Mom Uniform or Everyday Girl Uniform

UPDATE: I pushed this post to today (even though I posted it a couple days ago) because the wrong color necklace was linked last time! The correct color necklace is now linked!!!

You guys know me, I totally try to dress up at least a couple times a week. But honestly, most days I am in what I like to call my “mom uniform”. And that’s basically a button down shirt, leggings, and flats – dressed up with a little jewelry. It’s the PERFECT mom uniform. Let me explain why.

A great button down shirt is essential for breastfeeding moms. It gives your little one easy access to food when out and about. I love this chambray shirt. It can be worn year round and goes with pretty much everything. You could also wear it opened with a nursing tank underneath if you prefer. I like to dress mine up sometimes with a cute statement necklace. And I just love the look of this statement beaded necklace with the button up shirt. It would also look so good with a white button up shirt and pencil skirt or high-waist pants for the office! (I also threw on these cute earrings to add a little more something to the look)

My mom uniform isn’t nearly complete without my everyday $19 leggings. I LIVE in these things. Leggings are just so comfortable and flattering. Really they are an everyday girl uniform must have – not just for moms, duh 😉

And flats – I have to wear flats when I running errands and doing everyday stuff. Unless it’s a boots. Heels on boots are more comfortable to me for some reason. Don’t you agree? Anyway, I love my white converse flats. They are also slip-ons! So it makes putting them on as I run out the door with Molly super simple!

And every mom needs a good size purse to carry all their baby/kiddo stuff in! Sometimes I forgo a diaper bag all together and put everything I need for Molly into a big bag like this Sole Society one. Plus the color of this bag is just dreamy. It reminds me of coffee with a ton of creamer in it! My favorite way to drink coffee (As a treat! Not everyday).

What I love about this look in general is that it SO easy to throw on and feel put together as a mom (or as a human being. Ha!). And we all know that’s not something we can make a priority of everyday. It’s comfortable, easy to throw on, and functional! A win-win-win!

What is your mom uniform? Or if your not a mom, what’s you every uniform in general? Tell me in the comments! I’m looking for more options 🙂







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38 thoughts on “Mom Uniform or Everyday Girl Uniform

  1. Are these leggings okay if the shirt isn’t quite long enough to cover the bum region lol
    Always worried about that

    Also- love reading your blog. Have you done a hair tutorial in the past, not sure if I missed it, love how you do your hair!

    1. I need to do the hair tutorial ASAP! I promise I will get on that soon!

      And I wear the leggings with shorter shirts all the time and don’t think they’re sheer at all. Everyone who has them as told me they love them too. Hopefully you do as well! If you get them, let me know what you think 🙂

  2. I’m wearing these leggings right now! My sister got me TWO pairs for Christmas after I shared your blog posts with her! I’m 33 weeks pregnant and literally live in them. Thanks for sharing your everyday looks – makes my life easier in the mornings 🙂

  3. Hi Ali!
    I always love your style. Always classy, feminine and super cute!
    I was thinking you may be the gal to go to for a suggestion on a good pair of black maternity workout pants. I cannot seem to find good reviews on any one pant. I love lulumeon but bummed they don’t make a maternity line.
    Any suggestions would be wonderful!
    Thank you!!

    1. Lululemon workout pants with wide waistband work great while pregnant. If you put on a lot of weight just go up one size.

  4. About to have my third boy and I need to update my wardrobe for breastfeeding friendly clothes again. I love how practical and trendy this look is. Thanks so much for sharing posts like these.

  5. My ONLY issue is the necklace. I always feel like my bubba rubs his face on my collarbone so necklaces are a no-no which stinks because it is such a great way to dress up an outfit!! I live in my Lularoe leggings, they are thicker (not sheer), so buttery soft and come in super cute prints! And Rainbow leather sandals ofcourse!

    Love your updates Ali!

  6. I am ordering the leggings now! Trying to figure out if I should get S or XS….I am 5’2 and about 119 lbs….should be 115 lbs but Christmas was FUN!!

  7. Hi Ali! Im a soon to be, still early, 10 wks only, but my go-to everyday staple is a long top w leggings or yoga pants w a top. Luckily my job is a VERY relaxed lart time environment where i dont need to dress. Any tips for first time moms and mom to be? Thanks!

    1. Motherhood Maternity has great leggings! I wore them throughout my whole pregnancy and even a few weeks post partum.

  8. Hi Ali,
    I really love reading your blogs! I have bought a bunch of items you posted. My favorites are that red peacoat from Nordstrom and a pair of booties from Nordstrom you posted about over the summer. Any way – I think you need to do a blog about bedroom organization. I am so curious what your closets look like because you seem to have so many clothes, purses and jewelry! Also, is your necklace the teal one? Yours looks so much lighter.


    1. Ha! My closet is a MESS!!!!!! If anything, I need the tips! Ha! And I donate a lot of clothes pretty regularly to try to keep it somewhat under control.

  9. This is my uniform!!! Any time I have to go in public that is! I alway ensure I’m in a button down whether is be a sold one from Express like their portifino (?) shirt or a Rails plad one. Button down is a must for me. You posted a while back about the GRLFD mom jeans and I got them and they are my go to for bottoms. ……love them. Flats are must when I’m toting my 6 mo boy around. I love when you post about breast feeding friendly options!!!! Have you found a bra that you love? I hate when the breast pads show through the bra and make the shirt bumpy….I’ve tried the cake brand bra and they are ok for sleeping and around the house but not for when I want to have “normal” looking boobs..ha!!!…..I’ve even had bras converted by Nordstrom but still they don’t fold down right or the strap gets in the way…..thanks for the post!!!!!! ?

    1. Have you tried Bravado Designs nursing bras? They’re my favorite! Their nursing tanks are great, too 🙂

  10. Do you wear socks under your sneakers? If so, what ones? I haven’t found good socks that stay in place but don’t show under sneakers.

  11. hi ali. love your blog. I click on the necklace you’re wearing but when it went to the site it look like a totally different color than what you have on is that color not offered anymore the other one looks really dark teal and the the one you have on looks like a real pale blue.. xoxo

  12. Ali,
    I always enjoy reading your and especially love your style! I need your fashion help! In February I’m headed to vegas for a bachelorette party and would love some recommendations on affordable cute dress/outfits for going out! I’m also loving the over the knee boot style but haven’t been brace enough to purchase yet! Thanks for any help you are will to offer and keep those pictures coming of your sweet little one ?

  13. Ali! I have purchased a few things from seeing you wear them! I too became a new mom in 2016 and would like to know the size of leggings you purchased? You usually do a medium in sizes but wanted to make sure before I ordered mine since we are about the same build?

  14. Are you wearing the BP leggings in this photo? They’re not gathered at the ankle like in other pics. If not, what pants are these? They look a little thicker than a legging. Thanks!

  15. Thank you for the recommendation on the leggings! I just purchased my first pair and they are the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn!

  16. I second a hair tutorial post 🙂 What do you use on yours for the cute waves….wand or curling iron (what size)?

  17. I lived in a chambray shirt just like that when I was nursing! It is a great mom staple. I’m still not brave enough for necklaces though as my little one is pretty grabby. Yours is so gorgeous though! Great style ideas, thanks!

  18. Ali what do you think of fawn design diaper bags I know Jillian Harris is liking it right now and with a five month old useful information is great

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