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It’s affordable Friday on my blog!!! Woot woot! Yes, almost all of my looks are very affordable. But I’ve reserved Fridays for EXTRA affordable looks! Gotta luv the affordable Friday fashion!

My faux leather jacket is one of the best prices I’ve ever featured on my blog. It’s only $37!!!! That is unheard of for a cute faux leather jacket. And I love it! The hardware on it makes it feel much more expensive in my opinion. I got it on SheIn and many of you have asked me in the past if the website is legit. I always say the same thing. I haven’t had any issues with their stuff. But if you are concerned, try looking at items that have photos of bloggers wearing them (usually the blogger pics are below the product image) and then you have a better idea of the actual item. Hope this helps! Oh and the zipper is NOT pink. I think it is reflecting the pink off the scarf in the photo.

I love the muted color of my scarf but the black lines make it easy to tie in with any black outfit.

Speaking of a black outfit. I LOVE the base of my looks. It’s flattering and affordable! I use it as the base of many of my looks like THIS ONE and THIS ONE. It’s this slimming black top and my $19 black leggings that I am always raving about. Add knee high black boots to complete the base.

And these black cat-eye sunnies aren’t the exact ones I’m wearing (mine sold out) but they are similar and only $12!




12 Thoughts

12 thoughts on “Affordable Friday Fashion

  1. Hi Ali,

    Love your blog and your affordable finds. I heard SheIn sizes run small. I was wondering what size you got this jacket in? Also, how is the quality? Thanks!!

    1. My jacket doesn’t have a tag in it. I just went to look for the size. I usually order a medium so I am guessing that’s the size I ordered.

  2. I seriously need to get those leggings that you rave about. I mean $19??? And, those boots are amazing! Thanks for always sharing your great finds with us!

  3. Hi Ali

    I finally bought this t after thinking about it for a long time. Can’t wait to try it :-). I do have a question for you. Do you have any breastfeeding friendly clothing brands you’d recommend? I’m on the 3rd pregnancy and have never worn actual breastfeeding clothing (I’m pretty comfortable so normally I just nurse lol). Since I’m on the go so much more this time around I think it’d be nice to have some more durable pieces in my wardrobe!

    Thanks so much 🙂

  4. What size jacket are you wearing? I’m reading the reviews online and having a hard time deciding on which size.

  5. Hey Ali!

    I love this look so much! Wish I wasn’t pregnant right now or I’d order the whole outfit! Haha. Guess I can settle for the scarf! Thanks for always sharing affordable looks!

  6. It’s interesting that you post a bekindtoanimals hashtag and boast about wearing a vegan jacket, questioning why one would even wear real leather anymore (extremely commendable things), all while wearing real suede boots. Suede is just as cruel as leather and is the reason I didn’t buy those super cute otk grey boots you always wear 🙁 also, are you vegan or vegetarian? Eating meat is cruel, too. At least your post shows you’re starting to think about it though and maybe gets others thinking, too. I look forward to hopefully seeing more vegan footwear and less of the cruel stuff 🙂 ps love your style

  7. Hi Ali!
    I totally agree with you on Vanessa! I am loving her!!! I can’t wait to see how the conversation with Nick went when she confronted him at the end of the show, I hope that didn’t get too weird.
    Lastly, I love checking out your style especially since becoming a new mom. I started a boutique a few years ago and I would love to send you something from my boutique to see what you think!

  8. Hi Ali,

    I am a legging girl myself but lately I can’t find leggings that you can’t see through. I’ve seen you rave about these leggings…are they opaque? Do the pass the bend over test? Thanks for any feedback…

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