Stay Cozy & Cute My Friends!

I cannot even begin to tell you what a relief it is that some cooler weather has found it’s way to LA. There is nothing I love more than fall fashion. Fabulous boots, scarves to change up any look, and big comfy sweaters! And let’s not forget about Pumpkin Spiced Lattes! Well really pumpkin everything!

I wanted to share this comfy and cute look with you guys today because you can basically get it all at one store – Sole Society! My killer knee high boots (which I’ve worn a ton lately – check out my past few fashion posts like this one and this one), my sweater, and my purse are all from Sole Society. I’ve just been loving this brand – especially for fall.

They key to rock a big comfy sweater and it not drowning you is wearing a fitted dress underneath. I’m wearing this grey dress from Nordstrom. You guys LOVED it when I posted about it HERE a week or so ago. So here is another way you can rock it if you bought it the last time I posted about it.

Details on everything else I’m wearing below…

What’s your favorite part about Fall? Tell me in the comments below! Oh and it’s my birthday today 🙂 xoxo



4 Thoughts

4 thoughts on “Stay Cozy & Cute My Friends!

  1. Happy Birthday, Ali!! Love following you and your sweet family, you and Kevin truly seem like such kind and genuine people. Molly has great people to look up to. Hope it’s been a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ali! You look gorgeous as always! My favorite things about fall are booties, sweaters, candles and of course pumpkin spiced lattes! LOVE!

  3. My favorite part about Fall is the flame in the eyes of women who ignite me with their color blends. This is like autumn trees begin to undress by changing their leaves under the gaze of the sun. Even the gray becomes hot as embers on their golden skins.
    Happy Birthday Ali!

  4. Happy Birthday, Ali!! I hope you’ve enjoyed a day and evening filled with love, surprises, good food and drink and fun with friends and your dear husband and sweet baby Molly!??????

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