Give Back with Diff Eyewear

As a mom, I hope I instill good values into my daughter Molly. I want her to know that yes, it’s nice to get things, but it feels even better to gives things. That’s why I really, truly love this brand of sunglasses – Diff Eyewear.

You guys know I love this brand because I’ve written about them before, so I wanted to share my new favorite pair with all of you. I mean how can you not love purple lenses on a pair of sunnies? So cute right?

The main reason I love this company so much is not just because of their awesome sunglasses, but I adore them because of their big heart! They give back to charity through their one for one initiative. For every pair of Diff Eyewear sunglasses sold, they donate a pair to people in need. So by buying a pair of the sunglasses, you get to look rad and you also get to do something good for the world – and really nothing is more rad than that!

Once again I have secured a discount on these sunglasses for all my followers! You can get 15% off by using the code FED15 at checkout. I am grateful to partner with a company that cares so much about making the world a better place!

To learn more about Diff Eyewear and all the good they are doing click HERE.

And check out the other sunnies I own from this brand HERE.




5 Thoughts

5 thoughts on “Give Back with Diff Eyewear

  1. Hi Ali,

    I feel what you mean when you say that everything you wrote came from your heart. You are a sublime and generous woman. As regards Molly, she is truly crunchy…!


  2. Are those the Dime II polarized sunglasses? so cute… they only have non polarized in stock so debating on what to do! hate impulse shopping, I want them just b/c they are cute on you & I don’t want to wait! lol.

  3. Hi Ali I just started following your blog and I have to say I am loving it! Already ordered a few great items that you so graciously did the research and digging for. Looking forward to more posts! ?

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