This Baby Product is a LIFESAVER as a New Mom

When I was pregnant with Molly I used to ask other moms what their must-have items were. I got so many recommendations, which was great, but the thought of all that stuff in my house was kind of overwhelming. That’s just how it is when you have a baby. You end up with a lot of stuff so why not make that stuff stylish and cute for your home! That’s why am so happy I found the Jonathan Adler Crafted by Fisher Price collection. They have incredible items for babies and they look super cute in my home. We have their Sensory Gym, Rock n’ Play sleeper, Deluxe Bouncer, and Projection Mobile for her crib. I’ve posted a bunch of snap chats of Molly playing in her gym (her favorite baby product!) and so many of you have asked me where I got it. So of course I had to share with you guys!


Also, back to the mommy recommendations I got, one of the items that was highly recommended to me by a friend was the Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play sleeper. My girlfriend swore by it. She said it was the only thing her little baby would sleep in. So when Fisher-Price sent me the Deluxe Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, I couldn’t wait to try it out! And it has ended up being the product we use more than anything else for Molly! In fact, when Molly was just a week old or so she had a really bad case of reflux and her pediatrician recommended that we have her sleep in her Rock n’ Play just in case she had reflux in the middle of the night. You guys might remember me writing about this incident a month ago. It was so scary and we were so grateful to have the Rock n’ Play so Molly could sleep in it at her pediatricians recommendation. But make sure you consult your pediatrician before starting anything new with your babes!

Now we find that Molly sleeps the absolute best in the Rock n’ Play. When we have her sleep in her bassinet we maybe get four hours of sleep out of her at night. But when she sleeps in her Rock n’ Play Sleeper she’ll sleep up to 8 or 9 hours! It’s incredible! When we know we need a really good nights sleep (cause of a big day the next day) we put Molly in her Rock n’ Play. It’s a lifesaver! Now when my pregnant friends ask me what products I recommend, it’s always this one! It’s something we absolutely could not live without as new parents. And did I mention it rocks ITSELF?!?! Uh-mazing!

If you have this product and love it as much as us, tell me about it in the comments below!

Fisher Price

Thank you Fisher Price for Sponsoring this post! Fisher-Price provided me with these products, but all the beliefs expressed above are my own because I truly love the products!

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56 thoughts on “This Baby Product is a LIFESAVER as a New Mom

  1. My little man, River Wyatt, was born in July 5th and he is currently snoozing in his Rock N’ Play. I love that it is smaller than the bassinet and portable. We went beach camping for a week when he was 5 weeks old and we were able to easily bring the RNP. We also love our Fisher Price bathtub. Molly is precious!

  2. My husband just put together our Rock N Play last night!! I’ve heard from so many Mama’s how much of a lifesaver it is! Can’t wait to use it. Just need our little one to come out any day now!

      1. I’m due in 9 days!!! Countdown is on! I’ve loved following your blog throughout my journey. It’s been great to get snippets of what I can expect along the way!

  3. Ali, we too use our rock n play for our 10 week old, Landon. It is the only thing we can get him to sleep in every night! It is such a lifesaver!! He is sleeping 8-9 hours every night as well. Please blog about your transition into the crib when you do so with your sweet little Molly. That is something that I am dreading as naps in the crib are not successful for us at this point. I imagine it will be a tough transition when we get there.

    1. Right now we have her nap in her crib most of the time. We use a sleep suit to help her stay cozy in the crib. But she definitely doesn’t sleep as well. I will blog about it as I figure it all out 😉

      1. My 15 week old still sleeps right beside our bed in the rock n play! The best invention ever! We are in the same situation, her naps in the crib are so short! I’m dreading the nightly crib transition though, which will be soon because my little long girl is about to outgrow it! We’ve def got our money’s worth out of it! Love your snap stories btw!

  4. Our pediatrician also recommended the Rock N Play for my 2 month old. We love it! I wish I would have used it for my 2 year old when she was a baby. I probably would have gotten a lot more sleep. I may have a cheaper one as it does not rock on its own. I have to manually rock it. Overall I agree with you! I recommend it to my pregnant friends ?

  5. We love our Rock N Play.. It beside my bed at night. I used it instead of a bassinet. We love love our blooming bath for the sink. I’m all about easy to travel with as we travel quite a bit.
    Molly is beautiful!

  6. We have the same rock and play just different color! I hope it works for us too! I’m past my due date right now so waiting for little girl to come anytime! I enjoy following your posts it’s such an inspiration, I’ll be a first time mom and I’m nervous but love reading Other mom posts! 🙂

  7. Love the Rock N Plays for my twin girls – and like Molly, they sleep so well in them! My girls were preemies, and also had reflux so loved the RNP’s for that reason! I must have cheaper versions, cause they don’t rock on their own, just vibrate (however, I did buy them thinking they did rock on their own ?). So easy to pack up and take to Grammy’s, or for a hotel stay! The other product I swear by are the bouncer seats, my girls LOVE those!!

  8. My little one, who’s now 10 months old, slept in her rock n play for the first few months. She refused the bassinet so it was a LIFE SAVOR no doubt. It was nice to be able to move her room to room with me. Congrats!

  9. I love hearing what works for other mamas!! I’m expecting baby #2 in February and I’m anxious to see if #2 likes the same things as #1… We can only hope!!

    I would just LOVE to send Molly a couple of my handmade crochet hats! Feel free to check out my website to see what you would like for her and how I can send them to you guys <3

  10. I just started my third trimester! We have to order the sleeper… I’ve heard so many things about it. Also going to look into the other items you listed.

  11. Believe it or not something we can’t live without actually isn’t a “baby” product at all. It’s one of those big exercise balls. I got one for labor and ended up using it way more after my little boy was born than before. My pediatrician recommended using it by sitting on it and bouncing him when he gets fussy to soothe him and give our backs a break. It’s one of the few things that works! He loves it! I tell everyone about it now.

    Love your blog. Our little boy was born July 4th and I love reading all your tips and experiences as you navigate being a new mommy. Still waiting for the tips on traveling by plane with a baby! I’ve got our first trip planned next week and so nervous!

  12. I live in Canada and the Rock n’ Play isn’t sold here. But after reading so many great things about it, I decided to take a road trip and go buy one. Man am I ever glad I did!
    My little Arielle (who is born a day after Molly!) loves her RNP! We brought it with us this summer when we camped. So much easier and more compact than a pack n play or bassinet!

  13. My daughter slept in the rock and play for 2 months, before that she only slept on me and it was exhausting!! I’m forever grateful to fisher price! We eventually transitioned her to the crib and it’s been great ever since…with the help of the miracle blanket and then the Magic Merlin suit. She’s 15 months now and sleeps 13 hours a night. Just be careful of flat head with the rock and play.

  14. In LOVE with the rock n play! Best buy we made for sure!

    How did flying with Miss Molly go? I’m taking my 9 week old on her first flight next week (and solo no less!) so I could use any advice!

  15. My daughter Quinn is now almost 14 months old and my must have since having her when my expectant friends ask is ALWAYS the rock’n play!! Def my #1 must have! When I had my baby shower they didn’t have the ones that rock themselves and that was a pain! So when I saw the automatic rockers come out I went right out and got one and that was a life changer!! From 3 days old she got between 7-9 hours of sleep a night in that thing!! Also, she was not diagnosed with reflux at first but the first night in the hospital I heard some weird noises coming from her and I noticed she was choking on her spit or some left over amniotic fluid! It TERRIFIED me! So I never let her lay flat for a long time because I was so scared of that happening again! The rock n’ play had the perfect incline for her! Molly is so adorable and I love seeing your snaps! ☺️ Your family is so precious! Including little Owen!

  16. My grandson loved this and napped the best while in the Rock n’ Play.
    Be careful to to let Molly’s head rest on both the right & left sides equally though. My grandson developed a flat spot and needed to wear a helmet for 3 months. Not 100% sure what caused it, but if you google this issue and Rock n’ Play you will see many responses.
    My daughter is expecting again and plans to use the Rock n’ Play but will be extra careful with positioning.
    P.S. – Molly is adorable & looks just like you ?.

  17. My daughter also had reflux and the RNP saved our lives those first weeks! I do caution you though Bc it can cause them to get torticollis and sometimes to get a flat head. I had no idea about this but a nurse shared with me so I wanted to pass it on! Also, I was wondering where you got your fluffy white rug? I have one now in my daughter’s room but it’s now looks ratty. Need a new one and they are hard to find! I also know you love a good bargain! Congrats on your sweet girl- she’s a doll! Having a girl is the best!

  18. Hello! My friend recommended this product as well, she actually gave to me as a gift and I love it! She sleeps so well in it, 6-8 hours! I’m just nervous about transitioning to the crib! She’s loving it though and we are too!?

  19. My little girl slept great in her RNP too! Unfortunately she started rolling over at 3 months (in the RNP too!) so we moved her to the crib. She’s 4 months now and I still dream about how well she slept in the RNP. Those were the days! 😉

  20. My daughter will be 1 in November (side note ?), and my dear friend is having her first in November! I sent her my 4 must haves for the 1st year, and, as I was checking out, I realized they were mostly Fisher Price! The r and p is the best! Also, we loved the sit me up and the kick and play piano gym. At over 10 months we still use the last two! I really love all their products, and I actually had to send a toy back because it was malfunctioning and the customer service was amazing. I love seeing Molly grow! She is a doll!

  21. Is my baby the only one who hated the Rock N Play!? He would be knocked out as I put him in it, but as soon as it rocked, he was wide awake. So he sleeps in my bed & we sleep 12 hours. I tried for a month when he was 4 months. He’s now 9 months.

    Also, you’re blessed to have a company send you these items.

  22. Do you have a mamaroo? If so, do you use both equally? I’m due in 2 weeks and have the mamaroo but now I think the rock and play would be additionally helpful – especially with what you said regarding putting it in the bathroom while you shower!

  23. My daughter slept in her RNP for MONTHS. Her daddy deployed right after she was born so I loved keeping her close by. And it was super easy to travel with! Definitely a must have! Our daughters also share a birthday! Only mine was born last year. ? Love all your posts and how genuine and authentic you are. Thanks for sharing life with us! -Amy

  24. My daughter also loves the RNP and suffers from silent acid reflux. It has been a lifesaver giving us many restful nights, however, she did develop a slight flat spot even despite turning her head each direction while she slept. We are hoping it will correct itself otherwise she will have to wear a helmet! I have mom guilt now!! ? It is a great product and I know many people who used it and their babies heads never got flat, but definitely be cautious!

    1. I posted with the same kind of issue and I have also felt so guilty! We didn’t have a reflux issue, but it was so nice getting those 8 hours of sleep.

  25. We LOVED the RnP too! We had a hard time transitioning her to the bassinet and eventually the crib though for naps. So it’s good she’s doing that now! Now she’s 8 months old and sleeps 2-3 hour naps in her crib and 12 hours at night. Sounds like Molly is on track to do that as well 😉

  26. My daughter only slept in a rock in play from birth to 7 months. It allowed me to be more on the go in the beginning since I was home bound for the first 3 months due to complications…if I wanted to move to the family room or bedroom I could do it with ease, and when I was finally released I was able to pack it in the car for day trips to the beach or pool and she was unphased. I will say transitioning was rough since she was so comfy and secure in it a flat crib was rough, but we figured it out!

  27. I just had my third baby July 24 and am SO glad my husband bought me the RNP! It’s setup right next to my bed and our lil man sleeps so great in it at night! I love how it rocks on its own. I wish I had it with my other two babes. I’m so glad you posted this and that there are other moms using it at night. Lol. It is a lifesaver! My son does not sleep well in his crib or bassinet.

  28. My daughter is 11 weeks and we’ve had her in the RNP right by our bed since birth! She, too, had reflux, and the RNP was a life saver! I love reading about your life with sweet Molly and what is working/not working for you. Your family is adorable! Please keep the posts coming!

  29. We love our rock n play as well! What sleep suit is Molly currently using? My little Brooke will be 2 months on Sunday and the one we are looking at is starting at either 3 months or 12lbs. She is starting to wiggle out of her swaddle.

  30. My baby also sleeps longer in the Rock n Play, but we noticed it started giving him a flat head. Our pediatrician told us at his 2 month appointment to get him out of there and used to his crib. The reason they sleep so well in it is because it keeps them in the same position all night long, which is also what makes it bad for their heads. The DR said she is seeing a lot of babies with “Rock n Play head” because if this. Just something to think about, this my not be a problem for every baby.

  31. Our daughter slept in her Rock n Play until she was 10 weeks old. Same thing, she gave us the most hours when in it. Once she slept through without needing to be fed we finally moved to the crib. We did the same thing though and had her nap in the crib sometimes to get used to it. We ended up transitioning to the crib because she looked too big for the Rock N Play and after a week in the crib she slept perfect. Btw she is now 18 months…but the Rock n Play is my main advice for new moms!!

  32. So cute! Is there a trick to getting the baby to like the rock and play? I heard so many great things about the rock and play and was eager to get one! So far my almost two week old hates it! ☹️ I turned the vibration setting on, no such luck. Swaddled, unswaddled, etc. I’m so sad because I had such high hopes.

  33. Ali, do you swaddle Molly when she sleeps in the rock n play at night?? I just picked up a rock n play for my 1 month old because she is quite the grunter!! Hoping this helps her AND us sleep better!

  34. We rely on our auto rock n play for naps during the day! She sleeps great in her crib at night, but not so much during the day. It’s been a lifesaver when I work night shift and need to catch a few zzz’s before work. Love it love it!
    Thank you for sharing! Molly is just the cutest! xo

  35. Ali,

    You reference a post about a reflux incident. Do you mind letting me know which post that is? I have a 7 week at home. We had a very scary reflux incident about a month ago. Hearing other people’s stories and solutions is always helpful!


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