Little Red Dress – Valentines Day Dress for $27

Oh my gosh, I just saw that this little red dress is on sale for only $27 right now!!! I could not believe it when I saw the price so I had to share. I got it back when it was $63 and I thought that was a good price then. I feel like this dress accentuates my curves in ALL the right places! My only caveat is the top of the dress makes it hard to make big movements with your arms. But I feel like it would be the perfect dress for a Valentines day dinner. Right? It’s sexy but still classy. And I just adored the bell sleeves. I’m wearing a size 6.

I’m carrying this sparkly clutch that I originally got for NYE (see me carrying it with another cute red dress HERE), but it’s so fun that I’ve been using it to add a little flare/fun to my looks! It’s a more sophisticated way to do sparkles, rather than carrying a straight up silver sparkly clutch.

And my earrings are so gorgeous! Such a statement, yet they will go with so many things!

What are you doing for Valentines Day? I would love to surprised Kevin with something special but I don’t know what! Let’s share ideas in the comments below!





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17 thoughts on “Little Red Dress – Valentines Day Dress for $27

  1. love the red dress/neckline & bell sleeves.
    surprise Kevin with an i.d. bracelet for Valentines Day
    Kevin & Ali inscribed on one side
    Molly on the other
    (maybe with a photo of all of yous & Owen) 🙂

  2. Ali, I have very similar dress to this just in black. The only difference on mone is that it has a slit on the left side. Well that and that I super jelous on the price, I paid 120 Canadian !!! ?… BTW… love your blogs !!! You are great

  3. For my hubby last year, I did a valentines week for him based on the 5 languages of love. On Sunday, I left a stuffed toy, chocolates and a note in his truck telling him he would be visited 5 times over the next week by the love fairy. On Monday, I did Words of affirmation by writing him a giant love letter on a bed sheet and leaving it on the bed. Tuesday, I did Receive gifts and bought him a bunch of golf stuff that he’s into. Wednesday was physical touch.. enough said there. Thursday was Acts of service so I cleaned out his truck for him and Friday was quality time so we made fondue together ( his favorite) and spent the night watching movies.

    Do something creative. The best gifts have thought put into them 🙂

  4. That dress is gorgeous on you!! 🙂
    Surprise Kevin with a countdown to Valentine’s Day…leave him a little gift somewhere different everyday, with a cheesy Valentine’s saying, ie: “Baby, you knock my socks off!” with a pair of socks…or “Valentine, I’m nuts about you!” with some peanuts. Do this for 14 days and try to find creative fun little gifts for him.

  5. This dress is so perfect! I feel like one has to have small arms skinny arms I don’t think my arms would fit in this type of sleeve 🙁 … but it still oh so perfect! You look amazing !

  6. You look amazing. Have you considered wearing a necklace with the dress? I think it would be such a great addition.

  7. You are simply gorgeous. Whether you are wearing a sexy dress or leggings with a T-Shirt, your beauty and love of life shines for all to see. Love your blog. It is one of my favorites.

  8. Last year for vday I did a theme of the 5 senses and had a tower of boxes with each sense listed on one, and then the card said something cheesy like “for the man who ignites my senses” :). For taste I put a pumpkin bar recipe that I was going to make for him. Smell- some essential oils I knew he’d love to diffuse. See- a pass for the local historical society so we could go visit the sites together. Touch- something pretty for me to wear for him :). Hear- a groupon for a distillery tour that I knew he’d enjoy. It was a nice, creative way to tie together several small presents that I knew he’d like, in a cute way. Thanks to Pinterest for the idea! 😉

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