Dress for Less!

I hope you guys have come to find my blog helpful for showing you guys how to put together affordable looks. It’s really important to me to show women that looking good doesn’t have to cost a lot! It’s eas to dress for less as logn as you do a little digging for the right core pieces. Today’s post is a great example of that. My top, leggings and scarf are all under $28! And my boots are on sale for about half price! I just love a good affordable look!

My top is so great to wear with leggings! It’s loose and flattering and long enough to cover your booty! I’m 5’7″ and it covers mine. I’m wearing a small in the top btw. I usually wear a medium and I sized down this time. I would recommend sizing down.

My scarf is under $10 and so pretty! It looks much duller in the website photo than it actually is in person! So go off my photos and not the website photos.  Also, I wore a gorgeous $18 dress from this site that you can see me wearing HERE and I talked a little bit about my experience on the site. I also think this scarf makes a great gift!

My leggings are only $19. I own two pairs because I wear them so often and I don’t have time to wash them every day. Ha! Affordable base pieces to your look are a great way to dress for less!

I’ve worn these boots multiple times and just love them. If you’ve had your eye on them in my past posts, NOW it the time to get them because they are on major sale at 40% off! That’s a HUGE discount! I’m wearing them in “deep cognac” FYI.

My look was so affordable that I could spend a little bit more on my bag. Don’t you love it when that happens 😉

And while you are here, check out my GIFT GUIDE to finish up your holiday shopping! Many of the gift picks are under $25! And did you know today is free shipping day?! So many big store are participating! So get those gifts shipped TODAY!




Dress for less






19 Thoughts

19 thoughts on “Dress for Less!

  1. You are adorable and I love your style! ❤️❤️ Your blog!
    You are my favorite bachelorette, and it’s so nice to see you happy and with your new, adorable Molly!

  2. You always look so ‘put together’ and stylish
    It helps me choose what clothes to wear from my closet.
    And I’ve started wearing scarves to finish off the look!
    I love the watch with the tan band that I bought from Nordstrom. ☺

  3. Ali, the absolute BEST thing about your blog is that you wear the various pieces that you feature multiple times. It’s just not realistic for normal people to wear a new outfit every day and I love that you get that. I love the outfits that you put together and have purchased many of them! Keep doing you, girl. XO

    1. Thank you Julie! I’ll be the first to admit that I have a ton of clothes, ha! But it’s TOTALLY not realistic to wear something different every single day so I try to showcase the same pieces in different looks! I’m so glad you noticed that! Thank you for reading my blog!

    1. It’s slightly sheer but that’s the look. You just wear a cami underneath. I personally don’t wear a cami under mine every time though. I like the sheer look. Some people think that’s a bad thing. But it’s definitely not! It’s the style 😉

  4. Love your affordable fashion tips. Are your BP leggings slightly shimmery? I tried them on at Nordstrom and it had a cotton shine to it, if that makes sense.

  5. Hi Ali! I was searching your site for your favorite pair of skinny jeans but couldn’t find anything. What’s your recommendation? Thanks!

  6. Hi Ali!!! I love your blog and style!!! Those boots look really yellow on the website (not in your pic) …are they?

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