Corinne Vs. Taylor – Nobody Really Wins

I don’t know about you guys but watching last night episode of The Bachelor seriously made me uncomfortable. For so many reasons. It was all about Corinne vs. Taylor. Am I picking sides? No. Definitely not. But I do have some thoughts. Here they are…

At first, I honestly felt like Taylor was tying to help Corinne. Am I the only one that felt that way? I felt like she was trying to help Corinne understand how the other girls were perceiving her. And really, Corinne was being pretty mean to her. That’s just the way I saw it.  At the beginning of the show, I kept feeling bad for Taylor. But then again, Josephine said she found Taylor’s energy “toxic,” so she can’t be all that innocent right? But even though I think Taylor was trying to help her at first, soon after she got way too caught up in the drama. And I think that is because Corinne knew EXACTLY how to get under her skin. Corinne pushed every one of Taylor’s buttons and she ended up being condescending in retaliation. That’s why I get that some people feel Taylor was talking down to Corinne in general. I think she was just trying to keep her cool and she did a pretty good job…at first. But why did she come back at the end of the episode? I’ll get to that in a minute…

Before I move on, I want to say that I’m not trying to hate on Corinne. That’s not what I’m about. I’m an adult and a mother and it’s not in me to pick on a 24 year old woman. But I feel that need to speak up on my blog when I feel Corinne is acting out. I guess kind of like what Taylor was trying to do at first. I don’t want to put Corinne down, but at the same time I don’t want any of the young women reading my blog to think that behavior is appropriate.

Let’s talk about Rachel! Rachel is such a cool girl. She’s totally beautiful, but I think her personality takes her from very pretty to STUNNING! I would love to see her as the Bachelorette! That is if she doesn’t end up with Nick. Cause she totally could! Rachel and Nick seem to have a great connection and she got the first impression rose. I’m surprised he waited this long to take her on a one-on-one. I think it’s because he knew he liked her right away so he wanted to focus his attention on some of the other girls early on that he wasn’t as sure about. And sorry for my crappy pictures below. But it’s all I have to work with. Ha!

Click pics below to shops Rachels’s look:

Moving on…

The haunted house was pretty cool. It must have been terrifying to experience! But let’s be real, it’s basically an amusement park. Right? Ok, I’m not going to lie, as I type this I secretly fear that little Mae is going to come to my house tonight and freak me out. Ha! But even though I think all those things moving in the house were staged, it was pretty crazy and freaky! And I totally believe in ghosts FYI.

And Raven came in with the L bomb! In my opinion, Raven saying “that was the moment I fell in love with you” was the most genuine way anyone has ever said those words for the first time on this show. It’s usually always SO forced and awkward. But I like that it just kind of slipped out. I think she meant to say that was the moment she “fell” for Nick, not fell in love. I don’t know what you guys think, but falling for someone is very different than falling in love with someone. I was a bit surprised that Nick didn’t give her the group date rose though. I mean, she DID say the L word. Hopefully he gives her the reassurance she needs or lets her go – depending on how he feels about her.

Ok, back to Taylor. Why on earth did she come back at the end of the episode? I really wonder how Nick is going react to her showing up after he sent her home. I don’t know what she is going to say but at this point she should have just walked away and left the situation alone. Nick doesn’t want to be with her and she shouldn’t care if he wants to be with Corinne. She DEFINITELY got way too caught up in the drama to feel the need to come back. I am so curious to see what happens next week.

What do you guys think? Do you think Taylor was trying to be helpful at first? What do you think about her coming back to talk to Nick? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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Oh and before I go I have to say that I was SO bummed to see Sara go home. She such a cutie! I thought she would have stayed so much longer!

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119 thoughts on “Corinne Vs. Taylor – Nobody Really Wins

  1. Ali, I agree with you 100% on the Taylor vs. Corinne situation. I also think Taylor should’ve not come back to talk with Nick. When Nick and Corinne were in the boat heading back I was waiting for a snake to drop on her from a tree above. My sister lives near a bayou and that is common. LOL

    1. I came to see Taylor as very arrogant. As bad as Corinne behaved, rather than taking the high road after she tried to counsel Corinne, she continued to act more and more full of herself. Both girls need to go, he’s got some gems to put his energy into getting to know more. My pick for him right now is Rachel. I like Raven a lot too but have a feeling they are very culturally different. Vanessa and Danielle are great too.

      1. I agree with you 100%! They are both toxic people and Taylor was very condescending and rude to Corinne. You can tell alot about someone’s character by how they respond but Corinne is not any better….

      2. They were both in the wrong but Corrine’s private interviews where she called Taylor a B over and over and over, with such glee, makes her a lot worse than Taylor. Im sure Taylor can learn how to speak with people she doesnt like, but Corrine’ doesnt seem destined to learn anything about herself.

        1. I totally agree with wandering gal. Corrine calling Taylor a B repeatedly is not ok. For 20+ seasons of this show, we all have categorically agreed that the “villain” is being a bully. And there is ALWAYS one person who tries to reason with the villain to help them understand the error of their ways. It absolutely infuriates me that some folks are giving Corrine a pass!

      3. I think they should both leave Corrine is just a child and needs to grow up and is just a little rich girl with her nanny and Tayler is way to contoling over Corrine and likes to tell her what to do and cut her down. but I love love Rachel and I sure hope at the end Nick and her get together I like Raven, Danielle, Vanessa too very much I am hoping that when they showed some of next weeks show that he did the right thing and sent Corrine home to cause she lies a lot and needs to go to.grow up.

        1. And I think it is ok that Tayler came back to tell the truth since Corrine lied through her teeth about Tayler and than after she tells Nick her side of the story than she should leave with her head held high.

    2. This bachelor season is so disappointing. Bachelor/Bachelorette used to be a fairly ‘classy’ reality show. The foul language last night and the amount of sexual content so far this season is completely off the charts. I’m sure most of the girls don’t fall into this category, but the ones who do are certainly getting the air time. Is this the direction the show is going for future seasons? Nick isn’t doing anything to improve the season either. Unless it’s the editing, his ‘In Paradise’ redemption tour was a ploy. I thought the haunted house was lame and fell flat. Maybe it got better, but our viewing party fast forwarded through the whole thing. I’m going to stop watching.

      1. I don’t know if I ever thought it was classy LOL, but I agree. So many bleeps… hey ABC it gets annoying. I also miss the show ending with a rose ceremony! P.S. Ali your puppy is too darn cute in the background there. <3

      2. I agree. I thought Nick would be better due to his age and experience. The language and the sexual content are over the top this year. Rose ceremony belongs at the end of each episode too.

    3. I’m kinda glad she came back to set it straight what a liar Corinne is! I liked Taylor til she got caught up in Corinne!!! She should have left her alone cuz she would have sunk herself! Super sad to see Sara go!!! She’s a doll!!! Nick has some hard picks!!! Love Rachel & Raven & several others!!!

    4. Ali why are you so critical? so maybe you weren’t as physical as she is but you did mention that you slept with several guys on the show, you live with your husband before marriage, and you had a baby out of wedlock.We can go into the psychoanalysis these very things and see that just maybe you are not a fond role model either. perhaps you have father issues, because of your dependency for a man? I don’t know. Don’t be so quick to judge when your own cover isn’t perfect. Women are very critical of other women, but what about the man? Is he not a man whore??
      is he not just as bad for allowing this young girl to be so vulnerable to his tactics? why does he get the upper hand in this.

      1. I don’t think she’s being overly critical at all. These recaps would be boring if Ali didn’t also share her opinions in them and I think she tried hard here to be nonjudgmental while still being honest. She didn’t even say anything in this recap about anyone being too physical or anyone being a poor role model, so I’m puzzled as to where this comment is coming from.

        Moving on, Ali, I completely agree with your assessment of the Taylor and Corinne situation and I’m glad you too saw past Taylor’s condescension to see how manipulative Corinne was being. I was so frustrated to see so many people attacking Taylor on social media! I’m also a big fan of Rachel and really enjoy how Nick is when he’s around women like her and Vanessa.

        1. Okay calm down there… if you would look on us maybe you would see where and why I posted my comment. secondly why are you puzzled? did you write the recap or Ali??
          and Thirdly, this site and recap is just a branch of of Jillian Harris. facts.

          1. So why are you on her site? Go read jillian’s!! Didn’t your mother teach you not to say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say!! Trying to make Ali sound like a bad person is very telling of what kind of person you are!! I feel sorry for you!

          2. Why are you so defensive? It’s simply my option. That a deep breath, that’s why there is a comment section my dear.

        1. If you read correctly I clearly said this is a branch off of Jillian Harris so I am aware of who’s blog this is.

      2. Whoa hold on there Ivanna. I can’t believe you personally attacked this woman. You need to lighten up. This is just an opinion of Ali’s and if you don’t have something intelligent to say you need to go find someone else’s blog to slander them say Donald Trump. I know Ali can hold her own against small minded and closed minded people like you but, You have rights to your opinion are you serious? Sounds like you have an envious side to you because Ali is Awesome or you wouldn’t be here. Sounds like a wicked witch line to me!Be Gone or a house will fall on you!

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  2. Hi Ali! 1. Love love love Rachel. I think she is such a gem, and I thought her and Nick had awesome chemistry. I think her and Nick could end up together, but if not, I would LOVE her to be bachelorette. Nick seemed sooo natural with her. Can’t wait to see more of their sparks fly;) Personally all the drama is getting annoying. I just want the lovey stuff and to see his relationships blooming, so I’m kind of ready for a few more ladies to go home so that we can see the strong ones develop. I think Taylor was well-intentioned- but I have to say she said the term “emotional intelligence” way too much. That could’ve been producers’ edits but still. I think it got way too much about each other, rather than focusing on their relationships with Nick. I also think on the 2 on 1 she could have responded better- her anger towards Corinne was really evident on her face and maybe she came off as aggressive to the point where Nick believed Corinne over her. I am not a Corinne fan at all, and voted on your twitter poll “neither” ha! I also feel like producers may have influenced her decision to come back after getting sent home. Love your blog as always.

    PS I think you typoed Raven’s name for Rachel’s next to her outfit from the date. Just letting you know in case others point it out!

  3. I love reading your blog Ali, but I generally am just an observer not an interactor. However, I have to comment this time. I actually had to stop watching last night because Corrinne’s immaturity and manipulative attitude are too much. And that’s saying a lot because I watched all of Jojos’s season with Chad haha. In regards to Taylor, though, I am also a mental health/aoda therapist, and I totally got what she was doing, and agree that she was initially trying to help. However, she made one of the biggest mistakes any therapist makes, which is to go into Counselor mode in an inappropriate setting. Corrine doesn’t respect her as a person let alone a professional, and therapy only works if there is mutual respect on a professional level. And then Taylor let her get into her head. Corrine probably actually does need some therapy, unless this is all an act, but on the show is not the place for it. But bless her heart for trying.

  4. It was more concerning for me that Corrine obtained a voodoo doll. You don’t mess around with those things…. but, I digress. I think that Taylor felt that she was thrown under the bus and was a casualty as such. She never had a chance to fully defend her actions to Nick and for that reason she’s going back to state her case. I also feel that Nick didn’t give her proper closure. He really was very short with her. I didn’t think that he felt any real chemistry for her and that’s what he should have told her.

    1. I agree Nick didn’t walk her out or talk to her. He and Corrine just got up. Nick’s at a loss for words in many situations. He’s not very suave or tactful.

    2. Agree. She deserved at least a walk to the boat. I don’t blame Taylor for coming back. She was acting quite high and mighty and Corinne totally played her, but I don’t blame Taylor for wanting a last word or two. He should have sent both home but Corinne is playing all her cards.

  5. Ali… I was so sad to see Sarah leave. Have you got in touch with her? Sad he let her go yet keep the drama to end up sending both home. (Hopefully) I also was sad raven didn’t get the group date. She’s my top pick for him.

  6. I think Nick will send Corinne home after he hears from Taylor in the beginning of next week. It’s unfortunate for Taylor……

    1. I agree, I’m pretty sure I heard at the end of the show that both girls end up going home. The preview showed next week and Nick was quite visibly upset and questioned whether this was going to work for him. I’m a mom too and I would not like they way Corrine portrays herself. Too much.?

  7. I feel like Nick needs to know how Corinne really is. I’m glad that Taylor has come back and I hope that she tells Nick everything. I get the wide-eyed shock face when I hear Corinne talking in her interviews. I just can’t believe some of the things that come out of her mouth.

    1. Same here Mary, it’s unbelievable what she says, and last week grabbing her boobs and saying this is maturity . I would love to know what her reaction is when she sees how embarrassing she is, As her Mother I would want to crawl in a closet and stay there, she’s not my daughter

      1. How about last night when she said “this butt” doesn’t belong here…. no class at all. Just immature.

  8. Hi Ali

    I’m not super knowledgeable want fashion so forgive me, but what’s up with all the thong one pieces that look like swim suits? Vanessa had one too. Normally I love all the fashion but I can’t get past that. Like awkward to me!
    Also I bought the black t-shirt you’ve posted about and I love it. So comfy and live the free shipping from Nordstroms!

  9. Taylor got way too caught up in her “counselor” and “master’s degree”. The drama got to her and got her in the end. I think Nick had no choice but to let her go but he could have let them both go. The fact that Nick hangs on to Corinne brings back my initial bad vibes about him from Andi and Kaitlyn’s season. I think he’s in this for “not the right reasons”.
    I still love Vanessa and now I love Rachel too.
    I have to say that this season is one of the worst for me.

    1. Totally agree. I think Nick is still a player. Any mature, serious 36 year old would have let her go a while ago. Especially when Vanessa called him out for his behavior in the jump house. He is putting some awesome women on high alert….it might be time for them to leave. Not sure the last girl standing will be winning a keeper anyway.

  10. I could be wrong but I think the Bachelor gave it away what happens in the previews for next week.

    1. You hear a girl saying that they couldn’t believe they sent both home

    2. you don’t see Corrine in any of the previews.

    As for Taylor coming back I don’t think she’s coming back to ask for another chance. I think she just wants to air out her truth in regards to Corrine

    1. My thoughts exactly, Taylor wants to get the truth out to Nick even though it doesn’t mean he takes her back, and would love to see Corrine go bye bye

  11. One thing I found interesting is in the preview for week 6 someone says “I can’t believe Nick sent two people home on a two on one date. So does that mean Corrine gets sent home too after Taylor talks to Nick…. or is there another two on one? It could be the producers twisting words like they do to keep the suspense and interest. But enat do you guys think?

    1. Stephen, My thoughts exactly, I hope that after Taylor talks with Nick that he rips that rose out of Corrine’s hand and sends her back home to Daddy !!

      1. They already said the are two 2:1s this season, and you can see from the previews that Corrine stays longer. Unfortunately we stuck with her for a while. I honestly watch the show as more of a joke and take it with a grain of salt, but I feel in a time of rampid cyber bullying that the show went too far allowing and airing Corrine calling Taylor a s***** b**** more then a handful of times. Just not cool.

  12. The “emotional intelligence” comment, while off putting at face value, does actually ring true in this situation. Both Taylor and Corrine had points they were right on and wrong on.

    A degree or education doesn’t necessarily make someone more mature for love or above someone who doesn’t have higher education. The comments Taylor made about her education did come off as arrogant BUT that may have just been how I perceived it as a viewer. I don’t want to assume that was Taylor’s intentions because I really don’t know her.

    It’s one thing to be proud of your accomplishments but to use them as fuel for an argument or to make someone feel bad about themselves just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know if Corrine has a degree but she helps run her families business so we can at least credit her for being an entrepreneur/business woman. Education and degrees aside, Corrine wanting a voodoo doll may have been a “joke” or some drama from the producers but it was just weird and uncomfortable. How someone reacts to their “enemies” says a lot about a person. Having a voodoo doll doesn’t say anything good in my opinion.

    I’m just getting tired of the drama and cant wait until the focus is more on the connections these gals are having with Nick. Not the connection Corrine has with the women…and Nick.

  13. So I’ve been to Houmas House, the plantation they went to, and no one on the tour said a thing about it being haunted as far as I remember. If they did it was certainly not made a big deal of and I assume they had interns or something dropping stuff and scaring them, LOL. The plantation is seriously beautiful if anyone is ever near New Orleans, it’s not a far drive and the gardens and grounds are stunning. The room with the dolls was definitely kind of creepy though!!

    Love the blog btw, I always enjoy your recaps and baby pics!! xo

    1. I got married at Houmas House and was so excited to hear they filmed there. How disappointing to see they fabricated a ghost story. I even looked on their website and there is one little mention of possible ghosts (nothing as specific as a girl named Mae who died of yellow fever ?) but it’s certainly not what the property is known for.

      1. I know, I thought the same thing! It’s a shame people probably just think it’s a haunted house attraction from the show. Jealous you got married there, it’s so pretty!!

  14. Agreed!! I totally thought Corrine was acting like such a mean girl when she is the one who initiated the conversation and asked Taylor if she had a problem with her. She totally twisted her words and then said that everyone feels the same. I agree that Taylor was taking the high road but her buttons got pushed. I also agree she shouldn’t have come back, but I definitely think (1) nick is keeping Corrine way too long (I think because he can relate to being the one everyone talks about so he’s giving her more leeway) and (2) they don’t even make sense as a couple (way too different).

    Anyway, I always love reading your thoughts!

  15. Hi Ali,

    Great recap! I am a long time bachelor/bachelorette viewer and since Jojo’s season it’s been getting harder for me to watch. There’s been a bigger focus on name calling and bullying, and characters putting on a show for attention and everything just seems overly produced. I guess that is what makes for great TV and ratings though.

    On a positive note, Thanks for all your fashion tips, which I love. I was wondering what size you wear in the madewell tee? I think we are the same height so it’ll give me a better gage of what to order. Thanks in advance!

  16. Ali, maybe you can speak to this…it totally seemed like the producers were running this episode. If Nick knew he didn’t like Taylor, why did he get rid of Sara instead of sending Taylor home? There’s no way he knew he didn’t want her after their talk during the date was all about Corinne. Seems like the producers had a hand in it, in order for the 2 on 1 date to happen between the two of them.

  17. Corrine is a manipulator. She is extremely insecure and uses trickery to get attention and acceptance. In this case, she uses sex and “poor me, I’m bullied” to manipulate Nick. Plus she lied about Taylor but I think Nick wasn’t into her anyway so he sent her home. Hopefully, Nick learned a lot about Corrine through this. Talk about mean-spirited – Corrine!

  18. Hi Ali, Watching the show last night I understand that Nick was thinking of himself first rather Taylor and Corinne. Unsure if Nick even asked about the vudu doll but should have. “Why do you have a vudu doll?” Just her holding it explains her devilish mind and who wants to stay with someone so beautiful on the outside but devilish on the inside. The fact that Corrine is still on there blows my mind but it just shows that Nick loves flirts and can’t let go vs. looking for a long term wife. I heard he didn’t spend New Years Eve with anyone this year which makes me think he ends up with no one!!!

    Love your house and outfit too!!!

    1. From my past post, wonder if this is true: Nick “picks a ‘good girl’ as the winner at the end of the series, but what she doesn’t know is that right now one of the other girls he slept with thinks she’s pregnant and that it’s his. Talk about a nightmare!

      Oh my!

  19. Hi, Ali: I am just going to start by saying, my belief is whoever Nick may choose, it will not be a long, lasting relationship. I don’t feel he is the type to be 100% committed to a relationship. Now… Taylor, being in the line of work she is in, should NOT be analyzing ANYONE and certainly comes off snobbish and attitudey. (Hey! If Corinne can say “INTELLIGENCY” then I can say “ATTITUDEY”.) ?
    Moving forward. I don’t believe Taylor was trying to help Corinne. Afterall, these girls aren’t going to help each other win Nick’s heart. This is not a good side of Taylor and it’s so obvious Nick does not have feelings for her. Now… CORINNE-I think Nick will keep her for the overnight dates since he KNOWS she will be very obliging. She is nothing but a little drama queen and I just am so over her. She is very manipulative but so is Nick. This season is horrible.

  20. Ali~
    First, I would like to share I always look forward to your recap of the show and you consistently share a fair perspective. I also love your fashion sense and the insight you give on your beautiful life.
    Secondly, let me preface this by noting I don’t think I have missed one episode of The Bachelor in all of it’s seasons (thank goodness for DVR 😉 ). I personally think aside from the 1:1 date with Rachel, which was quite lovely and full of fun and evident chemistry, that last night’s episode was the worst ever. I found the part at the plantation house, uninspiring and did not provide too much insight about the budding relationships Nick has with any of the ladies. In regards to the 2:1 date, it was mostly drama and producer driven. In the end, no one came out looking good. I am hopeful that Corrine will leave soon and the ladies can continue to lead positive, healthy relationships with Nick. However, I am aware that the producers know what gets viewers watching and that is not the sweet relationships with each other, instead the drama and craziness. Yet, amidst it all I will continue to watch and hope for the best.

  21. Poor Taylor is only going to make herself look bad. Should have left with her head held high and said “If Nick wants to be with a girl like Corrine, he SURELY isn’t for me! I’m glad he let me go.” Clearly he didn’t let her go because of Corrine’s side of the story… he’s just not that into Taylor. (And hopefully not that into Corrine either – but the producers won’t let that gold mine go home yet! Ha)

  22. So regarding the Taylor and Corrine, well it certainly was The Corrine Show again! I’m not afraid to say she needs to go home !!! and get into therapy and grow up. Taylor was certainly much more mature and she really was trying to help Corrine, however with her immaturity Taylor was batting a ZERO with her. Taylor kept her cool because she is an educated woman and in mental health counseling, which is exactly what Ms. Corrine needs. I was really disappointed in Nick that he chose to keep Corrine send Taylor home! If he can’t see what Corrine is all about and truly what she’s not well then he has issues! She is a sex kitten. I applaud Taylor for coming back at the end and interrupting Nick and Corrine, I would have done the same thing. With next weeks previews they showed I really hope he ends up sending Corrine home to her Daddy !! So enough on them, I really enjoyed the date with Rachel, she is amazing and I’m so happy to see that he thinks so too, she’s fun, light n easy , and is able to share difficult life experiences with a partner. I feel along with Vanessa she is in the running and Raven we didn’t see too much of last nite.

  23. I’m not a fan of Taylor’s.
    I think from day one, Taylor was concerned for Taylor!!
    Wrong profession in my opinion!!

  24. Is it possible he meant to say Danielle L but by mistake he said Danielle M for the group date rose? They had no chemistry at all on the bench talking.( they didn’t even talk, just kissed because it was awkward silence) It was so awkward to watch. She’s a sweet heart but Nick is not the guy for her. Now that its down to fewer woman you can see the difference in how he acts. As far as Taylor coming back, some woman just need to get the last word especially if they feel they didn’t get their point across. I wish she had just left after they dusted her with sage. hahahaha. Leave with good kharma all over you!! Corrine will go home at some point, she’s just too young for him but WHEN>>>>>>>

  25. Your title says it all! I don’t think either woman “won”. They both just seem so young and not right for Nick.

    Also, you can definitely tell when Nick has a connection with the different girls by his body language and if he is making eye contact.

  26. I think the producers want to keep Corrine around for the drama she creates! I think Raven is sweet but not sure Nick is the one for her! Vanessa and Danielle L or Danielle M I think would be a nice match for Nick. Taylor definitely should not have gone back at the end.

  27. Taylor is only trying to get closure. The way Nick just ‘sent her home’ was pretty poor. He could have taken her aside and had a little chat with her rather than abruptly ending it and then turning to Corinne and saying ‘we should go’ as they walk away hand in hand. It was very weird and quite cold that whole scene. After that situation, I think anyone would have felt a need to go back to find him just so they can get closure especially when they think they were sent home based on lies. Human nature to try defend your honour.

    So far I’m not convinced Nick is truly looking for a committed relationship. Time will tell.

  28. Hi Ali – ❤ you!

    I felt very frustrated after watching the end of last nights episode. Seeing Corrine and hearing what she would say about Taylor to the camera honestly brought me back to my middle school days when I would fear that one mean girl who ran the show. It is hard for me to watch this as an adult (even though I still feel like a baby) because it really stirs up some past trauma from girls who acted just like Corinne does. I am really ready for the show to stop being so focused on her- that drama is becoming difficult to watch every week!

  29. I felt very frustrated after watching the end of last nights episode. Seeing Corrine and hearing what she would say about Taylor to the camera honestly brought me back to my middle school days when I would fear that one mean girl who ran the show. It is hard for me to watch this as an adult (even though I still feel like a baby) because it really stirs up some past trauma from girls who acted just like Corinne does. I am really ready for the show to stop being so focused on her- that drama is becoming difficult to watch every week!

  30. obviously Nick did not have a connection with Taylor. He dumped her in such a cold way. Not even a chat or anything and then get in the boat with Corinne and never even look back. Corinne remindes me of whatshername a couple of years ago. She even had sex with the bachelor in the ocean and made visits to his room at night. He did choose her in the end and they are not together now. Can’t remember her name. Someone else will know who I mean.

  31. Corinne has inner issues, unless its all an act, she has issue and needs to go. The whole thing w the voodoo doll, really? Corinne? Ur evil. Just go. Ur yound. Immature, and a brat. Period. Thats all.

  32. I’m not a Taylor fan or a Corrine fan but I agree I think Taylor began to go into defense mode. I don’t agree with either but my thing with Corrine is the immaturity of course but all the sexuality. And I think that’s what makes the other girls so uncomfortable. It’s just inappropriate in that environment with so many other girls around. I have a daughter also and I would struggle with seeing my daughter act that way. My other issue with her is attitude in the interviews. I felt as though she straight up was saying she was manipulating Nick to make Taylor look bad. And that is an issue too I feel.

  33. Real quick, above the pictures for Rachel’s outfit, you’ve got Raven instead of Rachel. Anyways, I love your blog! I read it all the time! And I agree, Rachel and Nick are so great together but she would be the PERFECT bachelorette. She is smart and funny and just all around wonderful human, from what we’re seeing. 🙂

  34. In the episode where they did the wedding photoshoots, I honestly thought Taylor could be in Nick’s top 4. I would have never guessed that she would be one of the “drama causers” this season – she seemed so quiet and sweet, to me. I definitely agree; I thought Taylor was trying to help Corinne (hence why she mentioned her degree a bunch?!?). I’m glad to see that she went home though. Can’t imaaagine why she came back at the end of the episode. I guess we will find out next Monday.

    Ps: Ali, I am obsessed with your blog – especially the mommy bits. I relate to you a lot with my son who is the same age as Molly. Keep it up! <3

  35. I did not like Taylor or Corrine in this episode. I feel as if they played the drama out way to long, but that is what they do because the viewers feed off it.. I actually don’t have anything against Taylor. I really haven’t seen anything faulty about her up to this point. She kept telling Corrine to focus on their relationship and not the drama. But what did she do??? SHE GOT CAUGHT UP IN THE DRAMA HERSELF and stopped focusing on her and Nick and focused on “Winning'” the battle between her and Nick. In my opinion I think Nick should have let Nick and Taylor BOTH GO HOME. I think Nick just sees Corrine attractive. There is no way he can see a future with her, if he does then I lost all respect for him because what he is saying he wants is not what is he looking for on the show it seems like.

  36. Ali — love you. Really I do BUT whenever I see a girl like Taylor on this show I think… o boy … here comes another Ali. What I mean by that is … didn’t you go on a crusade to prove a certain someone on your season of the bachelor was a crock of crap and not right for Jake?

    I’m not saying you were ever mean but you really did devote A LOT of attention to that situation. I think at the end of the day the girls like Taylor who focus a lot on the other girls are really just showing they don’t have a connection with the guy.

    If I had a hot guy that I was into I would never waste my time trying to prove someone else sucked to make myself look better. That’s bc I like the guy but if I’m not really that into a guy but I have competion for his affection I’m more likely to find a way to bring her down.

    I know that might sound weird but I think it just proves Taylor wasn’t that into Nick and she certainly feels like she’s better than Corrine on some level and I bet Taylor is use to having the final word.

    We’ll see what happens but I know Corrine makes it through to the next episode. Her coming back at the end of the date changes nothing.

  37. I haven’t like taylor from the beginning but all the drama just made me ready for her to leave. Corrine is just to young for him and is a bit to much but I feel like she’s just being herself.
    I was so sad about Sarah, she was one of my favorites and I just didn’t feel like he even gave her a chance. Hopefully nick gets it together so he won’t end up single at the end of this.

  38. Hi Ali!

    I just love that you blog about the show. The inside perspective you put out there definitely helps a lot when these girls act out. I do not think there is a lesser of the two evils in Taylor and Corrine’s case. I had such a difficult time watching last nights episode. It was almost 2 hours, centered around their feud, with a great group date thrown in the mix. Why are producers focusing so heavily on the drama this season? I understand keeping viewers interest and ratings- but seriously, enough is enough! There are some gems this season that I just adore and we’re stuck watching Corrine run the show instead. Frustrating. Nick isn’t winning by keeping her around, period. Raven, Vanessa, Danielle M, Rachel, etc. deserve way more screen time. Maybe then we’d see more of their connections/relationships blossom. Oh well, big hopes for next week to be more “to the point”.

  39. I think he should have let both Corinne and Taylor go. I think that Taylor is right that Corinne is immature and not ready for marriage. She leads with her sexuality. But I also think Taylor was trying to diagnose Corinne with her fancy new degree. I’m curious if the producers encouraged Taylor to come back after Nick let her go. That would not surprise me at all. They obviously want the drama. I think both girls will be invited back to Bachelor in Paradise for the drama!
    Also, new drinking game. Take a shot every time Taylor said “emotional intelligence” !!!

  40. I love Corrine, she’s a beautiful girl. Young and a little immature but basically speaks her mind.
    Poor, Taylor. Corrine really took control and flipped their conversation not about her but Taylor. Brilliant!

  41. Team Corrine all the way on this one… Taylor really rubbed the wrong way. I don’t think she cares about Corrine at all so I don’t buy that she wanted to help her. I felt like she was just using Corrine to gain favor w/ the viewers and I think it ended up backfiring because we could tell it wasn’t genuine. It was condescending & counterproductive. JMO.

    Totally agree about Raven though, I loved how genuine that moment was!

    LUV your recaps/POV so much!

  42. Ali, I like the white tee on you. I have bought so many of them before but they never seem to fit right on me. I am wondering if it is because I am a DDD. The V-neck goes down low and my bra pretty much is out in the open along with my boobs. Let me know if I should still give a shot at this one you are wearing in particular.

  43. Taylor is a snot. She probably just graduated from her masters program and has no life. It seriously blows my mind that she would ruin her chances because she doesn’t like corrine. I saw someone else say Taylor came off as arrogant and I 100% agree. Corrine absolutely knows what she’s doing to get under Taylor’s skin and kept pushing her, but in some strange way this whole situation has made like Corrine more. Do I think she is ready to get married? Definitely not- but that’s not Taylor or any of the other girls decision to make.

  44. Agree with everything you said! I live in New Orleans so it was fun watching the show take place in the streets that I walk in nearly every day! I will say something about the haunted house: it’s actually a beautiful plantation and the owner lives there as well. When I saw what they did to the beautiful plantation and history I was a bit sad because they made one of the most beautiful plantations in the NOLA area look like a haunted house, and I believe they could have done a far better date than what the producers picked. Side note: If you ever have a chance to go on a swamp tour, you totally should!

  45. Ali! Love following you & your adorable family!! And an extra bonus to always join you on the Bachelor journey.
    Just had to say – I so agree with you about Rachel! I decided last night that she would make such a great Bachelorette (if Nick doesn’t pick her)!

  46. everyone on all forms of social media keeps saying rachel should be the next bachelorette. but why cant she just win this season? she has the best chemistry with nick. and they actually get along very very well. is it because people still can’t see a black woman “winning” the bachelor? she brings out the best in nick and they have had a palpable connection since day 1. As much as i love vanessa, i don’t see them having a long-lasting future (even though i picked her to take the final rose our fantasy league). and i’m not trying to start a race discussion, but i noticed this theme and found it quite concerning that people just dont seem to believe that she can/should get the final rose.

    1. Preach Barbie!! I’ve been thinking that too. So as not to start a race discussion either, I want to assume that because there’s never been a black bachelorette, people would rather see her to become one than with Nick, which still says something. It goes to show you that we still think about color which is not surprising.


    2. I think Nick would be lucky to have Rachel. They have great chemistry, and I think that she brings out the best in him. Nick is more likable with her.

      That said, I think that she is better than Nick. Granted, we have not seen nearly as much air time for Rachel, but so far, I’ve been really impressed by her and I think she would be a great bachelorette.

    3. Hi Barbie…love your intake. This has always been my thoughts too. Seeing their interaction is so mind blowing. Alot of people forget the type of woman Nick said he is looking for. I like Vanessa and Raven but when we talk a long term or life long relationship or partner I see Rachel. Their chemistry is not only mind blowing but real. Even if you look back to the volleyball game with the little shown he interacted with her very well, ther was a clip shown when he was chating with her and although Jasmine tried to pull him away he was still interested in what they were discussing. Like you mentioned she brings out the real Nick and what a lasting marriage needs is two bestfriends bringing out the best of each other. He also mentioned that she is always confortable in any element she is put into and I see what he means because if she had to go to all the one on one dates he had so far with the others he will have a blast with her but I don’t see the others blending with his date with Rachel.
      I think people are ignoring this great connection because they feel she is too good for him and since she is an accomplished woman of colour with great qualities they feel she will be a perfect bachelorette. But please if really Nick is serious about finding a partner he actually found one in her and I hope he did not let her slip by because even if he does not say it out he will definitely regret his decision.
      Like I said I like Vanessa and Raven but when we look at long term it’s Rachel I see. She knew all his flaws before going to the show but still did not care and was interested in knowing him. Just my take though….am eargerly waiting to see if what was mentioned by reality steve was true and why Nick sent Rachel home…..

  47. How Nick said that he needed someone he was “emotionally” attracted to and then chose Corrine?? WTF? He threw Taylor’s words back in her face and then abandoned her. He is immature and needs someone on his wavelength thus Corrine.

  48. I LOVE Rachel –and I hope she is the next bachelorette! I never comment on the bachelor, but I had the same thought and I had to share! Honestly, I think she is better than Nick, and he would be lucky to have her. Nick is great in many ways, but his sex drive clouds his judgement. In that regard, he has the maturity level of a teenage boy. I just hope he takes a step back to consider what he truly wants in a wife, and a partner for life. At the end of the day, I still like him, and I hope he doesn’t screw it up!

    I also think Raven would be a great match. I was bummed that she didn’t get the group date rose. That said, Danielle is nice too.

    As for the Corinne/Taylor situation. I think Corinne is entertaining, but I can’t stand her entitlement. She says a lot of nasty things, and it’s very unflattering. Taylor probably shouldn’t have engaged as much, but I think her behavior was better than Corinne’s behavior.

  49. Ali, what size do you wear the favorite white tee in if you don’t mind me asking? Also, is it see through?

  50. My pick for top three Vanessa, Raven and Rachel. I think Taylor needed closure, Corrine totally manipulated everything and she needs to speak her truth and I was really glad she went back and interrupted to insist she get her say. I hope Nick listens and sends Corrine home too. If Corrine stays we have another Ben situation which was a trainwreck and everyone knew it except Ben! You are so nice Ali and I get why, but Corrine has serious issues and just needs therapy. She played Taylor like a fiddle, which was great for Taylor’s continuing education in her career. I don’t think she was planning on the Bachelor being part of her schooling LOL Corrine’s ability to manipulate both her and Nick so easily says she has been manipulating people all her life.

  51. Love your decorating! Would love to see what art on the wall with some color in it (maybe an abstract??) instead of the grey and white rainy day picture would look like.

  52. I feel Nick is listening to the producers too much, I am sure they swayed him to keep Corrine….for all the drama….but this season totally is ruined for me because of all the attention on her…it is very concerning the show is so revolved around her immature foul mouth, her blatant sexual acts, & total personality of arrogance! They bullying she did with Taylor was the last straw….the bleeps, the voodoo doll, the meanness she projects, “all about me & only me” “I don’t clean up cow’s poop”, stripping in the pool……I can go on & on….I would stop watching this season, but love Vanessa! All I can say is all the girls watching this back must be feeling pretty sick!!

  53. Love Vanessa. Love Rachel. Love so many of these women.
    My dislike of Nick and his character makes me think that Corinne is a perfect pick for him. I think the other women are far too good for him.
    Nick + Corinne perfect
    Rachel for The Bachelorette!!! Great season that would be. Classy for sure.

  54. Corrine is a spoiled little brat who is used to getting her way. Anyone who acts the way she does at her age doesn’t deserve to get face time on television. If I were her parents, friends and/or family, I would be very embarrassed to say I know her. Anyone who thinks having a Nanny at the age of 24 is cool, brags about running a multi-million dollar company that clearly Daddy handed to her and acts like a ho on national TV is an idiot. I certainly wouldn’t do business with a company that had her running it…would you?

  55. Nick may say he is looking for love ❤️ but I honestly think that 4 times on reality TV has just exhausted his genuineness. As for the ladies on the show – there should be an age limit – 24 year olds are way too young to be mature enough to settle down in a committed relationship. It’s just so questionable that Nick does not release the drama seekers right away unless he is not privy to all of it. He seems a little immature too. Unfortunately the show has become more drama laden than ever before with only small snippets of a love story – there’s enough hate and violence out there – let’s not drag it into the Bachelor love nest too –

  56. The Taylor vs. Corrine thing is so exhausting and just when you thought it was over that’s whats going to start the next show. I was pretty bummed Sara left, I think she was one of the prettier girls there. Surprised Whitney, Jamie Astrid are still there. Danielle M. made a comeback. Still think it’s coming down to Vanessa and Rachel.

  57. Hi Ali!! LOVE your blog and i am a BIG fan of you!! I actually have some fashion questions — do you know where Taylor’s top came from on the 2 on 1 date? I loved it! And I actually really liked Corinne’s jeans too. lol. Any idea which brands they were? Thanks so much!!! xo

  58. Ali! I love the painting in the background of your white T-shirt picture. The gray one with the umbrellas? Can you give me any information on it?

  59. Hello! I am new to your blog, I appreciate all of the links to the clothes you are wearing. It’s so helpful for me to find them for myself! I can’t seem to find a link for the pink heels you are wearing in the main picture – where can I find them? They are perfect! 🙂

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