Vanessa, Raven, and Corinne – My favs last night. Yes, even Corinne.

There were three stand out girls in last night’s episode for me – Vanessa, Raven, and Corinne. But they didn’t all stand out for the same reasons. But all good reasons in my opinion. I’ll explain…

First, let’s talk about bad ass Vanessa! That girl impressed me so much last night. So I have to start this blog by talking about her baller-move at the beginning of the episode. She laid it all out there for Nick and was as real as she could possibly be without the fear of getting sent home. The reason I love that so much is too often women (and men on the Bachelorette) say what they think the Bachelor wants to hear just so they won’t get sent home. That’s NOT how real relationships are formed. Vanessa took a big risk by calling Nick out the way she did, especially since I think she really likes him and didn’t want to be sent home. But being treated with respect was far too important to her to just let Nick’s behavior slide. I was seriously standing up and cheering at my TV when she was talking to him in from of the mansion! I freakin’ love this girl! Nick must too since he took her words so well. I think she is in this for the long haul.

And look, we all understand that this is The Bachelor and Nick is going to kiss these girls. But there is a big difference between doing that on a one-on-one date and getting straddled in a bouncy house while Corinne is half naked as the other girls are a few feet away. Nick knows that, Vanessa knows that, I know that. So hopefully this opened Nicks eyes a little bit and he will keep things a bit more private moving forward. Well private, with all of us watching and “listening.” I still think it’s BIZZARE that we’ve all heard Nick have sex. Ewww. Ha!

Sara and Taylor also totally impressed me with how they went up to Corinne’s room and were super honest with her about how all the girls were feeling, without being mean. They we trying to do Corinne a favor in my opinion. They could’ve just talked about her behind her back, but instead they chose to go confront her in a stern but mature way. In fact, a lot of the girls impressed me with how they dealt with the Corinne situation. I am really impressed by these ladies!

The second girl that REALLY stood out to me (and Nick) is Raven. I mean, she is just so stinking cute. I could listen to her talk all day. And Nick must think VERY highly of her if he brought her to meet his parents. And the time she got to spend with his little sister was huge. I truly think he must think Raven could be “the one” if he is willing to let her spend that much time with his baby sister. She is definitely in his top 3 in my opinion.

And I love that Raven was so honest with him about finding her ex cheating on her and what she did to him. Telling a guy you want to date that you beat the crap out of your ex is a risk. Ha! Even if he was cheating. But I think Nick knew her ex deserved it. You go girl! I imagine her kicking her exes ass while Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats” plays in the background. I like to think these are the heels she used to whack him in the face 😉


OK, now onto Corrine. Look, she said a lot of crazy stuff this episode, but man she was funny! I hate to applaud her behavior (because I don’t condone it), but I really couldn’t help but laugh at the things she was saying last night. They were funny! I mean she had some one-liner GEMS!

“We are fighting for a fiance, not a pickle.”

“Michael Jordan took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps. And I’m in trouble for napping?”

“I want to be in a spa right now being fed a nice taco. Preferably chicken.”

And there was a whole lot of “poopy” talk that had me in tears laughing. I think Corrine is smarter than she lets on. It takes some wit to be that funny in my opinion. That said, her behavior is just terrible and I totally get why the girls are so over her. But I have to say she scored a few points in my book for humor. Does that mean I am #TeamCorinne now? Well, no. Girl still has quite a bit of “personal growth” in her future that I look forward to for her. And her threatening to punch Taylor in the face is terrible and shows how immature she can be. But I definitely appreciate her humor and would love to take her under my wing. I think she’s a good person, just needs a little direction 😉

So what do you guys think? Did you see a little light in Corinne last night? Are Vanessa and Raven also front runners? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

And I was chatting with Vanessa last night (yes, I reached out to her and love her) and she gave me some deets on her outfits! Her cover up at the pool party is actually a wrap by Vero Moda. Her dress at the rose ceremony was by Marciano. And her black body suit and high waist jeans on the group date where just fab! She has a totally unique sense of style and I love that about her.

Speaking of fashion, I am going to share some of my super AFFORDABLE looks from this week…








Also, this is TOTALLY random, but SO many of your have sent me messages asking where I got Molly’s play mat. So I am linking it HERE.









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115 thoughts on “Vanessa, Raven, and Corinne – My favs last night. Yes, even Corinne.

  1. I am more #TeamRaven after last nights episode. She is such a sweet girl and I love how he chose her to come meet his parents. Corrine, I definitely think she has some “wit” to her and I think you are right she is smarter than people make her out to be. I still think she has a whole lot of growing up to do. I am a little tired at how she is still talking about her “nanny.” When they were on the farm she said something to some degree about “She wouldn’t let Raquel do that kind of work, she works for me.” I just do not know why she has to keeps going on about it. Anyways, those are my thoughts!

      1. I agree Corrine was funny, and I think she’s very immature. I love Vanessa, she’s very cute and seems like a strong woman. Raven is also awesome. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

        Molly is adorbs.

    1. I loved when Corrine said there was poop everywhere but she really felt like “sushi”. She’s good tv for sure, not wife or girlfriend material but funny. Oh and she thinks those boobs of her are all that – girl come on! Again, good tv. I still do feel bad that she’s wasting a spot that could be “the one”. He needs to cut her loose soon.

      1. I completely agree with you, she’s a comedy show, and wasting a spot for someone who is mature and serious about this process

  2. I love Corrine. I have always loved the girls who go after what they want more than the girls who complain they aren’t getting any time with the bachelor…..but Vanessa for the “win”…they have great chemistry! 🙂

      1. What’s your thoughts on Sarah she seems ao sweet I wish she could get more screen time instead of Corrine. My top picks are raven then Vanessa and Sarah I also loved danielle (nurse) on their date they seemed to have a friendship that could blossom into something more.

      2. I love Vanessa. I think she is the total package, but every time I think of her ending up with Nick my mind goes to her students where she lives. Isn’t she from Canada and he’s from LA? I know she can teach anywhere but what a connection she has to them. Although a part of me hopes secretly she doesn’t win so she can be the next bachelorette. Raven is hysterical too.

      3. Vanessa is wayyyy to good for Nick. She’s out of his league. I think he should pick Corrine. A match made in heaven!

  3. I love the side show with Corrine, every season has one of these. I hope they interview her when she’s 30! They should do a “where are they now” with past contestants like her. People would tune in.

      1. Ali, I’m with you about laughing at her! I couldn’t contain it when she was talking about napping ?? but on another note… RAVEN FOR THE WIN! I have a total bachelor crush on her after last nights episode. I like Vanessa as well, but my second pick would be Danielle (the neonatal nurse) I love her!
        Love your blog and reading!

  4. I was actually impressed with Corrine that she didn’t just jump into kissing Nick on their one on one group date time. I give her props for trying to fix it with Nick and the girls, but the delivery was definitely flawed. I think she has a lot of growing up to do, but she is only 24, so maybe everyone should cut her some slack on social media! However, I’m really ready to fast forward over the next couple of weeks to get to the realness of the Bachelor and not this stirred up drama between girls 10+ younger than Nick. I love Vanessa and would love if some of the other “real” girls would get more screen time.

    On another note, I love your blog Ali! <3

      1. Is it me or has Nick NOT learned his lesson? For all the talk of his changing and being different on BIP, I don’t see it.
        He still mumbles, and he still seems more interested in sleeping with these girls than not. He knows that attention to Corrine is a mistake. Please send her packing!

  5. This is classy: when Vanessa sees other real relationships develop and gives him his space. MAN that’s gotta be hard, I would need a drink or a nap too ?. She even made a comment, I would like to see him with someone real.

  6. What did you think of Danielle’s date? I thought she would be a front runner, but after last night, I’m not convinced. I think Vanessa will get the final rose and Raven will be our next bachelorette!

  7. I’ve finally figured out why Nick keeps Corrine around. He was always given a bad rap by the other guys and always felt it wasn’t the right image of who he was as a person. So, he feels like maybe that’s what is happening to her. I think he maybe feels like everyone is ganging up on her like he was and maybe she really is a good person but is getting a bad rap. But… I think eventually he will see how incredibly immature she is, and the beautiful maturity and class that Vanessa and Raven will shine through and *hopefully* Corrine will go away! (Until bachelor in paradise anyway! Ha ha. She’s a perfect candidate!

    1. I agree with you on why Nick is keeping Corrine around! Raven and Vanessa are my top two. While I love Vanessa, I feel Raven and Nick are perfect together. Something about their chemistry and how well she fit in with his family. But I wouldn’t be upset if he ended up with Vanessa either. The book her class made for Nick spoke volumes. My heart melted and I think his did, too.

    2. I think the producers tell Nick to keep her for added drama.
      After all this is “The Most Dramatic Bachelor ever!”

  8. I LOVE Raven! I feel like her and Vanessa are two of the most honest and true ladies in the house. I hope that its all real and genuine! As for TAYLOR and CORINNE, they need to just go home. If you are that into talking about each other, you are clearly missing out on growing as a person and falling in love. Like the ladies said, there is something wrong when a group of girls doesn’t like a certain girl!

  9. I do think Corinne says some pretty hilarious stuff. The only thing that bums me out is that she clearly chose to be a villain just to get popular on the show and probably move on to Bachelor in Paradise but hey I guess that proves that she is a lot smarter than we think! I was also impressed with Kristina’s answers to Corinne when she asked the girls to come to her with a problem, but then Corinne lost it and said she attacked her? Not sure what happened there?
    Ps #TeamRaven !!

  10. #teamVanessa….and I almost can’t watch the show because of how ridiculous Corrine is!!! I know they embellish the drama for ratings, but geez!! Enough is enough!! Do you find that you compare the girls on all of the other seasons to girls from your seasons, Ali? It must be so hard for you to watch after living it! So glad you ended up happy #teamKevin!

  11. I agree that no one should condone Corinne’s behavior but I also don’t condemn her for her actions last night. I said it early on that Taylor is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I agreed with Corinne when she said that Taylor is mean and that Taylor thinks she’s superior to and smarter than Corinne. Yes Corinne is immature and has some growing up to do, but I think the girl is good at heart.

  12. Corinne is smart, cute, immature and ANNOYING! HOWEVER, I think she confronted the ladies in a mature way about how she doesn’t feel she deserves to be talked about. I think the ladies responded respectfully about why they felt she wasn’t mature enough and some of her actions weren’t appropriate. She received that feedback pretty good. She is FAR TO IMMATURE for a man like Nick, that being said, she knows how it act in front of the camera and I feel like she is playing the part for tv drama. Raven flew to number one in my book last night, followed closely by Vanessa. I like both Danielle’s as well. Thanks Ali!

    1. also, I think Nick KNOWS she is not wife Material, but KNOWS she makes for good TV drama so he is keeping her around to add some fun to the show.

  13. Even my husband was in the other room last night cracking up at Corinne! I saw a new side of her (not that I’m Team Corinne either). And seriously who could blame her for not wanting to shovel “poopy”?
    PS how awesome are the bags from Sole Society? I have 3 and counting…

  14. I love Vanessa and Raven as well! They are my favorites so far! They seem like such strong women who are confident with themselves and know what they want. I was so impressed that Vanessa took charge in talking to Nick. Raven is so sweet but also a bad ass! Plus I love her accent! I am not a fan of Corinne. I think she has some maturing to do…but I agree that she brought some humor to the episode! Anxious to see how next episode plays out…

  15. Love your recaps, Ali! I think you’re spot-on about Corinne being smarter than she lets on. The show would be a lot more boring without her, that’s for sure! I also love Alexis and think she is quite clever and very self-aware- she’s out there, but it seems like she’s totally in on the joke and not taking herself too seriously. Her facial expressions and, dare I say, comedic timing, are pure gold. Her Nicolas Cage bit had me and my friends in stitches! We have a theory that she just did this as a joke and didn’t expect to make it past the first night, and now is just living it up and seeing how ridiculous she can get, haha. I will be so crushed if she doesn’t end up on Paradise this summer!

  16. Vanessa and Raven seem more mature. I agree Nick is into them and they will be around for the final four.

    Corrine, I’m not fond of. I find girls that act like her are insecure and try and use their bodies to get a guy. If Nick is looking for a wife, Corrine is out. But honestly I question Nick’s intentions. Will he ever grow up?

    1. I agree, I think Vanessa and Raven are the only true “women” there. All the rest of the girls seem just MUCH too young for Nick. Even his date with Danielle, she giggled for half the date, like a high school girl. He needs a mature woman. It’s entertaining though for sure.

  17. This was definitely my favorite Corrine episode! Oh she cracked me up! I honestly think Taylor went too far … there came a point where she said her piece and then just needed to let it go.
    Vanessa!!! He needs to take her and run! Take her off the market! She is awesome.
    I hope we see more of Rachel next week ?

  18. Hi Ali Love your blogs, so you recapped the episode beautifully, I was extremely impressed with Vanessa, honestly, I don’t feel that while she was talking to Nicky that he understood or got what she was saying, he acted like well whats the big deal. He needs to decide if he is looking for a playmate or a partner (wife in life), Seriously if I was his Mama I would tell him so. On to Raven, yes I really loved her and the one-on-one date was great !! He really does think a lot about her to go to (sister) Bella’s soccer game, meet the parents and then spend some fun time with Bella roller skating. When Bella, who I feel is much more mature than the flippy Corrine , sat with Raven they had a great conversation, while of course Nick was swooping by, thought that was cute. I don’t see this ever happening with Corrine , she’s so into herself that she really has no room for Nick’s, sister or family. So now little miss Corrine , if I were her Mother and Father I would be sooooo embarressed with her behavior !! When she did a solo comment with the producer and she grabbed her breasts and said this is mature!! OMG really !! So disrespectful to herself, wonder what Nick is thinking now that he’s seeing all this ! anyway, I really hope he sends her home, there are several woman who are mature and seriously ready for a relationship and future with Nick, why waste time with her. O and also he wining when they were at the farm, “O my hand was losing circulation” when shoveling cow poop! well then she should have gone to the Dr. / ER if she’s loosing circulation in her hand, what a faker !!

  19. I really feel that Vanessa has a high chance to be in the final two, she’s just a whole other level compared to some of the girls. And like you said raven is such a doll! Seeing her interact with his family really made me see her in a different light. As for Corinne I still think she has some growing up to do and isn’t ready to be a wife but for now she’s good comedy.

  20. I totally agree with you I love Raven and Vanessa! Raven is bachelorette material if she doesn’t win. But I am also anxious to see his connection with Rachel since she was given the first impression rose.

  21. I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t been s fan of Corinne, but last night she was cracking me up. I hope she sticks around for a few more weeks so I can see what else comes out of her taco eating mouth. And I totally became a huge Raven fan after her date with Nick. She seems so real and down to earth. I love your blogs and all your cute video posts on Molly on instagram☺️

  22. Wow, literally thought last night’s episode was ABSOLUTELY fantastic. Corrine definitely stood out in my books, as well! Her one-liner about the pickle even made my FB status.. I’m starting to like her… I see some referring to her behavior as a little immature. I wouldn’t entirely call it immaturity, but more like…not independent. I’m pretty sure she knows how to make her own bed, she just doesn’t do it because someone else does it for her. But these things should not define who she is – she seems sweet!…but yes, definitely could use some direction! 🙂

    I’m actually predicting that Vanessa will be the ‘one’ bc 1. No guy will cry in front any girl like that (like he did on their one on one last ep.) 2. How he comforted her, reassured her and gave her that validation? Oh. My. God…..that was just bliss. Even made my heart flutter! There’s no way he wont pick her!

    Ali…that’s it. I’m calling it. It’s game over. #TeamVanessa

  23. I think I fell in love with Vanessa last week! My husband (he pretends he doesn’t want to watch it and then watches the entire episode intently) said just end it now and send the rest of the girls home after Vanessa’s one-on-one date.

    I have to admit I agree with you on Corrine. She doesn’t spend her time talking about everyone else (while it seems that is what a lot of them do). I’m glad she confronted Taylor about how she felt. In my opinion she showed a little more “emotional intelligence” than Taylor did by being open and up front about it. 😉

    1. My husband said the same thing about Vanessa! He was actually mad when Nick made out with other girls after his one on one with Vanessa lol… He couldn’t understand why he just didn’t call the show after that date. He never watches the bachelor but I figured if I could ever get him to watch, it would be Nick’s season!

      Corrinne made me laugh last night. She’s funny. I agree that she’s smarter than she let’s on. I agree with everyone that she has a lot of growing up to do but so does Taylor. I don’t understand why they gave Nick who is in his late 30’s a bunch of 23-24 year olds??
      #TeamVanessa for sure! Raven is cute but I don’t see her ending up with Nick (I just didn’t see it in that date), or being the bachelorette honestly.. she is great though!

  24. You are spot on!! ? #teamvanessa but I could listen to Raven & Corrine all day! Love it. Can’t wait til next week!

  25. After reading your recap of last weeks episode, I’m surprised you didn’t mention Danielle’s one-on-one date this week. I think Danielle is beautiful and sweet, but the chemistry Nick boasted about the previous week just didn’t seem authentic this week. I think she’ll go far this season, but I’m not so sure she’s top two. Raven is a doll! If he sends her home, I hope she’s brought back as the Bachelorette! Like Nick said , she has some sass and I love that! Vannesa is in this for a fiancé. She’s not messing around and hopefully Nick sees just how much she values this experience. Corrine is the side show for sure! She’s keeping viewers interested. Plain and simple. Girl knows how to work her craziness though, I’ll give her that. Her spa and taco comment had me dying. Her poor parents. Nanny Raquel must be embarrassed.

    1. My final predictions are Danielle, Vanessa and Sarah.? She’s hasn’t had her one on one but i feel she’s his type. I hope Danielle wins though.❤️?

  26. I do believe Vanessa is going all the way. Love Raven she is awesom, someone I wish I was friends with. Corinne still drives me crazy. She is very witty but I don’t think she had the right to call Taylor out after all the stupid things she has done.

  27. I really love Vanessa and agree with everything you said. I feel this is the girl for Nick and I am holding strong on this one. I have been a huge Nick fan since he was on Andi’s season and this is the girl for him.

    I absolutely adore Raven but I do not think Nick and Raven would be good together. I love Raven but she is not for Nick. I want to see more of Raven and she would be the perfect Bachelorette. Absolutely perfect and she is my front runner for The Bachelorette!

    Corrine, Corrine, Corrine. I agree she was/is funny but also not for Nick. I would love to see her in paradise along with Dolphin /shark girl….

    It is just getting better… I wish I could get a job casting talent for the bachelor franchise!

  28. I said the same thing after seeing Vanessa sit Nick down and talk to him about her feelings but I particularly loved when she said something along the lines of “I am not judging her actions I am judging YOURS”. I think it is refreshing to see someone like Vanessa on the show and really stand up for her feelings because like you said in the blog post it can be very easy for girls on the show – or in general – to do and say things that they think other men want to hear. I hope the Corinne drama settles a little bit and the show can focus on the other women and the connections that are being made. Love you, Ali!!

  29. Hi Ali, exactly how much of the show that you think will air doesn’t? And also, does the show want you to keep people around longer just for the ratings and drama of it? I guess if it was “real reality” it may be too boring? After Vanessa slammed Nick about Corrinne wouldn’t it be logical that he would send Corrinne home that next rose ceremony? So it has to be the producers giving Corrinne Nick’s rose. I admit it was pretty entertaining keeping her around because we got to see alot more of her wit and humor. Kristina was right to describe Corrinne as brave as it seems all the girls (except maybe Josephine) have a very strong opinion about her intentions and I also think Taylor comes off arrogant and not nice. Anyway, in “reality” it looks as if Vanessa is the one Nick wants, and I think we all do too! Raven is for sure adorable and if she is Nick’s number 2, then I hope she’s the next Bachelorette! Love your blog!! AND I LOVE MOLLY!! Oh and Kevin and Owen too?

    1. I think this may set up for them to have their black bachelorette. Jasmine or Rachel.
      In interviews beforehand Nick said he was going shake up things.

      Ali, I think I read somewhere that when you were on the mountain with Kaylon and the other dude you let the producers pick who got the rose. Is that true?

  30. I loved that Vanessa spoke up and the way she did it was perfect. Her focus was on Nick’s behaviour and not on Corrine. She is making us Canadians proud. I also love Raven and also loved her honesty. Corinne was funny but she is very immature.

    On a different subject I have to say your daughter is adorable!!!

  31. I loved Vanessa and Nicks chemistry last week on thier 1 on 1. Not too sure Nick was completely listening to her at the opening of this episode. Realizing they have all been drinking and partying. I think Vanessa might be too serious for him. That being said… She is amazing BUT …
    Raven REALLY took on a whole new light last eve. She is the TOTAL package and the chemistry… They could have fun…. Be silly… AND most importantly… be serious and REAL with each other …. Loved all the time they gave the two of them last night. They are my perfect fit and I think he somehow knows that after sharing her with his family already.
    #teamraven for the WIN!

  32. Ugh how I adore Raven and I also loved when Corrine said she’s saying I’m not stupid by calling me stupid which is what she was doing lol.

  33. I agree with you! Vanessa and Nick have great chemistry and I LOVE how she stood up to Nick and called him out. I definitely admire her strength to do something like that!
    With that being said, I LOOOVE Raven! I am seriously rooting for her to win. She is super cute and she seems so down to earth. She fit in so well with his family. Also, who doesn’t love to listen to her talk! 🙂
    Love your blog, and Molly is super cute too!


  34. Hi! In your insta story you mentioned linking the mat to your blog, but I didn’t see it here. Did I miss it? Totally possible.


  35. I feel like the show is making Nick keep Corrine for ratings. Just like Chad last season. I always wonder how some of them stick around when it’s clear to the viewer they are out of their mind. But maybe that is some editing too. I am curious though why they would cast a couple of 24 year olds for a guy in his mid 30’s? The things Corrine says are hilarious but like an oh my God did she just really say that? I am finding this season very hard to watch, I have been watching since the beginning of time so I am not giving up, but some of his choices do not make any sense to me!

  36. I know this is the Bachelor and so to some extent the girl’s are “suppose” to confront the drama in the house and make it a bit of a story line each week for viewers. I couldn’t do this. Id probably be the gal just saying, “Let’s just all get along even though there are things we are not fond of about each other”. I get we need to stand up for what’s right and defend ourselves sometimes but these girls have said all they could and if it’s not helping, they just need to let it go. We cant change other people. Nothing about this unsolicited advice comes from me being almost 33, I think it’s just come with personal experience. I’ve been the target of mean girls and I’ve been a mean girl myself. At this point in time I’m learning just how to walk away from that past and be more of a person of peace and kindness (which is not weakness, it is strength). We don’t have to be big and bold with our words to be strong. We can have quiet strength sometimes too. I think all the gals have strengths, weaknesses, things they need to work on, etc…and don’t we all? 🙂

  37. There is something that I am not really understanding and maybe you can give me some insight as someone who has been in these girls’ shoes before. They are all very upset about Corrine straddling Nick in the bouncy house (and I totally get it I feel disrespected by that too) however they don’t seem to be near as upset about her wearing nothing but a trench coat to the last cocktail party and having Nick lick whipped cream off of her cleavage. It seems like that would be more upsetting but maybe I am just looking at this all the wrong way or maybe they just didn’t see/know that he licked it off of her.

  38. Raven came out of no where! I didn’t see that coming at all. But after last night I totally see it. She’s top three for sure. I personally find Corrine to be hilarious and I think she is just being who she is. She seems to have a really fun side to her and while all the girls are jealous, Nick likes her fun side. Taylor had no business putting her down like that. Hasn’t anyone learned that letting someone get to you like that gets you no where. I’m guessing Nick will be really turned off by Taylor’s obsession with putting Corrine in her place. Guys aren’t into the gossip and the fighting!

  39. Maybe it’s just me, but I would gladly continue watching the bachelor/bachelorette if they didn’t have the “Corrine/Chad” drama added. Would they really lose that many ratings? It would be great to see more dates/conversations and let other girls get more air time, especially if their hearts are in the right place! I think a lot of viewers want to see the fairytale story unfold and have “awww” moments instead of “ughhh” moments.

    1. Totally agree with you and well said. I am almost wondering if the producers are paying Corrine to say the things she is saying. I think both the trench coat and the jump house stunts were pathetic. As someone else already said: I would be mortified to be her parents. Last night when she grabbed her boobs? It’s over for me. Can’t believe Nick truly still wants her there. Fun side or not, he needs to grow up.

  40. My theory is that Nick has no intentions of anything serious with Corrine, and by this point even she knows it. I think the producers have asked him to keep her around because she makes for good TV. My theory is that he was able to tell us to Vanessa because he cares about her and doesn’t want her to walk away and that the producers obviously just didn’t show that to us the viewers. One minute Vanessa’s talking about possibly giving back her Rose and walking away and the next minute she hardly reacted when Corrine got a rose and later in the episode even sat down with Corrine to try to talk to her about how her behavior maybe ruffling feathers = complete 180.

  41. As a Canadian, I’m all about the Canadian Girl getting the guy…love Vanessa! She has so many great qualities and definitely making us Canadian Girls proud! You go Girl!!

  42. Taylor is so fake. She thinks that she’s smart and above everybody else because she’s a mental health counselor. Not a fan of Corinne but Taylor uses her scripts from counseling sessions and talked down to Corinne. Loved Vanessa and Raven. Danielle is kinda ehh..

  43. I have been and continue to be impressed by Vanessa, her style, maturity, and no-nonsense attitude. I am leaning to #teamvanessa. That said, Raven came across on the one on one as authentic and fun-loving. Hmmm. That also said, then there are Taylor and Rachel. So many good choices, quality women. So why is Corrine still there? Ratings? Ali, do the producers have the star keep someone on just for conflict? All the love, Ali! ❤

  44. I think you have a very different definition of “affordable” than most working middle-class people. $65 sweaters, $100 shoes, and almost $50 for an outfit your baby will grow out of in a month? Try again…

  45. I always look forward to your blog! If Nick ends up picking Corrine in the end I don’t think it will last long-term. The maturity difference is too great. At this point I think he and Raven are the most compatible. They seem to match on emotional and intellectual levels. They also know how to have fun together and have serious talks too. I think that is what makes a marriage last—being with someone you can laugh with and talk to openly.

  46. I love Vanessa AND Nick. I almost think she might be too mature for Nick. ?Nevertheless, Vanessa and Raven are my favorite. Taylor is letting Corinne get to her and showed an ugly side last night in my opinion. Corinne WAS very entertaining last night! Lol

  47. I totally agree with you about Raven! She is definitely my favorite and she is just so cute and her accent makes everything better! I kind of have to disagree about the whole Corinne thing. To be honest, Taylor was WAY too worried about what Corrine was doing. Taylor and the other girls confronted her about the bouncy house situation and I understood that. But once they all got to Wisconsin, they should’ve of just let it go! I get they were mad about Corrinne not wanting to participate in the farm work, but I honestly don’t see how that affects any of them directly. If it does, then that’s their own problem and not Corinne’s. The girls aren’t there to nit pick every single thing one girl does. They are there to make progress with their relationships with Nick. I could understand why they would’ve been a little mad and bothered during the first 3 episodes of the season, but after leaving LA and going to Wisconsin, I felt as if they should’ve just let it go.

  48. I completely lost respect for Taylor last night! Personally who is she to question if Corinne is ready to get married?! That whole fight just made me cringe. Not to mention the way Taylor went on about Danielle L stealing Nick first. I thought Danielle L was really respectful about that. And again who is Taylor to decide if Danielle had an urgent enough reason to talk to him?! Ah I really hope he sends her home.

    Raven definitely grew on me last night. Team Vanessa and Team Raven for sure! One of them will hopefully be the next Bachelorette.

    I think Danielle L is the Caila of this season, very sweet and pretty but won’t make it to the end.

  49. I love your outlook. Personally, I think I know Nick so well from watching him on all the other seasons, his personality. The moment Vanessa step out of the limo and her and Nick talked, I was like, “Oh yea, she’ll be the last standing.” I can’t wait to see who he really does fall in love with. He is so darn deserving of love.

  50. I have a question…Do the producers ask or make the Bachelor/Bachelorette keep the crazies and the drama creating people around for a certain # or shows for ratings?
    I watch every season and you can see the Bachelor/Bachelorette really questioning whether to keep them around and you can tell a lot of the time they really don’t like them but they always get a rose and then they say things like “I felt they needed another chance/maybe they are just nervous” etc. so it makes me feel like the producers know the Bach/B-ette have their top 4 picked out pretty quick and just ask them keep the crazy around for a bit.

    I think it would be awesome to have a camera in the house that the bachelor/bachelorette could tune into and see the girls/guys when their guard is down and they are just hanging out interacting. I know it is a show but when picking a husband/wife shouldn’t you get the opportunity to get all the information after all you’re not fighting over a pickle…LOL #TeamVanessa!!! #TeamCanada 🙂

  51. I love Vanessa and she is a Canadian, even better. I think she is very classy. I love Raven too, liked her from day 1. I really like both Danielle’s also. As much as Corinne is immature, I love her fun, spunky sense of humour.

  52. I love your comments on all three and I totally agree with you! I am lost on the playmat also though… is it because I am looking in my phone?

  53. I am team Raven. I have been on team Raven. Even though she has been mostly on the back burner these past few episodes, her cute southern charm is so fun. I think she really stood out to Nick and will go far.
    I like Vanessa, she is so pretty!! but also she is very honest with Nick. I think he deserved to have his eyes open just a bit. Nick is very attracted to Nick. That is a given, but he also needs to realize this is not the “Nick and Corrine” show and have respect for the other women.
    I am not a fan of Corrine. You are right Ali, her one-liners have me chucking. Something did stand out to me about her though. I have noticed that she doesn’t talk about the other women behind their back. She has been really cordial with them and taking all the “cattiness”. That is maturity to me.
    But in the end, I think it’s just physical attraction between them. I don’t think she’s ready for marriage or a commitment in that matter especially of all the attention she get’s at home..
    We shall see.

  54. What did you think of his time with Danielle L.? I think it’s purely based upon attraction, don’t see much depth between them. I think it says a lot that he didn’t take her to meet his sister and parents. Plus, that whole run-in with his ex was super awkward.

  55. I agree 100% with you! I agree that Corrine has some growing to do but I believe she is there for the right reason. She never had any issues with the other girls, is the other girls that have issues with her.

  56. I totally agree about Corrine! She cracked me up last night, and is clearly smarter than she lets on. I have a new found respect for her (not condoning her previous behavior, though!) I wish the girls would let up on her a little bit. Can’t we all just get along?! 😉 Love your blog, Ali!

  57. I love Vanessa. I think she will go far in the season. I can’t stand corinne, I almost have to fwd the episode when she’s on. I think raven will be the next bachelorette. Ali, I love that your writing these blogs. It makes you think outside the box and see things in a different perspective way. I agree with a lot of things you wrote about on this blog.

  58. Ok, first off can I just say how much I love your personality Ali! Seriously, your posts on all social media just brighten my day and I love how positive and uplifting you are! Secondly, this is the first time I have actually taken time to browse your website and I am obsessed! HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS! Bookmarking it and coming back to it daily!!! Thanks for being you and having the cutest little family ever!

  59. I absolutely adore Vanessa, she is so independent, strong, and very true to herself. Another is Danelle L she is so sweet and I think she handled the ex girlfriend situation right. Also Raven, I love her personality and I’m glad Nick picked her to meet his parents because she is so fierce but also sweet and kind. I absolutely agree 100% with you on the Corinne situation she hilarious but still needs to mature a little, I feel like a good kind person but she doesn’t show it a lot.

  60. Totally Team Raven! Gotta support my fellow Arkansas girl. Ali, if you love to hear her talk you should visit Arkansas, we pretty much all sound like that! Which is why I find it so funny everyone is all about her accent. The station here censored her story so we missed most of it though.
    Corinne is strictly there for ratings at this point. Nick is missing out on some other great girls by keeping her around.

  61. Firstly, Ali, I have loved your recaps and your Instagram for a long time now. Your baby is darling. Secondly, completely agree with everything you have said above. I know that Corrine has a good side too, I think you have to be silly to not take all this producing subjectively. Corrine’s one liners made the episode, she’s so hilarious and I think she’s being herself. I don’t see her being mean to any of the girls, but just like them she’s calling them out on their shit. She sticks up for herself and you can’t blame a girl for that. She’s too direct with her sexuality, and sometimes MORE IS LESS Corrine.. keep some things a mystery, like your boobies for now haha.. But I am so excited by Raven and Vanessa. Vanessa is all class, and hey if you can’t be honest about what’s upsetting you in a relationship then you can’t have an honest relationship. If he’s the one he will always stay, and work hard at fixing what ever is making you upset. Heck even I’ve done that in a relationship! I think Vanessa will win!

  62. I’m really torn between #teamraven and #teamvansessa!! Being from Arkansas, I’m pulling hard team raven (btw, her store grey suede is awesome, I shop there all the time)!! They are two of my fav girls on the show… and Corrine, she is just one of a kind and just makes most of the drama on the show. My parents would come unglued though if I acted like that on tv ??

  63. First, I love following your instagram! I just think you’re such an awesome role model! Second, I completely agree with your entire blog about Vanessa, Corrine, and Raven! I am personally #teamvanessa and #teamraven all the way! But seriously, Corrine was hilarious! Also, I feel like as disrespectful to the other girls as she comes across, she is pretty straightforward and real in the aspect of saying how she feels, when she feels it, and to whomever it evolves. She hasn’t done much gossiping, which I’m sure is a hard thing to control when living with a bunch of women. Going after the same man, jealousy comes up. Rumors start. Opinions are formed and voiced to the women you bond most with. So for her to stand up and confront the other women about the gossip going on is pretty cool. I do agree with you, I believe she is a good person, with a great sense of humor… may be a bit misread … a bit immature still… and I do NOT condone her behavior … however, she did score some points with me as well!

  64. I’m still totally Team Raven, Danielle L, and Vanessa. Yes, Corinne was a tad funny this episode, but I’m going to be tough and say it was not enough to erase the immature, disrespectful things she has chosen to do. Even though I love Raven, I don’t think Nick chose her for the parent-meeting one-on-one because he is super into her. I think, personally, that he chose her because he didn’t want to risk his parents disapproving already of someone he is really crazy about. In other words, he knew Raven would be safe because she is fun and seems to get along with everyone. However, even if that is true, she definitely scored some points with him (“I’m gonna have to keep my eye on this one”.)

    1. OH OH and I forgot about Taylor! I think she needs to be careful and not fall into the trap of spending all of her time with Nick warning him about Corinne (not that she has done that yet, but I can see it happening). I dont think Nick digs her as much as Corinne and I can see him getting tired of the “tattling” and sending Taylor home before Corinne.

  65. Corrine is auditioning. I don’t find her funny at all. I think she’s gross. I like Vanessa and Raven is cute but I find it odd that she was cheated on and her answer to that is to go on a dating reality show where the guy basically cheats on her with 25 other women. That’ll show him. ???

  66. I love Vanessa and Raven as well. It’s never a good idea to complain about a certain girl/ guy to the Bachelor/ Bachelorette though. It’s like telling a child what not to do. They’ll do it for spite. Best to keep your opinions to yourself and trust that they’ll see the light ( or not) eventually. So it goes with Corrine. I will confess that I don’t have great hopes for Nick though in the end. You can see it in his Mom’s face as well. He’s not cut out for this show. I had high hopes for him too. He has really changed from his original season with Andi but there’s still some lack of clarity and confidence in him remaining. I hope that I’m wrong and he finds the woman that he’s looking for to share his life with.

  67. I love Raven & Vanessa! I think Vanessa is awesome for putting it all out there to Nick. She sure has some self respect which is nice to see. I loved how she held him responsible for what HE was doing not what Corinne was doing. Go Vanessa!! What an example she is setting for girls watching.

    Raven is just so sweet and I hope she goes far!

    Corinne isn’t my favorite, but at times I found myself cheering for her during the show. I know! Crazy. .. While I personally don’t think she is mature enough to get married and start a family right now, I like how she calls the girls out and doesn’t just sit and talk about them. I do think she gets picked on a bit, not saying she isn’t asking for it though. I think some of the girls are jealous of her sexual connection with Nick.
    I am not a fan of Taylor. I think she is trying to make Corinne feel stupid which is just mean. I got anoted with hown much Corinne is brought up by the girls. If they don’t like her, don’t just sit and talk about her all the time! Can’t wait to see what happens next week and feel like corinne will bring some spice to the women tell all!

  68. I`m keeping an eye on the women that are not as involved in the drama, like Kristina. Sometimes on the Bachelor or Bachelorette, the person who makes it to the end is the one who is not as involved in the drama, and you either don`t see as often, or they tone down the romance with. I`ve noticed that quite a bit.

  69. Alison,
    I host a viewing party every Monday and cook dinner and drink wine with my girls. Love that you reached out to her about her outfits. Vanessa is super classy and our front runner right now. We are dying to know where she got her black/white swim suit. So gorgeous on her! Any chance you got those deets too?! Let us know, would love to share!

  70. I am a fan and love your site, but think domestic violence should not be applauded, no matter the offence. You said Raven’s ex deserved to be physically abused, and then Corine threatening to punch Taylor in the face was terrible and immature. I think they are both terrible.

  71. After Vanessa’s date and their amazing chemistry, Danielle L and Raven’s date pale in comparison. I don’t think either were that great. Raven’s interaction with his parents was very one sided. She wouldn’t even look at them.

    They were* trying to do C a favor
    High waisted jeans on the group date were* just fab.

    With that said,

  72. Hey Ali!
    Love all the pics of your cutie pie, you are a stunning mother.

    Bachelor wise, I know Corrine isn’t the one for Nick but this last episode I really came to appreciate her honesty. I think Taylor is truly a mean girl by practically calling Corrine uneducated–not a fan. I think he should send them both home on the two on one I expect seeing them on. But we need ratings. Vanessa is by far my favorite and I actually see her winning. Maybe Raven for bachelorette?!

  73. Raven’s story about her ex was horrible. Her ex didn’t deserve to have the room he was in broken into while Raven knew he was in a private situation, to be assaulted, and to be publicly humiliated by having the private details of this incident told on television. A “you go, girl” reaction to domestic violence is perpetuating the problem. “Before He Cheats” is a terrible song; I’ve always hated that song.

  74. I agree w/ every single word you said Ali including Corrine’s funny lines. I have to add I thought she was very brave to face the group (and not cry) and props to the group for not ganging up on her which they could have. Yes, the group is special – very mature emotionally. Corrine, not so much – but she IS young! And I have a feeling, a bit indulged by her parents! But she is good viewing and I’m sure Nick has been encouraged to keep her for just that reason, if for no other reason. Vanessa! I loved her from Day 1 and still remember that black and white dress she wore! Yes, she has style, or her dresser does! I thought she had incredible guts to call Nick’s bluff and tel lhim that, and I admire Nick for liking that she did. I’ve always liked Nick, for not only is he smart, he scores a high mark on emotional intelligence in my book. I love that he finds that attractive on a more primal level too! Raven is my number 2 after Vanessa and they did have the best date ever. I think all first dates should be at a roller rink from now on! And Nick was a good skater! I also still like Rachel and the ICU nurse – can never remember her name!

  75. I always look forward to your blog posts recaping the Bach night and analyzing the scenarios! I think you are spot on with Raven as one of Nick’s top pics – especially after meeting his parents. And I totally agree – Vanessa is top Nick priority! Her honesty and willingness to confront Nick was so great! It made her the front runner in my book. 🙂 xx

  76. Always love your take on the show (and the great fashion tips) but had to chime in here about Raven. Physical violence is NOT okay. PERIOD. It does not make her a bad @$$, it makes her an assailant because her story was the definition of assault. She can’t even claim “heat of the moment” because she got a phone call, drove home from out of town, let herself in, kicked down a locked door, separated the couple and THEN beat him with a shoe. If the roles had been reversed do you think people would be championing HIS behavior? Domestic violence is an already complicated issue and applauding this behavior as acceptable, does not help.

    People need to keep their hands to themselves in anger and we, as a society, need to stop lifting up female violence because all it does is highlight the double-standard.

    I really liked Raven prior to this date but this story was disturbing. She didn’t need to share ALL the details, just what she learned from the experience – which was that she has value and should be valued. That would’ve been enough.

    1. In Raven’s defense, she said she was ashamed of her behavior, and I don’t think she was thinking of how this story could affect the other people involved. She wants to get close to Nick, and she was probably forced by the producers to tell this story in exchange for a date with Nick. I get that. Do I excuse her? No. But while she was in a natural setting on this date, not reciting rehearsed lines, she assumed that Nick’s parents spank their children as she was talking to them, the first time she met them. That is rude. I don’t believe that she’s ignorant to the fact that not everyone accepts that behavior toward children. With the reaction she’s getting to her date, I think she’s realizing that the entire country is not like Hoxie, Arkansas.

  77. I could not help but laugh watching Corrine and Josephine go to town on that food during the cocktail party. Even though I don’t agree with how they were going about their conversation, it sure was funny to see girls on that show finally mob down on some food!

  78. Corinne acts like the high school girl who needs all the attention and the producers are keeping her around for ratings. Obviously, she isn’t wife material. I doubt she is girlfriend material for very long. I don’t find her very funny, but more irritating. I do think she is very coniving and vindictive and just wants to win no matter what the prize. She’s there to get on TV. Period! My top four picks of mature, honest women are Raven, Rachel, Danielle and Vanessa although I’m starting to think Vanessa is a little too mature for Nick. I think the final two will be Rachel and Raven,

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