The New Normal

Today was such a cool day for me as a mom. I got together with two of my close girlfriends, Ashley and Amy, who also have babies and we had our first play date with our kiddos! Who am I kidding, the “play date” was more for us to have an adult conversation instead of the baby talk we have all day long with our little ones 🙂 Molly was totally on her first group date – I’m starting her young. Ha! This pic below KILLS me because it looks like Molly is slapping Hayden because Lennox is her man and Lennox is all like “yeah babe” HA!

Anyway – the reason today was so great is because it was absolutely comical and chaotic! Why is that great you ask? I guess it’s because I’m learning that I am not the only mom who has a totally chaotic life. As I sat there feeding Molly, I watched Ashley try to calm little Hayden while he was crying and then I saw Amy bouncing Lennox up and down in a baby carrier she was wearing. Then two minutes later Molly would be screaming and Hayden would be smiling at Ashley while Lennox was being fed. Then 5 minutes after that Molly needed to be bounced to calm down while I gave her a pacifier, Hayden was feeding and Lennox was cooing and giggling! It took us A WHILE to get these pics where they were all somewhat calm. At one point, I looked at my girlfriends and we all just laughed about how crazy our lives had become. Crazy – but crazy beautiful!

So I guess what I am trying to say is that today I learned that life with my friends is NOT the same and never will be. Not even close. But it’s still so much fun and we have somehow found a way to laugh at the chaos.

I can’t wait to see our kiddos grow up together! Molly was pretty excited to be surrounded by two cuties today, but is also so happy that her new BFF Julia arrived! Our friend Lacey also just had a baby, so there are little ones everywhere!

We are all so lucky that we have kiddos around the same age. It definitely helps all of us make the transition into parenthood a little easier.

I hope all you other moms out there are able to laugh at the chaos!

BTW – My girlfriends have blogs too! Check out Ashley’s Blog HERE and Amy’s Blog HERE.

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5 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Molly is just adorable! I laughed at your comment about number 11, as I just started watching stranger things! I Love reading your blog, and think back when my kids were first born. It is a crazy time, but oh so exciting! It was the hardest, but the happiest time of my life! My friends and I all had our kids together and we used to set them up on the bed, in order of their ages. I have several pictures of them from the time they were born -up to their 20s. Several of them are now best friends and they socialize together. That has been very rewarding for us

  2. Hi Ali! Molli is so adorable! I noticed she got her first shot the other day on your post. Was your pediatrician fine doing one at a time? Im trying to fine one that doesn’t heavy breath when i say i want to not get them all at once!

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