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My wedding day is coming up! I am starting to get really excited! I mean, I’ve always been excited, but that excitement is growing! Today, I’m doing some wedding day errands so I wanted to wear white! Wedding white! Yay! This gorgeous white lace dress was the perfect option for today! I feel like a sophisticated and bushing bride-to-be! And it’s under $70!!! That’s SUCH A steal for a lace dress with this kind of detail. I’m wearing a size medium.

The dress is from Chicwish. I am obsessed with this site. See my other looks from Chicwish HERE and HERE. Can you tell I have a things for white lace based on those looks? Ha! Here are some of my other favs from the site…

Back to today’s look! I love pairing this white dress with black pumps and a black clutch/purse. I feel like it adds an extra layer of sophistication to the look! And the purse is only $18!!!! Oh and I added a gold belt to accentuate my waist!

What do you think of this wedding white look? I just wish my hair looked better today. Ha!


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13 thoughts on “Wedding White Lace Dress

  1. Just beautiful…time for you to model for magazines…you look nicer than the other gal wearing same dress. Please….will you be posting the wedding date???

    1. I won’t be posting the wedding date. But I will be sharing photos on my blog after the wedding. Not right away, as I will need some time to write the post (it’s an important one!) But within 10 day after wedding 🙂 xoxo

  2. Love Love Love your blog! You have wonderful classy taste in fashion and a such a sweet heart. I almost stalk your account to see if u posted a new blog.

  3. I am a 41 year old mom of two. Although I am several years older I still relate to your classic yet trendy style. It is a tough balance, as we age, not to fall into the trap of dressing frumpy or going to the other extreme and trying to look too young. You really have great style. And it helps me so much because we are the same height and weight! I know what I will basically look like in the clothes. Btw, the hue denim leggings in White changed my life. ? Congrats on your upcoming wedding and enjoy every second with your sweet little girl. ❤️

  4. Love the posts and the clothing/accessory picks are awesome! I just keep wondering, who does all your picture taking every day!?!?

  5. I love everything about your blog!! From your affordable fashion ideas!! Love your style! To your experiences being a new mom (my daughter is 8 months old). I totally relate to everything you have been saying!! I have never really followed a blog before but I love everything about yours! 🙂

  6. Hi Ali
    i think you look radiant in the white lace dress! the purse/shoes/belt are a great choices
    that compliment your dress.
    i’m sooooo happy for You, Kevin, Molly & Owen on your
    upcoming wedding.
    It’s like a fairy tale coming true! 🙂

    p.s. your hair looks fine.

  7. I love your blog – all the way from Australia x. Can’t wait to see your wedding photos and to hear all about the day.

  8. I’m so excited for you wedding (even though I don’t know you ha) !!! I can’t wait to see pics of your dress! And Molly’s too 🙂 you and Kevin seem PERFECT for each other, you both seem so kind and genuine. Molly lucked out! Congrats Ali, have the best day (whenever that day is ?) ??

  9. You always look so gorgeous in white AND blush colors. Not everyone can pull it off so beautifully, but you nail it every time!

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