The Bachelor Premiere – And How to Throw a Bachelor Viewing Party!

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I can’t believe another season of The Bachelor has started! I have to say that this might be the most excited I’ve ever been to watch the show. And really that’s because of Nick. I’ve been friends with Nick for a little while now and I’ve always been Team Nick. Even back in the day when everyone was mad at him during Andi Dorfman’s season (and Kaitlyn’s season), I always truly believed he was a good guy and had his back. I had Andi’s back as well since I’m friends with both of them πŸ™‚ Anyhow, I’m just glad that everyone’s come around and sees in Nick what I’ve seen all along, and that’s that he’s a great guy! Watch my interview with him back during Kaitlyn’s seasonΒ HERE.

In fact, back in THIS POST I said that I thought Nick should be the next bachelor! I thought it was such a long shot since so many people weren’t loving him, but I’m so happy that it actually happened! So, I will be watching every episode of the season with all of you and blogging along.
But just because I’m friends with Nick doesn’t mean I’m NOT gonna poke fun at him every chance I get! Hey, isn’t that what friends do? They tell you when you’re being a dork or have done something stupid? But then totally lift you up and sing your praises! So expect a lot of both from me this season. But I’ll mostly be lifting him up! And I will be doing the same with the girls. I know what it’s like to be in their shoes and people tend to be a little hard on the ladies. I, like many of you, will poke fun at them when warranted (Shark/Dolphin girl is a great example of when it’s okay to give one of the girls a hard time – I mean she’s just asking for it and I love her for it!) But that said, I really want to try hard to not be mean spirited in my comments about them. It hurts to read negative things about yourself online and I know that from firsthand experience. So let’s have fun but play nice!

Anyway, let’s talk about last night! Did you guys have a premiere party with your girlfriends to watch the show? I did! And it was so much fun! I wanted to make the viewing party special so I made little Bachelor themed signs, created a photo wall to take pictures with cardboard Nick cutouts, and made cupcakes with roses on them! Too make the signs, I just printed them out from my computer (made them in keynote) and put them in pretty white frames – super easy. And I bought white cupcakes at the store and put edible rose decorations on them. I used a cookie cutter to cut out the bread to make little heart shaped cucumber tea sandwiches. For the photo booth I just used a gold foil backdrop and bought photo booth props online and added fresh roses for props too! And in true Bachelor fashion we sipped on Black Box wine (Thanks for providing it Black Box!), which was perfect because a box has four bottles of wine and us girls really enjoy our wine while watching the show! A little too much πŸ˜‰ Ha! Oh and of course I had plenty of roses on hand. Here are a few fun pics for my viewing party!

Now let’s talk about the show! Every season I say it’s pretty pointless to recap what happened in the first episode. We met so many women and so much went on that there’s really no point in me going through and telling you what I thought of each one of them. So instead I’m going to pick out a few notable woman from last night and talk about why they stood out to me last night.

Rachel – Heck yes for Rachel getting the first impression rose! She’s awesome. I liked her right away and obviously Nick does too! And the person who gets the first impression rose usually makes it really far in the season. Maybe she’ll end up with Nick or maybe she’ll be our next Bachelorette! How awesome would that be?

Danielle M – Speaking of the next Bachelorette (I know I know, I’m getting ahead of myself here) Kevin said, “if she doesn’t win, she’s going to be the next Bachelorette” at one point during the episode. So the fact that he thought that while watching immediately puts her on my radar too! Plus she’s just so dang cute. There are so many SUPER pretty girls on Nick’s season. Don’t you think? Lucky guy! Not that looks are everything, obviously they’re not, but I’m sure Nick’s pleased none-the-less.

Vanessa – She speaks 3 languages AND is a special education teacher? Could this girl be any more perfect!? I ADORE her! Heck, I want to date her! Ha! Plus they had an undeniable connection on night one. I think we will see a lot of her this season.

Shark/Dolphin girl – Ok, her real name is Alexis. But she will forever be shark/dolphin girl to me. I feel like she’s the new White & Gold / Black & Blue dress. Is she a dolphin? Or is she a shark? We will never know for sure. Ha! She’s a little off her rocker but I LOVE her! I REALLY hope she stays on this season for a long time purely for entertainment. And I hope she NEVER takes off her shark/dolphin costume. Her dancing in the costume had me dying laughing!

There are lots of other gals to talk about but these were just a few of my favs! We can get into dept about some of the other girls in my future blogs! Tell me your favorite girls in the comments below!

In the end I’m just so excited for Nick! I really truly hope he finds true love this season. And I’ve already told him he’s not allowed to go on anymore Bachelor shows if this doesn’t work out for him. Ha! That’s a total joke by the way. I tried to make that joke on GMA yesterday morning when they asked me to send a clip giving Nick advice. I thought it would be funny if I gave him a hard time for going on the show so many times. But the way the anchors set it up made it seem like he wouldn’t want to hear from me (even though we are friends). It’s not their fault, I think they thought he was on my season or something. I thought it was funny but it didn’t really seem like half the audience got it. Some laughed and some booed. I actually sent Nick a text right after I saw it and I apologized if it came across as a negative thing. He knows I adore him and he knows I support him so of course he didn’t think twice about it.

My point in bringing that up is to say that I genuinely feel bad for what Nick is about to endure. When you’re the lead of the show, so much negativity comes with that. Just by my one stupid silly comment on GMA yesterday morning I felt sick to my stomach that people thought I was being mean to Nick. It’s so silly but it made me feel terrible. And it reminded me of when I was the Bachelorette, and how you have to watch every little thing you say and take so much negativity from so many people. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of positivity comes with it too but you just have to sit there and watch millions of people dissect who you are and say things about you online. I got one small little taste of that this morning as I got some mean tweets in response to what I said on GMA – which was just supposed to be in good fun! So with that, I just want to ask everybody out there to give Nick a little bit of slack. It’s OK to poke fun at him. Like I said, I’m going to do that too! But when that poking fun is mean-spirited that’s when it crosses the line from a joke to negativity. So let’s all be nice to one another in 2017! What do you think?

This last message is directly for Nick. You’re going to rock it this season! Kevin, Molly and I are so happy for you! This is going to be her first season of The Bachelor she ever watches. Ok she’ll be sleeping during the show – but I’ll tell her all about it ;). So that makes you pretty special in her book. I’ll be watching along – laughing with you, crying with you, and feeling all the love! Since you live in LA now, once the show is over Kevin and I expect a double date! Can’t wait to meet the lucky lady! Because I feelΒ  certain, in my heart, that you’ve found love!

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter cause I’ll live tweet each episode (and do Insta Stories)! Even though I slacked at live tweeting yesterday because I was having too much fun at my Bachelor premiere viewing party! For now, let’s discuss last nights premiere i the comments below!











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84 thoughts on “The Bachelor Premiere – And How to Throw a Bachelor Viewing Party!

  1. If anyone knows your personality and your relationship with Nick, they would know to were being light-hearted with your comment to Nick! I love that you are a Nick fan because so am I. I was a fan since day one. Looking forward to the season and to reading your blog.

      1. I’ve always been a fan of yours, Ali. I’m glad I came across your blog ! This season should be awesome !

      2. Not even kidding, those are the four I picked for my fantasy league picks! Well, I’m not sure about Alexis though. She’s a hoot! But we’ll have to see if she can get in touch with her more serious side too & really open up to Nick. (: I’m rooting for her & these other three ladies! Definitely my favorites.

      3. You are spot on with your choices. Other than shark/dolphin girl these are the same our friends chose. Can’t wait to see if we are right

      1. I’ve always loved Nick. I think he made better moves than some of the other guys and evoked jealousy in them. He is very intelligent and clever, but very sweet. ❀

  2. I loved Danielle M. I think she’s so sweet, and seemed very genuine. I also like that she has short hair, since I do too and I always see all these women on the show with Victoria’s Secret locks!

    Also, I always thought Nick was a great guy too. I think he totally knew Liz instantly, but was super confused “isn’t that the girl who I asked for her number and she said no, and now she’s here on TV vs reaching out via mutual friends…?” I think she kind of ruined it with him when they were speaking. He’s super sensitive and an emotional and honest dude, and she was kind of digging a hole in her argument why she didn’t give him her number…

    I’m excited for this season, I love when they’re super real and genuine people, and Nick definitely is.

    Your party looked fab!

    1. I’m not totally sure he recognized her cause I think he would have said something. But I don’t blame him if he didn’t!!! Night one is so crazy! When I was the Bachelorette, a guy could have come out of the limo TWICE and I might now have recognized him the second time. That’s how surreal and nuts it is!

      Thanks for reading the commenting on my blog! xoxo

      1. That’s the part that always gets me! Rose ceremony on night 1 – clearly behind the scenes they are being fed names to call! I never understand HOW you could stand there under the pressure and call out 20 names of people you just met!

  3. Bonjour mon amie! See I somewhat know French too….since I’m Canadian, born in Montreal, and am Italian…I swear it! Listen, as far as Nick goes…he’s grown on everyone…good luck to him. Okay, I’m gonna get a little real here, translation: a little mean/fun. I can do this bc I’m not a celebrity lol. I gotta be honest, many seasons I watched I didn’t like the way the girls looked walking out of the limo on day 1. I mean no makeup/ not enough makeup while wearing a gown or dress, on TV? That’s just a no no. I would have a clause in my contract that says makeup artist and hair stylist on deck when I need them. I would bring them if 1 was provided for me… yeah really. I’m actually a simple girl, but when it’s time to turn on the heat, DO IT. Btw, I watched your season in full as well…you were wonderful. And of course I watched Jillian and Kaitlyn’s season as well.

    1. I think it’s most likely because the girls do their makeup like they normally would. TV makeup is very different than normal makeup. When you wear normal makeup on TV it barely looks like you don’t have any on! I learned this the hard way. Ha!

    2. Ali, your season has always been my favorite. I just love you.
      Michelle S, I’m with you. Her season was great!
      Ali, I love the fashions on your blog.

  4. Your party looked amazing! Where did you get the heart shaped pizza?

    Thanks for your recap, always love reading xx

    1. I ordered it from a local pizzeria. I just called them and ask if they would make a heart shape pizza and they said they would! So nice of them πŸ™‚

      1. I was wondering about the heart shaped pizza too! So fun – and so nice of them! Love your recaps – always great getting the insider perspective – and I’ve been a fan of Nick’s since Andi’s season too – loved when you did that interview with him after Kaitlyn’s – hoping for another this season! Lastly, Molly is so freaking cute – and thinking back to my early days as a mom, I am always blown away by how great you look and how many balls you juggle at once! #respect ❀

  5. Totally agree with your top 4 picks!! Love all the cute snacks you put together Ali. I’m 19 now and still remember watching all of your season when I was 13 πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. OK honestly I want to like Nick. He was awful to Andi and how he came in and pursued Kaitlyn rubbed me wrong. He did redeem himself on BIP… so please don’t take this wrong. I just feel like he is still a womanizer and the way he looked the girls up/down and every complement was about their dress and their looks. I’m hoping he really does want love and does want a relationship I just fear deep down he may have issues respecting woman, boundaries and a commitment phone. I watch millionaire matchmaker she really stresses no sex before monogamy….. I think of Nick could wait and maybe give these relationships time to grow w/o the physical he might find “the one”. I am hopeful.

    1. I hear ya, but I can’t blame him for having sex before monogamy. He’s a cute guy and girls like him! And we have to acknowledge that the sex was consensual. So the girls are just as guilty as he is, ya know. I’m with you and don’t love the comments about the girls looks, but I think he’s nervous and just trying to say something nice to them. Hopefully he will grow on you!!!

    2. I agree, though, about the sex before monogamy thing. And I don’t know how “consensual” drunken one-night stand sex could be. But, I wouldn’t expect someone who has a baby before marriage to understand waiting to be intimate with someone.

      1. Anne, why would you come onto someone’s blog and insult them? Spreading kindness is the best way to live life. Remember she is a person with feelings just like you.

      2. Ali- can’t you delete ignorant comments like this?! Anne It’s fine to have your opinion but maybe don’t watch the bachelor of follow a modern blogger if you feel so strongly about her choices. Also doesn’t a strong moral person like yourself know not to judge?

      3. Ali has a beautiful baby girl and is engaged to the love of her life. How is there anything wrong with that?She’s happier then most people; I’m sorry I can’t say the same for you given you took time out of your day to write an ignorant and hateful comment. People try to find the negatives in absolutely everything.

        1. Anne: 1) it IS possible for drunk one-night-stand sex to be consensual. 2) You are a bully for blatantly judging a stranger over the internet. Just because you look down on premarital sex (and other human beings, apparently), doesn’t mean it is wrong or that what you typed on a keyboard is truth. 3) You can come down from your high horse now.

          Ali: You are awesome and inspiring. I hope you don’t let ignorant people hiding behind keyboards get to you. <3

      4. You initially said no sex before monogamy NOT marriage. You aren’t really being consistent with your arguments here. And implying that consensual sex and drunk sex cannot happen at the same time is getting into some dangerous territory.

  7. I know the feeling of saying something and it not coming across like I wanted to. I can’t imagine having that happen with a bigger audience! I didn’t see GMA but you have a reputation of always being super nice and friendly, so I’m sure most people knew it was just a joke!
    I also agree with the women you posted about. I think with Nick it’s easy to tell when he’s into a girl and when he’s not. I saw a lot of chemistry with Vanessa, Rachel, and both Danielles.

      1. I laughed so hard when I saw it (I thought it was obvious you were just poking fun & it was all lighthearted). The fact that you feel bad anyway just shows what a good friend/person you are πŸ™‚

      2. I just watched it was nice and honestly you could tell it was in fun. And I hope I wasn’t unkind with my thoughts earlier. Just sayin how I feel and like I said I want to be team Nick. And – unlike the nasty folks I’m not judging what anyone does and I agree the girls consented and everyone is an adult. The only thing I didn’t like was Nick throwing out personal information as to what happened behind closed doors. A gentleman would hold back and appreciate the subject and the sensitivity. Especially when the girl has just gotten engaged! Just saying. PS I adore your IG and love seeing you Molly & Kevin. All these cute babies I am just as happy for Jillian, Justin & Leo. Everyone deserves love no matter how we find it!

      3. Hi Ali,

        I love reading your post every week! I’m with the other ladies-it was clear you were having fun (and also that they may have thought you were one of his exes or something… :-). I’m looking forward to reading your posts in the coming weeks!

  8. Hi Ali,
    I have to watch the Bachelor the next day online. I don’t have cable so I’m always a day late. LOL. I’m okay with these spoilers though. Some people hate them but I love them. πŸ™‚ I love hearing your take on the Bachelor / Bachelorette because you know what it’s like having gone through it.

    As for your friend Ashley, wasn’t she Bridgette on The Bold and The Beautiful? I wish she would come back. I loved her! If you don’t mind, can you give an update as to what Ashley has been up to? πŸ™‚

    By the way, I love your posts. Look forward to them! πŸ™‚


      1. Ali I listen to Val in the morning and I love listening to them your man and baby and you seem so Awsome I am happy for you I always thought you were a great girl I am a fan of the show and your one of my favorites

  9. I agree with your picks except I am a little iffy about Alexis (dolphin/shark girl). I definitely like Danielle M and Nick seemed to also. My other pick was the other Danielle (L?) who owned the nail salons. She seems like a good fit for Nick as she was confident but not arrogant like Corrine (obviously she will be trouble). Looks like a drama-filled season as always! Love your blog!


  10. I also love Rachel and definitely Vanessa. Corinne reminds me of Vienna in a way. I also like Raven, just because she has the good old country southern girl in her (and because Hoxie is kinda like where I live)! I’m shocked that no one from any previous seasons came on to date Nick since that happens pretty much every season these days. It’s going to be a great season!

  11. Hi! I am a 48 y.o. (boring) mom from New Hampshire and the whole idea of blogs is still pretty foreign to me. I found yours via FB and will definitely check it out through out the season. My husband entered me into an ESPN fantasy pool (he probably feels guilty b/c he is doing fantasy league stuff ALL of the time) and I picked Danielle M to win and Vanessa was in my top 4 (I refuse to read the spoilers as much as my teenagers tell me to). I am excited to see what happens! Enjoy- being a mom is the BEST (even though it can be challenging at times). <3

  12. Loved the show last night! Nick hasn’t always been my favorite, but I’m hoping he can prove me wrong. I also love to pick my favorite girls and usually do pretty well, but last night I totally misread the chemistry with the girl from Alaska! She seemed so sweet!! I mean Eskimo kisses, come on?!?! I also really liked Raven…. I just wish I could have seen them in more of a 1 on 1 setting the first night!

  13. I loved Danielle Malloy! She was so sweet and genuine! She seemed a lot like you! Love your blog and pictures of your beautiful family!

  14. I love reading your blogs and opinions on the show each season! I’m sure you can definitely relate more than the rest of us! I’ve seen EVERY season (wow, I’m getting old!) I can already tell this season is going to be a little different. I have to admit, I was not a Nick fan in either Andi or Kaitlyn’s season, but he won me over in Paradise. I’m excited to see him as the Bachelor. Without trash talking any girl specifically, I thought so many of them came off crude in their introductions last night. Flirting is one thing, but I thought a few comments were a little overboard. And obviously, Nick is a man so he ate it up! But I would definitely be looking for a little class in those first impression moments! Unfortunately, as time has gone on…I think each season gets a little more trashy on what is acceptable. I remember when the kissing didn’t start for a few weeks, and now there is sex and love with multiple people every season. I get it’s a part of life, and the show, but I feel bad for the contestants. But I guess sex sells, and they are signing up for it! I think the same things happened back then, but they were given a little more privacy and respect.

    I loved Danielle M. from the start and Vanessa as well! Wishing him so much luck!

  15. Watched the show with my daughter and son- in- law last night and we picked those ladies as well. They seemed down-to-earth and the editing seemed to show a connection with Nick! Love the show and your blog!
    Side note: Your baby is a cutie patotie!

  16. I’ve always loved Nick! He was definitely perceived as the “villain” in Andi and Kaitlyn’s seasons (and sometimes rightfully so, especially when he called Andi out for having sex with him on AFR) but I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that the situation that the contestants are put in must be extremely difficult to handle. I’m sure you know all about it having been on the show twice, but having that many people living in the same house all vying for one persons love and affection has to create some tension and drama. If it didn’t ABC wouldn’t have a show! Not to mention the camera crew capturing your every move at all hours of the day. So I think we should all give him a break for his past actions because we all know we would also screw up occasionally if we were put in the same position (He’s human too you guys!)

    That being said, I’m so happy Nick has the opportunity to redeem himself and show America the sweet, emotional and kindhearted guy he really is! I can’t wait for the rest of the “most dramatic season in history” as Chris Harrison says! I really hope he finds the one, 4th times the charm!

  17. I’m loving Nick is the bachelor! I’ve been Team Nick always! I hope I don’t come across as trying to be mean here but I just have to acknowledge some (a lot) of these girls and their entrances!!! I was shocked!!! I’m only 30 but probably sound like an old lady for what I’m about to say, but for going on a show hoping to find the man you’re going to marry, do you really want to look back and tell your kids the first thing you told their father was he was a wiener in your book? Or you two are a disgusting slut together? Or that your friends all think he’s a piece of ****? I understand that they’re probably nervous, and there’s probably alcohol involved, but I also imagine they’ve had enough time to plan out their entrance, especially if it involves a “wiener in a book.” I love that the first impression rose no longer represents who made the “biggest” entrance, but more so who really made the lasting impression on him. I recognized a lot of the girls were early 20s, that’s not to say that automatically makes them immature, but a lot just made a “first impression” of coming off really slutty. Yeah yeah he slept with the two former bachelorettes on the seasons he was on, and it seems like a lot of girls were treating him like he was just a piece of meat! Ha who knows, maybe that didn’t bother him, maybe he enjoyed it, but from his conversation with Liz, he struck me as almost feeling like she was using him, he seemed hurt. having all this time to call him and then woo hoo he’s the bachelor and now I want to marry him? He just seems like he’s really taking this seriously and a lot of the girls appeared to just want to jump his bones :p

  18. I have never been more excited about a season of the Bachelor! If he finds someone that means there is hope for singles like me! Team Nick all the way!

  19. Ali……….love your blog after each Bachelor show. Especially all the behind the scenes information you impart like how long those rose ceremonies actually last. Makes watching the show so much more interesting.

  20. Ali- I love that Nick is the Bachelor. I’ve been waiting impatiently for this season to start. πŸ™‚ So far I’m team Vanessa! Im nervous that this whole Liz thing is going to cause trouble though. Love your bachelor/bachelorette blogs!!

  21. I’m indifferent as to Nick as the bachelor. I loved Ben but haven’t been too excited about recent leads, though I’ll watch religiously until the end of time. My issue is with Jen S- Nick dated her on paradise, had at minimum a physical relationship w her (but it appears emotional as well) and the show completely down played at/ didn’t even address it. What a slap in the face for her! She was so sweet and drop dead georgous, the show should have acknowledged their relationship. Overall I’m excited for the season but bummed I can’t enjoy it over some red wine (oh pregnancy)! Ali your party looks like a blast!

  22. Ali thank you so much for what you do! You are so sweet, classy, fun, knowledgeable and entertaining! As you, I think Nick is awesome and I so badly want him to find love. It’s time!
    Loving Vanessa, super classy!
    Happy New Year to you & you’re beautiful family:) xo

  23. Hi Ali Happy New Year. I love Nick since Andy’s season he’s a good man and very intelligent. I hope he finds he’s true love on the show he deserves to be happy. Best of luck to Nick.

  24. Totally agree about Vanessa! Loving this season so far and your party looked so fab! Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the rest of the season! πŸ™‚

  25. I loved Danielle M and Rachel also. Taylor also stood out to me. She seems down to earth and mature. Your viewing party looks so fun Ali! I might copy a few of your ideas and have my own viewing party one day!

  26. Ali, I am so excited for this season. One reason is that even though Nick made some mistakes during his time on the two seasons however he is very in tune with his emotions. I like that about him. Second reason is because your blogs make it super fun to reflect on each show. You are awesome !!!

  27. I like reading your blog. Your style is really cute and your daughter is a sweetie. I am a mom of three boys with a fourth on the way lol. I was wondering are you polish? I am polish and I noticed your last name was. If you could please reply I would be really happy.

  28. Ali, I’ve read that Nick is the Bachelor in order to promote a career for himself. I certainly hope that’s not true. But I must admit Nick is getting up there in age, and I wonder if he really wants to settle down? You know him much better. But he definitely would not be a good match for me. He’s been a bit of a player and has a bad boy streak. He’s very emotional and puts it out there which I appreciate. I certainly hope what I’ve read is wrong. But Reality Steve usually gets it right.

  29. I like your first three picks but I think Danielle L. was the most stunning of the girls and I think Nick was really feeling her. I think she will get a hometown date.

  30. I really like Danielle L.! I think there’s no doubt she’ll make it far, but I also feel like she might be someone who has a hard time opening up, kind of reminiscent of Caila.

  31. I agree with all of the ladies you picked. I’m so thankful that you didn’t pick Corrine. I’m not a huge fan but maybe that will change down the road. Alexis and the dolphin/shark costume had me dying laughing too. Especially when Nick would poke fun at her. I’ve never laughed so hard at an episode of the Bachelor/Bachelorette!

  32. I just got around to watching your appearance on GMA with Nick Viall and I cannot believe you got grief! You can tell in the tone/inflection of your voice that you were JOKING!! I swear America has no sense of humor anymore. It’s depressing.

    I have always loved you since day 1 Ali and it looks like you are a fantastic Mom! πŸ™‚

  33. Those were my picks in my fantasy pool!! Can’t wait to watch! I’ve loved Nick since the beginning, he’s got a different sense of humour and he seems great – I hope this season works for him!

  34. You were one of my all time favourite bachelorettes. Saw you yesterday and was surprised by your comments to Nick but is nice to read this and see it was edited. They like to make Nick out as the bad boy. Looking forward to this season. Is girls night with my daughters. We had 3/4 girls picked tooo. Not Shark girl. Ha. Love your pics of your baby girl Molly ?

  35. The funny thing is i never liked Nick until recently when I was watching Bachelor in paradise. I saw how loving and caring he actually was. I just know Nick will make a awesome bachelor. I will be watching all the episodes. The one girl that I’m really nervous about for Nick is Corrine. I don’t trust. She’s a bit too sexual. But that’s just me. Ali what do you think???

  36. Such a fun party! Us new moms need to make time to let loose, drink wine and giggle with our girlfriends! I have a baby boy the same age as Molly. Isn’t it just the best?!? You’re doing a great job mama! Best of luck to you and your beautiful family! πŸ™‚

  37. I have been a huge fan of the show and yours for a long time! Im really rooting for Nick to find love this time. I think its definitely in the cards for him. I agree with your picks, especially Danielle M, the nurse from Nashville. I saw she was in a music video for Cole Swindell and thought she seems very sweet for Nick!

    1. I agree with you both about Danielle M, there’s something special about her and I’m just hoping Nick see’s that too. I agree with all of Ali picks for the girls. I like them all too,they are all my picks. I did forget to mention, Ali your doing a wonderful job at being a mother to your little Molly. I love looking at all your pictures on Instagram. Your little is so cute. And down the road I know you will make a awesome wife to Kevin. Ali you are one of my many favorites. Huge fan of you.

  38. You have been my favorite since Jake’s season πŸ™‚ I frequent your blog and insta for your great fashion finds, adorable Molly pics and fun recaps of my favorite show! Thank you for being so relatable and down-to-earth. Cheers to Bachelor season!

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