$37 Coat – Great Friends Think Alike (Plus a Nick Viall Video)

So my girlfriend Ashley and I are both total bargain shoppers – it’s just one of the many things we bond over. That’s why it shouldn’t surprise me that when we got together for coffee today, we had on the SAME $37 coat! Ha! We had to take pictures of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ We both love this jacket and as you can see, it comes in a few different colors. It’s so rare to find a coat this cute, of good quality, at such an amazing price! When you find a great $37 coat, you share with your friends – so I’m totally borrowing hers when I need a cute tan coat.

The base of my look is this black top that I love and wear a lot and these new leggings I just got a few weeks ago. They are shape-wear leggings and I LOVE how skinny they make me feel. Every time Ashley sees me wearing them she asks me if I lost weight. I always say “nope, it’s the leggings” HA! You are going to pay a little more for these leggings (you can see me wearing them HERE too – love the high waist to wear with shorter tops!), but it’s so worth the extra money.

My necklace is a gorgeous statement piece that you’ve seen me wear before HERE and HERE. Wearing it is such an easy way to add a little something to an all black outfit. I finished off my look with over-the-knee black boots. THESE BOOTS are Ashley’s boots.

I just realize looking at the pic with us sitting down that I didn’t tuck in my “Molly” necklace that Kevin gave me the day Molly was born. It’s so special to me that I have a hard time ever taking it off, so I usually just tuck it under my clothes when I want to wear a statement necklace like this one.

And I have to say that like Ashley’s mug in these pics says, we definitely don’t feel like regular moms, we’re totally feeling like cool moms! Ha!



Oh and Happy Bachelor Monday ya’ll!!!! Check back to my blog tomorrow for all my thoughts on The Bachelor!!!! For now, I leaveย  you with the interview I did with Nick way back when he was on Andi Dorfman’sย season (UPDATE: it was Kaitlyn’s season)! Excited for him to find love this season!






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17 thoughts on “$37 Coat – Great Friends Think Alike (Plus a Nick Viall Video)

    1. Is it? Ha! I don’t even remember and I haven’t re-watched it yet. Crazy morning over here with my little one and trying to get ready for my Bachelor viewing party tonight!

    1. You are SO right! So many typos! I wrote it SUPER fast this morning and posted it before I proof read. That was dumb of me. I just edited it!

  1. Ali, I had vowed not to watch this season but I totally trust your judgement so if you think Nick is the real deal then I’ll watch just so I can still read your follow up posts after each episode ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love your blog and your style tips and you’ve been my fav from the bachelor franchise since your first episode!

    1. I truly like Nick. He’s a good guy! I would watch if I were you! I think it’s going to be a great season! Thanks for reading my blog! xoxo

  2. Ali,

    What size is your coat? I bought the green military jacket you have and was happy you said what size you normally wear and what size your jacket was. I really want to order the coat, but don’t know how it runs in size. Thanks and Happy New Year!

    1. I am wearing a medium ๐Ÿ™‚ Works great for me! Glad you got the military green jacket! Isn’t it great?! It’s one of my favs ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thanks so much for the reply! Yes I just love the Military jacket. Will let you know how the new cost works out!

  3. Hey Ali,

    Super cute outfits – the jacket looks great on both of you! I wore my burgandy peacoat with black leggings, a white sweater, and cognac brown boots. I loved how the jacket really popped against the white sweater and am 100% happy with this purchase. Once again, thanks so much for the spot-on fashion tip ๐Ÿ™‚ and Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

      1. Yep, I did! So glad I consulted your blog before my Black Friday shopping. In fact, I think I waited till Cyber Monday to buy this jacket and the price lowered to $30!

  4. Do you find the leggings to run true to size? I like to get a bigger size in leggings but not sure how these leggings run. Thanks!

    1. Definitely do your size with these. You want them to be a little snug to suck you in! I am actually wearing a small. I normally wear a medium. But if I got a second pair I would go with the mediums since mine are a little too snug. So I would say they are true to size for sure!

  5. I have the coat in the camel color like Ashley and love it! I bought it during the Anniversary Sale when it was also marked down to a ridiculously cheap price. I love that I can wear it in the fall, on warm winter days and during the spring.

  6. Shopping made easy! I love this look. Just ordered the coat and top.
    Thanks for letting me copy your entire outfit. ?

  7. Love your style and reading your blog! I am obsessed with those boots of yours and the other sole society boots that you have in the taupe color and have been trying to go on the website for months. Do you have any idea on who else sells these or ones that look like them and are still comfy!
    P.S. your daughter is absolutely adorable! Love seeing pics!

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