My New Show and Our New Bachelorette!!!!

I have to start today’s blog with some exciting news! I’ll get right to it – I’m hosting a new talk show all about LOOOOOOVE! That’s right my luvs, I am hosting a weekly digital talk show called Love Buzz that will focus on all thing relationships and reality TV! The first episode premieres TONIGHT!!!! I hope you guys love it. Please watch and support me in this exciting adventure! It’s my first job (other than my blog) since I had Molly and I’m nervous and excited all at the same time! Get ready for a lot of working mommy blog posts coming up! Here is the first episode!!!!

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Ok…now onto the Bachelor! And at the end I’ll discuss my thoughts on our new Bachelorette! So don’t keep reading if you haven’t heard the news yet!!!

It’s no secret that I adore Vanessa. She is a girl’s girl and a guy’s girl all in one! She’s an everyone’s girl! Ha! I love how confident she is in their relationship. And she keeps saying she knows that Nick feels the same way about her. I just know that there must be little conversations happening between them when the cameras aren’t rolling. I think he is giving her some reassurance behind the scenes. That said, I was kind of shocked with how he handled her telling him she was falling in love with him. I figured he would be more positive in return. But even Corinne said it herself, Vanessa clearly has the strongest relationship with Nick. I think Nick is just trying to be EXTRA careful with what he says because of what has happened to him in the past. BTW – her dress on her date with  Nick was by House of CB. And many of you asked me about her sports bra from last weeks episode. It’s by Nike and you can get it on sale HERE.

During the group date, Raven had me dying laughing when she was talking about punching a shark in the face. And when she said she’d get the rose if the other two girls got eaten! Ha! Something about her and her accent makes everything she says sound so sweet. I just love her!

Corinne is too focused on winning. She has this fear of “falling behind” and that’s just not what this experience is about. It’s about finding a person to marry! That’s A HUGE deal! If you don’t get Nick’s final rose that doesn’t mean you didn’t “win”. It’s a total win for all the girls that don’t end up with him because he’s not MEANT for them! Often people will say that my relationship from my season of the show was a failure because we didn’t stay together. I think the opposite! Isn’t any wrong relationship you get out of ultimately a life success? Because it puts you one step closer to the person you are supposed to be with! Now I am happier than ever with the love of my life and have the most amazing little daughter! If ending a relationship that was unhappy is a failure, then I don’t want to be a Bachelor “success.” Anyway, my point is that not ending up with Nick shouldn’t feel like losing. Because it’s not. Those ladies are just one step closer to finding the right one for them!

I was bummed to see Danielle go, but I think it was pretty obvious that she and Nick didn’t have great chemistry. Kristina too! I loved when Nick said to Kristina “you deserve someone who isn’t going to sit in front of you and say there are stronger relationships.”. He is SO right! And that is so awesome of him to recognize that and TELL HER that! She needed to hear that. It broke my heart to see her sad. I truly hope she finds love.

It’s hard to see any girl go at this point. I really like everyone left this season, and YES, I am including Corinne in that group. I honestly think Corinne got caught up in the gossip with the Bachelor producers behind the scenes and said things that she thought were funny that weren’t. I don’t condone ALL of her behavior, but seeing how she is with the other girls, I actually think they all really get along. So it just makes me look differently at Corinne. She also seems to be close with Rachel and I adore Rachel. She must have a decent judge of character. Speaking of Rachel, have you heard the news?!?! STOP READING NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD BECAUSE THIS WILL BE A SPOILER. Adding a photo here to break up the text so I don’t spoil for anyone. But the news is EVERYWHERE so I imagine most people have seen it.


She’s the NEXT BACHELORETTE!!!! I am so thrilled for her! Us Bachelorettes are all close and I am so happy to welcome Rachel to the group! She’s cute, smart, sweet and sassy! I cannot wait to see her find love! Such a perfect choice as the new Bachelorette. And yes, I am very happy to see a little diversity join our family!!! Rachel said it best, her journey to find love will be no different just because the color of her skin is. I think this is such an exciting time for the franchise and I will be watching her on her quest to find the one!

What did you think about Nick sending Danielle and Kristina home? Any thoughts on Corinne? Do you agree with what I have to say about her and her seeming to get along with all the girls? Who do you think Nick is going to end up with?

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90 thoughts on “My New Show and Our New Bachelorette!!!!

  1. I loved Danielle M. She was my favorite but not for Nick. They seemed awkward together. I almost feel like she’s not really ready. She got teary eyed just at the thought of what happened with her fiancé, which tells me, she’s not ready. She seems ready to just not be alone anymore, which I totally get. I like Corrine now. I think due to editing we saw the crazy stuff about her. I don’t think she’s great for Nick though. I think Vanessa is the one who’s best for Nick. Nick is a different man when he’s with Vanessa. He’s a better man. I’m happy about Rachel being the new It girl! I think Raven would be great with Jared, from BIP.

      1. He’s a better man when he’s around her! That should speak volumes to him! Wow. Good call. Don’t we all hope for this?

    1. Corinne worries me and it is even more alarming that she is still a top pick. The fact that she has a nanny for herself just shows her lack of independence as a woman.

    2. Will not be watching the next Bachelorette and most likely won’t watch ever again. The set up for Rachel to be the next bachelorette was so obvious that i called it a month before the finale. Boo.

  2. Why did they announce Rachel as the bachelorette when she is still on the show?! I was VERY sad to see Kristina go, rooting for Raven now!

      1. I’m guessing to get a head start on casting.

        I still can’t find myself liking Corinne. Maybe y’all overlooked the things she said…..I always get what I want….etc.

        Also, come on, Nick was already out of high school when she started first grade. Not age appropriate for a lot of these. Also, when he rejected her and she waddled out on those very high spiky shoes.

        I also think Nick ranks up there as one of the worst bachelors. Before it started airing he was crowing that he was going to make great tv. All he did is hand Rachel a rose every week like a good boy. This was all pre planned and the only connection I saw between Rachel and Nick was a great friendship.

        1. I totally agree! They want to cast the right guys for her! SO the announced early so more diverse guys will apply!!!! Which is so awesome 🙂

          1. It would have been awesome if they waited until it aired! That part is very disappointing. I’ve watched this show since the beginning and they’ve never spoiled it along the way themselves until the end of Paradise and then today. Is there a new guy in the marketing department or what?!!!!!

    1. My guess is so they can do a lot of PR on her, get people invested in her, and get as many last minute applications in as possible for guys that are distinctly interested in Rachel only (meaning they wouldn’t care to do the show if it was anyone else).

      I am SO excited for her. I love her and she is cute as a button. I love her style. I hope Ali can track it all down!

    2. Hi there!

      They actually did the same thing with Nick–he was still part of Bachelor in Paradise when he was announced as the Bachelor. I also read today that it was indeed to get started on casting, like Molly said.

      1. Honestly that’s just rude… Yes Rachel is absolutely amazing, excited for her season already, but I feel like it’s a disprespect to Nick that they started on marketing for her season before he even finished his journey. Like THOSE ARE REAL TEARS PEOPLE, but they saw the opportunity to make franchise history with Rachel and dropped Nick’s season. I also feel like it was a disrespect to us watchers with the spoilers.

  3. I’m thrilled Rachel is the next Bachelorette! She’s definitely who I wanted. But what do you think about them announcing it now when she’s still on the show? I’m disappointed by that. I thought she would go home tonight since I read it before the show came on. So now I feel like I’m being spoiled by what’s happening. It felt like she was a front runner (final 2 or 3) so it just takes some of the fun out of watching. I couldn’t be happier it’s her, but I just wish the announcement came out AFTER she was off the show.

  4. Yes, why did they announce the new Bachelorette so soon? Did they change the schedule for filming? As a matter of fact, this entire season with Nick has been very strange, IMO. The editing has not shown us the love relationship developing with any of the ladies. Corinne not having a single one on one date and she gets a home town date? ABC has edited her to look real desperate and immature. I will continue to watch the show, however, this has been MY least favorite season. Congratulations to Rachel. Please bring her some decent suitors. I don’t think Nick’s pool of 30 ladies was that great.

      1. I also agree. I feel like the best Nick is going to do is end up giving a “promise ring”, because Neil Lane needs to give something. But my guess would be Raven as she has that spunk and sass that Nick likes and seems to have been through a lot despite her age. But Nick just does not seem truly invested in any one person to be getting engaged. Very odd season, almost disappointing season.

    1. Agree! Nick doesn’t even look most of the girls in the eyes. Except Vanessa.

      And Corrine – needs to grow up but ABC sees her as good tv.

      I really hope corn vanessa’s sake Nick is ready. I’ve given Nick every chance despite not liking him after Andi’s final rose show.

      Sadly as much as I like Vanessa I pity the gal who does get the final rose. I think she’s in for nothing but heartbreak.

    2. It is because Rachel’s season is two weeks away from the start of filming and they needed to announce it so that more men can sign up!

  5. I’m super excited that Rachel will be the next bachelorette! I absolutely love her!! I’m slowly warming up to Corinne as she seems to be calming down as the season progresses. Unfortunately, no matter who Nick pics, I don’t see this process working for him. Is it just me, I just don’t see any special connection with 1 single girl. His feelings seems to be on the same level with a few of the girls. Hopefully I’m wrong. BTW, congrats on the new gig..I’ll be watching!

  6. Hi Ali I’m really disappointed the producers let us know who the next Bachelorette is before she even left the show, very poor timing. If I want to check out the spoiler alert I would had done so myself. I would like to check out your new show, what network is it on?

  7. Really excited to see Rachel as the Bachelorette! I think she’ll be fun to watch but also a good role model for the younger generation.
    I like Corrine more than I did initially…she has a fun personality but her immaturity and insecurities really showed when she tried to seduce Nick. And then how it shook her up when he shut her down. Gotta give him props for that!
    I agree about the editing. They should give us a little credit and focus more on the relationships vs. the drama. I get it, but they shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other! Give us some of everything, I feel like I “know” less about the women, their personalities and connection with Nick than ever before. Which leaves me less invested in the whole thing…
    The tiny outtakes at the end show me more about them than anything else. More candid moments would give more substance to the show I think.
    I like Vanessa for him, but I love Raven too!
    Congrats on your new show, I’ll be watching!

    1. Hey Ali! Love your blog! Congratulations on your new show, I know you’ll be great 🙂 I’m wondering if you know where I could purchase the long skirt/shorts that Rachel was wearing on her one-on-one date with Nick>?
      I was also shocked with Nick’s reaction to Vanessa , saying she was falling in love with him , too…it must have left her feeling cold,…but she is definitely a class act!

    2. I totally agree that we know less about these women, so it is hard to get really invested in any of them as potential wives for Nick.

  8. I agree with everything that has been said – I love Rachel but I don’t know why they had to spoil the season. I equate Nick with Juan Pablo and the bachelor who had the crazy hair that was always having sex with the girl in the ocean. He should pick Corinne and do Vanessa a favor because Nick and Corinne deserve one another. Also, Ali, I’m more than happy to give your new show a try but I had to un-follow you on twitter because of your political rants. I’m a conservative republican who checks in on Ali Luvs to see what you have to say about Bachelor. Please keep politics out of your new show!

    1. Same! I’ve unfollowed many, due to political bias where it really doesn’t belong. That’s not what I go to social media for.

    2. Totally agree. I keep saying that unless you’re a politician shut up. You just gave an example why. Losing fans.

      Remember, Ali, we are the silent MAJORITY and got pissed off one too many times.

      1. Just to be able to hear the other side. I can’t stand political arguments and I don’t believe I have ever heard you say anything out of line. So I would say keep up the good work. And as far as the majority, what does that mean? I mean, look at the president we have? And that is the ONLY political comment I will make. Good luck Ali, you deserve it! I think you are awesome and have missed you since leaving E.

      2. If you don’t like what Ali says on Twitter, don’t read it, but she has a right to her opinion. She doesn’t bring politics up on this blog, you did. Stay on topic.

    3. All I will say is I love Indiana (Kevin’s is from there and his parents live there!) and thank you for reading Ali Luvs 🙂 xoxo

      1. Excited to see what your new show entails. I have to say that I absolutely love Nick. I’ve like him from the beginning and have listened to many put him down. He seems like a great guy, EXCELLENT communicator, and knows what he’s looking for. He wears his emotions and isn’t afraid to take risks. The way he let Kristina go speaks volumes about how he treats women. Those damn writers! It’s all their fault! Ha! Rachel will be a great season to watch, looking forward to it. I hope it’s Vanessa in the end!

    4. It is difficult not to speak out about what is happening to our country and our civil liberties especially when you see the direction we are headed…. everyone has right to an opinion and it’s those who keep quiet who perpetuate the injustices and collude in our democracies demise… I am very proud of my daughter for standing her ground as I’m sure you would be of your daughters or sons…

      1. Way to go Mom!! Ali – you and your mom should do a video or pictures together! (If not possible anytime soon, maybe for Mother’s Day??)

        1. The point I was trying to make is this.
          A social family blog or a political one?
          I came here for bachelor news but there are dozens of other ones out there. I go elsewhere for political information. I was hoping the ranting would have been over by now.

      2. Thank you for supporting your daughters rights. Politics are not usually mentioned here. I for one will start to follow you on twitter Ali. Keep being yourself and giving your commentary whenever you want.?

  9. I am excited to see Rachel as the new Bachelorette, I am just confused as to why they released that news so soon?? I was also sad to see Kristina go home, and felt the awkwardness between Danielle and Nick. I am rooting for Raven now ( I kinda always thought she was a good fit, but I also thought Kristina was a good fit, who knows!) You are right on Corrine, its like a game for her and winning is everything. I still feel bad for her but believe she is not ready for a relationship…at least with Nick.

  10. I agree with you with Corinne. I like her. She is hilarious with her one liners and I don’t think people notice that. I was watching her interview on Ellen and she explains her whole “nanny” situation and why she calls her their nanny. I loved her reasoning why. I do think the producers made her out to be the villain of the season but I don’t think she really is. I think she’s probably super fun to be around.

    And I’m excited about Rachel. She is truly beautiful inside and out.

  11. I picked Vanessa from the start down to earth wasn’t happy that they released Rachel before she left show and Corrine’s to imature for Nick if he picks her it won’t be for love

  12. I read an article online stating they announced it so early because a small number of black people apply to be on the show. So I think by promoting her early on they will have a more diverse mix to apply to be on the show. I only read that somewhere online so don’t take my word for it. I was bummed also that it was announced so early but so happy for her!!!

    1. I think that’s why too. Hopefully it will encourage more people to apply! I love that the show is becoming more diverse!

  13. I’m so excited to hear about Rachel but I agree it shouldn’t have been broadcasted after she left! Bummed…Also I don’t see Nick with any of these ladies, its been a very weird, slow and not much love this season. Corrine had already shown her real colors and I still see her as a person who puts others down to make her look and feel better. Wish she didn’t make it this far but for some reason I feel she somehow messes the show up. Vanessa comes off very high strung but wondering is there another girl they said comes back next Monday? Does this lady who comes back change up things that ends the season and there is no home town dates?! Crazy and slow season but ready for Rachels seasin already!!! I don’t like all these continued shows lately and no roses either….

  14. I agree the producers have made this season really hard to watch. They are always leaving things out and trying to focus on ratings with Corrine, most of us know she can’t be that bad they are editing and bring it out in her. Like the vollyball part when they all started crying? Something totally happened there. Also nick doesn’t seem to have a personality.. and that’s because of how they are editing we don’t see the loving or funny conversations like in the past.

  15. Hi!

    I agree with alot of the statements above, its unfortunate that the bachelorette announcement came before Rachel was sent home however in the age of digital media, its nearly impossible to keep anything a secret. Let’s be honest, we all know who wins this season. I find myself now watching the series as more of entertainment series, and it has eliminated the game show aspect a little. I agree with your statement on Corinne, I think she gets along with all of the girls and has a good relationship with Nick, the power of editing has unfortunately focused on other aspects.

    I would like to know where Vanessa was during the week ? Besides her 1 on 1 date, she was no where to be found in the house when the date cards arrived, when Nick came in the house, when announcements were made etc. Just me ?

      1. Thanks for asking. It was SO clear that Vanessa was gone, and not even there to support Danielle M. who seemed to be her friend. Why no mention of that!

        I also agree that the producers could have made this season more interesting. They are “dumbing down” their audience and focusing too much on Corinne. I think Nick has more depth of character than they are showing.

        Kudos to your mom for her comment, by the way.

    1. I was wondering the same thing about Vanessa being MIA??. I read somewhere online (not a legit source I’m sure) that her and Rachel had a huge blow out fight and totally ripped in to each other. Maybe Vanessa was avoiding the house/group after that? I was supper curious too.

  16. I think that Nick sending Danielle and Kristina home was ultimately what was best for him because I don’t think either of them were the best match for him. However, it still was hard to see him say goodbye to both of them. They are both so sweet.

    I think Vanessa is going to win! I think that the last two are going to be Raven and Vanessa and whichever one he chooses will be a great match for him because I think they both have really sweet personalities! I just feel like him and Vanessa connect on the deepest level of all so that’s why I believe it will be her.

    As far as Corrine, I agree that she does seem to have good relationships with the other girls. I am starting to think differently of her as the season goes on. Also, she truly is hilarious!!

    Love your weekly Bachelor posts, and I love that you post affordable fashion! Thanks for that!!

  17. Ali! I am so excited about your new show but when I clicked the link above to watch your episode from last night it said there wasn’t any content there! I am from western mass and have always loved that you were too!!


  18. It’s nice to see that you included jewelry from Sugar Blossom, a Canadian brand. My best friend is good friends with the creator of the brand.

  19. I want to know where Vanessa was most of this episode? After her one on one she just disappeared and we saw one glimpse of her sitting on her bed towards the end when they were talking about the rose ceremony. It was really strange. Really excited for Rachel to be the next Bachelorette and I think it will bring an interesting change to the show. 🙂

  20. I love reading you thoughts each week! I almost always agree with you 🙂 I loved watching you as bachelorette and seeing you know so happy with your cute little family!

    I think Nick is obviously physically attracted to Corrine but I don’t think it’s beyond that. Like you said she is out to “win” and that’s not the point. I think she does get along with the other girls and a lot of them have said they like her but that doesn’t mean she is right for Nick. I know we may have not watched exactly how it happened but it seemed she only went to his hotel room beacause she wanted to make sure she got a hometown. She needed it and “she always gets what she wants” so I did not like that!
    My favorite was Kristina so I was sad to see her go but yes it will be hard to see anyone go at this point!

    I love Rachel and am very happy for her and will be happy to watch her season, I am very mad they announced it too soon as a spoiler!

    Congrats on your new job and Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤??

  21. I’m so excited that Rachel is the next Bachelorette but I wish they would’ve waited until After the Final Rose to make the announcement. I do my best every season to avoid spoilers and while I didn’t think Nick was going to end up with her I still like to keep guessing.

    As for Corinne I really don’t think she’s a bad person. She may have made some mistakes but who hasn’t? I was more annoyed with the way the show focused on her and portrayed her than I was with Corinne herself. I really wish that they’d stop trying to make someone out to be worse than they are. I was also sick of it being “The Corinne Show” the show is supposed to be about finding love not about the person every one is supposed to hate. I would’ve rather seen more of Nick’s conversations with the women & the connections he’s making. I found myself wanting to see her eliminated not because of how I feel about her but because I was sick of her.

    Anyway that said I think he’s going to end up with Vanessa. I’ve felt that way since day 1. I do think that Nick is sincere in his search for love & I hope it works out for him.

  22. I’ve been following these recaps for a while, and finally decided to comment. First off, I love how positive you try to be in your comments and the open mind you have towards all the “characters” or contestants, whatever lol. I’m not so sure Corrine can be excused for a lot of what she does (the “make Corrine great again” always makes me cringe, and how she went after Taylor) but she is undeniably dynamic and entertaining to watch. Plus, seeing how she uses her sexuality kinda makes me worry that someone severely failed her in the past. Also, I absolutely LOVE Rachel, and there’s plenty of times where you see the two of them cuddled up together, so I guess I trust Rachel’s judgement. And I guess it’s a crazy environment that brings out the worst in some people. Rachel’s worst seems pretty great though. Is it obvious how much I love Rachel lol.

    I also really like Danielle, but yeah, same, not shocking at all that she got sent home. Their chemistry wasn’t that great. I feel like Nick likes women who give him a hard time lol. That said, maybe allow these women to leave during the rose ceremonies, Nick! They’re kinda the main reason I tune into the show. And I feel like Kristina would’ve appreciated getting to dress up and have all her makeup on, and not dressed so casually and ride off in a limo. I know for me, I’d rather have all my armor on when getting dumped. His explanation was sweet, but I think dumping her that way was more selfish than he admits to himself.

    Finally, just wanna say, you’re one of my fave bachelorettes!

    1. (like i haven’t said enough lol) just one last thing about Corrine though, still not a huge fan, but I do feel like it’s incredibly crazy she hasn’t been given a 1-on-1 yet is still a contender for hometowns. It feels like Nick’s been encouraged to keep her on for entertainment, which is fine except if Corrine really does like him, and he’s already written her off (which, refusing to give her a 1-on-1 seems to suggest), that’s kinda callous, even for this show, no?

  23. At the beginning I was 100% team Vanessa, but as I kept watching the season, Raven kind of stood out to me and she’s my absolute FAVORITE. I love Rachel too, so I’m thrilled she’s the bachelorette. As for Corinne, I’m ok with her. I like her and, weirdly enough, I could see her and Nick together after the show, but at this point, I just want Raven to end up with him. Vanessa is probably going to though.

  24. All the clothes on the show at least the dresses are so cute! Do they have to bring their own stuff or is some provided on the show ? Always wondered that…

  25. Am I crazy – I don’t see a great connection between Nick and any of the remaining girls?! I guess Vanessa is probably the strongest, but he seemed way more into Kaitlyn and Andi….

  26. Ali!! Do you have any idea where Vanessa’s swimsuit was from on their group date last week?!? I NEED it!! ?? love your blog and all of the photos of your sweet family!

  27. Does anyone else think that Nick has already decided that he is going to end up with Vanessa and Kristina was second-place in Nick’s eyes and would have been runner-up, but he wanted to spare her from that kind of heartbreak? So he kept the girls around that are going to be less hurt when they get sent home as 4th, 3rd or 2nd?

  28. I too was a little disappointed to find out who was going to be the next bachelorette…It just seems weird to’s like giving up on one season for the sake of another? I do understand getting her more attention to increase her suitors..but being that they have never done this before it feels almost a little racist in and of itself..why would SHE specifically need this extra boost before her season when it has never been deemed neccessary before? It just feels icky to me..Rachel is just as much a stand out as anyone previous bachelorettes..just as wonderful and just as deserving..

  29. A two-time loser on bachlorette and now giving advice on love and relationships….what a joke!!!!

      1. Who are you… And what is it to you what I write or comment on? In case you didn’t know there is an amendment right in our constitution called “freedom of speech”. Read up on it and educate yourself

  30. I always love reading your take on the Bachelor – great recaps!! Vanessa is definitely my favorite — I was a little disappointed with Nick’s response to her as well. I was definitely very proud of Nick for not taking things too far with Corinne when she came by his room. She’s growing on me as well. Looking forward to seeing Rachel as well 🙂

  31. After watching nick on both Andi and Kaitylns seasons I don’t feel like he has a strong connection with any of the remaining women like he did with either of those bachelorettes. Watching him fall in love with Andi, I learned Nick is clearly and deep, passionate, emotional man and isn’t going to settle for anything less then that because he knows it exists. The only girl I see being able to handle that kind of relationship is Vanessa who I love and am guessing is who he picks. However like many people have mentioned above, I think she’s better then him. I feel like after being on 4 seasons and being the coveted bachelor, Nick now has stars in his eyes and that’s not the lifestyle Vanessa is looking for. Corrine seems like she would fit in more with that type of lifestyle but she is clearly too immature and self centered to handle marriage any time soon. If he chose her it would remind me of when Jake Pavelka chose Vienna and we all know how that worked out!! Love reading your blog Ali out here in western MA, your old stomping grounds!! (My friend went to Clark with you?)

  32. Hi Ali, this is soooo off topic, just curious if you can track down the super cute bathing suit top that Kristina wore on the group date with the sharks… LOVE how it fit her..


  33. This weeks episode was all sorts of confusing. What on earth is going on with Nick? I cannot wrap my head around Corrine being a top runner. And after the next Bachelorette spoiler, it’s apparent that Corrine makes it even further? Am I missing scenes where she emotionally connects with Nick? Where she’s not concerned about getting naked with him to keep him interested? I think Corrine is a funny girl. She’s very beautiful and certainly downplays how smart she is. But insecure is the word that comes to mind when I watch her interact with everyone on the show. I hope it’s just very poor editing. I know it’s reality TV, and drama makes the big bucks. But seriously, I’ve yet to see her really open up to Nick and talk about herself. Her likes, dislikes, etc. So, I suppose I’m just confused.

    I really wanted to see Raven as the next Bachelorette but, I’m so happy for Rachel. She’s an awesome person and I can’t wait to watch her journey!

    Vanessa is clearly getting the final rose. She embodies everything Nick wants, and everything he needs.

    Hometowns will be interesting. Maybe producers made Nick keep Corrine on board so we could meet her nanny? Lol

  34. I shall read all the replies later! I’m all for Vanessa and being from Canada (east coast Nova scotia) and spent lots of time in Montreal…we wld love to see nick in Canada.

  35. I totally see this not working out for Nick. I think Nick is probably a good guy deep down but he seems very unsure and uncomfortable. I see Raven as being a lot like myself and I know Nick would not be a guy for me. I absolutely love Raven but I hope she doesn’t get picked because I don’t think that would work for them. Also love Rachel and I think they have a good friendship but don’t think they would’ve worked out romantically anyways.. but SO excited she’s going to be the next bachelorette.. I was hoping it would be Sarah, especially since I seen her hanging out with Amanda a lot, but I’m hoping she will get BIP time because she seems super sweet.. I’m not personally a big Vanessa fan but I think she’s good for Nick. They seem to have the best relationship, however I’m still not sure they would last. I really want to like Vanessa and I did in the beginning but something about her throws me off. She seems like she isn’t the most friendly. Corinne, is annoying and says stupid things but I definitely agree with everything you said, Ali. She’s not all that bad and seems like she’s actually friends with the girls behind the scenes.

    I’m just hoping Rachel’s season is more interesting.

  36. Hi anyway you can do an article about how its possible editing made Taylor out to be the villan not Corrine

  37. Not Bachelor-related but if you ever decide to hire a nanny since you are headed back to work . . .I have the most wonderful nanny who currently watches our daughter in Santa Monica. Our daughter is now old enough to go to school so our nanny will be available in April. She is AMAZING and our daughter LOVES her so putting it out there 🙂 Congrats on your new gig by the way . . .

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