Dress for YOU this Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about couples! It about celebrating loving YOURSELF! I hope today’s look inspired all your single ladies to have FUN with you fashion this Valentines Day! Don’t dress for a man  (or anyone!) – dress for  you!!!!!

I feel like Valentine’s day is the perfect time to be more daring with your fashion than you would on a normal day. For example, I just ADORE this look but I might feel intimated to wear it on any given day. But on Valentines Day, I feel like I get a free pass to be adventurous with my fashion! And I finally get my Carrie Bradshaw moment! Ha! This adorable pink tulle skirt is only $28!!!! I got a size 4 and it fits great at the smallest part of my waist.

I pair the tulle skirt with a fitted white sweater. But I think the sweater needs to fit JUST right to make this work. I ordered a size XS in this sweater and I wish it was even more snug. But my sweater isn’t available in white anymore! Boooo. But a white body suit like THIS ONE would work great for this look. It best that you top be very fitted since there is so much fabric on the skirt.

My pretty pink suede clutch and GORGEOUS earrings really complete the look! You can see me wearing these earrings with THIS LOOK too!

Would you guys rock this look for V Day? Do it!!!! Have your Carrie Bradshaw moment!!!








13 Thoughts

13 thoughts on “Dress for YOU this Valentines Day

  1. It is almost annoying how BEAUTIFUL you look in these photos! Your hair is flawless, your makeup is so natural but gorg & you look SO incredibly happy! I love everything about this outfit/post! Happy early Valentine’s Day, Ali!

  2. I love this!! I ❤️ how you remind us to have fun and your happiness just glows!! Love yourself and you can attract love! Love all the pics of Molly!

    I never knew I would be a mom at 42! I put on a dress and got glammed up, met daddy at salsa festival, now I’m a mom! There may be a little luck but I do think love and happiness attracts love!

  3. I recently started reading your blog and have loved it- I’ve also purchased several of your recommendations and love them! Do you have any recommendations for outfits for a beach wedding? I’m going to a wedding in Mexico in April and want something fun. I’m specifically worried about shoes- should I wear fancy sandals or wedges? Thanks again for helping me grow my wardrobe (and my shopping addiction)!

  4. Hi Aly!
    Your tulle skirt has a ribbon – but the one is the photo does not….is it the same one?
    Thanks a million,

  5. Hi, Ali!
    Love your blog 🙂 Question on your shoes – I finally got a pair after seeing you wear them so many times. I told my husband they are a staple every girl should have 😉

    HOWEVER – they totally tear up my heel! How do you avoid blisters on your heel from where it latches around? I see so many people wearing these, and I’m left wondering if they fit me weird, or if there’s a trick I missed somewhere.

  6. Hi Ali!

    Love this whole outfit…you look like a princess! 🙂 Out of curiosity, are your sandals comfy? I’ve been wanting a pair of that style of sandals for awhile.

  7. Ali. I love how you express your thoughts about the bachelor. Your sincerety goes a long way. And your daughter is beautiful!!!??

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