Bridal Shower Bliss

Yesterday was perfect! I was lucky enough to be surrounded by many of my closest friends to celebrate my upcoming wedding! To be quite honest with you, I wasn’t even planning on having a Bridal Shower. I’ve been so busy with work and Molly and preparing for the actual wedding, that I just didn’t want to have the added stress of planning a Bridal Shower. That’s where Casi Densmore-Koon of cupcakeMAG came in to make my Bridal Shower dreams come true! I’ve known Casi for a little while and she reached out to me and said she would love to plan my shower. She sent me one email to ask me some questions about the guest list and what day I wanted to have the shower and that’s it! She planned the WHOLE thing! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that I never even had to think about it. Thank you Casi for making this day so special and for handling every little detail. Head over to cupcakeMAG to see MORE photos of the shower.

Photo by Ashley Burns Photography

Let’s talk about this beautiful location! My shower was held at Au Fudge in West Hollywood. It is the CUTEST space ever and their food is just to die for. Every dish they brought out was not only delicious but totally “instagram-able”.  I think I had dreams about that avocado toast last night. Ha!

Photo by Ashley Burns Photography

I felt so pretty in my dress by Endless Summer! And my earrings are Forever 21. That’s right, I got them in a 6-pack for under $8. So this pair was under $2 😉

My girl Emma Willis of Contour Fossa KILLED it in the makeup department! I always feel so pretty when she does my makeup. Hair is by me 😉 Can you tell I am happy in the pic below? Ha! I couldn’t stop smiling yesterday!!!

Photo by Ashley Burns Photography

My Bridesmaid Stef drove up from San Diego to spend the weekend with me. Stef is also a mom and it’s been so long since the two of us have been able to let loose and spend time together without the kiddos. So thank you to Kevin and her husband Moses for watching the little ones while us girls had a mommies day/night out! My first one since Molly was born! And I just have to tell you guys how much I adore this woman. She’s not only my best friend in the whole world, but she’s the sweetest and most caring person I know! Stef made me feel so loved this weekend. She made me a special “bridal box” full of goodies for my big day, showered me with love, and even brought some hilarious and silly Bachelorette party games for us to play. I love her with all of my heart!!!

My girl Stef – Photo by Ashley Burns Photography
Photo by Ashley Burns Photography
Photo by Ashley Burns Photography

My dearest friend Lisa (below) also flew down from San Francisco for the day to celebrate, which meant so much to me!

Me and Lisa – Photo by Ashley Burns Photography

And can we talk about this cake?!?! OH MY GOSH – is it not one of the most stunning cakes you’ve ever seen in your LIFE?!?! Au Fudge made this gorgeous cake and all of the desserts at my shower.

Photo by Ashley Burns Photography
Photo by Ashley Burns Photography

Every single thing was so yummy and just beautiful. I made the above photo the background image on my desktop because it’s so gorgeous. Which is also hugely thanks to Ashley Burns! Ashley photographed the entire shower. Isn’t she SO talented? Ashley takes a lot of my blog photos now. Ashley is not only my photographer (yes, I fired Kevin. Ha!) but she has quickly become one of my dear friends! If you need photography, Ashley is one of the absolute best I’ve worked with! She always make me feel so pretty. Love ya girl!

Me and Ashley Burns

The details of the shower couldn’t have been more perfect. From the LOVE flower sign to the Little Market candles to the personalized champagne flutes! I loved it ALL!

Photo by Ashley Burns Photography
Photo by Ashley Burns Photography
Photo by Ashley Burns Photography

And everything came together beautifully with the flowers by Mulberry and Moss. The colors were just dreamy! I loved them so much that I took a TON home with me! My house looks so pretty right now!

All and all I felt so loved at my shower! My heart is just bursting! The only things missing were Kevin, Molly and Owen (and family that couldn’t make it). But one of the many reasons I am marrying this man is because he insists that I go out and do things for me. He wanted me to have a baby-free day with all of my closet girlfriends and I love him for it! I can’t wait to marry him!

Please leave me wedding day advice (or just love) in the comment below!!!

More pics from my bridal shower below…

Photo by Ashley Burns Photography
Photo by Ashley Burns Photography
Photo by Ashley Burns Photography
Photo by Ashley Burns Photography
Photo by Ashley Burns Photography
Photo by Ashley Burns Photography

And I just want to end this blog post by saying thank you one more time to Casi Densmore-Koon of cupcakeMAG for making my bridal shower absolutely perfect! You are the best!!!!! I will never be able to thank you enough for doing all of this and me not having to think about it for one minute!!!  xoxoxo

Me and Casi – Photo by Ashley Burns Photography






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35 thoughts on “Bridal Shower Bliss

  1. You are glowing! A special day just for you! May you have a super wonderful wedding day and future with your little family.

  2. Ali,
    You are so beautiful. Looks like an absolute perfect day for your shower. Looking forward to seeing your wedding pics. What an exciting time.

  3. Be sure to have the officiant move out of the way at some point so that your photographer can get some photos of you and Kevin at the alter with out him in the background! So many of those kinds of photos have three people in them instead of just the bride and groom!

  4. My biggest piece of marriage advice is respect. Always respect his opinions, passions, needs, wants and TV choices (my husband’s favorites right now are The Curse of Oak Island, along with Gold Rush….it’s a testament to my love for him that I watch both with a somewhat open mind. He watches Bachelor/Bachelorette with me so it’s a win-win)!! Laugh with him daily and keep him as your best friend. Even though Molly and any other children you have will drain you of most of your energy, remember he needs your time and affection too. I’ve been married for almost 24 years. It’s hard work, but very rewarding. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. You will make a gorgeous bride.

  5. You are an absolutely gorgeous brid to be!! Your special day looks amazing! You are so blessed to have all those that love you together for your special event! Enjoy every step of the pre-wedding events. Memories to cherish!

  6. Beautiful bridal shower! I am so glad you were able to have one, it was the highlight of my wedding festivities and it is a simply amazing feeling to be there together with all the amazing women in your life. You deserved the special day dedicated to you!

    Wedding advice. ENJOY every moment. Don’t sweat the small stuff and soak it all in as much as possible. I am telling you the day will just fly by.

    We did the “first look” photoshoot. It was one of the best things we could have done, it was just my husband, me and the photographer in a beautiful elegant setting. It was done before the wedding. I can still remember it so vividly in my head even after almost 6 years.

    1. We plan on doing a first look! So glad to hear you say it was worth it! I was worried I’d wish the first time I’d see him be when I walk down the aisle.

      1. I felt the same way about wanting to be “traditional” like that. You will not regret it and you will have pictures to remember that moment forever.

      1. So happy for u. You will make a beautiful bride
        I know u and Kevin will be so happy together with that adorable Molly. GOD bless

  7. Write down all the pictures you want for the photographer. Trust me! You’ll miss out on some if you do don’t. I thought I would remember but you have way too much in your mind that day. ALso, our officiant has his back turned to the crowd for a good part of the ceremony so we would be facing the crowd & photographer. Your guests would rather see your faces than your backs.

  8. Looks super lovely and you look so happy! Congrats on continued happiness with Kevin. Random question, but have you ever done a blog post on how you became friends with other celebs, like Lacey Chabert?

  9. Ali- so excited for you and Kevin. I have been a blog folllower, of yours, for years now…. You really are a Beautiful women in heart and soul! GOD Bless your Family !???

  10. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, you’re going to be one beautiful bride! Soak up every minute of your special day, it goes by SO fast! I agree with an above comment about writing down the photos you want taken, trust me you won’t regret it. Love your blog, keep up the fantastic work!

  11. My husband & I found each other later in life. Therefore we celebrate every month on the 30th. ( we got married May 30 2009). Sometimes life is short , so live it up.

  12. Make sure to eat right after the ceremony before you go to the reception! This was a must at my wedding! That way you don’t feel rude trying to eat while guests are wanting to talk to you. It was also great because we had that time with just the two of us before the craziness of the reception.

  13. Hi. I love all the fun you had. Congratulations on your everlasting friendships with all these gals. These pictures also made me hungry…I have a sweet tooth. Listen am I invited to the wedding ?? Let me know so I can go out and buy a ?.

  14. You look so amazing, so happy. Love that you shared so many pics of your special day. I am SO Happy for you. You remain my favorite “bachelorette” of alltime and I’m so very happy you’ve found the love you deserve.

    As for advice, I was married to the love of my life for almost 29 years ( +2 1/2 years dating), before he passed away. Always tell each other I Love You daily (multiple times a day if possible ). Hug each other and ALWAYS, Always LAUGH together. My hubby will be gone seven years this April and to this very day the two things I miss the absolute most are his bear hugs and all the laughter we shared.

    Wishing you and Kevin many, many wonderful years as husband and wife !!!

  15. I’m so happy for you. The LOVE and JOY is on your face. Wish you a ton of happiness. I will be celebrating 30 years of marriage.

  16. I am so happy with you honey!!! I hope I don’t cry too much at the ceremony! You know how emotional I can be… I cannot tell you how very happy I am for both of you , Molly and Owen!!!?

  17. I just got married on New Years Eve. The absolute best advice I received was to take moments throughout your day and step away from the craziness and just soak it in. Take a moment away with your husband for just the two of you. Take moments to look around and make mental pictures and memories. It sounds so cheesy, but after the crazy blur of the day is over, those memories are so vivid and meaningful to me. Somehow they are also the moments that made me cry… watching all my friends around me laugh and enjoy the morning as we got ready made me realize how lucky I am to have such meaningful friendships. Stepping back and watching everyone enjoy the dance floor made me realize it will be the only time I will have all the people I love in one place. Watching my family talk and laugh together from afar made me so grateful for the love and support I grew up with. You get pulled so many directions that day – it’s so wonderful to take moments to slow it down as much as you possibly can.

    You will be beautiful! Not because of your outward beauty (which is so obvious – you are stunning and will be even more so on your wedding day), but because of your honest, real, kind personality. Thanks for always being real and someone I can look up to – as cheesy as that sounds. You are a true example of how a woman should act and treat others! ❤️

  18. Hi Ali, so glad you had a wonderful bridal shower! You look so happy! When you have girl time like that, do you have to take a “pump break” or what? I’m still breastfeeding/pumping (my baby boy is a few weeks younger than Molly) and I just find it kinda stressful to be gone for long periods of time because of this. But onto wedding advice – I’ve been married for 5 years now and I remember very well the planning being a little hectic! Don’t sweat the small stuff, it will be over before you know it. But really, not much will change since you already live together and such. Maybe just a new last name? Are you going on a honeymoon? That was the best part for me – just getting to relax the two of us and not worry about having to socialize with guests. I recommend making a list of important pictures you want your photographer to take. Because after it’s all over, the photos will really be the only thing you have to remember that day! For example, my photographer never took a picture of our gorgeous buffet table that had a fountain and giant flower arrangement on it. Now I just wish I had a professional photo of it! I remember thinking it looked so pretty. Anyways, hope all goes well! XO Britney

  19. What a beautiful shower Ali, congratulations!

    I was married last April, and here’s my advice for a stress-free day:

    – Make sure to get plenty of sleep (as much as you can with little Molly!) and stay super hydrated in the days leading up to your big day (your body and your skin will thank you). The day itself can be long and sometimes draining, so it’s good to be prepared, especially if you are having any other events aside from the actual wedding itself.

    – Highly recommend a first look photoshoot. It’s a really nice way to connect with your partner before the ceremony without having too many others around. And you can probably sneak in some cute photos with Molly then as well!

    – Make a shot list for all of your family photos (and any other photos you know you’ll want) to give to your photographer, so he/she knows all of the combinations of family members you want. Also, assign someone on each side of your family to make sure everyone knows where to be at what time for those photos – they’ll go faster when everyone is super organized.

    – Most important: make sure to eat on the day of! Have a proper breakfast and lunch and if you’re having a cocktail reception, have someone make you a plate of food so you not only get to try everything, but also keep your energy up for the reception. And if you’re having a sit down dinner and planning to walk from table to table to say hi to all of your guests, make sure to eat first.

    – Remember to enjoy every moment of your special day and take it all in, because it will totally fly by! Don’t be afraid to delegate small stuff to your bridesmaids/family on the day of – they want to help with everything, so let them.

    Cheers to you, Kevin, Molly, and Owen! xoxo

  20. Hey Ali! Congrats and the shower pics are gorgeous! Not to be nosey but I was just wondering where Kaley Cucoo (spelling??) was. I know you guys are close, yes? Could she not make it? One piece of advice, make sure you don’t lose yourselves in the marriage and being parents! Remember the reason the two of you came together in the first place❤

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