An All New Ali Luvs!

Ali Luvs is New and Improved!

Yay! I am so excited to share my brand new site with all of you!!! Isn’t it GORGEOUS! I am so in love with my new site and I hope all of you are too! My hope in redesigning the site (HUGE shout out to Stephanie Drenka for helping me do this!), was to make it easier for all of you to find what you’re looking for when you come hang on Ali Luvs.

You’ll notice that the menu at the top of the page allows you to browse my posts by category. So you can check out my past Bachelor or Bachelorette posts, read all about my life as a mommy, or look though all my budget friendly looks! If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, we’ve even broken up my fashion posts so you can see all my maternity looks or breastfeeding friendly looks! On my old site, this wasn’t possible. So I hope you guys love this huge change!

Ali Luvs

You also notice the Archive section labeled “Want more of Ali Luvs?” on the right hand sidebar on my home page. This allows you to skim all my past posts! You can go all the way back to when I first started Ali Luvs in October 2014! TWO YEARS AGO! That means this month is Ali Luvs’ birthday! I definitely plan on doing something special for that so check back for the fun giveaways I’ll be doing πŸ™‚

Ali Fedotowsky

If you want to search a particular topic on my site, you can also do that in the right sidebar on the home page. So take advantage of that!

And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar so you never miss a post from me!

Oh and if you LUV a particular post you can use the social icon below the post (See below the final picture on this post below) to share it on Facebook or Twitter! Oh my gosh, it would mean SO much to me if you guys would share my posts with all of your friends!

Overall, I hope that new design makes it easier for you guys to find all the fun stuff on my site! One of the main reasons I did this redesign is because many of you told me you couldn’t find certain posts on here and I wanted to fix that! I listen when you guys tell me what’s up! So keep the suggestions coming! I want you know what YOU want to see on Ali Luvs.

LUV you guys! And I hope you LUV this new site! Please leave me some luv or constructive feedback in the comments below!







43 Thoughts

43 thoughts on “An All New Ali Luvs!

  1. Hi ALI, I Love your new website u keep up the great job. I am hapoy for u being a new mom enjoy her and ur new up coming Wedding Congrates to all three of u family is a true blessing forget the haters u deserve to be happy. Thanks u inspire me.

    1. Ali has a REAL job! She’s created her blog as her job! Have you not heard of bloggers? They can make a living at blogging. Seems like someone maybe a tad bit jealous.

        1. I love this blog ! Best fashion tips ever…and affordable ! I love how you dress and it doesn’t break the bank ! Thank you Ali !

    2. I am not sure why you follow if you don’t like what she does. Un-follow she does not deserve your negative comments!

  2. I love the new site it’s awesome. I love hearing and seeing all your posts about fashion and motherhood.

    Your daughter is beautiful.

    Jackie Quinn?

  3. Hey Ali!!

    I don’t know if this is possible but I think I would be cool if we could post pictures of an outfit that we got from your blog. Like under the comments or something. I always get so much of my style inspiration from you, so I think it’d be neat to show you! (:

    PS Molly gets cuter everyday!!

    1. That is SUCH a good idea!!! I LUV it!!!! I am going to see if I can make that happen! I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’m going to find out!

  4. Looks great! ☺️ Love the new look! Would love posts on how you style your hair and do your makeup! You always look so put together and effortless! ?

  5. I love the new site! I don’t follow many blogs but I really enjoy yours. I also love your snapchat! Thanks for being real and honest in your posts! It is refreshing!

  6. Ali ~ I am a forever fan and am so happy that you share so much of you and your family with us! Thank you for that. The new site is great as I have to admit I stopped trying to go to the old one bc it constantly would freeze up. This is such an improvement. And, I hope you do not mind me pointing this out to you but the last sentence in the 2nd to last paragraph should have “to” instead of “you” (I want “to” know…. etc). Hey, at least you know I’m interested and read every word. ? Looking forward to now being able to enjoy the site ( without freezing).

  7. Ali your site is AMAZING!!! I too just had a baby girl in June and I have bought several of your recommendations. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your advice!!!

  8. Love the site redesign and love being able to keep up with you and your new family! I always appreciate your honesty and positivity – keep it coming.

  9. I want to hire who did your website to revamp mine.. this looks amazing ! Nice and clean and fun and still girly. LOVE IT

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