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I don’t know about you but sometimes I spend HOURS online looking for the perfect gift for someone. I dunno. I guess I just hate giving the same old – same old gifts that don’t really mean anything to the person getting them. That’s why I absolutely LOVE giving personalized gifts! Giving a personalized gift shows that you really took the time to think about the person you are giving it to, instead of just re-gifting something someone else gave you 😉 We’ve all been there right?

Have you guys heard of Mark & Graham? I first discovered them last year at Christmas time when I was looking for a gift for my soon to be in-laws 🙂 I wanted to give them something that showed them I really took time to think in advance and get them something meaningful for Christmas. Hey, I needed to earn some brownie points with them too 😉 I wanted to impress them! What’s so cool about Mark & Graham is that you can personalized everything with monogramming for free!!! Monogramming can be super expensive, so I love that they do it for free.

This year, I even got myself some personalized gifts from there! Well, really they are gifts for my family. Since this is Molly’s first Christmas I want to try to make it extra special. So I got the whole family stockings with our names on them – and yes, Owen too! He’s my first baby. However, my name is no longer Ali in this household. It’s Mommy 🙂 It was so surreal and cool to order Mommy and Daddy stockings. I love my new title!



Speaking of my new title, how cute are mine and Molly’s personalized Christmas hats? I just adore the long length of them and the pompom at the end. Molly loves to play with it when shes wearing it (see photo at the end of this post). Its so cute! And I love that this baby hat fits Molly. She has a massive head. Ha! It’s size is in the 98th percentile! A big noggin – just like her mommy.

And notice the monogramming on my PJ’s below? They are my first monogrammed thing with my new initials!!! AEM – Ali Elaine Manno (The M is in the middle on the PJ’s because the last name is the bigger letter in the middle) I might not be married yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my soon to be new last name! These PJ’s would make such a great gift! Get them for everyone in your family and do a matching PJ’s Christmas card!

Flannel Pj's


Baby's first Christmas

There are so many great personalized gifts on Mark & Graham’s site. So definitely check them out! Here are a few of my other favorites…

(We got the copper pitcher for ourselves FYI -see below pic. M for Manno! It’s gorgeous! And how cool is the bracelet the charges your phone!?)


Did I also mention that they gift wrap everything for free?!?! I can’t even begin to explain to you how gorgeous everything comes wrapped. It makes each gift feel so luxurious! This extra is really great if you are ordering gifts for people out of town and having them mailed straight to them! They come wrapped! And its great if you are like me and terrible at wrapping gifts! Ok, I’m not THAT terrible, but I don’t take my time with it so they always come out sloppy. So with that said, I loved the free gift wrapping!

I’ll leave you with the cutest photo of Molly EVER! Maybe the cutest photo of a baby ever! But I’m not biased or anything 😉

Baby Santa Hat

Thanks Mark & Graham for partnering with me on this post!!!




23 Thoughts

23 thoughts on “Personalize Your Gifts This Season

  1. Everything about this made me 10x more excited for Christmas and I already have Glee’s Christmas Album playing at max sound.


    1. This particular one, I’m not sure. But if you search “Molly necklace” on my site you should find my favorite bar necklace.

    1. I think it would fit my niece who is 4. I think it would fit any little one under 8 or 9 honestly. Check sizing on website!

  2. I love all your Christmas pictures you have been posting. I really love your stockings and the Christmas tree. You are really helping to put me in the holiday spirit. Looking forward to more pictures.

  3. I got the hat for my baby boy and it is so cute!! I also became obsessed with Mark and Graham a few years back- their totes are also amazing and so chic for work 🙂 I became a new mommy around the same time you did and have been following your blog, IG and snap… I love how you are so real and give true, genuine advice! Happy holidays!

  4. Molly (my Granddaughters name also) is absolutely the cutest baby. Have a wonderful 1st Christmas with your special angel.

  5. Hey Ali,

    Such a cute post! Molly is so precious. Just wondering what camera you guys use for taking your blog pictures? The quality is so awesome in all your shots!

  6. The link for that hat says it is a kids size.. Is that that the one you got for Molly? Or is there a different one for infants?

  7. I am looking for the striped Christmas hat you’re wearing but in adult size! The link you posted takes us to the kids size. Thank you Ali!

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