The Bachelor – 12 Brides, 1 Groom. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

We are only 2 episodes into The Bachelor and already there is so much drama! And sexuality. Man, I was a bit shocked by how some of the girls were behaving (Although I probably shouldn’t have been). Let’s break it all down….

First, the Bridal photos were actually pretty funny. Although I would have HATED that date because I’ve always been weird about people asking me to try on wedding dresses. It’s only happened a couple times before I got engaged to Kevin (for random photo shoots), but I was always adamant that the first time I try on a wedding dress be when I was actually shopping for one! Anyway, that’s just me and might seem dumb. My point is that I wouldn’t have wanted to put on a dress if I was on this date and would have gotten the boot I’m sure.


Don’t you agree that Alexis couldn’t have been a more perfect bride for the shotgun wedding photos? She owned it and totally made me laugh.

And DAMN Brittany looked incredible in that little leaf bikini bottom. Cheers to her for having the balls to wear it (that immediately put a weird visual in my head. Ha!). But then again, her body is amazing so it’s no wonder she has the confidence to do it. What I found interesting was that the women cheered her along instead of being jealous of her shoot with Nick. I think that says a lot about Brittany and her character. The women really seem to like her.

Corrine on the other hand doesn’t get the same warm reaction from the women. And it’s pretty obvious why. Quite frankly, I don’t think Nick enjoyed her being all over him at the pool either. Look, don’t get me wrong, I think he is very attracted to her and would have enjoyed it in a more private area. But he knew that what she was doing was going to make the other women upset and if I know Nick at all, I know he wouldn’t want that.

And of course she won the photo shoot challenge! Having her win causes the most amount of drama. Also, I can’t help but think Nick giving her the group date rose was producer encouraged. He has done this whole group date thing enough times that he has to know giving Corrine the rose after she stole him away multiple times, wining the group date challenge, and having him put his hands on her boobs was going to make the these girls very upset. He’s not a dummy. He also has to know that Corrine is making enemies. Who knows exactly why he gave her the group date rose, but all I know is that HE knew it would cause friction before giving it.

And this is totally random, but I just adore Raven. I could listen to her talk all day long. She is so cute, sweet, and nice.

In my first Bachelor blog last week (where I show you how to throw a fun Bachelor viewing party!), I said the Danielle M was going to be a girl to watch. And I am pumped to see that she got the first date! But after watching them interact and getting to know her a little bit more, I don’t think she is a match for Nick. I mean she’s lovely and so so sweet, but almost too sweet for Nick. And I really didn’t feel any chemistry between them. But man is she adorable. And I loved the black halter jumpsuit she wore on their date. I found a super similar one HERE that has great reviews. Sorry the pic below is the WORST! I took it as a screenshot off my computer.

And then there’s Liz… Nick made the absolute right choice sending Liz home. I’m sure 99% of you agree that if she really liked him she would have pursued him before he became the Bachelor. It’s a shame too because I actually think she’s totally his type looks and personality wise. Oh well. Hopefully a better girl for him is still around.

Overall, I am pretty disappointed with how some of the girls are handling themselves. Brittany asked Nick whose boobs were better – hers or Corrine. Corrine got naked on her first date. And Lacey said “what if I had taken my shirt off, would I have gotten the rose?” I know she was trying to make a point suggesting that’s what Nick wants (and I think Lacey is very sweet). But in general there is just too much focus on sexuality this season already. Even the boob birthday thing at the end. It was funny and I can appreciate humor, but again, it seems like too much for it only being the 2nd episode. As a mom, I sat there and watched the showing thinking, I never want my daughter to think she has to behave this way to find a good man. I’m not trying to put the girls down by calling them out on this either. It just makes me sad I guess. I hope they all know they are better than this.

Well, that’s all I have for now! At the end of this week I think Nick is most into Corrine and Raven. But lots can change between now and the final rose! You never know what’s going to happen on The Bachelor…

Until next week!

xoxo – Ali

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103 thoughts on “The Bachelor – 12 Brides, 1 Groom. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  1. I’m with you 100%. I think Corrine is just a drama seeker and she is probably encouraged by the producers because that is what makes The Bachelor so addicting to watch! Without Corrine’s, they wouldn’t make good television. I think with Nick sending Liz home he earned some major brownie points with a lot of viewers, and the girls will appreciate it too eventually (if they don’t when he first tells them). I know it’s still really early in the season but I am concerned about the lack of substance these girls seem to have. I feel like most of them are all really young for Nick and seem a little bit immature for the adventure that awaits them. I will give them a chance though week after week because you just can’t get a good opinion of someone based off a television show! But, best of luck to Nick with this season!
    Also, I think Christen is just adorable. I might be biased though seeing as how she is representing my home state! 😉

    Love your blog Ali and following you along your journey as a new mom and planning your wedding! Keep your smile, you’re inspiring more people than you know!

    1. You are so right! The show would be boring within Corrine at this point!!!! I want Nick to find love but I have to remind myself that this is a TV show and there is going to be some drama

      1. Ali, definitely a fan, however a bit confused by some of your sentiments. You don’t want your daughter feeling she has to do such and such to get a man’s attention, yet you are one of the faces of this franchise where girls act the way you disagree with. Not saying YOU were that way, but this franchise (mostly) is and you’ve made a name for yourself off of it. Isn’t that contradictory? Just trying to understand how that jives with how you feel. ☺️

        1. I think she’s talking about how much the episode was focused on sexuality. It’s different if it’s a normal date but when there’s so much focus on the sexual part of it is where the issue arrises

        2. I have watched every episode of The Bachelor since season 1. Personally, I think each season gets worse and I always say I’m done, but then I get sucked back in. The show felt more genuine when it first started. Now, they create new “twists” to keep it fresh and exciting. I believe there are some people really looking for love, but many who are just looking for fame. Many of the contestants chosen are related to a past contestant in one way or another and there are less random contestants chosen. When Ali was in, both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, she handled herself like a lady. She did not use sex to get the man. The franchise may be a lot of that, but she wasn’t. But if you compare what the show is like now to how it used to be, it’s very different. More drama, more sexualized themes and situations. And just like me, we get sucked in. But it’s disappointing to see women acting this way. How do you go back to your every day life after portraying yourself like that on tv?! How do you face your family and how are you taken seriously professionally? Thank you for saying what a lot of us are thinking, Ali.

    2. I agree the girls seem super young. I know when I was in my early 20s any guy in his thirties I thought was old! So it makes you think what there intentions really are.

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      3. La coupe est superbe c’est vrai. Je pense aussi que tu n’aurais pas de mal à la réaliser 🙂 Cependant c’est tellement travaillé que ça manque de naturel et ça serait difficile à porter dans la journée. Ce que je veux dire c’est que lookée, maquillée et pomponnée ça serait parfait, mais en tenue casual dans le métro ça le fait moins 😉

      1. Hmmm, to a certain degree…he did pursue Andi and wasnt shy about stealing her away. But he seemed interested in getting to know her on a deep level (she herself had said that about him). So far Corrine is only about surface level, sexual stuff. The kind of methods a young girl in her 20s assumes a man needs in a partner.

    3. As I was watching last night I kept thinking the same thing… A lot of these girls seem to young for Nick, I believe it showed he is 36… But like you said I will watch hopelessly hoping Nick truly finds “the one” among this group of beautiful women…
      Ali I really enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing you life with us

  2. You are so down to earth with grace and respect. I couldn’t agree more than how the ladies are acting and what this could show to the young women out there reguarding finding the love of a man.

  3. Thanks for that blog post about last nights bachelor! I was totally feeling the same about too much sexuality that I left home to buy a few groceries we were out of and then came back to finish the show… which is not like me to do so… I also have a daughter that is almost two and I pray to God that she never handles herself that way because she is a precious gem that deserves to be adored and respected…thanks for

      1. I just had a little girl 2 1/2 months ago. I do agree that I wouldn’t want my little girl acting like that to get a man.

      2. I have 2 little boys, I pray I am raising them to not think women need to be like this to turn their heads. It takes both sides to make it work.

  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s thinking there’s way too much sexuality going on, for only being 2 episodes in! I also 100% agree on the lack of chemistry between Danielle and Nick. I really like her, but I don’t know if she’s the right match for Nick. So, so, so sweet though! Maybe it was first date jitters?

      1. Yes! Danielle the neonatal nurse is my pick for next bachelorette – when they first introduced her in the “ones to watch” segment on night 1 I said “she’s the next bachelorette!”

  5. Funny that you mention that as a mom you never want your daughter to think she needs to act like that. I have always watched the bachelor or bachelorette with my daughter around. She is 4 now, and she was off playing doing things, and caught the swimming pool scene. When the words “mommy, why’d she take her bra off like that?” came out of her mouth… I died a little inside. I have never had a problem with the show being on before, but this year… it seems they are playing off the sex more than ever. I had to turn it off until she was in bed…. so sad. I have always been such a big fan.

  6. Very well said Ali!! I felt the same way about all the sexuality going on in the episodes. It’s almost insulting as a woman. I’m scared that Nick now a reputation.. and he’s not doing himself any favors by not stopping the over aggressive sexually driven women. And after Paradise, I really started to think differently of Nick.. but now I’m starting to wonder. Ugh! But thank you for speaking up!! Need more people like you calling out the reality TV producers/directors. It’s getting ridiculous!!

    1. Why do these women continue to stay! Nick’s behavior with Corrine shows he has not ‘changed’. He is not actually and actively looking for a wife. He is still in the thrall of Nick Fame. The women who continue to stay are only showing either their desperation or lack of self-respect. They cannot possibly be ‘in love’ in such a short time! Yet they grovel for ‘time’ with him. I get embarrassed for these women! It would make for great tv if every single one if them refused a rose and all walking off and leaving him to live out his life with Corrine!

  7. It’s interesting once you become a mother, especially to a daughter (I have 3 girls) behaviour you once thought was fun and harmless you now think is upsetting and disappointing. You not only want the best for your daughter but for all girls out there. I also find the bachelor/bachelorette is way racy then it was a couple years ago. Everyone just wants to be famous

  8. I agree with you. I also thought he looked so awkward at times with all the girls kissing him. Didn’t seem natural at all. I hope that this season doesn’t become totally makeout and sex driven or I won’t get to see a real relationship develop and I think nick is great!

  9. I agree about Danielle M! I didn’t see the chemistry and she is, like you said, almost too sweet and not “sexy” enough for Nick comparing to how Andi & Kaitlyn were which he clearly fell for

  10. Love reading your blog Ali! You were (and are) always my favorite Bachelorette and I’m so happy you & Kevin have found each other!
    I have a little girl about the same age as Molly and I’ve really enjoyed all your blog posts & Instas about being a new mom.
    It’s fun reading your recaps on The Bach too!! #teamnick! I’m also disappointed in the girls this season – I hope last night was not a reflection on all the girls Or on the season as a whole… Some good ones need to start shining a little brighter!

  11. I know it could be producer encouraged, but I think picking Corrine for the group date rose is dumb. I guess, I sorta wish Nick came into this season acting as he was on BIP, where he was just legit and someone you could go to for advice. Right now, keeping Corrine around is kind of annoying.

    I completely AGREE with you about the way they are acting, like WHAT? And I know the whole Liz and Nick hooking up thing was good TV, but did they need to say what they did so many times? I think Christen made a point of saying, “yeah wouldn’t say that on a family friendly TV channel!” She’s the cutest.

    I’m completely rooting for anyone with a brain, and just WAITING for someone to call Corrine out on her stuff… interrupting everyone and then getting upset when you’re interrupted… come on! Though, I can see that maybe you don’t say anything right now because you only met her about a day ago… I just think maybe she’d be cooler if she was brought down a peg or two? (wow this is sounding so mean… I don’t think she’s for Nick.)

    I do like that this has been a light-hearted season and dates so far, that’s made it fun to watch. I can see why girls may be questioning Nicks motives though after some of his decisions, and if that’s the producer’s fault, that’s a shame.

  12. I agree about the drama and Corrine thing, it does make for some entertaining TV.
    I am not sure if you are allowed to share Ali– but on your season, were there things the producers wanted you to do more of or guys you were told to focus on more?

    1. Oh and on a different note- you posted a cute picture lifting up Molly on insta & fb– is your sweater from nordstroms?

    2. I disagree. I thought Corrine’s drama was incredibly annoying and hard to watch. It was so over the top and immature that I feel I can’t even watch. I am the same age as Nick and I feel so old watching this season’s young girls. I’ve always liked Nick and was excited he became the bachelor but so far I am so disappointed that I might quit this show.

  13. Hi Ali!

    I love following your blog! I am recently engaged to my high school sweetheart of ten years! 🙂 When I saw you post the white lace dress I immediately thought…wedding rehearsal dress! Any thoughts on writing a post on your top dresses/styles for a wedding rehearsal dress?

    Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about next week’s episode!

  14. Our oldest boys are nearly 18 and they watched last seasons Bachelorette with us. We were going to watch this season with them but after seeing the first night and then the previews for the rest of the season we said no way, they do not need to see all that stuff! And neither do my husband and I! Very thorough synopsis Ali, and I totally agree!

  15. I love your perspective and agree totally! Too much sexuality too soon. I hope this isn’t what this season becomes about. And I love how being a mom can change your perspective a little bit. I’m about to be a new mom in the next several months and know if I have a daughter I would not want her to feel like she has to act this way either. And I totally agree about the wedding dress. I refused to try any on until I was engaged. And it made that moment so much more special. Thanks for sharing! Love seeing your posts with your sweet family.

  16. Hi, I just wanna say I absolutely love reading your blogs. I’ve been so inspired by you for some time now!!
    On another note, the bachelor has been rather intense and it’s only been week 2. I agree with you 100% on the Liz subject. If she wanted a chance she most definitely had one months ago.
    Keep up the amazing blogs!! Xo

  17. Ali, how much of the show is scripted? Or “producer encouraged”? It just seems as the seasons go on it becomes more about drama (ratings) rather than love. It makes me rather sad.

  18. I was JUST talking about my disappointment in the girls this season, as a whole. Both the sexuality (the comment about “maybe I should have taken my top off too”) and the just general overall immaturity of these girls. Nick is 36…why are the majority of the women on this show 25 and under?? I get that age is just a number but these girls appear SUPER immature when they speak. It’s all superficial or sexual. Or both. This is the first season of Bachelor/ette that I’m not sure I’ll be able to stick it out…

  19. I had to cover my eyes when they were in the pool for the photo shoot. I can’t imagine ever going on national TV let alone in front of a group of girls (or anyone for that matter) and act the way she did. I feel like thatbshows a lack of respect for herself in general especially on the first date.

    I LOVE your blogs. They are always right on point and you’re so level headed.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to give us such great and easy access to great fashion and sharing photos of your beautiful family. I am so happy for you!

    Xoxo Bri

  20. I thought the same thing about the producers having Nick give Corinne the rose. Although I’m sure Nick enjoyed Corinne, it also seemed as though he was slightly annoyed in certain parts by her, which is why I thought it was weird for him to give her a rose. If he had seemed a little more into it, I wouldn’t have been as surprised. It should have gone to Raven based on the scenes they showed during that group date, which I thought was going to happen.

    As for Danielle M, I love her and want her to be the next bachelorette 😀

  21. Corrie is sh*t faced drunk ALL of the time. It’s funny to watch but also very sad. I fell bad for her parents. They must be very embarrassed to watch this.

  22. You hit the nail on the head! Too much of “how do i have to act to get Nick to like me”. I have a 7 year old daughter and it sickens me to think she would contemplate how to behave to impress a man. BE YOURSELVES! If it is a match, great. If not, it was never meant to be. Breaks my heart that these gorgeous women can have so little confidence in who they are.
    PS your little Molly is totally adorable!

  23. My husband and so watched and we decided that Corinne was so wasted last night- not during the shoot but during the evening when she kept interrupting other women’s one on one time. Were we the only ones who noticed that?!?

    1. Agreed… and she couldn’t handle it when other someone else ‘reinterupted’ her! I was really embarrassed for her the whole time. So many of the women are immature, but there are a few who seem like great catches. I do think Nick can be a great catch as well, but he needs to overcome the temptation of the immature ones. I watched with my husband too and when corrine said she said her dad would be proud of her, he said as a father I can say that’s not true (we have a 9 month old daughter). I hope my daughter (and other little girls) doesn’t ever feel like she needs to lead with her sexuality or feel like she needs to be anything but the true jewel she is.

  24. I agree with you 100%! I have always loved The Bachelor/Bachelorette but this season makes me feel differently. I was so sad at the end of this episode because all that was talked about was boobs, sex and physical attraction. Isn’t there more to life and getting to know someone than these things? We know nothing about the girls yet (besides Danielle who’s adorable and a few others who talked about their careers) and the entire episode was focused on body image and how Liz met Nick at Jade and Tanners wedding and *spoiler alert* they had sex! Again, this was all too much for me and I want to learn more about all the women.

    I hope this season turns around quickly because I’m not sure if I have it in me to watch women talk about their boobs and getting naked for the next few months.

    Cheers to a better next week!

  25. Great review, Ali! I was thinking the exact same thing while watching. Some of the girls are very young and immature but they’re on national television with family, friends, future employers, etc watching. Some need to keep that in mind. Stay classy ladies!

  26. I agree with you 100%! I have a young daughter too, and I would never want her to think she has to act that way to get a mans attention. Also why did the show have to choose so many really young girls! I think a lot of them act way too young for him. Oh well I’m a Bachelor fan, and will continue to watch 🙂 love you blog Ali!

  27. Hey Ali! It’s Angela, from this season (I left the first night). I am the same way about dresses and I wanted to share with you that the frame that I wrote my quote on that it showed Nick & I talking about was actually the back of a photo I had of myself in a wedding dress from my very first modeling cover. And I told him I always told myself that I never wanted to do any more shoots with wedding dresses until I was going to be walking towards the man of my dreams in it. Except that part didn’t make the air due to timing I suppose. But I completely agree about the wedding dress thing, it’s such a special moment. Just wanted to reach out and share that with you and to let you know I have always rooted for you and have enjoyed following your journey! 🙂

    1. Angela,

      I was hoping you would stay the first night. You are simply gorgeous and came across with a lot of poise and elegance. I have no doubt you will find the perfect man to spend your life with. Best wishes!

      1. Aw thank you so much Wendy! I am trusting in God’s plan and have complete faith that my prince is waiting! 🙂 Thanks again for the sweet comments, you made my morning! xoxo

  28. I feel like this is the Maury Show instead of The Bachelor this season. These girls are just meeting Nick! So, I totally agree with your sexuality comments. I found myself asking the TV … can we please focus on something of substance?!

    1. Yes I completely agree with you. The producers of this show seem to think this is what we want to watch, but based on the comments of this blog, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I think women watch this show wishing and hoping these couples find love during the whirlwind and fantasy of it all (despite knowing the reality of it deep down) but the producers have gotten away from that and just give us immature drama more and more each season.

  29. Ali, I have always been a huge fan of yours and I love reading your Bachelor blog. I couldn’t agree with you more. I love Danielle M, but I think she is too sweet for him. Raven is gorgeous and I love her voice! And I am definitely not a Corrine fan. If I had a daughter (I have 2 little boys), I would never want her to behave that way or think that she needs to behave that way to find a good man. Molly is a beautiful babe and I am excited to hear more about your wedding planning. Best of luck ❤

  30. I hear what you all are saying, but come on, ladies! Forget the girls, Nick is proving to be supremely boring! Very stiff, mumbling, and not very personable or expressive! I know it is early, but but he is the one allowing these girls to interrupt, and behave this sexually, etc. and then reward them! Hellloooo? Have some balls, Nick! And these girls that are just sitting there? Why wouldn’t they call out this classless behavior and say, ‘Sorry Corrine, you can wait your turn–I am speaking to Nick”–very disappointing. And while I don’t think he should have kept Liz on the show, since he did, when Liz really did finally confront him seemingly sincere, he just stared at her blankly! Sorry, I think Raven called it–if leading with your sexuality is what Nick values, no wonder it’s his 4th time. And I am not sure it’s an age thing, Raven is young, and also the 23 year old psychologist has also certainly shown more maturity than 36 year old Nick.

  31. I absolutely agree with your recap! You have always been my favorite bachelorette and you handled yourself with class and kindness while you were on the show. I’m so happy that you have found love with a great guy and that you share a beautiful baby girl 🙂 As a mother of 4 grown daughters, I was feeling sorry for Corrine’s parents while I was watching!

  32. As much as I wanted to like Liz, I had to agree with Nick that she seemed so confusing everytime she talked, and her not reaching out prior to him being the bachelor does seem like she just wanted to make it on TV. I’m guessing she used her Jade connection to get on the show… Plus the producers probably loved her history with Nick to watch it play out.

    I feel like there is a Corrine in every season. There is always one girl that thinks right away she has the best connection and is going to marry the guy, and goes out of her way to go to his room/ be sexual and butts heads with the other girls. I can’t think of the names of them from past seasons but I can clearly remember them.

    As for the behaviour of the girls, I agree it is coming across pretty sexual, but based on how Nick was on The Bachelorette and things people have heard about him, I would also think he wanted someone overly sexual. He might have seemed more low key and genuine in BiP, but I’m guessing most of these girls that got picked “auditioned” before BiP even aired.

  33. I could not agree with you more. A part of me thinks some girls are really focusing on the sexuality because from past episodes that seems to be what Nick is all about but instead of just throwing sex in his face wouldn’t it be better to get to know someone? Build a foundation? I mean he is there to find a wife not a ‘buddy’.

    I would love to know what Corrine does for a living. I know she helps run a multi million dollar company but she doesn’t carry herself that way. Even though I do like her but she’s clearly going to be the one people love to hate.

    It’s early in the episodes but I’m really excited to see where the road leads for Nick.

    Oh and congrats on your beauties 6 month birthday! She’s adorable!

  34. Agree with everything you said Ali including Danielle M. Even though she is the sweetest thing. He needs someone more challenging.
    I’m also hoping that your right about Nicks choices not solely his own. ( producers doing their job)
    I hope in the long run Nick gets his happily ever after. Let’s be real here and get rid of Corinne and really look for love and not lust

  35. Ali, what’s the deal with “interrupting”? Does the bachelor have to say yes? Corrine did it so many times and I was shocked Nick kept saying ok.

  36. Hi Ali!

    Completely agree with your thoughts on last nights episode. As I was watching, I kept forgetting it was only week 2! I just kept thinking, ” How is it possible for there to be so much drama, so early on?”. I’m sure the appropriate answer is that it’s TV and entertainment is top priority there. But, seriously, some of the stuff is not producer encouraged. Danielle M is my personal favorite, along with Raven. Sweet, down to earth, personalities. I just hope all of the girls slow down and drop the drama in order for real relationships to flourish at any point this season. And Nick really shouldn’t encourage otherwise. Sends the wrong message to everyone.

  37. Ali your blogs are amazing. I always love reading them and even after watching your season you are just a beautiful person inside and out

    1. Hehe jamen jeg følger dig allerede på bloglovin;) jeg syntes det er smart, og orker altså godt at åbne hvert viSiPe;P/Gundllaun: Har du set at jeg har vist de ting jeg ikke kan undvære på en flytur?! (:

    2. Didn't CNN, Jon Klein specifically, claim that Obama's birth certificate was destroyed when Hawaii went to electronic record keeping? I mean, who really believes a news agency that keeps changing their story? No wonder CNN's ratings are down. They wouldn't know a FACT if it hit them ion the nose!

  38. I know the producers encourage this stuff for drama and ratings purposes but it makes me sad to think impressionable girls are watching this and think they have to act that way to get a man’s attention. Hopefully he’ll get rid of some of the crazies soon and we’ll find more good girls among the bunch! I have that coat & love it!!

  39. Was it just me, or did Nick seem a little uncomfortable with the entire wedding date? At times it even seemed as though he wasn’t even present. I have watched the Bachelor since the first season and I thought both group dates were two of the most uncomfortable dates I can remember witnessing.
    I changed my mind about Nick after watching him on Paradise and just hoping we see more of that Nick. With that being said, that Nick seemed to more present during his one on one date with Danielle. Should be an interesting season to watch. I really do hope he finds the right person soon.

  40. Guys, It’s Nick…Nick Viall!! My opinion is, he is a highly sexual guy who’ has done this Bachelor thing many times over. The producers want lots of sex and drama for good TV, and Nick is going to give them just that!

  41. Other than Corrine nobody really stood out last night (even if it was for the wrong reasons). My 3 picks from last week (Danielle L. Vanessa and Rachel) got hardly any airtime last night and that was a little disappointing because I thought he was really feeling them. I guess they had to set the villain, Corrine and take care of that whole Liz situation….

  42. The sexuality is too much! I even thought to myself “should I stop watching? I do not want my kids thinking this is the ‘norm’ in dating or what you would want in finding a husband” in some of the previews for the upcoming shows, it shows some of the girls saying “you have to know what sex is like before you marry someone” or something of that nature. There are almost none of the romantic, traditional values there once was. The fantasy sweet it a must at this point in the show (hinting towards sex) and the men seem to be less sincere and more sexually driven. Ben, and Sean were two of the most stand up guys and I am afraid, some of the last.

  43. I agree with you too Ali! I love Danielle but I thought there was no chemistry with them on their date. I actually wasn’t sure if he was in to Corinne or if he just enjoyed the attention. I figured the producers encouraged him to keep her on cause she’s good TV. She kinda reminds me of Courtney from Ben’s season; the skinny dipping and other things she did that shocked everyone.
    I was also glad that Liz was sent home. I didn’t like her from the beginning as her attitude was so weird like she was dying to rub it in the other girls faces that she had hooked up with Nick already.
    I really like Nick and was glad he sent her home but I was disappointed he gave the rose to Corinne.

  44. Really hoping it’s Raven at the end!! She’s my favorite for sure. Also, I’m so glad Alexis is on the show because she is comedic gold, but when I see her with Nick I feel like they would just be really great friends. He seems to really like her/her personality and she brings out the funny/playful side in him, but I don’t see them in a dating relationship (maybe that’s just me).

  45. Ali- I’ve loved you since you were on the show!
    Corrine already turns my stomach and I don’t like her and it’s time she goes!
    I also think that when she interrupts the other girls time with Nick and says ” Do you mind if I steal Nick” the girls needs to say “Yes I do”.
    Nick needs to calm her down now and yes, I agree he did the right thing sending Liz home although I really liked her!!

  46. I agree with you 100% Ali! Also, I’m sure disappointed in Nick. I had hesitations about him from previous seasons and I really wanted to like him but him choosing Corrine for the group date rose just proves to me he’s that same guy. Maybe there is a reason he’s been dumped twice.

  47. I think your spot on! I love your blog and I think you have the most beautiful baby girl! Molly is gorgeous!

  48. I 100% agree with you! Sometimes I wonder why I watch. Being a mom puts things into perspective. These girls should be embarrassed! And aren’t their families watching??!! Kind of a rough start so far. Danielle seems too good for all of this nonsense!

  49. Normally I get my wine and a good blanket and settle down for a good night of fun but instead with every scene my blanket creeped over my eyes!!! It was way too sexual, women don’t have to throw themselves at a man like that. I agree with your review 100% Ali! I loved the way you carried yourself in your season you should go on the show and talk to this girls!! Lol

  50. I feel like Nick came off as the honest, lovable big brother on BiP this summer… and he’s not coming off that way just yet. I hope that turns around! Corrine totally reminds me of Vienna – just there to stir up drama! I feel bad for her family. If they really are successful business owners, her actions are not representing them well! The second I saw her earn the group date win (was that guy even a real photographer, by the way?!) and earn the rose, I knew that was a producer plant.

  51. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Corinne is obviously here for the drama and good tv. I doubt she’d pick Nick out of a crowd but she’s young and trying to make a name for herself. I think they cast a very young, emotionally and age-wise, group. That’s a bit disappointing. I feel like he’ll more likely end up with someone who isn’t in the limelight now. As a new mom myself, I also hope my daughter never feels she needs to flaunt herself in this manner to get a man’s attention!

  52. I know it’s a TV show and what not but as a mom of boys, I would be repulsed by my son’s actions. Just because a woman is all up on you doesn’t mean you have to act! It takes two to tango and I don’t think its right to blame just the women here. Nick plays along with it too. Regardless, does anyone think this show could ever be a normal, healthy way to portray relationships to kids? Has this show ever been anything you would want your children to emulate??

  53. After this episode Raven is my favoriate!!! I still love Danielle M and hope your wrong about her not being his type only because I ADORE her.
    I’m so happy he got rid of Liz. I feel she was only there for 5 min of fame.
    I can not stand Corrine and hate the way she is use in sex to get to Nick. In the pool nick looked uncomfortable and then when they are all at dinner after the shoot he actually started to look annoyed as she kept combing back and interrupting time with the other girls. I know that’s part of the process but come on you need to show that you have respect for others AND for him.

    Can not wait until next week

  54. I LOVE your blog and love your honesty!

    I got into the Bachelor a little late in the game – a few seasons ago…
    and of course I’m intrigued like everyone else.
    But yes, really enough with the Sexual – throwing themselves at him.
    I don’t have a daughter but think the same thing for yours and if I have my own someday.
    Women need to have more respect for themselves!!!!! Others have worked way too damn hard to get us here!


  55. I like that Christen did not tell the girls about Liz and Nick, but waited for him to tell the group even though other girls wanted to know. She told Nick, but he also pushed her to tell him everything Liz told her. Raven is my favorite and is so funny during interviews!!

  56. Dear Ali,

    First off, I want to congratulate you on the professional way you have handled yourself through all things Bachelor. You are one of the few personalities that I look back and follow occasionally to see how things are going and you never disappoint. You seem to have nailed your life transitions in the public eye with grace, integrity and polish. Kudos to you.

    On to Nick…. If he is your friend, please tell him to learn how to say “no” and set some healthy boundaries, I suspect after watching the mess of cooperating with some of the women who chose to objectify themselves that he doesnt quite know what to do. So in the show he comes off as sincere, then superficial, then bumbling, then blunt, and so on. This guy is probably a great catch who is passionate but a little uncertain with discernment. He has some great women of substance on the show. He is going to miss the boat if he doesn’t hang up his passion honing beacon for the moment and stay the course with his head for finding a life long mate. Can someone get him some help with keeping focused on his purpose? Otherwise he looks like he is just making the most of his 15 minutes per each opportunity. Ugh… get this guy some guidelines so he can say ‘no’ to temporal stuff and ‘yes’ to the lasting things in life. The passion will be there if he is patient enough to find the right match. But first he needs to know what works for him and how to put up the stop button to being exploited. I am sure he offers someone more than his manhood in life. Coming from an oldie…..but wise 58 year old

    1. In a nutshell, I mean to say what some of the strong, smart, experienced, women of substance are considering about him. Have self respect and build trust first then the sex will come passionately. I get its hard to resist the hormones but they will burn out or change – not that you cant have sex in your 80s …. we all can…. but hey there is more to making a marriage work. First things is not to get divorced. And to get to the foundation…… it takes tools of trust, shared values, goals, etc. Ok off my soapbox. Help him Ali!

  57. I was scrolling through US Weekly online and came upon the title of this blog post and couldn’t agree more!
    I am one of those people. I have literally never ever missed an episode of the Bach. By the way, you were one of my favorite bachelorette to watch! You were down-to-earth, genuine, and fun.
    I am a Mom of 4 and now have a teenage daughter watching the show. I’m trying to teach her how to act around guys and how to attract genuinely good, stand up guys. Then she watches this episode.
    I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m so disappointed in the sexuality and frankly lack of class evident in this season thus far. From an avid fan, I am telling my friends it’s not been worth watching thus far.
    Let’s hope it gets better from here! Thanks for speaking up on the issue. I appreciate your courage to speak exactly what I was feeling. Xo

  58. I Disagree, I think Danielle is perfect for Nick! I’m not a believer in people being too sweet. Candy corns are too sweet and also don’t deserve to be called “candy”.
    Raven is a close 2nd too, although there’s an age gap there, and studies have shown that the larger the gap in age the likelihood of it ending in failure, then again how many engagements have been called off in this show’s history?

    Just my 2¢

  59. Hi Ali,

    First time to your blog.

    I agree with what everyone said and I will admit I have read the spoilers but I’m posting as if I know nothing….

    I keep going back to something Sean said – Catherine wasn’t even on his radar the first few weeks. Perhaps that’s the case here. Or not.

    Girls (I can’t seem to call these immature people women) like Corrine are just sickening to me. So far she has shown zero qualities that I would hope Nick would be looking for in a wife. I’m so on the fence about him – I strongly disliked him on the Bachelorette but really liked him on BIP.

    As for the Liz situation I’m surprised he wasn’t able to see that what she did was basically what he did during Kaitlin’s season.

    I am also seeing his cocky confidence is a facade. He sometimes looks like he’s going to pass out from making decisions.

    I love your baby’s name. I’m 64 and still love mine. It was a great baby, adolescent, and adult name. I’m glad to know it isn’t old fashioned.


  60. Hi ALI!
    First of all I want to say I love your blog! Its the first thing I read after every show!

    I was wondering if you joined the bachelor fantasy league?! And if so, who’s your final pics?

    Also, I sent you a message on Instagram, but I’m not sure if you ever read your messages!

    Oh and do you know where Liz got the romper she was wearing when she left??

  61. I think I dislike these blogs more and more every season as you become more rude and judgmental of all the women and their actions. You were on the show once too and didn’t think they were terrible things then. Time to unsubscribe.

  62. Nick wasn’t my first pick for this season of the bachelor, however after watching his interview prior to the premiere, I was hopeful. Although I agree with his decision to send home Liz, Im disappointed, and slightly disgusted that Corinne is getting so much of his attention. Unless he gives her the boot, my hope that he’s in this for love will start to fade.

  63. I think the show needs a new Bachelor material! Why are all the women always very young and skinny? The past seasons have been bachelor veterans hosting. We need some fresh people. I love Nick but sometimes I feel he’s gotten a little to used to TV and it makes me question if he’s genuine. Heartbroken ? ?

  64. By any chance do you know what swim suit Vanessa was wearing on tonight’s (1/16/17) episode of the Bachelor during the pool party?? It is to die for!

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