’s all until next week.

  3. Last nights hometown dates was very interesting to watch! I was a little upset about not giving out roses but agree I loved the spontaneous way Nick showed the four roses to represent the ladies hometown dates in his hands. I agrees the roses are a big ceremony and thrilling time to watch but maybe give out black roses to the ones going home. That’s mean but some othr off the wall thing to change up from time to time. My favorite hometown was Vanessa but I think she deserves someone more and they don’t look right together. I think Raven was a little awkward in the swamp but she is really cute. I don’t think her connection is close enough with Nick so I don’t see them together. I was mad about the announcement with Rachel but was happy to look deeper in her roots with family as we watched. I love Rachel and excited for next season. I was surprised to hear she hasn’t brought a white man home but interested to see her guys next season. Hopefully we’ll see more diversity in guys too! Corrine, hmmm… I totally agree with everything you said about her but for some crazy reason I think he picks her because I feel they are a lot alike in many ways. I have been disliking the to be continued part because we look forward to show and it’s like someone shuts off my t.v. in front of me and it’s not my 2 year old. Just don’t like things hanging. they don’t need to do that since each week is interesting anyways. Looking forward to next week and LOVE your blogs and products, such a natural!

  4. I am (was) 100% team Rachel, but knowing that she is the next Bachelorette.. I think my final rose goes to Corinne. Never thought I’d say that… this entire season, I’ve been the complete opposite.. but I think they have fun together, she makes him laugh & they clearly have a physical connection!!! I totally agree that there is more to her than we are seeing!! Plus, I think her/his lifestyles could work better than any others! I just can’t see Nick living in Hoxie or Montreal and I don’t see Raven or Vanessa leaving their families.

    1. Agree with you. I did not like Corinnes flashing during the episode but at the same time. She does not hide or tries to be someone she is not.
      I just loved when she told her dad that she would be the one bringing the bread and butter and Nick could be the stay home dad. Nothing wrong with that at all.
      I wished he had taken her to a one on one date, but she is strong and that might have been the reason why he did not. Kowing she would want to get super close.
      I liked his connection with her dad well the whole family. I also loved that they showed her nannies interview as they shood!
      I like Rachel but there is something missing between the two of them.

  5. I love reading your comments every week! The only thing I disagree with is I don’t think Corinne was trying to “buy” Nick’s love. It seems like that genuinely is her lifestyle and she just wanted to have a fun, silly date with him 🙂 I think he’ll choose Vanessa or Raven though. Vanessa has been my favourite since the beginning but I loved Raven’s date – they have such great chemistry! Should be an interesting finale!

  6. I hope he picks Raven. It was a toss up for me between Vanessa and Raven, but after last night’s episode I feel that the distance would break the relationship up after the newness wares off! Raven is just so darn cute… Her and Nick make a cute couple.
    As far as Corinne…Last night’s episode I could somewhat stand her… I’m sure as you said they cut out stuff to make her the villain BC we all know every season needs one! Your right Ali… She needs to learn herself before someone else can. She is trying to buy his love instead of showing her true self. Corrine obviously has her career goals straight, but she needs to mature as a women first before getting married.

  7. Who goes home? Well it can’t be Rachel since the season opener showed her with Nick in Finland (meaning she is in top 3).

    I think Corinne goes home. I think Nick had his uncomfortable face on multiple times during that date. Also he is probably thinking about how he could support / fund Corinne’s expensive life style because I doubt the dad would be funding that once they got married.

  8. I LOVE Raven! Goodness, I just want to be her friend! I agree with you though – don’t think he ends up with her. I’m thinking he sends Rachel home….even though I feel he is super attracted to her maturity, intelligence, and beauty, the home town might have left him feeling “challenged” in their relationship and I think he feels stronger for the other ladies there. Unfortunately, I think you’re right about him keeping Corinne for the fantasy suites………….that’s all I’m going to say about that. He and Vanessa just make the most sense…BUT yeah….lots of challenges coming their way in regards to geography.

  9. I just adore Vanessa!!!! But I feel like Corrine and Nick have the same lifestyle and are more suited for each other. I like Nick okay but almost feel as though Vanessa is just on another level than him.

  10. I haven’t really been a Corin fan, she kind of started off the season a little too raunchy for me. But I can’t help but start to love her, I get excited when she’s on the screen now. I like that she is who she is. I thought it was really cute when she told her dad she was willing to be the breadwinner in the family for Nick. That being said I still do think that she has a lot of maturing to do (that’s coming from a 22 year old…Lol)

  11. Molly’s hoodie was the first article of clothing I bought for my little girl who is not even due until July! I saw it weeks ago on Nordstrom.com and I couldn’t pass it by! Great taste 🙂

  12. We know from spoilers who he picks. I have grown to love Corrine and I think he should pick her. She is just who she is, and I like that. I dont see it working long term with Vanessa whom I LOVE. But I think be picks her knowing it wont work. Easy wY out without looking like an ass .

    1. Ali, just wanted to say seeing you with your family is so heart warming. I’m a newish mom too (have a 1 year old) and I can really relate to how you’ve adjusted your life. You’re doing an amazing job and still always look gorgeous in the process (okay jealous about that part!)

    1. I saw him on Ellen and he said “my Corinne” which has stuck in my head ever since. I’m thinking she makes it to the end!

  13. I was really excited about this episode and have been waiting for the romance between each of the relationships to really shine through and they did!

    However I’m curious on what you think about Nick asking each family of all four for their blessing? I thought it was interesting that in some way he did and almost feel like it could have been done differently.

    1. I agree with Nick asking the family their blessings but I think it was either Vanessa’s dad or something and he was mad about it for some reason. Why would you be mad at the prospect of him proposing to your daughter? That’s the whole show’s purpose! That’s why I think it’s a good idea for potential families and other people who invest in coming on the show to watch it beforehand, at least the hometown visits because these people are looking for love first and foremost, even though others just look for people to take advantage of.

      1. Julie her father at first declined his blessing to Nick because he said only dating for 6 weeks and he asked Nick , did you ask the other women’s fathers, and Nick replied that he had. He eventually (I feel reluctantly) gave Nick his blessing, he was the toughest on Nick

    2. Haven’t all (or at least most) of the bachelors done this? I thought they all ask all of the dad’s, not just the one they are going to propose to. I couldn’t help but think that if Vanessa is that thrown by hearing Nick asked for other parents’ blessings, how is she going to feel about the overnights if she were to be the last one standing? Yikes, that won’t go over well with her. She is such an amazing woman by the way and SO STUNNING!!

  14. Obviously Ali reads Reality Steve’s spoilers and knows that Raven is not the final one. It’s Vanessa. She tries to play it off every season, but ends up always “guessing” the right one.

        1. He has been wrong a lot. I try to go with the flow and not pat attention to RS: my final two: Raven & Vanessa.
          You, Ali, are fantastic! Classy, real, poised, funny. Did I mention smart ? Thank you for all you do!

    1. Ha! And don’t you think it’s obvious it’s Vanessa at this point? Earlier in the season I didn’t pick her as the last girl standing! So please don’t judge me or try to say that I’m trying to claim I guess right every season. I didn’t guess right this season if she does in fact win.

      His spoilers aren’t always correct and my “guesses” as based on what I see on the show. Not based on when OTHER people spoil for me. I don’t read Reality Steve FYI.

      1. Why do you put “Ha!” in your sentences? I’m just curious what you mean by doing it. Are you expressing laughter by inserting Ha!

  15. Nick is hard to read a lot of times. But I definitely think Corrine will be the next to go. She is too high maintenance for him. He was not comfortable wearing those $700 pants and obviously went along with it as she was calling the shots. I think he has avoided a one on one for fear of her aggressive sexuality, and he would not be able to say no. I know he already did say no once, but all the other girls were in the vicinity and he knew it would not have been a good thing for him to continue with the other girls. I think he really likes her as a sexy beautiful young woman, but not wife material. She is NOT ready for kids! No way. I think he will have a very difficult time with his final two, and is probably in love with both at the end. This is no way to fall in love in the real world, as 99.9% of the population does not pick between two or three people who they love. It’s whacked! But that’s why we watch!

      1. Omg I couldn’t stop laughing while they were shopping…so ridiculous, but SO Corrine!? Nick seemed extremely uncomfortable.

      2. Have to say I was surprised Nick let her spend over $3,000 on his outfit! He really looked uncomfortable. Ali, maybe u need to show Corinne some deals because u always look great! Bet u can find Nick something for a little under $3k. LOL!

      3. Did you notice the woman judging Corrine and her shopping bags as they walked past a restaurant… She def said something to the man with her after they walked past… What though…lol

      4. Ha! (Ali style) I had the same question!!!

        P.S. Don’t listen to the haters. You are authentic, classy and strong. Back when you were the bachelorette you even wrote a sweet note on Facebook to my young daughter with great advice. Now she’s 16 and driving LOL

    1. Jeanne I agree with you, Corinne is the only one of the four women left that did not get a one-on-one with Nick and for sure she would have sacked him at the beginning of the date, cuz she know’s how to pleasure a man, and she’s so obsessed with her Vageene! LOL

  16. I think Corinne is great, just maybe a bit young in the way she comes across so wedding, children in the future it may be too soon for her. Vanessa is way to serious and she seems almost controlling and a bit spoiled. Raven is the middle ground so my thought is leading to her being the it girl but I guess you just never know here. Hope he finds what he is looking for at 35 and after a few tries. Crossed fingers.

      1. Me three. I feel like so many people are saying such negative things about him on social media. It makes me sad. I have always been Team Nick, and I really hope that he finds the love of his life.

  17. I admit I was a super hater of Corrine but in the past few episodes I’ve been seen good in her too. I loved the family dinner with her and Nick and I think we got to see a different side to her than what we typically see. She has some just maturing to do still. 24 is pretty young! I don’t think they end up together. I think he chooses Vanessa based on the way he talks about her. They just seem to have a deeper relationship. I think he sends Rachel or Raven home. Ali, can you find out where Vanessa’s white top is from??

  18. I know I’ll be stirring the pot here, but it’s just how I see things.
    **Still bummed about ABC releasing that Rachel is next Bachelorette, but thrilled at the same time, because I just love her and her family. But if she makes it to final 2, there’s almost no point in having a finale.**
    **Now for the “controversy” of my opinion.
    I’m just not a big fan of Nick in general. After watching him for so many seasons, I feel he lacks some depth. That being said, as much as I love Vanessa (probably one of my all time favorite contestants), I hope he doesn’t pick her because quite honestly, I want more for her…However…I have a feeling he does pick her in the end, because I think she would have ended up as the bachelorette if he didn’t pick her.
    I love Raven too…Super sweet and down to earth, but possibly too small town for him, and I just don’t see her relocating to LA. Nick certainly has had some amazing women with true substance to choose from.
    Corinne? Much like the rest of the viewers, I’ve not been a fan, however, I do appreciate how she spoke to her father about him, and how she showed him what “a day in the life of Corrine” is spent (literally $). I honestly hope he chooses her, because I think she suits him.

  19. If it wasn’t for spoilers I would definitely think Rachel wins Nick’s heart. They have such great chemistry, fun friendship and also intellectual conversation. They really do look perfect for each other. Too bad they don’t work out.

    1. They really do have great chemistry! I would have put her in my top 2 for sure if we didn’t know about her being the Bachelorette already. There is no way they would spoil the finale. So my guess is she goes home next week or is the 3rd to go home.

  20. Last nights episode was great! It was so great to see where the ladies come from & the families that Nick potentially could be a part of. I think that Corrine will go home next week. She had a great date and her family seems very sweet, but it was also eye-opening. She may very well be fine with being the “bread winner”, but I don’t think Nick feels the same. He seemed like he was seeing her from a new light during the episode. She is use to a very lavish lifestyle. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but come on, $3,000 dollars on an outfit?! Yikes! She has a good heart but I don’t think Nick is right for her. Vanessa’s family laid it all out for Nick. They are from different countries, Vanessa loves her students (not just the job), and her family is close-knit. I don’t see her straying far from home once the butterflies wear off and reality sets in. Raven is still my personal favorite but she missed an opportunity to tell him how she’s feeling. At this point, sincerity and open-communication are vital to continue forward. I’m sure dropping the “L” word first, after only 6 weeks & while on camera is NOT easy, but it’s all part of this non traditional experience. Hopefully she gets the opportunity to say it before it’s too late. 🙂

  21. Ali, would love to hear how you converted to being a Vegan. I know you did it for Gia
    But would love to learn how you educated yourself to convert and eat healthy.
    Thank you

    1. Oh I’m not vegan. I have been pescatarian for 3.5 years, but I am about to start eating meat again. But in small quantities.

  22. So last nite’s bachelor had it’s ups n downs. First I am soooo happy that Rachel will be our next Bachelorette! I love her, she is outgoing, funny, beautiful and I hope that they select some men who are appreciative, respectful and worthy of her! I enjoyed the hometown date with her family, curious to know what dad’s thoughts would have been, and it was very appropriate to raise the fact that yes Rachel is African American and Nick is White. Great conversation with her sister & brother in law, and absolutely Mom.
    Raven’s hometown was a lot of fun and was the best when she learned that her father was cancer free!!! how awesome news is that. I really like Raven and feel that she and Nick would be great together.
    Vanessa’s hometown was interesting, when she brought Nick to her school to see what she does for work was perfect. Her students love her and she is so great with them! A perfect line of work for her. I think Nick was impressed and also intrigued by the work she does. Now when they went to her Mother’s house, wow the overwhelming amount of people there! Including 2 of her friends. The best point that her Mom and others raised was, if they end up together where?? will they live? Big discussion issue that I think all these bachelors and bachelorettes need to have early on , but they don’t. I do not see Vanessa leaving Montreal and I really don’t see Nick moving there. This might be a decision breaker for him.
    Now on to Corinne! OMG really !!! I know there’s a good side to her, but…. she is way over the top !! First off she is a very immature early 20’s girl, yes girl, not yet a woman. She has been lucky enough to have been born with a silver spoon, this was certainly a let’s impress Nick hometown! Taking him shopping, buying $3,000 of clothes!! I KNOW those clothes are not worth the money unless they are sewn with pure gold thread, more like a waste of money, and when paying for them she acted like, aw it’s no big deal ! Nick was overwhelmed with wearing such expensive sweats, Then going home to meet Mom and yes Daddy, she really is Daddy’s little girl, she acts it and so does he. She assured her Daddy that Nicky would have no problem being houseman while she is so called running a multi-million dollar business. She’s never even asked him or had a conversation about this, not that we know of , did I miss something. And when Dad asked Nick about supporting his little girl, I could see the fear in his eyes and facial expression, he’s like, “holy crapp I have to support her.” So the only woman I really see Nick with is Raven, a good match all around. Now, WHAT does anyone know is Andi Dorfman’s arrival at Nick’s hotel room ???

  23. So many good comments! I agree that Nick appeared uncomfortable with Corrine buying him a $3K outfit, but he did have a lot of fun with her and always does. I just can’t see him choosing a 24 yr. old who has grown up in a high rise in Miami, with deep pockets and expensive tastes when he grew up in a family of 13 in a fairly small town in Wisconsin. I believe sweet Raven is only 23 which I think will end up bothering him. He has lots of fun with her,and he enjoys that she is sporty, low-maintenance, loyal, kind, smart and sexy. Her family is close and dear, and I think Raven’s parents have the kind of love/marriage most similar to Nick’s parents, and yet culturely, I think her growing up and life experiences in Hoxie are the most different from his own life. We know he doesn’t end up with Rachel, and yet to me, they are very nearly a perfect match, on so many levels: age, brains, fun-loving, strong, close families, church bring a big part of their lives (although I think Nick has not remained a practicing Morman for a long time), etc. I think Nick adores Vanessa along with respecting and admiring her. She is much more mature than he is, and I worry that he would disappoint her, long term. He is quite immature and often silly acting, too often, to me. I really wonder if they’d both be willing to work on seeking a place they both love and could cont. their careers. Last night, Nick said New York City is his favorite city in the world. That might be a wonderful location for them to live for many reasons: on the East Coast, not too far from her family, big city with lots of opportunities for work and play, etc. So many thoughts. I’m sorry to hear next wk. is only 1 hour long.

  24. Vanessa has been my Fav since day one but I have to say of all the shows I really liked this one the best with Corrine but still think she’s to young and immature if he picked her it be for the money

  25. As much as I love Vanessa, I feel like Nick seemed the most uncomfortable on her hometown date. Even before he met the family. I don’t know. Maybe he just makes awkward faces, and I’m reading in to them too much. Nick seems the most normal with Rachel. Their conversations are very natural and don’t seemed forced. I am actually shocked that he didn’t choose her in the end. I really do think and hope he chooses Raven. I do love her and them together. Their date was awesome. I’m from the country and I just beat cancer myself so that was super emotional and awesome to see!!

  26. I think Nick is his worst enemy and I feel like he is holding back because he does not want to get hurt again. He has put a lot of the girl’s feelings ahead of his by sending them home early or before rose ceremonies because he just did not want to put them through that process. I think this shows he is a good man. But on the other hand something seems to be preventing him from letting his feelings go for the remaining women. He just seems like he is checked out most of the time. I think he will end up with Vanessa, but not sure they will be able to work through living in two different countries.

  27. Ali, you are so adorable! I love everything about your blog. This has been quite the season for the bachelor! Your insight makes sense and I agree…my dad passed away last year on Easter and the segment with Raven’s dad completely tore me up! Thank God he is in remission!!! When she said she would walk down the aisle alone…I was mush. All the blessings in the world to you and your sweet little family. Miss Molly is truly a little angel…that giggling melts my heart. I too hope Nick finds love.

  28. I think a 25 year old Nick would REALLY get along with Corrine, which is why I think he has kept her so long. Their actions as contestants on the show are very similar, and Nick has empathy for her when she leads with her sexual side and is misunderstood. I think that the breadwinner conversation with Dad and the mall trip may have been two red flags for Corinne though..

    For Rachel.. I really appreciated her family’s realness and ability to talk about tough situations/not skirting the issue. Excited for the upcoming season!

    Raven.. love her Dad.

    Vanessa almost seems too good for Nick! I think this is partly editing, but even her hair and style is always on point! Her family is right though about needing to ask the tough questions… But my pick for the winner, for sure!

  29. Ali, you have a very intelligent bunch of followers. I’m so impressed with their insights to last night’s episode.

    Last night was the first time I have seen something more with Corinne. I can see him digging that lifestyle more than that of any of the others. He is from Milwaukee, but he is an L.A. / NYC kinda guy. Vanessa was my pick from Day 1. If he picks her, there will certainly have their challenges (don’t we all?).

    I’m excited that Raven is the new Bachelorette. She’s got it all going for her. Had she not been picked so early, Vanessa is a total catch. That’s why I’m thinking she got the final rose.

    Xoxox love your blogs,

  30. I was surprised by the hometown dates and how different they turned out. i think the last two will be Raven and Corrine.. I just didn’t see a good connection with Vanessa.. I know she has made it this far but I think he needs the down to earth girl .. they are from similar back grounds and small towns.. I think Corrine’s two “expensive” for him” but who knows.. I think we all may be shocked… Andi I think is just their to give Nick some moral support and to ask him those important questions of where does he see himself with these last few ladies.. I just wish them all the best of luck no matter what the final outcome is.. AS always.. Ali your the best..

  31. Hey Ali! Have you watched the tv series UnReal?! I wanna know your input on the show… how accurate is it to the real bachelor or bachelorette?! We all know so much editing happens, but do the producers really manipulate situations as much as the show UnReal portrays?! If you haven’t watched it yet, you have too!

    1. I’ve been wanting to ask you the same thing. What parts of Unreal are exaggerated and which are spot on? It is a really good show!
      By the way, I think he’ll pick Vanessa, too. Unfortunately, I think distance will get in the way and they won’t last long unless he moves to Montreal, which I doubt.

  32. This is only my opinion and probably because I grew up super conservative but, I see Corrine as just a complete and total spoiled brat. If that’s who Nick wants to end up with then so be it but, I think he will forever be trying to live up to her needs. The fact that they had to talk about who the breadwinner would be in the family and if Corrine was OK with what Nick would make/if it would be enough for Corrine – just really showed me how money focused Corrine is (as well as her family). I found it really strange that money was such a topic of conversation for that hometown date. But again, just how I view it.

    And I do agree – Vanessa is my favorite but, I didn’t think their hometown date went super great compared to the others. However; it was very real which I super appreciated about that. A lot of tough conversations coming their way if they continue to date each other.

  33. I’m watching the episode right now so I can’t read all the comments yet (spoilers!) but I love what you said about Corinne needing to love herself more. She’s clearly the manufactured villain this season but I like her. All my friends are not fans but I think of her more as being in on the joke. I feel like her personality is a good match for Nick even though she’s got some “quirks” as we’ll call them. 😉 After his role on Kaitlyn’s season, I feel like he’s got some qualities that are sort of similar to Corinne in a way. Ultimately, I do think she is insecure but she’s also clever and sassy. I can’t imagine the shopping spree was really her idea, was it??

  34. I kind of hope Vanessa leaves Nick, I can’t wait for her to confront him. Vanessa’s family saw right through him and know she’s too good for him. I think the final two will be Corrine and Raven, I hope he picks Raven but he might pick Corrine because she will fit in with his LA lifestyle better.

  35. Maybe you know this already – but Nick mentions you in an interview. He was on Ellen Degeneres and they have their cubicle recaps of the bachelor and he’s interviewed and they ask him who he’s most attracted to out of all former bachelorette’s and he says, “Ali Fedotowsky”.
    Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it! http://www.ellentv.com/videos/0-smvly6ep/

  36. First of all, we need to spread some love on this season towards Nick and the girls. This blog is probably the ONLY positive source I’ve seen about The Bachelor. Thank you Ali 😉

    This Nick hate train that people have been on in the media is getting really old. Grown women on talk shows are talking about Nick and the other women like middle school aged kids in the lunch room. Teasing, judging, bashing, laughing at their expense is really making me sad. We are adults here, we should know better. I take care of little kiddos and most days I remind them to “be nice to our friends” in the nursery. I feel like some of us adults need to be reminded of this.

    I never hated Nick but I wasn’t fond of him UNTIL I saw him on his season. I realized I was part of the problem and quick to judge. Sure, he’s made some mistakes and done some things I wouldn’t have done BUT I don’t agree with people saying he is not committed, isn’t ready for love, etc. I would 100% believe that he is ready for love but with the right person and you cant force that. This isn’t a show for arranged forced marriages just so us viewers can have happy endings. This is real life for the people on this show. Nick PROPOSED twice and was rejected. Doesn’t sound like a guy who isn’t ready for love. He had sex with the two bachelorettes but they had sex with him too. Should he have broadcasted that on national television NO but I honestly think a woman would have called a man out in the same situation had the roles been reversed. I cant be apart of girl power if it means bashing a guy to pieces. We women are not perfect and we don’t know everything. Sometimes we need to look in the mirror and recognize when we are wrong. P.S. My best marriage advice (been married for almost 10 years and I am almost 33). Us women wouldn’t tolerate that if men were bashing women. In fact, we’d probably accuse a guy of being verbally and emotionally abusive. Double standard to the max.

    As for Corrine, I don’t think we can speculate what her intentions or insecurities are. That is for Corrine to share and Corrine knows herself better than any of us. We all have insecurities no matter how old we are. We have our whole lives to grow and mature.

    I am afraid this is going to be another Juan Pablo season where everyone throws Nick under the bus and makes him a villain at the end. And we wonder why there is hate, bullying, and lack of love in this world? We are all so quick to throw stones at people.

  37. I totally agree with you on much of this. I agree with you especially about corrine. I dont like how she represented herself. It made me think back to all my past mistakes with guys. I do hope she finds herself and realizes there is more to happiness than she realizes. I love her family and I think you are right there IS way more to her than we see. Raven is my favorite by far and I love her family. I need to see more of Raven so she needs her own show or BIP. Her and Chase could be a match made in heaven! with this being said I dont think he chooses her but I heard him ask her dad for his blessing so he obviously does care for her. I love the other girls but I just dont see his chemistry with any of them.

  38. I finished watching today, but I just wish he would sleep with Corinne and get it out of his system already. It’s the only reason I can see him keeping her. I think final two are Raven and Vanessa or at least I strongly hope so! Although I am worried that Vanessa and he can’t part from their families to be together.

  39. I think Nick will pick Vanessa, but don’t think it will last. Nick isn’t going to move to Cananda and Vanessa won’t move to the united states. I am disappointed in the bachelor this season, it was all about Corinne and not Nick. Maybe that is because the show would of been so boring otherwise. I know people who quit watching Nick this season because of it. Them announcing Rachel as the bachelorette so early ruins it all. My personal opinion Rachel was the wrong girl for it should of been Raven. This season has made it so I probably wont be watching anymore. It is sad I really enjoyed the show

  40. I agree with everything you’ve said about this weeks episode. I’m sticking to my guns that nick doesn’t have a super strong connection like he did with Andi or Kaitlyn with any of the women. I would be shocked if Vanessa gets sent home. I think it will be her and Corinna in the final 2

  41. I appreciate your take on Corinne – I do think she’s being (a tad!) misrepresented. Even though I don’t think she’s the set one standing, it’s important for people like you who have a genuine likability and the experience of being on the show to help people learn to open their minds a little bit -not so much about Corinne per se, but with each other. Often people we interact with aren’t always who we assume they are on the surface. Thanks for keeping it real!

  42. I felt the same about Corinne! Makes Me sad to see her think that sex and money are what win over men . That only attracts the wrong men. Seems like she might be raised learning that wealth os everything.
    **Love you and your daughter is the MOST precious baby ever!!!!!! Love seeing her photos.

  43. If you don’t read Reality Steve’s spoilers then how can you recite each season he had wrong? You listed quite a few names. Ha! It’s OK if you secretly read his column or if you don’t that’s OK too. But you shouldn’t say you don’t read something and in the same breath point out the person’s errors in his posts. Ha! Just sayin. Good day.

  44. Hi Ali!
    As always thanks for your input!

    I have a favor: in the future if you do bachelor/bachelorette recaps can you not single out a person throughout the weeks that you are “in touch” with for your clothes IDs? I suspected that Vanessa went far just based on the fact that several times you mentioned that you were in touch with her.

    Because you are a former lead it’s easy for us to read into these extra tidbits that you divulge as potential spoilers. Thank you!!!!

  45. Hey, Ali. Love reading your perspectives.
    As much as I think Vanessa and Nick are great together and she is the woman with the most substance, I don’t think they’ll end up together: too many logistical problems. Really, I can’t see Vanessa moving to the U.S. Who knows if her teaching credential would be valid without her doing more coursework? I don’t think she would leave her family. It gets me wondering, if she really thought it through even applying for a show where the bachelor is American. Is she expecting him to move to Montreal? I’m glad she’s going to see Nick alone; they need to have the very important conversation about where they would live.
    Corinne- train wreck and it’s hard to know how much was manipulated from producers. They would wear out very fast, I think. Poor Corinne, I agree with everything you’ve said about her. Hope she grows from this experience and seeing herself being portrayed like this.
    Vanessa is a real catch and I’m glad she’s going to be the Bachelorette. I hope they get a stellar group of guys; she deserves it.
    I hope he chooses Raven. They seem to be on the same page; she’s down to earth, pretty enough, sweet, family-oriented…we’ll see.
    BTW- I LOVED your season and really thought you and Roberto would go the distance, but I’m happy for you and the wonderful husband and baby you have!

  46. Ali why would Vanessa go on the show if she wasn’t willing to move? I know Nick should consider it as well but even if she thought it was Luke they live in the USA and she would have to move. She said she wanted it to be Nick. I also know she was an aspiring model/actress from head shots so maybe she would consider moving. Might be just what she always dreamed of. Kaitlyn and her family are super close and she moved to Nashville with Shawn. I love Vanessa but I was a little turned off this week when she seemed to not understand the process and was so sure it was her. I wonder if Nick ever said anything to her to make her feel so secure. I think he was much more affectionate on their first date. Really confusing me. I think at this point he also has really strong feelings for Raven and that is causing him to hold back. Shades of Juan when he said I like you a lot. Her facial expression said it all. She has no poker face.

    1. Yes I think Vanessa has a lot of doubt. I like her but I’m not feeling them as a connection. I could be totally wrong because they edit the show pretty good and I’ve been blindsided more than once. .

  47. Did anyone else think that Raven is going to regret not telling Nick she loves him? Or is she not really sure? It seemed like she wanted to, but stopped.

  48. Just FYI as an Arkansas girl, it’s not the swamp! It’s a flooded rice field that I am hoping ABC paid for since they totally ruined it! I’m sure some deal was struck with the farmer! But I just love Raven!

  49. I really like Raven and Nick! However, with Vanessa and Nick it reminds me of Shawn and Kaitlin. He was always so confident with their relationship (that is how Vanessa talks!) and he said Kaitlin reassured him in their time off cameras so I feel that is what Nick might be doing with Vanessa. Hopefully if they do end up together they will have the after the show figured out!

  50. Just caught up on this weeks episode! Whatever the networks reason for announcing the Bachelorette early was a bummer as a faithful viewer. I watched her hometown date with 0 interest. Booo! I was hoping she would win, now I KNOW she’s not. Any who…. I hope he ends up with Raven. I love Vanessa but she’s not his “type of fun”.

  51. This is my new favorite FB follow. Hi Ali!

    I hate to say I’m not loving this season. I don’t see any real connections or maybe Nick is playing it low key. It’s the hardest season for me to read.

    There are obviously 4 great girls and I totally agree with the girl crush. Seriously! She dresses fab – looks amazing – smart…the whole package. I feel she has the most doubt of everyone. I don’t see her leaving that family of hers. Maybe Nick will come to Vanessa.

    Rachel and Raven – what’s not to love. I feel Raven is the front runner here. Obviously we know Rachel is not (and I was really bummed about the spoiler)!

    Oh Corrine , Corrine. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment Ali. I like Corrine. I believe she is a lot smarter than we all think. She is really fun and quirky but stands up for herself and doesn’t really care what others think. I like that to a certain degree. I do see the materialistic and sexual innuendos being a shortcoming here. They dull her sparkle and diminish the confidence she has under the surface. I think she has a lot inside that’s loveable and wonderful and I think she will be in the top 2.

    Can’t wait to see next week!

    Diane in NJ

  52. I totally agree with your comments about Corrine! I’m learning to love her (in her crazy ways). I also think Nick will end up with Vanessa. I balled like a baby on Ravens hometown. SO so emotional!! Love your work Ali xx

  53. Hey Ali!

    Love your blog! And loved all the hometowns in different ways! My favorite was Raven’s! Not only her father’s great news, but it seems like she brings the fun out of Nick! She seems to get him to let loose, be himself and have fun! He seems the most relaxed with her. I think she would’ve been a great bachelorette if Rachel wasn’t picked already. Although I think Rachel will be a great bachelorette as well.

    I loved Vanessa’s date as well. Especially when she took Nick to meet her students. Talk about a tearjerker. I think the was a huge step for her to include Nick. Very special.

    Rachel’s date seemed kinda tough at times, but fair. You can tell Nick is really attracted and interested in her. At the end of the day tho, I don’t see them long term tho which is obvious since she’s the next bachelorette.

    Corrine’s date kinda showed a different and more caring side to her which is nice. Nick looked a little uncomfortable in some places tho. I think Nick is very attached to her and has a good time with her, but I don’t see any depth with them as he has with the other three.

    I think he should choose Raven. He seems to have the best natural connection with her. BUT, I think in his heart he wants Vanessa. The way he looks at her is completely different verses the other girls. Plus he always looks so focused on her during their conversations. Last but not least, he kisses her forehead! Done that a few times! Hasn’t done that with the other girls! I think it’s little things like that, that can tell a lot!

  54. I may have missed you talk about this in another comment, but — what did you think about Corrine saying “I love you” to Nick?

  55. Ali-I am looking to get a pair of plain white sneakers similar to your Converse. Can I ask if you wear socks with them? And if so, can you share a link of where you get socks that don’t show with your sneakers?

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