Perfect Fall Outfit

I love this look. It’s the perfect fall outfit and so simple to throw on. Plus it’s really just basic pieces for the “base” of the look and then you can throw on different accessories (boots, scarves, jewelry, etc) to make it a completely different look! A great way to make the most out of your wardrobe and save money!

The “base” of my look is pretty awesome for a few of reasons. First, because it’s all black and the clothes are SUPER flattering! Second, because it’s so comfortable. And third, because my leggings and top at both under $30!

My faux leather leggings are a staple in my closet. They automatically dress up a basic look! And they are made of a light material which is great because they don’t stick to my legs when I wear them. At $29 dollars these are a MUST GET!

My black top is only $18 and I have it in multiple colors. I don’t know about you guys but when I wear leggings I like my butt to be covered. The length of this top perfectly covers my bottom and is just really flattering in general. I’m wearing a medium in both the leggings and top.

Ok so now we have the “base” down for our look! This base can be used for a variety of looks all season long! I personally know I’ll wear it a ton and just switch out great accessories! Like the ones I’m wearing today.

Scarves will be a key item in my closet this fall. I mean you can’t have a perfect fall outfit with a great scarf! Not just because they are super cute and make changing up a look easy. But because they double as nursing covers! Luv that! This scarf is so soft and fashionable. And it’s really easy to wear. I just wrapped it around my neck once. No complicated wrapping! Is it just me or are some scarves totally confusing? Ha!

Every girls need a pair of black knee-high boots in her wardrobe. I have multiple pairs of knee-high boots because I really feel that they balance out the body if you have some curves like me. The boots add width to the bottom half of my legs to balance out my booty and hips! These boots are also extremely comfortable! The heel is only 2.5 inches so it gives you the look of a great heel without the pain!

And I finished this fall outfit off with a really fun fringe bag! Fringe is totally on trend, but what I love most about this bag is how the top half folds over the bottom half when I carry it like this. It just makes the bag more interesting. So many people ask me where I got it when I’m carry this bag. It’s Sole Society – FYI 🙂 And you can carry it by the handle too if you need to fit more stuff in it. Which comes in handy as a mom because I am constantly lugging around stuff for Molly and I don’t also want to bring a diaper bag with me when I go places with her.

Today we are headed to a pumpkin patch! I’m pretty excited about it. She is dressing up as a little elephant! Check back to my blog to see adorable pics of her in it later today! I don’t have a costume yet but I have an idea for something to go with Molly’s second Halloween outfit (Yes, she has two. She’s going to be a bunny on Halloween. I couldn’t resist). What are you dressing up for this Halloween? What will your kiddos wear?And let me know what you think of this fall look! What’s your idea of a perfect fall outfit?

Oh and if you guys are looking for more great fall options you HAVE to check out THIS Shopbop sale! 25% to 30% off your entire order! Luv it! Just thought I would share 🙂

Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday!


Fall Outfit


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29 thoughts on “Perfect Fall Outfit

    1. I’m wearing a size medium in the leggings. I just got them last week and have worn them twice. They have held their shape perfectly so far 🙂

      1. It says Medium is a size 8-10. There is no way that is your normal size so it makes me confused as to which size to really get in these.

    1. I’m honestly not sure. I see petite ladies rocking them all them time so I don’t see why not. Get a pair and see! If they don’t work you can always return them 🙂

        1. Thanks for chiming in Natasha! I thought they would. They probably would just go a little higher up in the thigh. Which would be hot!!!

        2. Natasha,

          Where do you buy your OTK boots? I am also short and have had a hard time finding a pair that work for my small frame. Brands you wear would be helpful for me to try!


  1. super curious if the legging sizing holds up to what you would normally get in leggings. i always keep them sized down a little because they obviously stress and who wants baggy spandex?! ;o) but with the faux leather i’m thinking there may be an awkward separation in material if stretched too much. so with that being said, you size how you would with regular cotton leggings?

    1. I actually usually size UP in leggings because I feel like they tend to be see-through and stretch out faster if I size down or get my normal size. So in my last fashion post titled “breastfeeding friendly outfit” I sized down in those leggings. But with these faux leather leggings, I got my normal size (cause I didn’t have to worry about sheerness) and that size worked perfect for me.

      1. just a tip on the see thru problem – maybe try footless tights. i never wear a pair of leggings without layering for that reason. plus its super flattering for any areas of concern :o) thanks for the feedback ali!

  2. I love this outfit! I live in San Diego and don’t have any fall outfits…haha but I will be going to San Francisco in a few weeks and will purchase this look! Do you have any recommendations for a wedding rehearsal dinner dress in sf?

  3. You shine in this simple yet classy outfit.
    I really like it and agree that wearing a top that’s long enough to cover the derriere is most comfortable/appealing.
    Whether baby Molly is wearing an elephant ? or a bunny ?outfit…..she will look adorable.
    You’d look cute dressed as a lamb or an owl for Halloween.
    Can’t wait to see the photos!

  4. Love the outfit! The boots look great, but how fitted are they around your legs? I have skinny calves so I some times have issues with boots looking almost baggy around my legs.


  5. Ali could you do a post for us fellow first time moms of you baby must haves? Even better- what are some things you thought you needed but really haven’t used at all?

    Thanks so much!

  6. Cute outfit! But it’s still 70 degrees in LA! Aren’t you hot in those leggings and scarf? I wore a tank top today!

  7. Just bought this outfit and couldn’t be happier! So cute – so simple! Love love love all your stuff… I want every outfit! 🙂

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