White Lace Sans Engagement Ring?

Ok, I’ll get to my ring in a minute. But first, let’s talk about lace!!! I am so obsessed with white lace recently. With my wedding coming up, expect to see me in a LOT of it! The two lace tops I’m wearing in the photos below are both from Chicwish. My new favorite online store! They have the cutest clothes (a lot of lace stuff!) and everything is super affordable! The lace top in my first pic is very versatile. You can wear it with so many things, but that doesn’t mean it’s plain by ANY means! It’s gorgeous! I’m wearing a s/m.

I’m wearing it with high waist black leggings – shapewear leggings by belly bandit! They suck you in – in all the right places 😉 My earrings in the first pic aren’t available anymore, but I found a super similar pair from the same company. And my purse is so pretty and VEGAN! Gotta luv that!

Ok, but where is my engagement ring? Well I am wearing my love ring in place of my engagement ring today. Why? Well, I’m excited to say that our wedding bands are being made right now so the jeweler (Neil Lane – woot woot! I love Neil!) needed my engagement ring to make sure the wedding band fits perfectly with it! I’m excited! For now, my love ring is a perfect place holder.

So yes, white lace is my absolute favorite right now! And will be all spring/summer.

Here are a few more of my favorite white lace items from Chicwish:







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25 thoughts on “White Lace Sans Engagement Ring?

  1. LOVE the lace, and the red lipstick looks amazing on you!! Also, what does you tattoo say? I haven’t noticed it until now!

  2. Hi Ali. Interested in knowing what kind of shoes you wore with this outfit and also, where did you get that lipstick?

  3. I don’t see your earrings?? Where to find them… Love! ❤️ The earrings in the pic are different than those on the website? Thanks!

  4. Love the white lace top ! I always love lace ! I love Neil Lane too, my engagement ring is a emerald cut with baguettes and pave diamonds. Can’t wait to see your wedding set !

  5. Ali,

    I m sure this probably isn’t the place to ask you. Do you have candles for your wedding? I sell Gold Canyon Candles, and am wondering if you need any. Would love to help you.
    Love your blogs, and pics.

  6. When is the wedding? It must be getting close! Yay! Can’t wait to see your wedding photos! You are looking skinny again already girl! Go you! Molly is so adorable!

  7. Sadly you put carriage before marriage…so non- traditional. No respect for you at all. Btw, your fiance looks so much like Frank from your Bach season…is it him?

  8. Ali, I love so many of your looks but just curious I’m 5’4 and love the navy skirt but I feel like with my height it makes me looks shorter and heavier than what I am. I wear size 6/8. Any advise to obtain the same look?

    1. Leila
      That was uncalled for and Rude if you don’t have anything nice to say or worth saying get off her blog.

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