Weekends with my Family

Weekends are all about EATING!!! At least for me they are. I went to THE BEST pace today and got these ridiculously good veggies! So good that I’ve decided I want to recreate them at home! Stay tuned cause I am going to do a blog post about it in the next few weeks!

For today’s look I’m wearing this army green jacket that you’ve seen me wearing multiple times before – HERE and HERE. And what I call the PERFECT white tee. You can also see me wearing this tee HERE and HERE. Get the details on my jewelry below the first pic.

This weekend has been really great so far. I had a photoshoot yesterday that will be in Us Weekly soon. I’ll let you guys know when it’s on stands! And today is all about family. Kevin, Molly, Owen and I went to grab some food this afternoon (mid morning is afternoon for us since we get up with Molly so early. Ha!)  and now we are hanging on the couch. We have been so busy lately that it feel so nice to have a day at home just chillin.

Any Netflix recommendations? We’ve seen Stranger Things and Black Mirror and love both! We need something new to watch! Tell me your recs in the comments below!






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32 thoughts on “Weekends with my Family

  1. If you don’t mind subtitles…..(I thought I would hate them but it was fine), you must watch No Second Chance. I loved it.

    Oh and just bought the Olive Jacket you have on–it’s adorable!

  2. Ali,
    I love following you on your blog. In fact, you’re the only one I follow. I love your style.
    Can you give details on your amazing eye makeup ? i.e. your eyelashes are so thick & long! Would you also do a hair tutorial? Gorgeous from head to toe!

  3. Love your blog. As a new mom (11 weeks Tuesday) it’s so nice to read all the mom life blogs.

    Netflix show, I would recommend Schitt’s Creek. It’s humour and cast is brilliant. Easy watching 🙂

  4. How I Met Your Mother, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Degrassi Next Class, Orange is the New Black, The Santa Clarita Diet looks really funny and is next on my list.

  5. My husband and I just started watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix! It’s great! Homeland is also a recent fave! PS, I love this white tee! I keep buying more of them!

  6. Hi Ali I love your blog! I’m a bit older than you so I’m a Full House fan and I recommend watching Fuller House – it’s cute lol. Also I was wondering if you are a vegetarian? And if you have any more yummy recipes? Thanks

  7. If you liked Black Mirror and Stranger Things, I’d recommend The OA for sure! Broadchurch is also really good- you’ll recognize a few actors from Black Mirror in that one.

  8. Hi Ali, we stay at home a lot with our baby and binge watch Netflix too! We just finished “The Fall” and it was great! It’s a British murder mystery series. Remember Scully from the X-files? She’s one of the main characters!

  9. Downton Abbey! Not sure if it is on Netflix but it is on amazon prime. It’s like a soap opera of the 20’s! Costumes are terrific. Added plus: my husband binge watched it with me too!

  10. Definitely recommend Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, it’s pretty funny and only 30 min with 10 episodes so it’s pretty quick to watch them all.

  11. “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, I did not think I would like it, but I became totally hooked, I cannot wait until season 2! We are in need of some recommendations too, this thread is great!

  12. Would love to see a blog post on what you have been feeding Molly! My daughter is one day younger than her and I need some ideas! Thanks! Love following you.

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