Dressing up a Nursing Tank

I had a meeting today so I had to force myself to get somewhat put together. However, Molly had to come with me (we still don’t have any help – I really need to find a nanny asap because we don’t live near our moms and I desperately need a break) so I had to make sure my outfit was professional but nursing friendly. Which means I had to figure out a way to dress up my nursing tank.

As I frantically searched my closet, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw my black cape blazer. It instantly makes any look appear more classy and dressed up. I feel like the bags under my eyes and my roots (from having no time to color my hair) weren’t as obvious. That said, this outfit and these pics doesn’t do this cape blazer justice. It’s so gorgeous and it’s a great way to cover your shoulders at events or at work with the colder weather approaching.

I still felt like it was too obvious that I was wearing a nursing tank so I added a statement necklace to distract from the tank. You can see my wearing this necklace with a $39 sweater HERE. So it’s a perfect piece to have to dress up business, cocktail, and casual looks.

I also carried this fun fringe bag to distract from my nursing thank. Cause let’s face it, our nursing tanks get A LOT of wear, so they start to wear out quickly. At least I know I wear and wash mine ALL THE TIME! So it certainly does a number on the material and can make them look a bit worn out. So I’m all about pulling the eye away from my tank!

My faux leather leggings are a great find at only $29. You can see my wearing them with one of my favorite casual looks HERE.

Wish me luck at my meeting! I hope I can stay awake!

Cape Blazer


Nursing Tank



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14 thoughts on “Dressing up a Nursing Tank

  1. You look beautiful, professional, and not tired at all! Though you may feel like it, you look just as vibrant and energized as you did pre-mommy days!

    1. I try! It’s REALLY hard. I write this blog while she naps (Which isn’t very long! Which is why my posts sometimes have a ton of typos! ha!)

  2. You look great!! You are brave to go to a meeting with Molly. How do you handle her and the meeting without help? Super Mom!

    1. I am VERY lucky that the company I met with was ok with me bringing her. Just left the meeting! It’s not easy but I just do my best to keep her calm while I’m talking to people.

  3. Girl my daughter is turning one on Sunday and she is still wanting to nurse every 2-3 hours. We co-sleep though so it isn’t that hard to just put her on the boob and go back to sleep for me. I never had it in me to do any sleep training. I feel this was the best decision for our family. However, I would love a full night of sleep. You are doing great and when she is older you probably won’t even remember the hard part of this phase, just the cute smiles. I have a 3 yr old also and as each phase (trimesters of pregnancy, birth, early infantacy, the toddler yrs) passes, I mostly only remember the good parts. Good luck!

  4. Ali, you look amazing! I just had a baby 2 months ago. Maybe you can try to pump milk for the night and your husband does the night shift with Molly. Thats what we do, however my husband is a night owl so he does the night shift and I do the day shift. I will pump milk 5 times a day and I have bottles in the fridge at all times. I don’t breastfeed. I go to bed at 9pm and get up at 4am. My husband goes to bed at 2am gets up at 9am we both get a full nights rest this way.

    BTW how did you loose all the weight? How long did it take you?

  5. I enjoy your blog and think your little Molly is a doll! I just wanted to echo when others say that you won’t remember the hard parts. I am a mom of grown kids and a Grandma of 13. My two oldest were 16 months apart and honestly, I just don’t even remember it being that hard. Busy, yes, and I do remember wondering how I existed on so little sleep. But other than folding mounds and mounds of cloth diapers for 2 babies (which I did during the times they were both sleeping), it’s the fun play times I remember. Oh, and nursing my third while walking around doing something for the older two. You know, with kids, you just DO when you need to, and time flies and they are all grown up before you know it! I tell all my kids to enjoy each and every phase their little ones are in…..you will miss it all far more than you realize now. Ali, you are doing GREAT! And…..you look fantastic!

  6. Hi Ali,
    Love your blog and feel like I know miss Molly already. And let’s not get started on your fashion! I’m a nanny myself and totally understand that you need a break. Would love to get in contact with you about maybe helping you out with Molly. I’m qualified with a degree and over 10 years of working with children ( my speciality is special needs children) I currently work with a family but I’m available a couple hrs on weekdays and available on weekends.

  7. You look great as always! Even if u don’t feel like it:) good luck with your meeting… I hope I get the project!:)

  8. Hi Ali

    Are these nursing tanks longer then other tanks? I believe you said you wore them when you were pregnant.. I have an 11 m old, and I am pregnant again so I’m going to be nursing and growing another bump! I need something supportive but longer too!

    Thanks 🙂

  9. You always look so put together. I love how you wear clothes. Having a new baby can be both rewarding and very trying. Boy do I remember. I have a 16 year old and 13 year old now and my advice to you is this……everything is a phase and before you know it you and your little one have moved onto another one so stay positive and tell yourself that each day will be better than the last. One thing I wish I was told when becoming a mom is the guilt we feel; questioning everything! My advise is STOP. Follow your instincts as they are always right. You have things under control even though it doesn’t always feel like it. Happy parenting and continue to stay the stylish mommy you are!

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