Affordable Fashion – A $27 Dress!

Happy Monday friends! I thought I would start off this week sharing an AMAZING find with you guys because I absolutely LUV affordable fashion! So I’ll just get right to it. This dress is only $27! Cray right? I had to snatch it up as soon as I saw it. I got it in THIS pattern too! I couldn’t pass it up since it’s so affordable. You can get this entire look at Nordstrom Rack for such a great price!

What I love about this dress is that it is perfect for fall! The long sleeves and high neck keep you warm and cozy. And the color is right on trend with fall colors. I choose to pair it with a cute pair of over-the-knee boots. But it would also look so cute with tights and heels. Or even flats for work! I’m wearing a medium FYI.

Because of the high neck line I didn’t want to wear too much jewelry, but I also wanted to wear something with flare to add to the look. So I choose these fringe earrings! Also super affordable at only $15. And I just love an ear crawler. Don’t you?

Hope you guys love this affordable look as much as I do!




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16 thoughts on “Affordable Fashion – A $27 Dress!

  1. Hi Ali!

    I am 21 weeks pregnant now and will be 33 weeks pregnant when I attend my work holiday party in December. This dress is too cute and too great of a price to pass up! I am 5’6″ and would typically wear a size 6 dress (pre-pregnancy). Do you think this dress will work with a growing bump? I have a feeling it might get too short with my big bump at 33 weeks!

      1. Ha! That made me laugh. It really depends because everyone is different. But I think this might work. However, I think you should wear the red dress I posted about yesterday! It will definitely fit and I think you will look so fab in that dress at 29 weeks pregnant!

  2. Hi Ali! Just want to make sure that the dress you are wearing is “violet” before I order it. The color looks a little different on the website-and I love the color that you are wearing!!


      1. I bought it in the Purple floral pattern bc the Violet was unavailable. Got it in the mail today and I love it!!!!!

  3. Ali, This dress is stunning on you. I would love to see the other pattern you got this dress in and how you would style it. I would like to wear it with leggings because of what I do for work. I wonder if it would be to much though. The pattern is hard to see online. 🙁 Thoughts?

  4. Hi ali! Let me start off by telling you your blog is the best. I walked into Nordstrom today with my phone and your blog looking for your fabulous finds!!!!! I was at the rack today but somehow missed these boots. Are the ones in the picture the one from Nordstrom rack? They look different in color and style. Let me know!!! Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Ali! Love you and your blog! I was wondering if the boots you are wearing as the same ones as in the link. I want to purchase them, but the ones in the link look darker than the ones you have on. Thanks!

  6. Ali, can you share your lip color? I see you wear this or something similar often on your IG and I need it!

    BTW…your baby girl is just perfect!

    Thank you!

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