Spring Colors

I’ve had this pink jacket for a while now and how on earth it’s NOT sold out blows my mind! It is one of my favorite items in the closet! The pretty pink color makes it perfect for spring! I just love spring colors! Although I hate that it’s a little wrinkled in this pic. But you can see me wearing it (non-wrinkled – ha!) HERE. I used to wear it a ton when I was pregnant with Molly because I could show off my bump, but hide my “fuller” backside 😉 Did I mention it’s on MAJOR sale too!? Yay!

I paired the jacket with a cobalt blue dress. I just feel like these spring colors are so perfect for when the weather starts getting warmer. And my white scalloped pumps could not be more darling. They are also on sale but limited sizes are left so if you’ve had your eye on them, snatch them up now! You can see me wearing them with another look HERE.

I finished the look with this necklace which is so versatile! You can see me wearing it dressed up HERE and dressed down HERE. And I’m wearing it with the cutest $39 coat HERE. Details on the rest of my looks below the pic!

Are you guys as excited for spring as I am?! I hope by seeing how I wear these pieces multiple ways, it encourages you to try new things with items in your wardrobe!




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11 thoughts on “Spring Colors

  1. Hi Ali, you may consider this: Molly cries because she wants her Mummy. She is too young to cry “intentionally”, she simply needs your comfort and warmth. She was in your belly for nine months and still needs that feeling of secureness. Breastfeeding is much more than feeding a baby, it gives her the comfort she needs! She is too young to understand that she has to “learn how to sleep”, it just confuses her. Try to put yourself into her ahoes. “Why is Mummy there for me during the day, but not at night, when I need her? I cry and cry, but noone comes? It is dark in the room, I am afraid, where is Mummy to hold me?” She is too young to KNOW that you are just in the next room. Studies show that letting a baby cry releases a huge amount of stress- even if it is just for one minute – and it destroys the deep trust she has in you. This trust is the basis of her self esteem one day. The best thing to do is to not let her cry, but soothe her every single time she needs you and being the most reliable person in her life. This is extremely important in the first year of life. By doing this, it will get so much better because she will build up su much trust and security that she WILL sleep (“I can sleep well because whenever I need my Mom, she will come immediately!”) My daughter is seven months old, just one week older than Molly, and never had to cry at night, and I get enough sleep!!! Of course, to get there, in the first three months she was almost constantly in my arms (she would cry otherwise) and she slept beside me almost every night. Now, I put her in her crib and she sleeps fine, knowing that whenever she needs me, I am right there for her. Does she wake up and cry? Yes, she does, but onle 2-3 times a night and it takes me only a few minutes to get her back to sleep. Of course, there are also rougher nights (teething) where she needs me a lot. I simply take her into my bed in these nights and breastfeed her, and so we sleep well the both of us, all cuddled up 🙂 Don’t ruin her trust, Ali, time flies by and you might regret it!

    1. Very well explained, Kathrin! Thank you for taking it straight to the point! Babys that age are not able to regulate their emotions by themselves, they NEED the person they trust the most for co-regulation. The lack of co-regulation leads to an increasing amount of stress ending in panic which (if noone comes to help this little human) results in a state of dissociation (detachment from physical and emotional experience). It SEEMS as if the Baby has calmed down but in reality it is resignation )-:

      Who would let an adult in panic just leave him by his/herself?!

      Come on all you mums full of love for your children in your hearts!! Listen to your heart, give your babys what they need, LOVE them and dont be afraid of giving too much. They will carry on your love and learn to trust. This is what they need for their life, they are going to become strong and loving persons <3

      All the best for you!!

      Love, Andrea

      1. I agree. People are against co sleeping but it can be done safely. I slept great immediately after birth and beyond because I didn’t have to do a full wake up to tend to me daughter.
        Babies want their mommies. My older child sleeps great and independently but knows if he needs me, he can come sleep on a mat on the floor. (This happens less than once per month.)

        1. Thank you Emily!!! Maybe it is the cultural difference… Before reading all those comments I didn’t know what sleep training was…strange thing…teaching a baby how to sleep :-)))) I’m out of here. It is not about making feeling anyone guilty but about waking you up:-)

          All the best for you all

    2. Wow sorry to be rude but this comment is the reason that mom guilt exsits. Ali you are doing awesome and you know what is best for Molly!!

        1. Ali asked if it was okay to leave a 6 month old baby crying in the room alone for 12 hours to “teach” her to sleep. It is not okay. (Although these comments actually belong under the other post, not this one). And there is nothing offensive in the first three comments, just explaining the reason why it is not ok.

          1. Elsa, I agree with you. I think Ali is a wonderful mother, and she did ask the question. And many comments stated that that is a very long time for a 6 month old, who is way too young to be ‘manipulative’ or should have to be ‘trained’ to sleep, and may simply want Mommy’s comfort. (Which at six months old, she should still get). I am a Grandma and have no problem whatsoever with new fangled ideas, but sometimes the old fashioned way is best. It is right that she should hear all sides; and as we all know, all babies are different. Ali will figure out what works for her and her infant. By the way, all 3 of mine have no trouble sleeping and no one was ‘sleep trained’. (Someone mentioned that without this ‘training”, kids grow into adults who can’t sleep.). Ali, keep up the great work with your little one! She is adorable.

      1. Letting your baby cry it out is rude and yes everybody who does it should feel guilty…as already mentioned before: before reading all those comments I had never heard about sleep training…really really strange 🙂 poor babys


  2. You got this, Ali! Molly is so lucky to have you.

    You keep showing up, and you care – that is all that matters in life.

    Sending love to you and to all hard-working, passionate, well-meaning mothers.

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