Family Activities to do with a Newborn

Family Activities with Molly –

I’m starting to realize that Molly is much less fussy when we’re out doing things.  Do any other moms out there experience this? It’s so bizarre. She’ll be extremely fussy and screaming at home, but then we will take her out and she’ll be a complete angel. Everywhere we go people say what a good/easy baby she is. And she is a good baby! I love this little baby! Easy? Not so much. She’s a handful at home and then a perfect angel when we’re out. Which is why I am constantly looking for fun family activities we can do with a newborn.

A Day at the Park

Going to the park is one of our new favorite things to do! It’s usually pretty nice here is SoCal so this is something we can do year round, plus it’s a free activity! And I love that.



And this might seem strange to some people but one of the reasons I love to put on a cute outfit is because these little family outings are the perfect opportunity for photos! Photos of memories I will cherish forever. And I don’t want to be wearing sweats in those photos. Ha! At least not when I’m out in public. Sweats at home are great. Sweats in public – not so cute.

Family Walks

Which brings me to next next favorite newborn activity – walks with my family. Cause I’ve absolutely gone on walks with my family in my pajamas. Sometimes us moms don’t have the energy to get dress. I’ve been there for sure! That’s me TODAY in fact. As I type this (actually my hands are full so I’m using talk to text), I’m sitting in my glider, holding Molly and wearing PJ bottoms and a nursing tank. It’s 12pm and I don’t plan on changing anytime soon – maybe not at all.

Bachelorette Blog

Mommy Fashion

But when I do dress up, I like to make it easy – and affordable of course! This shift dress is so easy to throw on. It’s super comfortable and flattering. And it’s under $50! It comes in a bunch of other colors. I really like to wear the shift dress (I’m wearing a medium BTW) with the big blanket scarf in the fall and boots.

You guys know how much I love these over-the-knee boots. I wear them all the time like in this post and this post.

And I’m accidentally wearing two necklaces in this photo. The long one is silver and the short one is rose gold. I normally wouldn’t wear these two together but I always wear my Molly necklace (the rose gold one) and when I was rushing to get dressed and out the door (I feel like I’m always rushing with an infant), I forgot to take it off! Oh well, I love it so I don’t mind 🙂



This might not be a popular option for a newborn activity. Ha! But Kevin and I love going to a local restaurant/bar on Sundays to watch Football with Molly.

Obviously only one of us will have a drink because the other one is driving. And if I want to have a couple drinks (cause I need it sometimes!), Kevin will bring a bottle of breast-milk for Molly. Doing this every other Sunday helps us feel normal. Like our lives haven’t totally changed. I mean they have totally changed, but we like to do some of the things we did before we had a baby. And having a beer on a Sunday is one of those things. Judge me if you want (I know some people will!), but this helps me unwind and therefore, helps me be a better mom.

Anyway, I would love it if you guys gave me some suggestions for things to do with an infant in the comments. Kevin and I would so appreciate any recommendations you guys have. Thanks Luvs!







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  1. Try signing up for a music class! They have them for infants, and are a lot of fun and a good way to get out of the house. I definitely support taking babies to bars ?

    1. Great idea! My friend Haylie dos that with her daughter. I will definitely look into one! There is a sensory class near us that we plan to sign her up for too!

      1. Try Outside the Box in Woodland Hills. I take my daughter who is almost 3 months and loves it!!!! A lot of cognitive and sensory stuff for the babies.

        I also meet once a week at Mothers Haven in Encino and they have music classes as well.

        1. That’s the exact sensory class I was referring to in my comment above. We JUST signed up for a class there 🙂

          1. Awesome we went today and it was great. We are going next Tuesday at 2. Maybe we will see you guys 🙂

            It’s so nice to meet other local mamas!

      2. Yes! Try it for sure. There are also swim classes that do splash classes for little ones once you’re comfortable getting her in the pool. Our little guy is the same way! Name of the game is stay busy!! Good luck ?

      3. We have yearly memberships to the aquarium, Dallas zoo, Dallas arboretum, and the adventures gardens. Its a bit of an investment, but with 2under2 it was WELL worth it. And we are supporting our local community at the same time. Pay once & you Its like free activities the rest of the year ?

    2. Music class is awesome once she is old enough (maybe 6 months) as is a little l gym class. It’s just great to start socializing them and get them around other babies! Through these activities I’ve gotten to know other moms and we’ve set up play dates. Sometimes we also walk around the grocery or target- sometimes you just gotta get out!

  2. No judgements here!! Our lives change so much as first time moms, it’s important to do things that help us feel some sense of “normal”. I have a four and a half month old and some of the things we like to do include: going for walks, shopping:), going out to breakfast, getting coffee, stuff like that.

    I love your dress. When you are in public in a shift dress do you nurse or just bring a bottle? Dresses are my favorite this time of year but aren’t the most convenient for nursing moms.

    1. We brought a bottle this time because this dress wasn’t breast feeding friendly. But I have a whole section on my blog dedicated to breastfeeding friendly fashion – including dresses! It’s under Fashion on the main menu on the top of my site!

      1. Ali,
        I love how real you are! My little guy is a few weeks younger than Molly. When did you start using the bottle? Love your posts! Keep them coming!

  3. My husband and I have 2 small little ones and I agree with the restaurant/bar idea. We like to look for local restaurants with a live band or some sort of entertainment because those places are usually a little loud and keeps the little ones entertained (and helps muffle them a bit if they are being fussy?). We also like to visit aquariums. My 10 month old may love them more than my 3 year old!

    1. A live band is a great idea! There is an outdoor place near us that has live music on Saturday’s. We will have to check that out with Molly for sure!

  4. My husband and I have 2 small little ones and I agree with the restaurant/bar idea. We like to look for local restaurants with a live band or some sort of entertainment because those places are usually a little loud and keeps the little ones entertained (and helps muffle them a bit if they are being afussy?). We also like to visit aquariums. My 10 month old may love them more than my 3 year old!

  5. See if there is infant play group nearby! We have one by our house on Fridays over the lunch hour. It’s free and my daughter loves being around other little babies and kids!

  6. My husband and I love going to the drive-in with our baby boy. You get to breastfeed, eat popcorn, watch a movie and no worries if your baby is being fussy!

      1. Ali- the theatres where I live have unpopukar dates and times when they allow babies to go to a movie with a caretaker. They leave the lights on low and lower the sound. It’s awesome. My two month old and I went to Bridget Jones recently with about 50 other moms and babies 🙂

  7. We have a 8 month old and I loveeeeeee to go get a coffee and walk around Hobby Lobby looking for house decorations or finding a home craft for our baby to make for the Grandparents! It’s never too early for a baby to watercolor paint ?

  8. One of our favorite things to do with our son when he was an infant was go outside and visit with our neighbors on the weekends. Here in the south when the weather is nice, we are porch sitters for lack of a better description and it seems to draw other neighbors out to visit when they see babies. We were the youngest couple in the neighborhood, so my son had a lot of maw maw’s and paw’s paw’s that love him to this day and he is 20! Good memories and good neighbors.

    1. Too funny that you just posted this because Kevin, Molly, Owen and I were all just outside in the front yard laying on a blanket. It was so nice!

  9. You’re speaking my language! I have a 2.5 month old baby and he just loves to be out and about! We live in the Bay Area so it’s pretty nice here which helps for being outdoors (which he loves) but I’ve been brainstorming for activities to do when it rains this winter. I was thinking story time at the library and walking him around the mall (indoor) just so he can look around at everything. I loved reading your article and also everyone’s comments! Thanks!

    1. I was just in San Francisco this weekend with Molly. It was her first plane ride! She loved walking around the city with us 🙂

  10. First of all, I just want to say that Molly is the cutest! I am new to your blog and I sooo enjoy it. I’m a bit older, but I absolutely love your style!

    As far as suggestions and ideas on entertaining Molly, just keep on doing what your doing. You’ll see that every child is different, so trying new things with Molly, while incorporating things that you and Kevin enjoy together are perfect! My 3 children are all grown, but I learned that each enjoyed different activities. Now I just can’t wait for a grandbaby…HA!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful journey…I can already tell you’re a great mom!

    1. Welcome to my blog!!! Great to have you 🙂

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that a grandbaby is in your near future 😉

  11. Check out your local library. Ours has a free l, regular books and babies group. We sing song, do finger play, read books, it’s great dos socialization.

    1. I totally agree on the zoo! It’s perfect because you can walk around outside. You can also take a break and look at the animals and get the kiddos out of the stroller if they get antsy!

  12. I don’t know what the public library situation is like in california (we have a lot of them in Minnesota!) but we like to go to “baby story time” and it is free! It’s nice to get out of the house and meet other mommas!

  13. Have you heard of MOPS? (mother’s of preschoolers) MOPS has been a lifesaver for me. Its for anyonw with kids infant through age. 5. You can find a local group at

  14. Mason, my 3 week old, is pretty much the same way. While it’s been tough to get out of the house everyday, on the days I have been able to get us out for a walk, he just loves it. He tends to just fall asleep. I think he loves the movement. I can’t wait till we’re able to take him to more places. I definitely plan to take him once he’s a little older to some of the indoor/outdoor bars here in Capitola so my husband and I can enjoy some adult time with our friends!
    xo, Laura

    1. I think we started bringing Molly to public places around 5/6 weeks. But I always say, do what’s comfortable for you! Congrats on your new bundle of joy!

  15. Our parenting styles are on key with each other! My Zak will be 3 months on Friday and we love taking him out and about cuz he’s a total angel when we’re in public. But walks and restaurants are our go to also, either the 2 of us or meeting with friends. Bottle of breast milk, one of us drinking… Yep! lol we’ve taken him lots of festivals and fairs around us too. He also loves sporting events! Cleveland Indians game, Youngstown State football game… there are so many things going on that he looks all around and soaks it in (including the fireworks after the Indians game!). Have fun! Our babes are growing up too fast!

    1. Omg I almost forgot! The zoo!! We love the zoo! I took him to Cleveland when he was 7 weeks and this weekend we’re going to the Akron zoo! 🙂

      1. I love how adventurous you are! I’m totally into football these days so we will have to take her to a LA Rams game!

  16. You look great, love that dress and boots especially! Molly is too cute! Anyway, back to ideas for you- My daughter was a newborn around Christmastime and it was fun to take her to see Christmas displays- even just ones in malls and club stores like Costco. I remember how much she enjoyed looking at the twinkling lights. And that time is actually now- store are setting up. Also, visiting pet stores is fun- babies love puppies, and they may make Molly smile! Pet Smart is always having fun events on weekends- something to keep in mind when she is a pre-schooler (like my daughter is now). I would also say that taking her in a stroller in a shopping mall was always a lot of fun for us both. I swear it turned her onto fashion at a young age. I know you love Nordstrom- why not peruse the racks while she’s watching?

    FYI- dressing rooms are the perfect place to nurse. Private, usually quiet, clean, these were my favorite places to nurse. I get what you said about the neckline of that fabulous dress- I can relate! I can relate to so much of what you said, the Sunday fun you don’t want to (and shouldn’t) give up. Bookstores are also great- Barnes and Noble even has story times during the week- perfect for holding Molly while introducing her to books. And someone else reads the story which is helpful. Garden centers are awesome, too! I love going to places like Lowes and strolling by all the outdoor fountain and plant displays. It’s eye candy for babies too!

    Hope you like at least one of my ideas- love reading your blog- take care and enjoy your adorable baby!

  17. No judgement! Mommyhood is HARD everyday is different filled with different emotions–basically a rollercoaster—definitely check your local library for story times and check out Mommy and me classes. Not only will it get you guys out of the house, she will learn to socialize with other kids her age and both of you can make new friends

    1. Love that you bring up making new friends! That is something that is definitely important to us especially as Molly gets older. I see many play dates in our future!

  18. Ali! How many weeks did you wait to take the baby out to public places not outdoors?! I am struggling to find stuff to do outside of the house with my baby only being 4 weeks old. Even activities for her inside the house ?! Any suggestions?

  19. Stroller fitness classes are great and I meet up with moms from my prenatal class for walks and movies!its great having my baby around other babies- he totally loves it and rubbing babies’ heads. Plus I love complaining about mom things to other new moms. Some theatres do a matinee once a week for moms and babies with softer sound, lights on (dimmed) and stroller parking- it’s fun and the only way to see a movie! My hubby and I are taking our babe to a drive in this weekend too 🙂

  20. We are the same way! We take our baby everywhere with us to try and feel like we still have part of our “old life” in tack. Our favorite activity to do is bring her to the pet store. We bring our dog along (so he isn’t left out) and she loves to watch the fish in the tanks and sometimes we get lucky and other animals are really active which grabs her attention. We live in Florida where some stores have monkeys – which she is a big fan of! ?

  21. I am the same way! When my daughter was an infant (she’s 2 now!) we used to take her to restaurants all the time on Sundays to watch football and she’d happily hang out with us. Take advantage of it now because once she’s two it will definitely not be as easy! Definitely look into music classes and swim and gymnastics classes once she’s old enough!

  22. I know it sounds crazy but my now 6 month old has loved going to museums. We’ve been doing it since he was super tiny and it’s a nice outing for us all. Molly is the sweetest and I’ve loved experiencing motherhood somewhat simultaneously to you. Motherhood is simply the best.

  23. Our babies are just 2 months apart, so I love reading what you write because I know I’m not alone! Even though you’re experiencing things on a 2 month delay from me, I feel so relieved seeing what you write and what other people comment!

    My baby is exactly the same – super crazy, fussy at home. She mellows out a little in the car. Then, she’s all smiles and talking when we get to our destination! I enjoy it a lot because I know too many people whose babies get crazy when they’re out and about.

    1. I am definitely grateful that she is chill when we are out! 🙂 Hope you continue coming to my blog and leaving me advice sine your ahead of me! xoxo

  24. Congratulations on your beautiful girl! I just had my first as well, and he’s almost 4 months. Every Wednesday our movie theatre (Cineplex) offers two different movies at 11am to choose from for parents and their babes. The heaters have dimmed lighting, sound is decreased and have changing table etc. SUCH a nice outing mid week! We are also signed up for mom babe yoga and a bootxamp class. I hear you- it’s so great to have some outings planned each week…. And then there are days when it’s nice to sip on coffee and ‘watch tv together’. Hehe. Xo!

  25. We take our 9 month old to Sunday football at a local bar… She loves it :).. Keep it up. Ha! I’ll check out the breastfeeding fashion, I need to find a couple cute items for the fall. A nice hike is always fun as is multiple walks around target. Love the blog.

  26. I love following your blog now that you are a mom! Definitely resonates with me being a new mom as well (he was born in May). I was hesitant to bringing our little one out until recently and I wish I would have done it sooner because it makes all of us so happy. We are planning on visiting a pumpkin patch this weekend and enjoying the fall weather.

  27. My daughter (now 16 months) was the same way in the beginning. We did a lot of trips to target haha, putting Ruby in the Ergo or Boba wrap and mama got Starbucks and just walked around! Bc let’s be honest there’s always something you need with a newborn. Oh and babies in bars/restaurants ???? you got this!

  28. Hi Ali! I love following your blog & enjoy seeing posts of your beautiful family!
    Our children are a bit older, but we have always loved going to the zoo as a family. Hiking with Molly in a carrier would be family fun & a good work out! Owen would love it too!

  29. Love your blog. I’ve got older kids (13 & almost 15) but love reliving this age through you Kevin and Molly. So fun at that age ! I’ve been a fan of yours since you were the Bachelorette and love how down to earth and so real you are. Best of luck to you all xoxo

  30. I feel like we are in the same boat with the whole little angels outside and fussy while at home. But how do you make your little one have naps. Do you have her falling asleep on her own ir does she need help. Because I feel like my little girl who is now 3 months always needs to be in her little bouncy chair to fall asleep and if I stop she wakes up

  31. We love library time and the awesome activities they offer, we are in some early childhood classes, parks, soft indoor playgrounds (lots of malls have them), orchards, pumpkin patch, etc. P.s. Molly is adorable. So happy for your beautiful family. ♡

  32. Might sounds silly, but I have taken my little 6 month old to the pet stores frequently! We get to look at all of the animals close up and don’t have to worry about zoo admission. It works out quite well, cause it doubles as an errand picking up our dog food too!

  33. I’m not a mom but very active nanny in Chicago. I love getting out of the house. It’s very hard for me to stay inside all day. We enjoy classes offered at local libraries or churches,story times at local boutiques,zoo trips and museum trips.
    Sometimes even a trip to Target or Old Navy can save the day ?.

  34. The best thing you can do is take your baby out! It’s good for you and it’s good for the baby. We went to restaurants, the library, museums and the zoo. In fact, our kids went everywhere with us. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us.

  35. Hi! We love mommy and me swim lessons! I feel like it gives them great exposure to the water and then also builds their trust with you and swimming! They may not start until 3-6 months but when they do- I highly suggest it!

    By the way- Oh. My. God. She is the cutest!

  36. Hi Ali!

    My daughter Adeline was born on July 16th so she is just a few weeks younger than molly. I know what u mean about her being less fussy when you’re out and about. My husband and I flew with Adeline for the first time on Sunday and I was so nervous about her being fussy on the plane, in the airport, etc. She was great the entire day and has been more fussy just hanging out at her grandma and grandpas house the past few days! Reading your blog made me realize that yes, she does seem to be more content when were out and there’s more activity going on around her. I looked up the local library here and they are having a walk in storytime class tomorrow for newborns-2 years; I am definitely planning on taking her and would encourage you to see if local libraries in your area offer free classes! Other than this I’ve been doing pretty much the same as you, it’s tough to do much more when they are so little. I plan on looking up mommys groups in my area and I do play dates at friends homes with babies of similar ages. I can’t wait to take her to mommy and me and Gymboree classes when she’s a little older. So much to look forward to!!!! ?

  37. Yes my son was the same way! Really common especially for “higher needs/spirited” children. With my son I found that while he was an extremely sensitive/cautious/mamas boy kinda kid, he was (and still is! 🙂 ) also smart and the stimulation of being out and about, always made it so that he was less fussy while out. It took me awhile to figure it out though, given that I never wanted to leave the house with him because he was really tough at home. Haha! I won’t lie, the first 18 months or so with a kiddo like this were brutal at times, but of course I wouldn’t change him for a thing.
    Library story times
    Walk around/sit in the mall or other crowded place where baby can people watch
    A music class
    Playground where baby can watch older kids playing and go on the swings
    Take walks with baby in a carrier facing outwards (ergo 360 is safe for outward facing)

  38. Take Molly to the library. You’ll build a love of literacy at a young age… it’s never too early to start!!❤️?

  39. I love your blog and posts! Molly is darling and I’ve started buying the same bows after seeing her photos! So thank you!
    My daughter, Penny, is 10 weeks old and we both do better if we are out and about. She is less cranky and I don’t have cabin fever.
    We do lots of restaurants and I always get a glass of wine! (So no judging on bars over here!) We also shop at Target or the mall, take walks, go on stroller walks. We have been on quite a few stroller runs whj h isn’t too bad!

  40. I like taking my babes to mommy and me swim classes. I live down the street from splash! in la mirada and they do great ones. That’s probably pretty far for you but the water is really soothing and gets them used to the pool from an early age.

    I also like taking them to infant reading programs at the library. They don’t pay much attention when they’re little, but it’s good for socialization. Plus they’re free!

  41. Love Stroller Strides! Sunlight, exercise, and meeting other mommies ?
    Books and Cookies in SM was also a favorite for classes and activities …
    Plus so many fun Fall festivals coming up!

  42. Your baby is sooooo cute!! I have 3 kids so I know exactly what you are talking about, I’ve had different baby characters … but my first one was a fussy, gassy, allergic baby so he would NEVER take a nap and in the beginning I was so miserable don’t knowing what to do being a new mom, but soon y figure if he would be fussy and not sleep, so we should take him out as well. As soon as the car or stroller was moving, he was sound sleep and would sleep for hours!!!! It was so funny because once I stoped somewhere, I needed to keep the car seat moving somehow so he would not wake up haha.

    Music or playgroup is fun too, and you get to know new moms who are in the same journey and it’s nice;)

    Good luck!

  43. Yep yep yep! Our guy is 20 weeks old today and we’ve noticed this the last month or so as well. We were out from 11am until 7pm with absolutely zero meltdowns. I can’t say the same happens when we’re home all day. He’s extremely high needs/high maintenance/needs constant attention when we’re home and needs to be put down for a nap just right. While we’re out and about he just observes, puts himself to sleep if he’s tired, and starts to eat his hand if he’s hungry. Wish he were the same when we try to make dinner or put him down for a nap at home!

  44. Our son is 12 weeks and he is the exact same way! He gets fussy if we stay home too much and then is good as gold out in public. We take advantage of that and go out to dinner as much as possible. I, too, enjoy having a beer and watching football on the weekends too 🙂 I think maybe the sights and sounds of new places and experiences keeps them engaged. I think it’s great for little ones to be adaptable and used to new situations.
    We live in a smaller town and like when there are festivals and fairs in the downtown area. We take the stroller and just enjoy the atmosphere. We especially like the farmers market on Saturday mornings! It’s just fun to walk around and see friends.
    Molly is precious and I love her pictures on Instagram! Thanks for all the advice and tips for fellow new mommies!

  45. Theatres in Sydney do Mums n Bubs movies. They’re usually early in the day but gives you a chance to go to the movies (& everyone brings their babies so there’s no judgment if there’s tears). But do it now because once she’s mobile it won’t be any fun for you! ?

  46. Find a movie theatre that does mums n bubs showings! I went to see a couple new releases when my son was a couple months old and he just slept through them ??

  47. My husband and I have a 4.5 month old baby girl and she’s at a hard age to find entertainment for ! One of our favorite things to do is to go out to the beach in the early evening when the sun is about to go down , she loves the warm breeze and likes the feel of the sand in her hands and toes (great sensory play) , and we can relax and have a drink with each other at the same time ! It’s great

  48. I took a baby massage class when my daughter was a few month old. I learned how to massage her and got to meet some great moms. I still use the techniques after her bath or to help calm her.

  49. My son and I loved going to mommy and me class – I learned so much and met so many mommy friends who are such a great support for me! We went to the Nest in Hermosa Beach. For a family activity, we love going to restaurants too or having beach days with a picnic!

  50. We have a 22 month old and a 2 month old (about the same age as Molly) and we live in SF (your old stomping grounds) and we love going to farmers markets, museums, GG park, but much like you we have a tradition to try one new restaurant every other Saturday (or Sunday). We get up early to beat the crowds and usualy we see all the other early rising parents there :). It’s a great way to keep discovering our city while getting the kids familiar with eating out and we also feel like we have a bit of our “old life” back! 🙂

  51. Hi Ali!
    I am a big fan you guys are so cute. I would advise taking a yoga baby and me class or a Zumba baby and me class. I did that when my babies were small. Plus visiting a parenting centre is great since they have groups that you can meet other mommies and babies. I hope this helps. (P. S it would mean a lot to me if you replied)

  52. Is Molly enjoying being awake in her stroller and looking around?! My son is just about 3 months and he’s often hysterical in his stroller unless he’s asleep. We have better luck indoors (like Whole Foods) where I think it’s a little easier to peer around. I think I have the same stroller as you – the bugaboo chameleon – so we switched from the basinett to the normal seat a bit early… would love to know if Molly enjoys the stroller!! I’ve loved following along with you and Molly… becoming a mom is HARD.

  53. My little LOVES the aquarium. She was memorized with it when she was Molly’s age. She enjoyed watching the fish and bright colors. Even though we live in AZ, we have a small one. It’s not fancy, but it was and still is her favorite place.

  54. Love your blog and I can relate as our babies are very close. Mine was born on July 18th! We live in San Elijo Hills so I’m loving these comments to get some ideas too! Not sure what a sensory class is though, I will have to google that one ha! Like you, my husband and I have taken ours to the restaurant/bar and it is definitely okay! Hope motherhood is going well! My Instagram is julieannhorne. Would love for you to follow!! ?

  55. I stayed home with my boys for 7 years. My oldest is 8 and youngest is almost 5. We loved Gymboree and your local community center activities for babies. You get to meet other moms, as I did and they have a great time and are ready for their nap after. ? It truly was the best 7 years! Enjoy your sweet little one. -Amy

  56. I did a mommy and baby yoga class. It was super cute. I live on the East Coast but maybe someplace over there does it?

  57. My son is almost 2 and he is still better while we are out and about then when he is at home. I don’t know what it is, less simulation is makes him bored? We’ve always taken out little guy everywhere with us. Everything is more fun watching it happen through the eyes of a child. We live in a wine town so we’ve always gone wine tasting with our baby. We even took him to a beer festival recently. Some people think it’s weird he’s there but we don’t drink much is mostly for the experience and socializing. Any live music had always been really fun for us. We have headphones for loud shows. Have fun!

  58. Love the pics of you holding and cuddling Molly, and embracing the baby time. You guys are so adorable. How about a beach day to build sand castles? That was always my favorite thing to do with my son.

  59. I’m sorry but what exactly is wrong with wearing sweats in public? Not every one has the time, help, or the funds to dress up everyday

  60. I’ve been following your blog for about a year, but now that you’re a mom I read it religiously! I have a three week old and love reading not only the blog, but also all the comments. The support network of new moms is fantastic!

    I’ve been trying to hike with our baby daily. I chitchat to her about the trees, animals, and other hikers we see. My dog loves it and it makes me feel like I’m working back towards my pre-baby bod!

  61. Hi Ali! Great pictures of yourself and your little one…very cute. I commented on one of your blogs about the miracle blanket and zipadeezip and just having a nightly routine.. Anyways, I think it really works bc my son (13wksold) is sleeping through the night.. 8pm to 430am for the past week now!

    Anyways, Gymboree has parent & me class that I took my daughter to and she absolutely loved it. They have Play&Learn, and Music classes as well. First class is free if you want to try it….just don’t know if you have it in your area. my daughter learned how to put toys away at 13 months from this class. They have really fun songs also. Check it out!

  62. I’m not sure if y’all have little gym or Gymboree. Also, stroller strides is a mommy and me workout outdoor class and there are mommy and baby swimming lessons.

  63. Fellow Clarkie — love your blog! Crazy how a cute baby picture will brighten your day 🙂 Keep on keepin’ on and ignore those haters! You’re clearly working so hard as a professional and as a mama – very inspiring 🙂

  64. During maternity leave I would always get out of the house once a day, it definitely helped the baby calm down and helped me just being out and about! We would go to a story time at the local library a lot and even just out for a walk and stop at a local coffee shop to people watch. Even the grocery store is entertaining to little ones. My daughter is 2 now and one of her favorite things is to have a picnic and people watch.

    Love your blog!

  65. My little one is the exact same!! He loves being on the go and is a dream anytime we take him somewhere. At home I feel like I can’t entertain him, he gets bored of me! He also sleeps the best in his car seat, so walks are a must a couple times of day.

    Love your posts and Molly is a doll! ?

  66. Check out the library, sometimes they have baby classes…we met a ton of other kids and moms (and a few dads!) Swimming after 6 months and once she’s more mobile tumbling starts pretty early, at ours walking was the only requirement ? My son is 3 and we still do better getting out!

  67. Ali,
    I have a little girl just a little older than Molly and I love following your blog for tips, advice and fashion! Where do you get Molly’s adorable bows? I love that yellow one.

  68. We have a very active baby, so I feel you! Right around 3 months we figured out he was just bored out of his mind (thus the fussiness at home) so I started toy stations – his room for some, living room for some, our room for some.
    Changing his environment up and giving him “new” toys every few hours helped.
    Flash forward and we’re still battling an active toddler, and still have stations of activity! We try to get out of the house every day, the library is his current fav spot, and he does music class once a week. If you have a non-sleeper (surprise! Our active kiddo hates sleep!) this will help to tire them out too! And we traveled a ton when he was tiny. Like 9 states from 4-8 months! Good luck!

  69. No judgement from this mommy! Sunday brunch is our thing and I love to have a mimosa (or 2!). There is nothing more important than trying to still do some of the things you loved doing before baby with your significant other! My daughter is 15 months old now, but we’ve been going to “story/song time” since she was 2 months old. It’s great to get some interaction with other moms and some fun for the babes too! Love your blogs/snaps/instagrams! You’re a great mom!!

  70. What about taking Owen to a dog park and letting sweet Molly watch the doggies play? You could kill three birds with one stone. Owen gets to hang with his buddies, Molly gets some excitement and mommy gets some fresh air!

  71. This is so true. My 7week old daughter is fussy at home. Seems like she’s just not content with the regular stuff. I’ve taken her out only a few times ( little chilly in NYC), but when we go on walks she’s great. Shes sleeping most of the time! Do you feed Molly before the walks? I notice my daughter is on schedule with her bottle. 2.5 hours and begin crying… Which means I’m on schedule with her outings. Has this happened to you?

  72. We have a 5 month old (wow, how is she 5 months already?!) and we love going to eat/watch sports also. We like sports bars because they are usually on the louder side and we don’t have to worry about her if she’s “talking” and making noise.

    Funny story….last Thursday we went and she had a blowout and I somehow didn’t have a change of clothes with me. So we not only had a baby in a bar….but a naked baby in a bar! 🙂

  73. Hello Ali!
    I love your blog and you’re easy cheap fashion ideas! So I’m a mom of for and I’ve breastfed all of my babies and finding activities to do as a family was something of a challenge because if I had to stop and feed baby I wanted me others to be occupied. Also I wanted to be in a place that breastfeeding was not looked down on (where other breastfeeding mom’s might be) so this is what we’ve come up with and our kids love to do! The park, zoos (we always have a zoo membership), the library, children’s museums, kid friendly water parks, we also like to go to local car shows, home shows and farm shows… we are big believers in letting our kids learn from experience and real life lessons!

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