Bachelor Tears – Nicks and Mine

I have to start my by addressing the most heartbreaking thing in BACHELOR HISTORY – ALEXIS LEAVING!!!! I was soooo sad to see her go. Like legit sad. I need her in my life. Ha! I want to start an online petition demanding she be on Bachelor in Paradise! Alexis – if you’re reading this. I legit love you! Please accept my, and Bachelor nations, forever rose!

Ok, now that I got that out of the way (while wiping tears), let’s talk about the rest of the show.

I’ll quickly touch base on Taylor coming back. The short of it is she shouldn’t have. It really made her look silly. But at the same time, I am surprised that Nick didn’t even question Corinne after what Taylor said. Who knows, maybe he thought Taylor was being dramatic (which she kind of was) and didn’t want to start anything with Corinne right now. I am sure it will keep coming back up with the other girls.

I was surprised with the connection between Nick and Kristina. I didn’t see it before, but it seemed pretty strong last night. And I have to say that the producers obviously knew Kristina’s story and wanted Nick to get her to talk about it on camera. Otherwise he wouldn’t have kept bringing it up. But oh my gosh, what a heartbreaking story. I cried listening to her tell it. Not just because parts were very said, but because her resilience is so inspirational. I am in awe of her! What a strong woman!


I don’t know if you guys saw my interview with Sara that I posted yesterday (watch it by scrolling to the bottom of  YESTERDAYS POST) but in it I asked her about Corinne and she mentioned that Corinne wasn’t a HUGE topic of discussion in the house and she kind of stayed quiet. All the crazy stuff we hear her say is during her interviews with the producers and usually not to the others girls. And while watching the group date last night, it actually seemed like Corinne fit right in with the girls. I wonder if she acted TOTALLY different to them than what we see her say to the producers when they aren’t around. Even the clip of the girls eating the dark chocolate at the end. Corinne just seemed to be laughing and hanging with the other girls. I think they all got along during the show! Honestly, this makes me think about Corinne TOTALLY differently. I take her comments as more of her way of being funny in most cases. The way someone is edited on a show can totally change the way you or I perceive them. I am going to try to have an open mind about Corinne moving forward! I would LOVE to interview her and learn about the real Corinne! Corinne if you happen to read this, please reach out to me! I’d love to hear your story!

Speaking of the girls on the group date. The volleyball thing was obviously set up as a competition. Rachel said it was one when she had her one on one talk with Nick. But we weren’t told exactly what the competition was – it had to be more than just a volleyball game. There must have been stakes or something. I’m thinking some of it must have been edited out. I wonder why. I’m guessing whatever competition was proposed, it backfired even more than what we saw on TV. Because we didn’t ever really see WHY so many of the girls all of a sudden felt upset.

Jasmine self destructed for sure. What was with all that “choking” talk? Nick looked terrified. He absolutely should have sent her home. I feel like she said something violent (aka, I want to choke you) and  realized it was stupid to say, so she tried to recover by making it sexual. Because for some reason many of the girls this season feel like that have to play up the sex talk and sexuality for Nick. So then she started talking about “the chokie”? I like Jasmine. I have all season. But I really think she lost it towards the end and this experience got the best of her. I don’t necessarily blame her. This experience is crazy and can really mess with you!

I was surprised to see 2 two-on-ones in back to back episodes. But I think it was pretty obvious before the date even started that Nick would send Whitney home. I love when Nick said ‘This isn’t about Danielle L, this is about you and I.” That’s SO true! We saw how true that was when he sent Danielle L home. I was honestly shocked when that happened. I thought she would be in the top 4! Nick keeps surprising us with his decisions and I LOVE that!

But I was a bit confused about Nick’s tears at the end. Ok ok, I get it. He’s the Bachelor so there are going to be tears, but why did he tell all the girls that he didn’t know if it would work out with them? I think I might be a little offended by that if I was one of the girls. Like he isn’t feeling a connection with any of them? Then why are they there? I dunno. The whole situation seems weird to me. But that said, I will say that I cried A LOT as the Bachelorette. Heck, I cried on almost every date behind the scenes! I remember watching the show and thinking it was SO obvious that I had just been crying, but the viewers didn’t notice. I would break down because I didn’t feel romantically attracted to most of the men on my season. Not because they weren’t great guys – they were! But because I knew they weren’t right for me. So I would go into dates crying because I felt like I was leading people on. Or crying because I felt obligated to kiss them. It was such a mind game. So maybe that’s why Nick was crying? I dunno. I guess the more I think about it, the more I realize he is probably just losing his mind as The Bachelor. I know I did a few times when I was in his position. I’m so curious to see how the girls react to it next week! It seems like they are pretty upset by it. We shall see! What did you guys think of last night’s episode?! Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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76 thoughts on “Bachelor Tears – Nicks and Mine

  1. I really respect Nick for not leading the women on. He send them home when it is necessary. I admire him for that. But, I totally agree.. If i were one of the women and he came in saying he doesnt know if this will work, I would be totally offended, and probably leave. Its already hard competing against the other women, and now we dont even know if Nick’s heart is there anymore. I have to say, he has some AMAZING women left.
    I think Corinne is not as bad as they lead her on to be, but she is young. Since when did they start bringing contestants that young on the show anyways?

    My favs are Raven, Rachel, and Vanessa!!

    1. One of the girls on there is 23 and that’s pretty young. It doesn’t matter how old you are, all that matters is that you can drink and date the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

      1. 23yr olds aren’t desperate for love ..they have years ahead of them! And most are around guys in college ….us 30+ need the help! Ha 🙂

    2. Idk why but I wanna reach into the TV screen and punch corrine, she’s a bitch and if that’s who he chooses, they’re not gonna have a long term relationship

      1. She actually reminds me of Vienna from Jakes season! Do you remember her? Your reaction is exactly what mine is and thats how I felt about Vienna and we saw how that turned out!

        1. yep jake and vienna and also Ben and Courtney who was doing the same little sexual stuff and made the “winning” comment in her season that Corinne copied last week. Getting alone with the girls when she wants doesn’t change anything she did to manipulate things or all the stuff she said to producers.. Can you imagine being Nicks mom watching that and prayer she will not be your daughter in law ugg.

          1. Exactly correct! I am not fooled by Corrine’s antics. Mean spirited is how I perceive Corinne. Cheering on Raven but this last episobe makes me think Nicks head in not into getting serious with any if these ladies. It’s a shame.

  2. I love how real Nick is being I never expected him to send so many girls home last night but it’s so refreshing to see him not lead them on. I just love how genuine he is with them cries with them when they’re telling their stories it’s really sweet. I agree with you on the corrine topic, i even commented on how well it seemed that she was getting along with the girls I think it’s all played up by the producers. It would be awesome for you to get an interview with her I was cracking up with the housemaid that came in to the show lol

      1. Any idea where those leggings are from that Vanessa was wearing when she is on the bed talking to someone while also wearing a sports bra?

  3. I saw Corrine interviewed last week on the Ellen show and she was so “normal” that I went into this weeks episode with a whole new mindset of her. She really doesn’t seem to be as bad as she looks on the show. I think she is trying to be funny and it just isn’t coming across that way due to how it is edited.

  4. Ehh…I feel like Corinne definitely has comedic timing but her attackive comments just aren’t ok in any arena. Calling other women ‘fucking idiots’ and ‘stupid bitches’ behind their backs is unacceptable and even though the girls did look more friendly with her last night, I would guess they probably don’t feel the same way watching the show back and seeing what she said to the producers. Also, I wonder how much the day drinking added to the friendliness? All I’m saying is tequila makes me nice to pretty much anyone! 😉

    1. Totally agree. She runs a multi million dollar company and is acting like a teenager. I too do not like how she talks about the other girls this way.

      1. I agree with u …Tammy and she is rather immature and is being like a spoiled brat the way she talks about the other girls. Showing off how she spends her money and crawling over Nick is not in good taste.I think may be he just enjoying her company and will want someone else instead.

    2. Jen I completely agree with your comments on Corinne, so immature and disrespectful the way she presents herself and name calling the other women

  5. I think that Nick is just worn down from the process and getting a bit in his head from his previous bachelorette experiences. He is definitely feeling it more with a small number of girls! At least he is being honest..

  6. I was really disappointed in the overall show last night. Nick seems so confused, and doubting whether he will ever find true love.
    I really don’t see a love connection yet…..tho Vanessa and Raven seem sincere with their feelings.

  7. Thanks for sharing your insight! Last night was emotionally draining for sure! And I said the same thing about Corinne! Was Taylor allowed to go back on her own, or was that a producer telling her to go back? I remember with Chad going back, you said that producers gave him permission, because once you are asked to leave you cannot come back.

  8. Love your recaps Ali! You’re my favorite Bachelorette!

    I am not really digging this season and I think it is because the editing is so shoddy. I don’t like how the rose ceremony’s have been at the beginning of episodes. I don’t like that we clearly weren’t given the whole story about the volleyball game and why all these girls were having breakdowns. I also don’t like that we didn’t see Raven get the group date rose.

    I am just not seeing Nick form a connection with any of these women and I think it’s just bad editing! Regarding Corrine, she seems to get along with a lot of the girls on social media, I think she was probably well liked. I don’t think Nick questioned her after the Taylor thing because he knows he isn’t going to pick her. I think he is just keeping her around because it is producer driven. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she is in on it! I really like Nick but question his motives sometimes because I feel like he is just like a recurring cast member at this point. So when he makes some of these decisions I question if it’s genuine or if he just does it because he knows it will make good TV.

    1. I completely agree, the editing is not doing this season any favors. I actually just said that to a friend earlier today. It’s so drama focused rather than on the relationships that are forming. I’m hoping now that they’re getting down to 6, they’ll show more of the relationships that are forming. I want to believe he is there to find love and again, editing is making it seem otherwise. He seems pretty genuine. Here’s to hoping the season goes uphill now!

    2. I agree with every word you wrote Mary! My sentiments exactly! It’s almost like the producers are messing with the editing because they know how many millions of viewers we’re dissatisfied with Nick as the bachelor pick. Given he had so many previous chances to find love. I’m really confused this season. So many changes and none of them positive. So sad.

  9. Ok so, regarding Taylor returning to talk with Nick while he was with Corinne. I would have done the same thing! She wanted him to know the truth about her and how devious Corinne is and yes she is devious!! So I applaud her for doing that. Alexis going home was a surprise I liked her and didn’t think she’d leave . That group date of volleyball was so uncomfortable to watch, honestly what was the purpose of it ??? And you could see the ladies not having fun and then breaking down in tears, release of tension? So the 2 on 1 date I wasn’t surprised to see Whitney go home however I was shocked to see Danielle go home!! For whatever reason and he even questioned if he was making a mistake by sending her home. So several of the ladies went home leaving 6 . I think that this situation is really getting to Nick emotionally and he cried in front of the ladies our of emotional stress. I am interested to see what next week brings as the previews show of course sex kitten Corinne use her platinum vagege (vagina) to get her way with Nick by showing up at his room, What is with her !! really !! She is soooo embarrassing, If you do get a chance to chat with her Ali please give her some advise, get more respecct for yourself, this girl is just that a girl, not a woman , rant over

    1. I disagree about Alexis. I liked her until a couple of weeks ago during the rose ceremony she was in the back. When Nick called her name she said, “move, bitches!”

      It wasn’t cute or funny. Maybe she should have stayed in the “dolphin” costume.

      Finally, I’m sick to death of Corinne. This should be renamed Crazy Corinne and the Bachelor. Hello! There are other women there and we’re force fed her every episode. As for her “running” a multimillion dollar company. Nope. It’s her daddy’s company. He runs it. She’s just an employee. Let’s try to keep it as real as possible.

  10. Love your blog-Thanks for sharing all the fashion secrets! Just purchased Vanessa’s swimsuit for my honeymoon—love love! Hope it fits! ?

  11. If you want to learn more about Corinne she was on the Ellen show and she said that was pretty much her on the show… She is a very funny girl. But I still think she acts immature.

  12. I think you called it perfectly Ali. Maybe Nick isn’t feeling chemistry with some of the girls, and feels pressured to act his way through the tv process, while he can’t really spend time with the one he has already chosen in his mind….. (so everyone already knows who he picks) because the spoilers are posted online, and have been since the season began. Sigh.

  13. Kristina won me over last night. Putting her in my top 3. Vanessa, Raven, Kristina…. I’m excited to see next week. And hopefully Nick will bounce back from the emotional roller-coaster he’s on right now. Poor guy!!!!

  14. There are many things I have always liked about Nick. However, he is a very immature 36. When Danielle L. last night asked him what he wanted in a relationship, his first response after taking a phenomenally long time to think about it was, “adventuresome”. Come on, that is not the first requirement of a long lasting, loving, respectful relationship of marriage.
    His immaturity couples up very well with the one that keeps who-doing her selfish, snotty, slutty, better than you, bitching ways. She is in a class all by herself.
    Bet she does a good job of draining Daddy’s funds from his multi-million dollar business that she likes to take credit for. And probably her relationship with her dad is likely not very good. If it was, why would she have time to be on this show and have time persuing her modeling career when there is a money making business at home to operate. Things in all regards do not add up with her.
    I’m sure glad our daughters are not like her.
    Meanwhile, Nick has sent a lot of worthy young women home all season. And still has 5, not 6, left in the camp. But his immaturity, mainly because he lets the wrong head of his body, control his emotions, thinking and decisions, will likely ultimately prove to self destruct who his final decision after the final rose.
    Personally, I really like Vanessa and think that Daniell M. is by far the most qualified for a long lasting loving marriage and appears to be a true mom someday. Certainly when we see a few scene clips throughout the season, it is Danille M. that the others go see to talk things out, seeking her guidance.
    Thanks for hearing this dad out. Obviously, I am seeing a lot of things differently than all you women.

    1. No Dad I agree with you on a lot of what you said. Nick isn’t as mature as I would expect for a 36 year old. And when he answered Danielle’s question I too was surprised at his answer, marriage is more than adventurous. Absolutely I’m sure Daddy is a huge part of Corrine’s life, money, status etc… she doesn’t really run the company her father does

    2. To be fair about his two words to describe a relationship…
      He did start that with “pulling communication and trust [maybe there was something else] off the table because those are obvious necessities.”

      So, “adventuresome” isn’t really his first descriptor of a good relationship, just his first after the more obvious/common ones.

  15. Ali I usually love your blog and opinions but calling Corrine funny makes me sad. She bullyed Taylor so much. You can see the words “stupid bitch” come out of her mouth multiple times in itm’s. Taylor may not have handled herself the best but people calling Corrine funny just reinforces her mean girl behavior. I agree there is probably way more to Corrine then we see, but her behavior (like Chad’s) is never acceptable.

    1. I still love your blog, but I agree. The fact that she uses the term “bitch” so many times when talking about Taylor and the other girls is so disrespectful. I feel she may be trying to be funny but in such a disrespectful and unacceptable way.

      On another note did you see how freaked out Corrine was of the bugs and woods? LOL The same as she could not stand the date at the dairy farm. Nick may want to take that into consideration if he likes “adventuresome” girls!

    2. Yeah, I agree with Amy on this. I usually agree with your opinions as well Ali, but I think by calling Corinne funny is normalizing and too easily forgiving her immature nature, offensive language and often “mean girl” behavior. Corinne totally reminds me of Vienna from your season of The Bachelor. You (like Taylor did this current season) totally called out Vienna for similar behavior and Jake for keeping her around…so I’m surprised why you are being incredibly supportive of Corinne and not very sympathetic and supportive towards Taylor.

  16. I loved Danielle L. And felt so sad she went home however I do think that he was kind of trying too hard to get her to open up. I think their conversations were too basic and repetitive at tbis point of the show. (Not sure if my explanation makes sense).?… But the question to her about using two words to describe her perfect relationship showed how different they are. I am anxious to see how the girls end up reacting to Nick’s last night’s declaration. I have to ask Ali, is it true they will not have the after Rose Ceremony and why do you think they would do that ??? ?

  17. I think Nick is panicking because maybe he thought he would be in love by now. Love takes time to grow and he does have a great group of girls that are ready. He needs to focus on that and let the process flow.

  18. I think if The Bachelor/Bachelorette is really about finding someone to spend the rest of your life with truthfully than we as the viewers shouldn’t expect there to be a proposal at the end. I think it’s far more realistic to be at the edge of our seat wondering will there be a proposal? will someone get asked to continue being boyfriend and girlfriend? will they be asked to just be friends or go separate ways? Instead, bachelorettes and bachelors are expected to propose and if they don’t, they are accused of not being committed and villanized. Just because you don’t feel like someone is the right person doesn’t mean you aren’t being committed. And we have to remember that Nick was the one dumped twice when he went on The Bachelorette the first two times. He WANTED to propose. I personally think Nick will pick Raven, though…

    1. Oh and I totally realized my opinion of Corrine said more about me than it did about her. Shame on me. I watched her Ellen interview and realized how incredibly wrong I was of her. By the way, her nanny has been with her family forever and Corrine mentions her nanny was with them when her Mom had cancer. Corrine’s demeanor changed when she talked about it and she totally handled Ellen’s questions with class.

  19. AGREED on everything!!!

    If you think about it, the reason why these girls are sexually throwing themselves at Nick is because he’s been the one who has most publicly admitted to sleeping with girls. In each season he’s been in. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we watch him with Corinne next week.

    And agreed on Nick’s speech at the end. If I were one of those girls, I’d pack my bags and get the heck out of dodge. But I do feel like at this point in the show, we as the audience should already see a “front runner”. As much as I hate to use that word. I feel like it’s either Vanessa or Corinne. But I can’t even say that with full certainty! Cuz Vanessa questions him all the time and Corinne is looking more like a good time than a full lifelong commitment. All that to say that I hope he doesn’t settle. It would be so weird – in a GOOD way – if he ended up choosing no one. Or if he ended up just pursuing a relationship with whoever he picks last, as opposed to an engagement. I’m all for it.

    1. Agreed. This season is a complete dud ?? I felt I was biased before because I thought it was a terrible decision to bring back Nick for the 4th time. He’s 36… apart from multiple opportunities on the show he hasn’t secured something in “real” life either. He seems unsure of himself and awkward. Maybe he’s gay- which is fine, great! But, I feel like he was out of touch of truly wanting a relationship on Paradise I don’t know why the producers or he agreed to be the Bachelor. There aren’t any genuine connections on screen and therefore we aren’t connecting or rooting for him or anyone else on the show. I truly hope they make up for it with an AMAZING Bachelorette. As far as this season goes, last night was the final episode we could manage to half watch and we’ll stick to the headlines from now own. It’s painful to watch…… even Kelly and her husband said so on her show this morning and Nick was the guest! Ha!

    2. Agreed. I think or should I say I fear he got involved with “bachelor” nation and has used every opportunity to be on tv …. come
      On FOUR times. I bet money he doesn’t have a real job anymore. He’s enjoying tv.

  20. Raven said herself that Corinne is as bad as she seems. I don’t find her funny at all and I do not look forward to having to endure her on BIP. As far as that group date goes, it was just a hot mess, Raven seemed to be the only one taking the day in stride and not having a meltdown….no wonder she got the rose! I did read that the volleyball game was a competition and the winning team was supposed to be the only ones that went on to the night portion of the date and Jasmine, Vanessa and Danielle M lost.

  21. I kind of think bachelor producers gave away a little more than what they intended to last night…

    I think Nick chooses and/or has told Vanessa it’s going to be her. The way she spoke during her interview on the beach during the volleyball game was really clear that Nick has told her to wait, and she is going to be there at the end. She said she can’t believe she has to deal with more weeks and dates, that she has been so patient… I remember (bc Im a notorious huge fan lol) that Kaitlyn had told Shawn it was going to be him… I think Nick has told Vanessa that judging by how she was talking.

    Just my take!

    1. Oh! And I think that the producers are pushing Nick to play along with Corrine a lot – because during Vanessa and Nick’s conversation after the bounce house ordeal Nick had said to Vanessa something along the lines of having some patience – “especially when it comes to Corinne” (because the producers want me to mess around with her for good TV)….

      1. If that’s true he’s an idiot. Good tv vs trust and love in a real relationship. Tell the producers your relationship means more than good tv and get a backbone.

  22. I wish they would change the format. More group time at the house so the Bachelor can actually spend some time with everyone. Too many girls to start with. Actually have some mini one on one’s with everyone (that no one can interrupt). No one should go home that first night. I’ve heard the girls spend most of their time just sitting around. Anyway, I like Kristina and Vanessa.

  23. Every Bachelor season, I try to think the guy is my brother going through this crazy journey! ha! I think Nick over analyzes, doesn’t sleep soundly from thinking too much & uses past experiences & failures to compensate for this once in a lifetime chance! All he really needs to do is let the past relationships lie & move on! That one & only future Mrs. might be right there, staring him in the face with open arms. If I were one of the remaining ones and he’s throwing these truthful doubts in their faces, I’d feel slight rejection even if I’m not being sent home. Let’s hope next week, his fears & tears shed some light on the whole situation, because I was seriously confused!! Luv your blog Ali! xo

  24. First of all, I LOVE reading your blog! You are such a great writer and I try to read all of your work. 🙂
    I agree with you, I think Nick breaking down to the girls was kind of strange, and a little rude. It seemed like he was telling them he has commitment issues now, because of what he’s been through in the past.
    I think he is just getting into his own head, which could really deter him from finding the love of his life. He needs to allow himself to have a clear and open mind.

  25. I think Nick just needs to spend a few days away from the women who are left and pull himself together. He is thinking way to much about his past experiences..Nick is so easy to read, you could tell when he was speaking with the girl’s he was sending home how disconnected he was.. and almost seemed bored.. Corrine needs to act like she is a business woman not a 14 year old girl.. she is petty and mean with the things she says, and please Nick stay away from the Platinum vagine’ he needs to keep the man chasity belt on.. I love Ravine and I hope she is one of the final women..

  26. Yes I thought the final 4 would be both danielles, vanessa and raven. Well now I think christina is going to be in the final 4. I really wasn’t to excited for nick to be the bachelor in the first place so I’m just watchin it cuz I’m addicted to them, i was hoping it would of been luke or chase. But it is what it is. I hope nick finds someone and move on from the dating on the tv seen.

  27. Corrine was on Ellen last week and seemed a lot different, it actually made me kind of like her! I think most of what’s she says is just for show/to be funny.

  28. WOW! I love your recaps and perspective! Last night the girls went down to 6 in the blink of an eye. I really liked Danielle L. and am curious what happened because they seemed to have a connection. Pretty cool you have been able to interview Sara. Your little girl is just precious!

  29. Watching this weeks’ episode honestly made me feel like I would rather be anywhere than in the position of the girls/nick. It is obviously that things are way too rushed on this show and connections are forced too quickly. Even some of the comments that Nick made about “hoping that tonight is the night that he falls in love” just seems inorganic. Anyway, I really do feel for Nick and worry that he is genuinely concerned that he won’t make a true connection with one woman in the end. That has got to be a terrifying feeling.. I really hope that he finds what he finds a true love connection without feelings pressured from the show. Also, side note- it always boggles my mind when the girls get incredibly upset/whiny about the whole process. Didn’t they realize that it wouldn’t be easy when the signed up and obviously there are multiple women involved and only ONE man?

  30. I loved your interview with Sara! You’re such a natural interviewer and it felt so relaxed while also being consistently interesting, I’d love to see you interview more people in the franchise. And she seems so sweet and interesting, you both express yourselves so well

  31. I’m so annoyed with the editing this season! It’s terrible! We see way more of the girls interaction than the relationships with nick. I think that’s why it seems like he’s not forming any, because we never even see them! They didn’t even show Raven’s convo with him yet she got the rose. And the whole vb thing was awkward. Idk if he’s comparing all the girls to Kaitlyn and they’re just not matching up or what. But NICU nurse and lawyer and still my 2 faves for who I think is mentally and emotionally ready for a legit relationship.

  32. Hi Ali! I’m also Ali lol
    Huge fan and watched forever…I’m also terrible at catching spoilers but this season I’m so good at not going online or even going on YouTube (I found out that Lauren won Ben’s season early cause I was on YouTube and there just happened to be a video on the side panel titled: “Ben’s winner Lauren B” (sigh)
    Anyways….I love being truly shocked and not knowing what’s gonna happen.
    My question is:
    Do you read spoilers? Do you know who will win or be in top 4?
    You keep mentioning in every post how you are in touch with Vanessa and how much you love her and I think you mention this every time cause you know something, she is either the winner or will be next Bach or something?
    Am I just being paranoid?? And if you don’t know what’s gonna happen…hoowwwww do you avoid spoilers? It’s like impossible these days lol
    Greetings from Munich,

  33. I have to say that the most heartbreaking thing in Bachelor history was when you got sent home! I was so sad to see you go, but very excited to see you on the Bachelorette!! You really have such a fun excitement for life and you are so down to earth which makes you very relatable! I have never rooted for anyone more than you!

  34. I’m going to address the white elephant going on. And I think the question on everyone’s mind is why does Nick where short shorts? I mean those might be shorter than my dads shorts and that’s a 70’s thing ???

  35. It was so weird watching the dinner with Danielle. If you can, watch it again. Everything was going fine, he was smiling and having a great time, and as soon as she said she was falling for him, you could hear that record scratch and everything changed. He instantly shut down and had to send her home because he hadn’t caught up to those feelings yet. I think that’s a red flag for him. Someone else feeling those feelings before him. That’s what it seems like anyway! Just my 2 cents! Wonder what you think?!

    1. I see what your saying, waiting to see if they can. But he did say on the show that when he heard it that he just didn’t feel the same way. He says he doesn’t want to lead them on to something we’re it’s not real. In my opinion that date just bombed, she seemed really nervous said like a 100 times. And nick wasn’t happy with most of her answers.. I think she kind of noticed that when he asked what are the two most important qualities in a relationship her facial expression after her answer was revealing that.

  36. Ali, great blog! I am just curious since it is super easy to find the spoilers each season, do you really not read them? Every time I read your Bachelor blogs, I think does she really not know who he chooses? Again, great blog site and your family is adorable!

  37. After Monday’s episode, Kristina totally won me over. I definetly think they have a connection. You are right on about Corrine, I see her in a different manner now and that could be like you said they way the producers portrayed her. It stinks how quick we are to judge people.

    1. Quick? She has been immature and mean on EVERY episode. And what is wrong with the truth? That she works for her family company rather than own it.

  38. I just don’t think Nick is ready for marriage. I’m sure he’s been a rock star to all the girls he meets because he’s been on TV. Finding girls I’m sure is not his problem, and he’s probably had more fun as a single guy the last couple years than ever before. I don’t think he’s ready to settle down, but I think he wants to be ready to settle down. I predict if he picks someone, they won’t last. I hope I’m wrong, but he has PLAYER written all over him.

  39. Loved Nick and Vanessa and was cheering for them from the 1st night to the proposal. They are a beautiful couple and I’m praying they last as I want to see more of them and their happy ever after. And they were cheated out of the recap of their journey together on ‘After the final rose!’

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