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Hi guys! Yesterday was Valentines Day and I was so busy that I feel weird about not posting anything about my sweet little family. I mean, Valentines Day is just one day out of the year and I love my family the same no matter what day it is – obvi! But something still felt weird about not acknowledging them on Valentines Day. So I am doing that today!

Kevin is the most incredible human being I know. I am trying to write our wedding vows right now and NOTHING seems good enough! No words I could say could truly explain how I feel about him and how much I respect, cherish and adore him. Do I REALLY get to marry him? I feel so lucky that he chose to spend his life with me.

And our little baby Molly. She has tested me in ways I couldn’t have ever known a person could be tested, but I love her for it. She has brought such joy to my life and taught me so much already. The greatest privilege of my life is being her mom.

And my sweet little poochie Owen (not pictured here sadly). He loves me unconditionally and always knows how to lift my spirits when I’ve had a “ruff” day. Ha. He will always be my first baby!

Ok now that I’ve gotten all sappy on you guys, let’s talk outfit details!!! How CUTE is this top! It’s my new favorite thing ever! It’s from Shein and you guys always ask me if I would recommend this site. I always say I recommend the products I review from this site! Like, I love the top I’m wearing today. It’s actually REALLY good quality in my opinion. And I also LOVE this “weekend” top I wore last week. If you want to save on shipping you can get both today!

And these faux leather leggings are such a staple in my closet. I dressed them down today, but you can also dress them up! See me wearing them with THIS LOOK too. And they are only $29! Such a steal for the “leather look” I’m wearing a medium in both the top and the leggings. Although I think I could have done a small in the top.

Molly’s ADORABLE unicorn hoodie is soooo cute, but it’s going to cost you a bit more. I normally don’t spend this much on baby clothes, but I just HAD to have it when I saw it. It was too cute!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day whether you spent it with people you love or spent it loving yourself!!!! xoxo


Also while you guys are here it would mean SOOOO much to me if you would watch the 1st episode of my new digital show LOVE BUZZ!!! We talk about a show called Seven Year Switch (hopefully you guys are watching and as hooked as I am!) Thanks so much for the support!!!







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18 thoughts on “wink wink – I love this family

  1. Hey Ali!

    What size did you get in the SheIn shirt? I don’t like things super fitted so I was thinking medium but I’m not sure how their sizes run!

    1. I’m wearing a medium and I normally wear a medium but I think I could have done a small because I would have liked it a little more snug. So if you normally wear a medium and you want it looser, then a medium would be perfect for you!

  2. I love your outfit and can totally see myself in it! The top is adorable and so different, I haven’t seen anything like it before. And I have lots of other tops to park with the leggings that are soo versatile! Thanks for all the cute outfit tips!?

  3. Hey Ali!! You guys are the sweetest. My man is also named Kevin :). I’ve been on the hunt for leather leggings so I was excited to see these ones you’re wearing under $30!! I’ve been eyeing the Spanx ones since they get rave reviews but I’m wondering if you’d recommend the bp ones instead. Are they comfortable, and do you feel that they’re flattering?? Thanks so much!!

    1. I LOVE my $19 BP leggings. These ones:

      Everyone I’ve recommend them to LOVES them! However, they ARE NOT shape-wear leggings. If you want shape-wear leggings you have to pay more but they definitely make you look thinner. I have these ones and LOVE them: I love that they have a high waist so I am rock them with crop tops or shorter shirts. Hope this helps!

  4. Have you had issues with quality on other Shein products? Shipping issues? Returning issues? I’m SUPER skeptical, but always seem to find the CUTEST outfits!

  5. Ahhh Ali I love you, love you blog, love adorable Molly!!! You and Jillian Harris are my absolute favorite bachelorettes and it’s so awesome to see you both as these fantastic new moms kicking butt at being awesome!!!! Keep it up girl, love everything you’re doing! <3

  6. Ali! I never even heard of Seven Year Switch. But now after watching your show I had to check it out. I’m a sucker for these shows! I work from home so I’m starting to watch this season today. I’ll be hooked for sure. Thanks Ali! Love your blog and your cute little family. ?

  7. Saw your instastory and thought “how do you keep your duvet looking perfect with Owen on the bed!!” Does he sleep on the bed? What’s your secret? And most importantly where do I find a duvet cover like that?

  8. Hey Ali,
    I went on the SheIn site and they have some really cute stuff for super cheap. It actually worries me. The fit was good? How long did shipping take?

  9. Hi Ali,

    I have seen you wear those leggings multiple times and I always like them. I have finally decided to get them but are unsure of what size to get. I usually wear a size 2 and Nordstrom says 0-2 is an xs. XS just seems so small to me and I don’t want them to be too small. I am 5’3″ and the website says to size down. Do you or anyone else have a suggestion? Thanks!

  10. I liked all the home dates except Corinne. She is cute and funny but seems very immature. Of all the things you could take him to do in Miami you take him shopping. He seemed very uncomfortable then as well as when her dad made the comment about Corinne being the breadwinner. Loved Raven and is my pick but don’t see it happening. She said something last week I found interesting about not going to law school when she found out about her dad’s cancer. I already had idea she was smart by that took too a different level. I was surprised when Vanessa’s family questioned them about where they would live and had not even discussed it. I think he becomes engaged but concerned if it lasts through after the final rose.

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