Breastfeeding Friendly Fashion

Breastfeeding Friendly Fashion –

Hi guys! Many of you consistently ask me about breastfeeding friendly fashion. So, I wanted to make sure I highlight that in today’s post! Trust me, it’s totally possible to put together cute outfits that make it easy to feed your child in public. And if you’re not breastfeeding (or when you’re done breastfeeding), they are just cute outfits! What I love about this look is that all you need to do is get the key pieces and switch out a black nursing tank for a regular black tank if you’re not breastfeeding.

In fact, cute button down tops and jackets are a great way to dress up a nursing tank in general. I love the print on my bomber jacket. I wore this outfit to a mommy and me dinner I went to the other night. Rocking it made me feel cute and put together.

My Other Outfit Details

My leggings are $19 and really great quality for the price. I recommend sizing up in leggings to avoid them looking sheer if they are too tight. I normally wear a medium, but I got a large in these.

My leopard purse is so fun for fall. You’ll see me styling it with a bunch of my looks this month. I just love it and I love mixing prints like I did with this outfit. The print of the jacket and the print of the purse are completely different; however, they go so well together! Luv it!

My black knee-high boots are another favorite of mine this season. They are also really comfortable because the heel height is totally manageable at 2.5 inches. You are going to see me wearing these A TON! So if you like them, snatch them up now and I will show you a bunch of ways to style them in upcoming post this season!

What’s your favorite breastfeeding friendly fashion tip? Tell me because I need more ideas!

Breastfeeding Fashion


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Some other cute breastfeeding friendly options:








22 Thoughts

22 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Friendly Fashion

  1. I love these tanks for nursing!
    I feel better with a more structured nursing bra, and with these then I’m not fumbling with two sets of clips and my belly is still covered. Plus the bamboo is so soft and comfortable. A breastfeeding must for me!
    I love that you’re open about breastfeeding and how to still wear things that make you feel good. It’s such a hard balance as a mom and I’m so grateful you cover all sides of it!

  2. I am loving all of these ideas! I had my little guy in June and I’ve recently gone back to work. The struggle between professionalism and nursing accessible is so real. The thought of changing when I get home to nurse him or if we need to go out just makes me cringe. So these fashionable yet functional options are perfect!

  3. I recently bought a sweater poncho so I can wear my nursing tank underneath but be able to freely breastfeed. I can’t wait to try it!

    1. I wear sweater ponchos all the time. They’re so great. I also love over sized sweaters and long sweaters for nursing.

      I work out of my car as I have to go see clients in their homes, and as awkward it is I find that ponchos help me cover up when I have to pump in the car. HA its worth it to nurse my little one!

      Love your fashion ideas Ali, and that you promote nursing!

      1. Me too! I have not gone back to work yet but seems like it will be helfpful when pumping in the car. I tried it on today snd it worked so well! This is my second and I wish I had them while breastfeeding my first. Ali, I am from Boston snd there is a new Boutique that I think you would love! I actually went back today to get two more colors! Check it out! I have the gray, taupe, and burgandy.

  4. Hi Ali! I had my little guy in May (ftm too) and have been exclusively pumping. It’s hard to dress the part for work so that you don’t have to get completely undressed every time to pump (did that once when I threw on an over-the-head awkward!) I’ve found that always having a tank underneath is the most convenient way to go out, but I love shirts with a deep V and just enough stretch. Always my “go-to”!

    1. Totally off topic… are ✨AMAZING ✨ for exclusively pumping since June!! Your dedication to provide for your little one is inspirational. Rock on!!!!!

    2. Try Freemie cups. They are so much eadier to pump with on the go. They have them on amazon. Sorry for posting so muchc Ali!

  5. Hi Ali! I love your blog. I’m still nervous about breastfeeding in public. I recently had my baby and I have no idea how to go about it. I love your outfit ideas for breastfeeding but still don’t know how I can do it. How do you manage to go to a restaurant and breastfeed in this outfit?

  6. I like those outfits you’ve chosen here. They are truly great. I do like them. Hope that you’ll add here more interesting ideas in this style later.

  7. Breastfeeding is important for women to improve their maternal and child health. I even heard that the longer babies breastfeed, the more they achieve in life. Bur, in accordance with the research, children who are breastfed for a long time are more likely to have problems, such as dental cavities.

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