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When I post a picture to instagram and I like my outfit, I always post about it here so you guys can get the look too if you like it! So that’s what I’m doing today, but I don’t have a ton of time to write. I feel like I’m saying that a lot lately, but it’s true! As Molly gets older, I’m finding myself with less and less time. Ahhh the life of a parent.

Anyway this cardigan might be the coziest thing ever. I love to wear it snuggled up by the fire with a cup of coco in my hand. It comes in a few different colors. All outfit details are below the pic! And the hat and scarf are under $20. You can get matching mitten HERE too!

And some of you ask about what eyebrow pencil I use. I use THIS and I’m obsessed. I wouldn’t use anything else.

Love you guys! xoxo


1.  HAT | 2. SCARF| 3. SWEATER | 4. JEANS | 5. RING ONE | 6. RING TWO





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5 thoughts on “Cozy Outfit

    1. Yes – And I just got it re-done. It used to be a warmer blonde, but I went WAY cooler!!! Took me a while to find a hairdresser that could do it right! But I love my new color 🙂

      1. Love this question and answer. Been wondering myself. I’ve been doing the same thing, Ali. Very cool blonde, but then I get my roots a dark brown. I’ve been loving it!!! Your hair seems to kind of like mine.. thickness wise. What’s your favorite shampoo/conditioner these days? I’ve been trying out samples of Kevin Murphy lately. I’m loving the Hydrate Me and Young Again!

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