The Corrine Show – Uh, I mean – The Bachelor

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Hi Guys! First, while I have your attention (ha!) check out the segment Kevin, Molly and I did on GMA yesterday. Watch it HERE.

Ok, now that I’ve said that, let’s talk about the show! As expected, Corrine took things to a whole other level this week and totally dominated the show. I’m going to get to her in a minute, but first let’s discuss some of the love connections going on!!!

First up – Danielle L! I don’t know how Danielle L wasn’t on my radar until now. Nick is clearly super into her. He felt the need to pull her aside and make sure she wasn’t too upset about the Liz situation. This is a huge sign in my book that he is very into her. I remember on my season, always feeling the need to reassure the guys I liked the most. Plus it was so obvious he was super attracted to her at the Backstreet Boys concert. She’s in my top 4 now for sure!


Nick and Vanessa seem to have a connection that goes beyond the physical and beyond the show. They will either be great friends or a great couple. And if they are really lucky, they will have both! Seeing him cry during the date makes it seem like Vanessa is for sure the girl for him. The difference between his one-on-one date with Danielle last week and Vanessa this week, makes it so clear that he is way more into Vanessa.

And their date was insane!!!! True story – Kevin got offered to do the Zero G thing when I was 7 months pregnant with Molly. We both thought it was a cool experience and I would never tell him not to do something that he wanted to do. However, every time we talked about him going on the zero G plane I would cry. I half blame the pregnancy hormones and half blame my fear of flying. Well I’m not really afraid of flying anymore, but I was for years and the thought of the father of my soon-to-be newborn going up in a nose-diving plane freaked me out!!! Kevin was so sweet about it and decided not to go because he did’t want to make me nervous. What a great guy, right? Anyway, my point in telling this story is 1) My soon to be husband is the best! and 2) Nick and Vanessa have some real balls! Ha! I would have been way too terrified to go on that date.

Luckily they survived to make it to dinner that night. Ha! And I absolutely loved Vanessa’s story about her grandfather. I had a similar experience with my grandmother before going on the Bachelor. I felt like she was with me through the experience and it was so special to me. Hearing Vanessa’s story made me love her even more.

And let’s talk about Dominique quick before I get to Corrine. Nick 100% did the right thing by letting her go when he did. Instead of being mad at him for not connecting with her, she should have realized that they just didn’t have a connection. I hope she finds love though!

I don’t even know how to begin talking about what happened with the whip cream at the cocktail party with Corrine and Nick. At first, I rolled my eyes at what she was doing, like I’m sure many of you did. But after Nick got taken away by Jasmine, and Corrine went upstairs crying, I couldn’t help but feel so sorry for her. She just took off all her clothes and threw herself at a man hoping she could win him over by doing that. Little did she know, Nick wouldn’t fall for her plan and in the nicest way he could, he rejected her advances. I can’t imagine how horrible that must have made her feel. Look, it’s her own fault, I get that completely. But for her to think that this is the way she wins a mans affection when he’s clearly not in a monogamous relationship with her, I find that truly sad. Like heartbreakingly sad. I know I said it in my last blog, but I feel the need to say it again. It would break my heart into a million pieces to see Molly act this way when she’s older. I would never want her to even think this was an option, never mind actually throwing herself at a man like that. Corrine’s tears really struck a cord with me. She reminded me of a girl that had just slept with a guy and woke up the next morning hating herself. I’ve been there. I know many women have. I truly hope Corrine realizes that she can attract a man with so much more than her sexuality.

All that said, Corrine does make the show entertaining. Love her or hate her she will be around for a while. Not only on this season, but on Bachelor in Paradise for sure! But really, Nick should have gone and gotta her butt out of bed to join the rose ceremony. Not cool that she slept through it. Yes, they are exhausting. But all the other girls are exhausted too and they showed up!

Also I don’t believe that Corrine actually has a nanny. Do I believe that her “nanny” Raquel exists? Totally. I think most likely Raquel is her family’s housekeeper and she has been with the family since Corrine was a child. So when Corrine was young, I’m sure Raquel took care of her and was her nanny. Now that Corrine is an adult (and I’m using that word loosely here), Raquel is still around to do things for her, but is employed as her families housekeeper and not Corrine’s nanny. Like I highly doubt Raquel will be going with Corrine when she eventually moves out of her parents house. Corrine just thinks it’s funny or cool to say she has a nanny. You can tell she thinks it’s something that’s funny by the way she talks about it. It’s just because she’s young, and stuff like that seems cool when you’re young. She’ll grow out of it. But it makes very clear to me, and I’m sure to all of you, that she is too young to be Nick’s wife. And not because she’s 24. But because she’s mentally immature.

I don’t know if she’ll ever read this and care what I have to say. But I wish I could sit down with her and make her believe she’s more than all this sexuality garbage.

Ok, I’ll step off my soapbox. I swear becoming a mom has totally changed the way I look at this show. Tell me your thoughts on the episode in the comments below!

Until next week…


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149 thoughts on “The Corrine Show – Uh, I mean – The Bachelor

      1. Vanessa is officially on the radar in a big way. I love that she’s also holding Nick accountable for his actions, ensuring he’s there for the right reasons. Corrine is hard to resist, I’m sure, but he’s showing a bit of restraint which is necessarily for his other relationships to continue to grow. Fun season, for sure!

        1. Me too! Agree agree and agree. But at some point the producers have to toss Corrine so that she doesn’t keep a spot that someone deserves!

      2. By any chance do you know what swim suit Vanessa was wearing on tonight’s (1/16/17) episode of the Bachelor during the pool party?? It is to die for!

      3. The Bachelor is a great “escape” show for me. Even during the throes of IBS agonizing pain last night, I couldn’t help but get excited when the back street boys were on ( my daughter was 11 or 12 when they were hot ) and as a mature mom and woman, couldn’t help but respect Vanessa when she told Nick at dinner that she had completely forgotten about the Rose. She had been speaking from her heart. Too bad this show has to be so tacky most of the time. Congrats on your sweet baby.

      4. I love Vanessa as well! I especially love how educated she sounds. My 8 year old son asked why one of the ladies says “like” all the time. Shew. THAT. IS. DRAINING. And will be his last time watching the show. I had to skip through many parts.

      5. Agreed – BUT – dare I say this? Vanessa might be too mature and frankly too good for Nick. He is attractive and seems like he is there for the right reasons. However, if I were in Vanessa’a shoes I would be completely turned off by him even entertaining the idea of Corinne…but I get it – it’s for TV. Just saying, Vanessa is a catch…and I don’t see her in the previews for next week ?

        1. My thoughts exactly. She can do so much better than that. Not saying that Nick is a bad person or a bad choice but she seems to be a bit more mature and more sure of what she wants than he does. She needs a man a few years older than her and mature.

          1. I agree.
            Corrine is so ugh. She keeps saying she “runs a multi million dollar biz,” she works for her daddy! She still lives with her daddy — no independence. No maturity — and her boobs do not make her mature. Boring.

      6. Vanessa is my choice for sure! Love her! Allie, I totally agreed with comments about Corinne. I pity her because she is clueless and immature.

      7. I loved the way she called Nick out for his behavior with Corrine in the jump house. Nick needs to remember he is a 36 year old grown man. He can say “No”. Playing the victim and claiming “she did it to me” doesn’t mean he has to go along with it. Not attractive on a man who claims he is looking for a wife. Sexual attraction alone won’t sustain a relationship. When will Nick figure this out?????

      8. I totally agree! I saw the chemistry from the beginning between them!! Team Vanessa!

        Also, I’ve watched you on the show as well, and I have to tell you that I am so happy for you and that you found love. You have a beautiful family. I always loved you on the show!!!

        1. That’s what I thought too. I was saying to hubby that they must have offered her some big money to be on the show and be the bad one this season…like Michelle Money on past seasons. It’s getting so predictable that they pick someone like that each season because they think that’s what will bring people back to watch. I just want them to get rid of her. I also think to myself “Wouldn’t her family be embarrassed by her antics and be upset that she’s representing their business on television while acting like that?” The only way they wouldn’t is if they knew she was getting paid to act that way.

  1. Wow you really made me think about the Corinne thing in a whole new light, I totally see what you mean that she is someone who thinks that is the way to a man’s heart, and that is really sad. Also, I think you might be right about the nanny thing. I also noticed she seems to be saying it in a funny way when she talks about it. I think it’s another way for her to get attention. Great blog!

      1. I do too. I don’t think she’s right for Nick, but I do hope she finds someone some day! Who knows, maybe it will be on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise! 😉

    1. I think Corrine is lovely young lady. She will be a good wife to some lucky guy. ? I especially liked the part where she took off her bikini top and had Nick feel her breasts.

      1. Randy , REALLY !! taking her bikini top off on TV and in front of all the other women is OK ! I think YOU got a rise out of it , am I right! it’s absolutely disgusting, disrespectful and childish attention getting behavior !!

        1. Oh come on , Christine. This is “The Bachelor” we are talking about. That’s why people watch the show….. I like the way Corrine isn’t afraid to show off that sexy body of hers ? ? You have to admit Corrine is hot. (Nick is a lucky guy).

      2. Wife? She has ALOT of growing up to do before she should get married. Guys like you may want to get in her pants, but don’t respect her. She doesn’t even respect herself right now. What a shame, she’s a beautiful girl but I feel sorry for her as well.

      3. Are you joking? ??? Corrine needs to find her own self worth and confidence first. This needs to be outside her family’s business and her pathetic idea of love. Sex does not mean commitment, certainly not in this day and age, sad to say.

  2. I definitely agree that Corrine is too young (almost 12 years age difference) for Nick and not just her age, but the fact that she’s so immature. She seems to think that acting like a high school girl is acceptable behavior to win over a man. The thing that’s aggravating is that Nick seems to be condoning her behavior. Especially the clip in the bouncy house where she was riding him, he didn’t seem to be thinking about what the other girls would think of him giving Corrine so much sexual attention. I do think however that she is lost and has only been attracting guys using her sexuality her whole life and doesn’t know anything different. I really hope we get to see a more vulnerable and genuine side of Corrine as the season progresses and get to know the real her.

    Also, you can definitely tell the connection between Vanessa and Nick is so real. He is definitely the best version of himself around her. She’s in my top 4 for sure! And go her for not being afraid to call him out!

    Raven also cracked me up with the nanny comment “She didn’t even know how to wash a spoon.” I hope we get to see more of Raven too, love her!

  3. Love your post! Vanessa is most definitely in my top picks. I hope Raven gets a one on one soon, she seems genuinely sweet! Your points on Corinne are so true and honestly it is sad to see her feel the need to behave this way!

  4. Oh I have two daughters who are only 3, but as I saw Corrine do the whole whipped cream bit, I said to my husband, “Can you imagine if our daughters ever act like that? That’s my worst nightmare!” Isn’t it totally true how becoming a mom really evolves your perspective?? Also, do you think they edit the show to make it look like Nick is more into Corrine than he is?? I feel kind of bad for him!

  5. I think another thing along with Corrine’s “nanny” could be the producers urging her to call her that and talk about her like that.. just to cause even more drama, which clearly Corrine is on board with!
    I’m also really getting to like Danielle L and Vanessa.. Raven really stood out to me as well. I think all 3 of them are going to be there for a while!

  6. I am pleased that vanessa is questioning Nick’s actions! It’s a fair concern. One minute he is crying in their date, the next he is “riding’ corinne in a pink bounce house. I mean, it’s one thing for corinne to do what she is doing, but it will only continue if nick is responding to it. It seems nick can see corinne’s immaturity, but the male side of him is into her.

    1. That would be all fine and we’ll if he were 25 years old and NOT claiming to be looking for a long, committed relationship. At 36 I don’t see anything about his behavior with Corrine attractive. I am surprised more of the women aren’t voluntarily leaving the show.

  7. Love the way you explained her being mentally immature. I feel like she will be on the show for a while just to cause more drama though. I really like Vanessa and Raven!

  8. I really love LOVE Vanessa. She has the total package. Classy, smart, sexy. She is beautiful. My front runner for sure. If Nick is not the one for her she will find someone SOON! She is such a great well rounded girl. The Danielle’s are my next choice. Interesting season. I hope Nick redeems himself soon and keeps away from the smut and drama. And keeps focused.

  9. I enjoyed watching Vanessa and Danielle L’s connections with Nick. I am totally over Corinne (though I don’t think I ever was a fan). One of my friends posted on his feed “Corinne should just go straight to Bachelor in Paradise”. I didn’t realize until last night’s episode that she is 12 years Nick’s younger (though mentally, there’s a greater separation there)! It will take a couple more episodes but hopefully Nick will see that all she has to offer is her sexuality (yes, that does make me feel a LITTLE sad for her) and will start forming more lasting connections with other women (which he has already started doing). On other topics, my inner pre-teen/teen was totally smiling ear to ear with the Backstreet Boys date and I agree – him tearing up with Vanessa and telling her that she is the first woman to give him hope that this process will work……that’s a huge deal in my book. Looking forward to next week! 🙂

  10. Totally agree about Vanessa, plus I think her getting sick on the date brought an element of real life and I’m sure strengthened their connection. After all relationships/ marriage isn’t always carefree floating ? and I think Nick handled it super well.

    Great recap as always ❣️

  11. Totally agree with you on the Danielle L., she wasn’t on my radar at all but totally love her after last nights episode and seems like Nick is falling for her to. I’m also a big Vanessa fan, love the connection between the two of them!
    Oh Corrine…I just can’t even. I’m curious about how much of what we are seeing is really her and how much of her behavior is amped up for the show.
    Either way def an interesting season, hoping the best outcome for Nick.

  12. I totally agree Ali on the Cornie thing Nick should of got her. And by her going to bed I believe she isn’t there for Nick.

  13. Hi Ali this is my first time commenting on your site and I really enjoy reading your feedback on the show. First I want to say your little Molly is adorable and the next Gerber baby! When are you guys getting married this year? I totally agree with you that being a Mom changes your viewpoint on things and you see things in a different light. I also saw you on GMA today and I think you guys should have your own TV show!

      1. I thought you were married….. since you already have a child. Is this a committed relationship or do you sleep with other guys too?

  14. I think Corrine is so desperate and honestly as a mother I would be mortified to see my daughter acting like that on national TV OR AT ALL !! She didn’t stop at the whipped cream she continued it right to the bounce house !!! Why is she always falling asleep every where ??? Seriously she NEEDS TO GO HOME ,and truly she is making Nick look like a jerk for even playing into this behavior is this seriously the kind of woman you can take home to mom and dad and make your wife I HARDLY THINK SO ! She is not what I would want for my son ! Vanessa that is the kind of women I would want as a daughter in law !!

  15. I could not agree with you more. I cannot stand Corrine but at the same time it is heartbreaking to see that she wasn’t taught that it’s not just about the outside. Men DO actually care about things other than sexualality. They need to be stimulated other ways too. I am, however, extremely disappointed in the bachelor producers for giving into this behavior and showing it as if WE as the viewers also want to see all about the sexuality as well. Unfortunately there are many young girls who watch this show for the “fairy tale ending” and I think it send a very bad message. I couldn’t love Vanessa more. I love how she gets low, and looks at him so sincere 🙂 (helps that I’m a mom to a special needs child) but I picked her from the get go! #teamvanessa ! Xo

  16. I agree with all that you said! Class it up ladies! I like Vanessa and he seems pretty into her and she’s MATURE!! Key word there haha!

  17. Vanessa is quite the catch. So far I think it’s between her, Danielle L and the other Danielle. They are strong women mentally and have shown a lot of maturity. They will challenge him!

    Poor Corinne. She will be around for a while just to stir things up. She’d be great on B.I.P! Is she the new Ashley I?

    1. I really love Danielle as a possible wife for Nick. She is mature, very attractive, sweet and a very smart young lady. ??

  18. Loving Vanessa and she has been in my top 4 since the beginning. I also love the way she challenged Nick last night and instead of speaking negatively about Corrine she questioned him, which I think made him pause and really see he could loose good girls if he keeps rewarding Corrine for her actions. I also have Danielle in my top 4 as well. She has her Sh**t together and seems like a genuinely nice person. After last week I was very nervous that these girls were just coming off all wrong, luckily Vanessa, Danielle L and Rachel proved me wrong. Fingers crossed Nick starts thinking with his brain soon and taking this more seriously.

  19. I also want to close my eyes every time Corrine is up to her surprises. I feel sorry for her and I believe that Nick should just send her home. They don’t have connection based on talking and getting to know each other it is just a sexual connection. She is a very pretty girl but her mental maturity isn’t there yet! Ali, I do agree with you about seeing her on paradise or maybe upcoming bachelorette but she still had a lot of growing up to do. I really like Danielle L and she is in my top 4 also. As for the rose ceremony he should of got her up and made her go down to it. And he should of most definitely said something to her about the next time they saw each other!

  20. I totally agree with all you’ve said Ali but what about Danielle from Wisconsin I think she has a fair chance. The snoring with Corinne is entertaining too.

  21. Hi Ali, So nice to see you, Kevin and sweet Molly on GMA this morning. So just read your take on the Bachelor , I really liked Danielle and agree with you on that they certainly do have a connection, she’s a wonderful mature respectable woman. Vanessa and Nick’s Zero G adventure was amazing, not sure I would do it, I like to fly but not like that. Nick and Vanessa certainly have a wonderful connection , the best I’ve seen so far. When she opened up to him about the loss of her grandfather, Nick was listening and you could see was feeling her pain in loosing him, and her positive sense that he is with her (spiritually) on this journey with her. I was so glad to see him give her the rose without any hesitation, and it was sincere. So on to Corrine, well, I must say the producers must seek out someone like her for every season, is she for real !! On national TV!! Not sure who is worse, Courtney from Ben’s season or Vienna from Jake’s !! This business of exposing yourself and basically stripping on national, world wide TV has got to be the most disrespectful thing! She is young, 24, however that is no excuse for her horrendous behavior ! This is absolutely disgusting, it’s so sad to see her making a complete ASS of herself, And…to be sleeping during the rose ceremony! I expected Nick would call her out on this which of course he didn’t because he wants the little sex kitten toy to stick around, I didn’t feel sorry for her at all when she didn’t get her way with Nick with the whip cream, she went upstairs cried herself to sleep like a spoiled little brat ! I just wonder what her Mommy and dear Daddy think of their little girl ! Sorry to be so hard on Corrine but its the truth ! Also, I was happy to see Vanessa call Nick out on what kind of woman he is really looking for, referring to Corrine, will be interesting to see next week.

  22. I just look at Corrine and think oh wow is she really doing all this on TV?! She is too immature and I noticed last night once she got her validation from Nick that everything was fine she goes and naps during the Rose Ceremony, pool party?!? I mean I get you got a rose but show up. I see the others girls concerns…he already had a bad rep going in, then the news with Liz (which bravo Nick for telling the girls and coming clean) and if Corrine is what he is looking for the other girls are WAY TOO good for him and Vanessa I don’t think is going to put up with much more of it as she kind of expressed last night to him.

  23. Corrine has lived an entitled life for her first 24 years. She may work and run her father’s company, but as an adult woman, (and I use that term loosely when attached to her) she has a LOT of growing up to do. I have to disagree with you, Ali, though, about whom should have gone and gotten her. Had Nick gone up to her room, that would have put him in a very bad situation, knowing how sexually charged she is, but one of the female producers or Chris Harrison should have gone and told her to get her butt down there. She should be made to go to the group functions, pool parties, rose ceremonies, unless she is sick. And if she doesn’t show up, they should send her home if she doesn’t have a rose for that week. If it’s too much trouble to show up and participate, then she shouldn’t be there. Feeding into her sense of entitlement is not a smart move by the producers. Period. Just my opinion!

    I love Vanessa, and I totally agree that Nick is the best version of himself when with her. I also like both Danielle’s and Raven. I liked that Vanessa called Nick out on his time in the bouncy house with Corrine….he needs to hear that more often from the ladies, and it seems they’re all tired of her shenanigans, so I’m hoping her time is limited. I’m looking forward to next week to see what happens!

    Your little Molly is growing so fast….she’s so beautiful, just like her mommy!

    1. Thank for sharing your different opinion! Especially is such a good way! We don’t all have to agree, but it’s fun to discuss!

      And thanks for the nice words about Molly. She’s my everything!

  24. As a fan of this show for way too many years to admit, I absolutely love what you have to say about everything that happens. When you didn’t have your blog about the show for a few seasons I was bummed. You have such a unique opinion about what is taking place, especially because you have lived through many of these experiences. I am not huge on putting my opinions out into the world and am pretty shy. However, as a huge fan I just wanted to say thank you and I really enjoy what you have to say!

      1. Ali I love reading and following your blog(s)…do u happen to know how to find the details on Vanessa’s adorable swimsuit from last nights episode?

  25. The whole Corrine thing is taking up so much airtime and I’m over her act. How was Danielle L. not on your radar. Did u see Nicks reaction when she got out of the limo? U could tell by his reaction he was feeling her. I think she is the most beautiful woman there and after last night her personality came thru and it matches her beauty. However, I think Vanessa is my final rose pick with Danielle L fighting until the end.

      1. Hey Ali! If u ever need a mans perspective who loves watching the Bachelor I’m your guy ?. I’m pretty good at looking at the girls thru a mans eyes and what Nick may be thinking ? .

  26. You are so sweet to put Corrine in another light but then that is who you are. No family would want their daughter to go on national tv and act like a slut. It isn’t a pretty look in any regards. The only reason why she cried is that she didnt get her way! Spoiled rotten.

  27. Great recap as usual. I will say in defense of Corrine… when you are 24, success feels like validation and Nick validates sexual behavior! She saw in his previous 2 seasons that he is a physical person. Then, she got the rose on the group date after being very sexual. Finally, there was the Liz situation. Yes, he sent her home because he felt she was there for the wrong reasons, but peel back the layers and you see another trend: sexual validation! They had a one night stand after the wedding and what does he do? Ask for her number! This wasn’t a story where they slept together and mutually parted ways. Sleeping with Liz made him interested in her, and Corrinne definitely picked up on that. So, if you’re her and living in a bubble where you are only focused on your interactions with Nick, all of these signs are saying “give this man sex and he will like you!”
    Oprah said that Maya Angelou said “You teach people how to treat you” and Nick is showing these women just that.

  28. Corrine needs to go!! My daughter watches this show with her daughter and I don’t want her thinking this is how you get a man!! It is on a 8:00, so i really think they need to tone the sexuality down!!

  29. Ali….I adore you. And not because we share the same name lol. You are so spot on with your blogs on the show and I look forward to reading them every week. I too feel my heart break every time Corinne says she has to “one up” the other girls and I just know that means that she will be cheapening herself and removing clothing. It makes me wonder what happened to her growing up? Not to get all Dr. Phil here but she wasn’t born this way. I don’t think she is used to having to share attention and so she will say and do whatever it takes to make sure that she is the center of attention. And when that effort fails….she runs away and cries. She is clearly used to getting her way and not having to share. The fact that she claims to have a nanny makes so much sense to me given her behavior. I don’t say this to be mean or judge-y at all….I truly feel awful for her. She is a beautiful young woman, seems to be successful in business and has so much more to offer a man then just her body. I hope that as she matures and grows as a person she will realize this.

    My heart also broke for Dominique. She was totally projecting her insecurities onto Nick before he sent her home. I think he made the right decision and I commend Nick on not waiting until the rose ceremony. I’m sure she’s a great woman but until she gets a handle on herself and really hones in on her self worth I’m afraid she will continue to face the same fate with men.

    My faves this season are definitely Vanessa, both Danielles, Taylor, Rachel, Raven & Sarah. Nick has a great group of women and I’m loving the season so far. I’m also loving Nick as the Bachelor!!! I was SUPER bummed when Luke was not chosen but am really impressed with Nick so far!

  30. I always nod in agreement through your entire blogs. I love how you tell it like it is but tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s clear you genuinely wish these people the best & I think that’s awesome :). As far as last night’s episode, I’m just bummed Raven didn’t have a date! She makes me lol with her bluntness. Alexis too ?

  31. I think that if either Vanessa or Rachel don’t win, they are my top votes for Bachelorette material. Both have beauty, brains, and CLASS, which all need to be present for a good season!

  32. I’m on team Vanessa for sure, but the more I watch, the more I hope she ends up as the next bachelorette.
    What I ponder the most, isn’t so much the girls, but Nick. I’m not convinced Nick is ready for a long term commitment. I see glimpses of it when he’s with Vanessa, but unfortualy, his indulgence of Corine is somewhat telling about him.
    Thank you for your blog, and allowing all of us a glimpse into your beautiful life and family. ?

  33. I just started reading your posts about the Bachelor episodes and everything you says is exactly what I am thinking! Come on Corinne! Since night one Danielle and Vanessa have been in my final 4.

  34. Corrine bothers me, she thinks everything is about her and it’s not. She seems to be all about the “physical” aspect versus wife material. She just gets under my skin so badly.

  35. First of all, love your blog and love hearing your thoughts on the show (and seeing cute pics of Molly!) I do agree how sad it is Corinne’s self worth comes from how she wants others (namely Nick) to view her sexually. It’s really sad that many women out there feel the same way and I think as a society we need to nurture the idea of women as strong, intelligent, and independent instead of emphasizing their sexuality or dependenance on a man! Right now my faves are definitely Vanessa and Rachel. I thought it was nice that even though Rachel hadn’t gotten a date last week and not much air time (probably had time with Nick it just wasn’t shown), it was still obvious to me they have a connection blooming and that it didn’t fade after night one and the first impression rose. I am loving Vanessa too- she is clearly very down to earth and genuine. So cute how the puking didn’t matter to Nick and they seemed to really embody what a couple looks like outside of the show! Am curious to know your thoughts on what she told Nick at the end? I thought that was really impressive. It was nice that she was keeping him accountable and not just blaming the behavior on Corinne but more assessing how he handled it. Very mature I thought and not something we’re used to seeing on here! What do you think?

  36. Does everyone not just really dislike Nick??? He is proving himself to be the ‘dog’ I always knew he was….This show is boring and predictable….yawn. Sooooo over Nick.
    Please bring on fresh meat…and someone with morals and integrity would be great too!!!

  37. Am I the only one that is dying to see more Alexis! Her comment about the pool party and the ‘betches’ had me cracking up!

  38. Maybe I am remembering wrong, but didn’t Corrine say her grandmother lived with them and basically took care of her in her introduction video the first week?

  39. I love Vanessa! They had the perfect date and you could totally see the connection. I’m actually really happy that she called Nick out at the end of the episode. Here she is making a serious connection with Nick and the next day she sees him dry humping Corrine in the bounce house. It was inappropriate! I’m glad she was comfortable enough to talk with him about how she was feeling. I think she knew Nick would respect her thoughts and hoped to get her point across! I hope moving forward that doesn’t ruin their relationship because she called him out.

  40. Love Vanessa and Nick’s connection! I am so tired of watching Corrine and am so hoping that what I am reading, about her being in the final four, is false. There are so many other women with great lives and that have substance and would be a better fit for Nick- unless it is the producers that are keeping her and if they are- Shame on them.

    Looking forward to the Vanessa and Nick love affair unfolding before our eyes! <3

  41. I was watching the show last night and told my husband the same thing about Corrine’s “nanny.” I told him I’m sure she’s just the family housekeeper. What I think is sad, is that Nick doesn’t even really know anything about Corrine. He just seems to be physically attracted to her. Does he know about the business? What her future plans are (besides getting engaged)? He obviously doesn’t know about the “nanny” from seeing next weeks preview. They spend most of their time making out instead of trying to communicate and build a connection beyond sexuality.

    This is why I too am team Vanessa! I thought they had a great connection and I like that she is willing to address real issues with Nick.

  42. I agree with what you said about Corrine. It is sad that she believes that sexuality is the right way or only way to Nicks heart.

    Ive watched this show since I was 10 and I can honestly say I would never let my daughter watch the Bachelor. Especially this season. Corrines actions are showing the younger girls that are watching that in order to find a man or husband you need to do all the wrong things. And like you said, if my daughter did these things I would be broken. I know it’s all about ratings but I just wish the producers would think about some of their younger audience and the message they are sending to women.

  43. I can . not . stand Corinne! Right now, she is just the person that gives us something to talk about and someone to dislike. I don’t know why someone so immature is on this show. I also think he was very respectful rejecting Corinne… I mean, there is a group of women on the other side of the gate, what did she expect? On the other hand, I loved Vanessa from the start but didn’t see much interaction with her and Nick so I didn’t think she would be around long, but now I’m thinking she will! I loved their date and could practically feel their chemistry in my bones. The end of the episode made me nervous… I hope Nick isn’t turned off by her questioning him and making it sound like she doesn’t want to be there if he’s into Corinne. But he should’ve seen it coming! I wish I could go back into ABC’s fantasy league and change my top 4!

  44. I feel exactly the same regarding Corrine. Iv been her. And, I’m a mom now & think totally differently now. I do feel sorry for her. She needs to go back home and grow up a lot more before searching for a husband. Cuz once the sexual attraction has passed… then what? What else can she offer? Well that’s what she needs to figure out during her maturing process. I love Danielle, she’s a “woman” and a beautiful one! Vanessa is HOT and a beautiful woman as well… I can’t with Corinne much longer. ??‍♀️

    1. Corrine needs to be turned over her nanny’s knee. She. needs. a nanny cause she’s a little spoiled brat. Hope Nick ends up alone. Those girls are way above him. Worst. bachelor show ever.

  45. I want to know what business she has that is ” multi Billion dollar business ” as she claims.
    Girl get a clue… You look and are acting like trash. No one want’s that.
    I feel sorry for all the other girls that have to put up with it.

    I am team Vanessa all the way!

  46. Ugh! As a mother, I just want to take Corinne by the hand and help her! I think she is a good person but competition is coming through more than her personality and that’s sad. Hopefully she stops looking like just a piece of meat!

  47. After years of watching the Bachelor I think I have come to a place where I don’t believe what any one of them says. I wasn’t even going to watch because I don’t think much of Nick from previous interactions on the program. The girls in this edition are so immature. I did like that Vanessa confronted Nick and she even said that she was holding him accountable for his behavior not Corrine’s. She gets mature points for that. I happened to buy a magazine that had a negative article in it from one of Nick’s friends. I don’t know whether what she was true or not but she says Nick is not there for the right reasons. She thinks he is there to build a career on tv. Anyway, Ali I love you and your daughter is absolutely adorable. I am glad that you found a good man to be the love in your life.

  48. I adore Rachel. I love Vanessa and Rachel. Both are so sweet. I Hope Rachel becomes the next bachelorette. That would be so AWESOME!

  49. Hello Dolly! You little family is as cute as can be! You are a favorite of both mine and my husbands so I am thrilled to get to watch your journey! I just want to come clean- back during Kaitlin’s season I tried reading your blogs but some of your point of views I just had a hard time swallowing as a Mom of a 22 year old daughter. So I stopped reading but remained a follower. Your last 2 blogs on Nick’s season intrigued me to take a peek- and has brought me back. I completely agree with your perspective and interpretation. Motherhood changes many things- and it looks beautiful on you!

  50. Hi Ali….you have always been a favorite of mine from the show! So happy you have found your Mr Right and have a beautiful baby! I really like Vanessa….they do have a great connection…she is my favorite and I can’t wait to see how Nick responds to her questioning his intentions with Corinna. She is very immature so I hope Nick sees past the sexuality.

  51. Ali! I just love you! I have followed you since the beginning of your journey on bachelor and you have always been my fav! I couldn’t agree more with you about Corinne. Sometime in her life she must have felt that her sexuality was the way to gain attention from men and that men’s attention equaled her worth. ? Very sad. I wish the mental health counselor on the show would recognize this instead of being threatened by her and try to help her!

  52. That whole date with Vanessa is my favorite out of all the dates so far on this show, the guys and the gals. I mean, I felt like I was watching a freaking movie!!! His love for her while she puked. I just can’t get it out of my head.
    Now Corrine? Please go home and the sooner the better. Go back to your “supposed” nanny because you need a diaper change and bottle. We know she WON’T for awhile because she brings drama and viewers to the show, but I can’t stand the girl. I was secretly thinking how glad I was that she was freaking out about the dancing group date.

  53. I like how Nick was very sweet with Vanessa while she was sick. One girl in my party from last night is worried that Vanessa is going to be too serious for Nick, however we still love her! Who was jealous of the Backstreet Boys date??? ME!! I would be dancing like Corrine, but it would still be loads of fun!!! And everything you said about Corrine, I said last night as well to my girls!

  54. Hey Ali, I’ve been watching Bachelor for over 10 years now and you’re my fave by far. 🙂 SO happy that you’re settled and so happy. 🙂 Congrats on everything, especially Molly. She is just precious and i love following on your instagram and blog.

    About Corinne, I agree with you on her not having a “nanny” for sure, and I also think that she does NOT run a multi-million dollar company. Is she for real that she thinks people believe that? I feel bad for her on so many levels. One- like yous aid, that she feels her body is the only way to have a man pay attention to her. She even said at one point “He actually listens to me, noone ever “LISTENS” to me” as if he was an honor that he heard what she had to say (Nick). She is screaming for love and attention, so yes I feel bad for her as well. 🙁 If she ran a company, how come she doesn’t talk about the company itself and not refer to it so generically, like if it was a clothing line, she would have referred to it as that, or if it was a plumbing business, she’d refer to it as that! She’s full of it. I hope that she realizes that being transparent and humble will win her more friends and men than being fake and acting like she is better than the rest. Never works. None of the girls who have acted like that have ever won the man.

    Question, Ali- if you can say- how much does the show actually script or tell the guy “Don’t send her home this week” and have them keep someone on for longer for ratings, viewers, etc? My husband who watches “sometimes” always says “Of course they’re gonna keep her on, they want the drama, they’re MAKING him keep her on!”.. is this true?

  55. *Corinne

    I only have to point that out because I was excited to see a girl with my name on this season. That is until I saw what a train wreck she is!

    Great post!

  56. A few times last night, Nick stated that he was attracted to Corrine’s body confidence. I wished I could take him aside and say to him: “Oh, honey, I think I’ve figured out why you’ve been on the show 4 times. A woman constantly ripping her clothes off in front of everyone is not a sign of confidence. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s the sign of a woman who is desperately seeking validation from others because she can’t find it in herself.”

  57. So far Vanessa is definitely a front runner but I worry she won’t leave Canada and this could be an issue as I can’t see nick moving there but I really do hope in the end he takes a leap of faith on her she is definitely the piece in his life he is missing. You can see it when he looks at her versus the others. Especially after him taking care of her while getting sick and his emotions during dinner. as far as corrine I agree she is not emotionally ready for marriage and needs to learn to love herself. I just can’t help but think the producers are pushing him to keep her around.

  58. Agree Ali!!
    I loved watching Nick and Vanessa’s date … hopefully it will work for them. By the way I love your hair I wish I could get mine to look that great up!

  59. I feel like vanessa has her ish together. She’s ready for an engagement. Corinne is a hot mess. You do not throw yourself at a guy. That’s poor trash. Like her father must be So proud . She needs to get herself together. I agree with Ali, this isn’t the last of her. She will for sure be on BIP this season.

  60. Spot on again this week!! I felt sorry for Corrine as well after Nick turned her down ONLY because I think her confidence is really just insecurity.
    Can’t wait til next week!!

  61. Vanessa is a keeper for sure. I loved when she said “I am not judging Corrine, I am judging you (Nick)” It takes a mature person to be that honest with the guy she wants to be with at the end.

  62. This sentence… “Corrine just thinks it’s funny or cool to say she has a nanny.” ??

    I think you’re on to something- maybe her real goal is to be on BiP so she has even more guys around.

    Team Vanessa! (I do also like Raven, Danielle, Kristen, Sarah, Rachel…)

  63. AWESOME BLOG!!!! I couldn’t agree with you more!! I love the chemistry between Nick and Vanessa and to see the emotional connection they have…..I’m going to go out on a limb early and say I truly believe she’s the one!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. Being a mom TOTALLY changes your perspective on life! My little girl is just a few months older than Molly! Corinne totally reminds me of an episode (or two) of SVU with that super sexual personality disorder. She annoys/disgusts me at how she throws herself at a guy she barely knows!!! She would make for a great person on paradise! Wayyyyy too immature for Nick. Love your perspective as a former bachelorette!

  65. Allie I just want to say that I have followed you since your season and loved you on E news and now I look forward to your awesome Bach blog recap every week. I’m a Molly too! Your post this week was spot on. I feel sorry for Corinne but I also think it makes all of us girls look bad when another girl uses her sexuality to “win” something. She’s a business woman and should lead with that to impress others. I think Danielle L is going far for sure. He has a special spark with her. Alexis is hilarious and I would love to see her on BIP as well as Raven. She seems very grounded and genuine. Thanks for your thoughts every week! P.S. Sending love from one Molly to another ?

  66. I can tell you are a great mother just from this post. Your empathy for a woman who was once a sweet little baby like Molly is touching. I, too, am a young mother and have found that imagining people as little toddler versions of themselves often helps me feel love in even impossible situations (I teach middle school lol!). Anyway, just wanted to say that Molly is so lucky to have you 🙂

  67. I have not read the other comments, but did anyone notice that the Ready Whip Corrie used was the exact same brand that was also a sponsor of the show in the same episode. Later in the show there was a Comercial for it. It was totally an I’m bedded pre-Comercial for the product.

  68. Hey! I always get spam email, and I hate it. But today I got one that said something about you and what you thought of Corrine and I had to know 🙂 I looked you up on Facebook to see if it was real, and I’m so glad I did. Ali! You’re awesome and I love your blog! I’ll definitely be checking out your stuff from now on. You and Dev have always been my favorite. I’m so glad to see where you are in life now and how happy you are.


  69. I think if this wasn’t the Bachelor Nick would have followed Corrine around like a dog in heat ! I think the only reason he will be calming his heels is all the other girls getting so upset about his reaction to her. I like Nick but also think he falls in love far too easily. I also feel badly or Corrine. She is so immature and acts like a high schooler, I think she will be a good wife to someone someday but it’s not Nick and no time soon. She has far to much growing up to do. I do pray Nick finds the right one.

  70. Oh love the chemistry between Vennessa and Nick! I was hesitant about her confronting Nick about Corrine, I was worried it would bite her in the butt. However I’m glad she made the “do you want a wife or a —–” I think he will sit back an analysis his relationship with Corrine. i can see his attraction to Corrine but she is not wife material at this time. She makes my heart sad because I think she feels sex is the only way to a mans heart.
    I was not a fan of Nick being the bachelor but I have to say I love him even more after each episode.

  71. Ali, I wouldn’t be too worried about Corrine … she knows exactly what she’s doing. Just like our Bachelor, she’s not looking for love. This is a career move and nothing more. She’s getting her 15 minutes of fame now, will go on to “Star” in Bachelor in Paradise and then forever be named “Reality Star” and reap all the benefits that go along with that. She may even be lucky enough to get a book deal with a catchy title like “How to become famous by acting like a total slut on TV”. ?

  72. Hi Ali,

    I have never commented before but I am a longtime follower of yours and have always loved your blogs!! I was a little late to the Bachelor world and only discovered it when you were on Jake’s season. You were my front runner and I loved how you carried yourself. You were the first Bachelorette that I watched and no one has compared to your season since then. You are very down to earth and honest. I like the approach you take when sharing your thoughts on the show.

    I actually like Corrine *cue the groans*. Even though I don’t agree with all the things she does and I agree with you that she is emotionally immature, I think at the core she is a good person. Her methods do rub the ladies the wrong way, she really is just going after what she wants with everything she has. Even though she appears to be confident on the outside it’s apparent that she’s very insecure.

    I really enjoy the stories you share about your personal life. I can relate to so much of what you talk about. Kevin seems wonderful and Molly is adorable!! So nice to see you got your happily ever after.

    Wishing you all the best on your upcoming wedding!


  73. I FINALLY had a chance to catch up on the first 3 episodes last night and have to say I am 100% team Nick! There are some really great women this season! I actually love how quirky Josephine and Alexis are. They seem like really fun girls though I am not sure how good a match they are for Nick but we will see. My top 3 are definitely Rachel, Danielle L and Vanessa (Go Canada!!!) I love that they come across as mature and know what they want. They are smart, driven women and I love to see that! Danielle M seems incredibly genuine but I agree with you Ali, maybe just a bit too sweet for him.

    Corrine is a hot mess. It’s so sad that she thinks that throwing herself at someone is the only way to get attention. I am embarrassed for her and for her family. And we’ve seen it before, does Nick really want someone who obviously doesn’t get along well with other people? She TRIES to push the other girls buttons and make them jealous which is so unnecessary. She obviously has a LOT of growing up to do – “Multi-million dollar” company or not…

  74. Hi Ali! I was totally embarrassed for Corrine and the whip cream act! I couldn’t believe it…but then when she went upstairs and was crying ? I felt so sad for her. I hope she can learn from this experience and grow as a woman. No one should feel that’s the way to get a mans attention.

    I am loving Vanessa and Danielle L after this weeks episode! Can’t wait for more!

  75. I’m loving Vanessa as well. I’m excited to see his response to her calling him out at the end of this week’s episode. It seems like he appreciates her holding him accountable and he doesn’t want to let her down. They are a perfect match. Side note: Does anyone else have this overwhelming desire to cuddle Nick throughout each episode because he’s so freaking cute?! Haha.

  76. Vanessa and Danielle L. are certainly won’t my favorites, but I also really like Danielle M. As for Corrine goes, yes she is entertainment and I do so sorry for her, but her antics are growing old. She is so insecure and using her sexuality to overcompensate. Yet she’s supposedly running a multi million dollar company, just doesn’t make sense.

    1. Her dad runs the company. I’m sure they just let her pretend to run it haha. They sell epoxy coating for garage floors. It’s called Armor Garage or something like that.

  77. I have loved Danielle from Day 1. She was my first pick out of the limo. I like her because she is super sweet and genuine. She is not caddy and seems to really like Nick. Last show, Vanessa became my #2. She is smart, gorgeous, and sexy and seems to have it all together. I wonder though if she might be too much for Nick though. He seems to be slightly shallow. Now to Corrine. I agree she will be around for awhile because she is drama and nice to look at. I agree though, she is too immature for Nick. I hope he realizes this before some really great girls go home to keep her there. All I see right now is a good one night stand, but not anything more……. That is sad to say, because if she didn’t lead with her sexuality she would be a really great catch! She needs a few years to understand that and grow up! Love your blog!

  78. Hi Ali, Great blog and perspective on Corrine. I agree that her confidence is just masking insecurity. I also agree that she is young not just in age, but in spirit. Raven is only a year or two older (I think) and the two are worlds apart! I really like Raven, Rachel, Danielle L., Jasmine, and Kristina, but of course, I love Vanessa the most. She and Rachel are both mature and fun enough for him! We’ll see what happens though!

    Also, random thought after watching this episode- I love Alexis but don’t see her as Nick’s pick. She and Nick seem more like friends with little romantic chemistry. But what are people’s thoughts on her and Vinny from JoJo’s season!? I could see them together- Jersey/Florida sass, funny, down to earth. =) Maybe if they both end up on BIP.

  79. I totally agree with your blog pertaining to last week’s show. I see the connection that Nick has with the 2 girls. Corinne is so annoying and immature….Nick handled the situation perfectly. I was so embarrassed for her….the thought that her parents might be watching!!!!!!!
    P.S. I am so petrified of flying. The week leading up to my trips are always stressful. I make myself sick. Usually have lots of turbulence. Ugggghhhhh.

  80. I don’t feel sorry for Corinne at all. She knows exactly what she’s doing and is desperately seeking attention and she’s getting it. Even tho she won’t win she’ll go on to star in BIP and her dad’s company will probably get tons of free exposure making them even more rich. People like her gross me out. And my pick to win it all is Vanessa. She’s so classy and they have a serious, adult-like connection. Corn has the mental capacity of a 4 year old.

  81. Does anybody know what Nick was talking about when he said he once made a girl lock her shells before he kissed her? Did he mean pucker up? I’ve never heard that phrase.

  82. I am so seriously irritated with the Bachelor show. Just get Corrine off the show! There must be other things to show on TV! Stop wasting our time! We really will continue watching (more so) when she’s gone! I know the show has already finished taping but dear god! Re edit the rest and cut her out. She’s cheapening the production.

  83. I believe that the show keeps people like Corrine on just for the drama. And poor Nick has to just tolerate her childish, slutty, spoiled rotten little Bratty and obnoxious ways! They are just trying to keep the watchers watching!

    She is a flat out LIAR! Her dad owns the company, from what I have found. She only works there part time.

  84. Hi Ali,
    You spoke the truth and dead on about Corrine. I really like her as a person, but on the show she is someone that is not being herself. She can say she is but its clear she is acting out and cause she throws her money around to create a show for Nick and idiot Nick is going right along with it, which would make any women feel out of sorts. Everyone is going with the flow of the program and Corrine is breaking all the rules to find love. Others no question used their sexuality but in a sense of passion not tacky like Corrine did. Other women also gave great conversation where Corrine avoided the talk and went right for the home run. Nick again being Nick which upset me cause he was all over Corrine and her agenda to gain a rose for security. Think about it, after she pulled her Corrine move, she would feel accomplished in achieving confidence she had Nick where she wanted him and went to bed. She used it for control. Being as young as she is, you can tell she was also playing the game. In the real world her money can buy her what she wants therefore she’s getting what she wants. Here it doesn’t work that way, so it became a game and she knew the bouncy house and her trying to get naked on it and would put her ahead, and thankfully Nick snapped out of the OLD Nick and remembered what he was here for and knowing the other girls will not take him serious and will only walk away from him feeling disrespected. I am curious of the family dates. Corrine and her father seem to belittle Nick by assuming his life has to be enough to take care of Corrine otherwise he would be the stay at home dad and be the husband/father/Corrine’s Nanny position. Nick didn’t look happy after the father mentioned the intent. I wouldn’t be either.
    Vanessa I love and adore and her father was dead on when he told Nick about him asking for approval or permission from the other families. I get his message but the delivery was so wrong on so many levels. Of course you want to know they accept him and the possibility of what would be in store for the next step, but should this end in proposal than obviously that should be another phone call asking directly as that is something of importance that should not be an overall question to be the deciding factor.
    Corrine will make great drama and entertainment for the Paradise version for this show, where all the extras are usually drawn to if rejected. Think about it, anyone that is boring don’t make the news or anything to write home about, but the ones that make drama will make their name a house hold name in everyone who is watching in their home. Which is a good thing. I dislike Corrine basing on her delivery that shows her age and how immature she is. She may not know this herself and this show pulling it out. Think being on this show would do that to anyone, however good to see and hopefully enough to want to fix. Corrine seems to be this amazing personality and refuse to give up hope that she’s not anything special cause I think she is amazing with a heart of gold.
    Ali, you are amazing and love reading your blogs. And for the record your style is amazing. Keep up the hard work!!!!!

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