Almost 7 Weeks Old!

I cannot believe that Molly will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. It’s weird because these weeks seem to be flying by, but then when I think about labor and being in the hospital it seems like ages ago!

Here’s what’s new with Molly in her sixth week of life…

I want to start off by saying she’s a great baby. I always want her to know that she’s wonderful and we never took her for granted. That said, she’s been a handful lately. The past few weeks she gets really fussy before bed for some reason. She will scream nonstop for two hours before bed while Kevin and I try everything possible to soothe her. I’ve read it’s pretty common in babies to be fussy before bed for no reason. However, last night she was so good! Barely any fussing before bed. So we are hoping that was just a phase she was in. Maybe a growth spurt?

She’s had a few blowout diapers. Luckily all of her blowouts have been while her daddy was holding her. Ha! I’m sure my time will come soon.

She’s starting to develop a little personality. She loves to make serious faces most of the time. (I think that means she’s always thinking! Little smarty pants) So Kevin and I lose our minds when she smiles at us πŸ™‚

Cutest baby onesie!
Cutest baby onesie!


I love to dress her up! The first few weeks it was mostly just onesies – that or she was naked. But now that she’s filling out, her clothes fit so much better and look so adorable! I love this little romper that I got for her. It’s precious. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what she’s going to wear for our wedding and I get so excited thinking of how cute she’ll look in her little flower girl dress! Something like THIS DRESS would be so adorable. She’ll be around 7 or 8 months when we tie the knot πŸ™‚ This dress could be really cute too!

You might be able to tell from all the pictures I post of her that Owen is always by her side. He absolutely adores her and that makes my heart happy! If she’s ever in her MomaRoo and starts crying, Owen will run over to her and sit by her until I pick her up. It’s so cute!

What else? Well she sleeping OK these days. Sometimes we will get a 5 hour stretch in the middle of the night. But mostly it’s 3 hour stretches. I’m so grateful for those five hour stretches though.

Overall Kevin and I absolutely love being her parents. I’m always looking forward to things she can do in the future – like hold her head up, sit up on her own, crawl, walk, talk – but then I try to remind myself that when those times come, I’ll look back on today and wish she was this little again. So we both try to stay in the moment at all times and be grateful for the time we have with her today. 

Thanks for reading about my little angel and sharing this journey with us. Love you guys!

Feel free to share you mommy experiences in the comments below! And I’m always open to helpful mommy advice – especially for the evening fussiness!

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66 thoughts on “Almost 7 Weeks Old!

  1. I love reading about Molly! She is absolutely adorable. My daughter will be one September 8th. I remember her going thru that phase of being fussy before bed. We tried what seemed like EVERYTHING and nothing worked. Then one evening, she just didn’t do it anymore. I hope that stage is near for you! And before you know it, your little lady will be sleeping all night. And if you are like me, I woke up every little bit thinking something was wrong with her since she was sleeping. I wasn’t used to it. Now I enjoy my sleep right along with her. My husband does as well! Enjoy that precious baby girl. Time really does fly!

  2. Our baby boy is 6 weeks old, and he has been fussing before every sleep (nap time and bed time) since he was 3 weeks. I know it’s just a phase and will pass, but it is so hard on the heart to not be able to soothe him to sleep quickly. Some babies just need to let off a little steam, especially at the end of the day. Hang in there, Ali, and keep the updates coming ?

  3. Oh my gosh I remember "the witching hour!" My little guy had a hard time from about 6-10 weeks at night. Mostly I just nursed him, bounced on my stability ball with him and walked or danced around with him. It will end! You guys sound like you’re doing great and just soaking in the moments! She’s adorable!

  4. Hi Ali, We have our own Molly here in Australia that is 2 weeks younger than your beautiful Molly. I love reading your blogs to see what you have experienced with her week to week.
    Evening fussiness is a real thing, it happens in our house hold every night, unfortunately I don’t have tips, we just ride it out and hope she will grow out of it soon. Well you are doing an amazing job and Molly is adorable. Keep enjoying the ride and I look forward reading about it xx

  5. I had a little girl back in December and I remember her witching hour screams. What worked for us was being able to take her outside or to a room in the house she was hardly ever in. Even now when she gets fussy before bed we’ll take her to play outside or put her in her swing outside. Calms her down every single time πŸ™‚

  6. My two boys were fussy in the evening around 7 or 8 …I breastfed but that’s when Daddy took over and gave them a bottle. It gives you a break since you do all the other feedings and it’s great for Daddy and the baby too!

  7. Hi! First off, congrats on baby Molly! She is precious! I have a 7 month old baby girl, and I remember the "fussy phase" very well. It started around 6 weeks for us and lasted until about 10 weeks. Always between the hours of 6-8pm, what we dubbed "the witching hours." Unfortunately I think it’s part of their process of winding down for the day, and they are over tired from all the new stimulation in their little lives. I will say that every day was different, I never found just one solution that seemed to consistently calm her down. Some days, putting her in the wrap up close to me and walking around would help, some days we’d try gripe water and that seemed to help, and some days nothing helped. My husband and I would just have to tag team holding and rocking and swaddling, etc until she would finally wind down. I will say though, it doesn’t last forever and should get better in a few weeks! On super frustrating days just remember that "this too shall pass." Good luck!

  8. I never usually comment but I have a 4 month old and swear by the "wonder weeks" book, you can read it by stage and it explains when (age based on due date) she’ll be most fussy, and why based on what she’s going through developmentally, and what to do with/for her – very interesting and makes the "random" times of fussiness make sense! Highly recommend it, and I really don’t read otherwise!

  9. My Ergo baby carrier was the only thing that would help my infant calm down in those "witching hours" — worked like magic and I had my hands free all at once!

  10. Oh man the two hour fussiness is the WORST! My third baby (4 months now) is just getting out of that. We had to put her on colic probiotic drops because her tummy is sensitive. So you can give that a try if she ever has tummy troubles in the future. I can tell you, you are absolutely right for trying not to wish the time away and stay in the moment it flys! Other milestones will come soon enough πŸ™‚ wishing you many more health and happiness in your future!

  11. My husband and I called it the "Witching Hours" or "Sundowners" when our son went through exactly what you describe! Suddenly our little mellow month old baby just started screaming for no apparent reason that we could ever figure out. Everyone had advice and we tried it all; swing, drops, swaddling, walking, singing, ANYTHING and everything it seemed, but nothing worked. And then suddenly just as soon as it arrived and I felt it would never end, he slowly stopped doing it. Around eight or nine weeks I remember thinking it was a whole new world. We were getting smiles, the screaming was minimal and I didn’t feel like a complete novice wreck. πŸ™‚ Good luck. It’s really fairly common at this age. And I agree with your statement. When you find yourself looking ahead too much and wishing for her to do a, b, or c, remember it will be over so fast and you’ll remember the newborn snuggly days with such fondness. You are so right about that.

  12. My little guy just turned 7 weeks yesterday and we go through the same thing every night! I feel bad because he is an angel all day and gets fussy right when daddy gets home and takes over. Now that my supply is well established we started giving him a bottle at night so daddy can do a feeding and also because I feel like my supply is less at night. Sometimes I think he is just hungry and not getting enough from me in the evening. I’ve noticed he sleeps better at night too, maybe because he is full?

  13. Hi Ali! Congratulaions on your sweet baby girl. She is just precious and you and Kevin seem to be doing everything right to make your little darling feel loved around the clock. Our precious children have it made when they are in the womb…protected from all the sights and sounds of our world. Their little bodies are trying to adjust and grow …it really is simply amazing if you think about all they are going through! That being said, I totally understand how difficult it is as a mom when there seems to be nothing you can do to soothe your child. My two youngest girls had colic, so as you can imagine we tried everything. We found that the exhaust fan on our microwave soothed our little ones. I guess trying to produce white noise (like in the womb) helps relax and make the babies feel safe. So, needless to say we have spent many nights standing in front of the microwave with the fan turned on. Now…if you can believe it or not…we also have downloaded a white noise app so we can have it with us if we are out and about…and (drumroll please) you can even stream it through Bluetooth in your car!! I hope it works like magic for you! Enjoy each moment, as it sounds like you are…I know the days might seem long, but the years go so fast. Until next post!

  14. You have the cutest baby ever! Im not a mom but I have a friend who just had a baby and she received a Baby Shusher from another friend. She said it’s a sleeping miracle! Here’s the link check it out! Hopefully this will help! πŸ™‚

  15. Congrats on this little beauty! For the "witching hours" (which are horrible and my daughter screamed for 2-3 hours before bed every night until she was 11 weeks old) we found that reducing stimulation helped us shorten the time she cried or avoid it all together. We dimmed the lights/ closed the curtains, turned on a white noise machine (ocean waves was particularly soothing for my daughter) and tried to create the most relaxing and soothing environment with not a lot of movement, light, noise etc. it really helped. Usually I would hold her in a glider or put her in a baby wrap on my body too, being close to you helps. I would grab a book to read or catch up on email on my phone until she calmed down or fell asleep. Best of luck! She will get thru the "4th trimester" soon enough!

  16. First time Mum here with a little girl who is 5 weeks tomorrow. Being a Mum is the BEST and hardest thing I have had to do but all totally worth it. Our first night home from the hospital was a nightmare and our midwife suggested we have a shower with her (something we never would of thought of) and now we do this every night then feed her and she always goes into her deep sleep and sleeps between 3-5 hours… The majority being the 3 hours. Now also if during the day when I’ve tried everything and I can’t settle her I will hop in the shower with her and it always calms her down without fail. Can’t wait till our little girl fills out also and she can’t fit many of her cute clothes yet but winter here in New Zealand so she’s in lots of warm Marino onsies that are miles to long for her haha.

  17. We had crazy night time fussiness that went on for a good month! We used to bounce her on an exercise ball! Worked great for her and also made me feel like I was "exercising" ? And relieves you from walking house laps!

  18. Enjoy every moment with her now. Before you know it, you will blink and she will be off to college. This newborn time is the best. So many changes happening on a daily basis. And those first smiles will just melt your heart.
    As for the nighttime fussiness…have you tried a nice warm bath? Sometimes, that will just relax them enough to calm them down. Is she gassy during that time? Check with your pediatrician about mylicon drops or something similar for gas.
    Just enjoy those fussy times as well. When she’s driving you crazy as a teenager, you’ll look back on these times and wish for them again. LOL

  19. We had the pre bedtime fussiness with out first and later discovered we were putting her to bed too late. Maybe try putting her down earlier. Good luck!!

  20. Maybe I’m a terrible mom, but sometimes if our girl is hysterical (she’s 11 weeks old) we will turn on a ‘Baby Einstein’ episode on YouTube and no joke, she is totally entranced and will stop screaming. We let her watch for about 5-10 mins and then if she’s calm, great, if she’s not, we try something else. My husband is worried about setting a bad habit by pacifying her with a screen, so I try not to do it too much (Maybe twice a week?). Helpful in the car too. Molly might be too young to be interested in that quite yet, who knows!

  21. I have twin girls just a few weeks older than Molly, our first too… so love to see your updates and compare notes!

  22. My son was colic and would cry every night from 5-7pm. My daughter is 8 weeks tomorrow and isn’t too bad with night time fussiness but she also sleeps OK…she goes 5 ish or less stretches but again some nights she goes more it just depends! Keep killin’ it and my daughter is serious faced all the time too! I love when she smiles, I loose it! Molly is such a doll!!

  23. My baby is 14 weeks today and we still have to calm him down to go to sleep. I am so jealous of those moms whose babies conk out whenever, wherever. It sounds like your little Molly is like our LO and gets overstimulated. I’m sure you already sway, swaddle, shush but also try doing in, like a PP said, a relaxing room. SO takes baby into our bedroom, shuts the door, puts on the noise machine (I like raindrops and ocean waves), does the aforementioned 3 S’s and he’s usually out within 10-15 minutes every time. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen until 930-1030pm every night.. He’s a night owl! Also we are still waking up at 1am and 4am pretty consistently (if not more some nights). I think the pressure to get babies to sleep through the night is linked with moms going back to work and we should try our best to put them to bed with full bellies for our own sanity in hopes they sleep through the night but not force it with artificial means (rice in bottle, etc.) This time is so short in the grand scheme of things! We have to remind ourselves of that too. I can’t wait until he can sit up and entertain himself with toys and not demand as much attention so I can get things done sometimes but then I noticed today how long he’s gotten and he’s not just my little itty bitty baby anymore!

  24. She is so sweeeeet!!! My Molly always responded well to white noise! She had the same fussiness before bed. Use an app or go to YouTube. Play it loud!!

  25. Such a beautiful girl, Ali. Love to read how you guys enjoy every minute with your princes.
    Our baby girl is almost 15 months and Its like reading our story again. I used to feel te same when nights were like that "is this ever going to end??" Yes it will. Just go with the flow while she’s in those fussy stages.
    When I red about sleeping stages of a baby, things just fell into place. I started with a ritmn during the day and stuck to it (husband did the same) and suddendly (around 12 weeks) she slept like never before, during day and night. You know what’s best for Molly and you’re an incredible mom. Keep enjoying, it’s the best thing ever happend to our life ❀️

  26. Molly is adorable!! I have a 10 week old and also have to remind myself to enjoy the phase she is because I find myself excited for her next steps as well. You should download an app called The Wonder Weeks…it helps explain and prepare you for the different phases they go through and it sounds like Molly just made her first leap! πŸ™‚

  27. Aw so cute! My little girl is 5 weeks old today and I have a pup that looks almost exactly like Owen! She’s a great big sis :))

    My little one has gone through a similar phase…. So fussy right before bed and for seemingly no reason at all. My Husband and I do everything possible, but what usually ends up working is walking with her and talking softly to her (usually saying the same thing over and over again). It seems to tire her out and put her to sleep….. After a while lol

    Also, I purchased the personalized onsie from etsy you posted about the other day! I can’t wait to get it and I love seeing your posts! You always have such great finds!

  28. The evening fussiness is just what they call "the witching hour". No matter what you do, during this time, they just cry even when fed, diaper changed, being held, etc. It will pass! For my little one, it was always from 6pm to 8pm. She may be turning away from that or if it lingers a little longer, just know it is completely normal!

  29. A lot of babies get colic, and it’s perfectly common, especially being fussy in the evening. My daughter would start crying at 5 PM and wouldn’t stop until sometimes 11 or 12 PM. Trust me when I tell you that it passes though… Right about three months. So you don’t have to much longer to go. Think of it this way, you’re on the homestretch! You are right to live in the moment, is they do grow up too fast. As hard as it was, I so missed those early days! Enjoy your little one; she’s adorable!

  30. Evening fussiness is very common. Some babies are soothed easily and some will give you a run for your money. Things that I tried were a warm bath with lavender, laying baby on her tummy across my knees and gently rub long her back. That worked wonders with gas! Swaddling is also a good soothing technique. And last but not least, take her for a ride in the car. It usually puts a fussy baby right to sleep. Much love and lots of rest to you both!

  31. Molly is such a cutie! It’s incredible how fast the time goes by, isn’t it! My little girl will be 2.5 yrs old next month and it’s just crazy how fast the time has gone by. You are looking amazing too, Ali! I love reading your blog and all stories Molly! Thanks to both you and Kevin for sharing her with us! xo

  32. I love all of your positivity – motherhood is no joke. It can be really tough but you always choose to look at the bright side and I need that reminder! I have a 3 year old and a 7 month old – their sleep schedules have developed very differently. My first slept easily on his own but my baby is giving me a run for my money in the snoozing department. Molly’s evening fussiness might be from missing the "tired" window and getting over tired and inconsolable. Maybe trying putting her down a little earlier? I promise it all evens out eventually though! She’ll get the hang of it. Keep up the good work, mama!

  33. I love reading your updates about Molly. πŸ™‚ Our little daughter is just a month older so it’s fun to see the similarities! She used to be super fussy at night, too, and still has her fussy moments, but it seems the older she’s gotten, the less fussy she’s been at night. Does Molly like being outside? We seemed to notice that taking our baby outside calms her easily, as does giving her a bath. Xo

  34. I just started following you because I had a little daughter July 8th so our daughters are very close in age! I find it comforting to hear some of the things you are going through and know that I am not alone. Our daughter too has been having some fussiness at night before bed for a few hours. We have found that she seems to be her most gassy at night and we think that plays a part so we have been trying some new things such as gripe water which seems to help. Also an evening walk, a bath, a good feeding, and then swaddling seem to do the trick to get her asleep and stay asleep. She used to not like swaddling at night but would wake herself up from being fussy or her jumping reflexes and swaddling has helped a ton. She’s slept as long as 8 hours one night! Good luck with your gorgeous daughter and keep posting! I love hearing what your experiences are because I can relate to so many. I also have a small dog that I love as well!

  35. There are great suggestions on here… I’ll add one more… my twin boys are 9 months now but they had a "witching hour" in the early days. Just know that it WILL pass! We would stroll the boys in their double stroller around our house. They often fell right asleep in it and then we moved them into the bassinet/crib. It’s a puzzle figuring out what your little one(s) want/need!

    Also, you are SO right, I keep looking forward to future milestones and have to keep myself in check that I need to enjoy the current milestones, here and now, before they are gone in a blink!

  36. Hi Ali! My son Conor was born the day after your Molly & we have been going through the EXACT same thing. My husband & I take turns wearing him in the carrier during his fussy time & it definitely helps. Good luck – it’ll get easier I’m told!

  37. Hi Ali, I’m a first time mommy too! My son is now 15 weeks old and I agree that time goes by way too fast! We’ve been blessed with a really good baby too but if you have not already bought "The Wonder Weeks" book, I would highly recommend it. It talks about mental growth periods and what to expect and at which weeks to expect them. It’s really like a baby manual. Lol! It tells you what changes they are going through as far as brain development and how to help them get through it. It’s amazing. Seems like your little cutie just finished her first wonder week…you now probably notice how much she changed in that short amount of time! Wonder weeks are pretty rough but they are exciting as well cause babies become so much more attentive after each one and they master new skills. If I remember correctly, Molly’s next one is coming up here in a week or so! I hope this helps. It’s helped me, my sister, and a few of my friends so much!
    Molly is absolutely gorgeous! And, I’m so mad at you for looking so amazing postpartum! πŸ˜‰ (JK! I’m just super jealous)

  38. Is she gassy? Mylicon gas drops were a lifesaver for us around the 8 week mark! You can give them with every feeding-gripe water is another option! Love all the posts, congrats on your beautiful baby!! <3

  39. LOVE that you wrote this: "So we both try to stay in the moment at all times and be grateful for the time we have with her today."

    Our son Jackson Asher ( just turned 1 week a few minutes ago) and though most of the first week was fuzzy, I’m really focused on what you’ve stated above. Just being in the moment, not in the future.

  40. Gripe water, gas drops and sleep sack pajamas. My son was colicky and those were the three things that changed our world!! It all goes so quickly. I’m so glad you are living in the moment. It seems my son was only just born but he’ll be five in December. Cherish every minute. (Even the crummy ones.) She’s so beautiful.

  41. Gripe water has been amazing for my son’s fussiness at bedtime. He was born the same day as your daugher. 7 weeks today!

  42. Hi Ali,
    I’ve just read your blog post, I also have a newborn baby girl. She will be 11 weeks old this week. We had the exact same thing in the evenings, nothing seemed to console her. I ended up walking around the neighbourhood every evening. It didn’t last for very long though, only a couple of weeks. I also figured out that she wanted to feed for a long period of time before bed so that’s what she does now. Much better than screaming the house down! Best wishes to you and your family. Enjoy every minute.

  43. If she continues to be fussy my midwife told me to use bio gaia, it’s a probiotic that can help settle their tummy and build up good gut enzymes. It’s available in health food stores or online. I never had any success with gripe water. If you think it become a trend it is most likely gas. Ovol drops were a lifesaver for both of my kids. Our son slept in the swing the best the first few months and we to got 5 hour stretches. Don’t be afraid to experiment or try things, but be aware what works one day to soothe won’t the next and when your just learning how to manage this phase she will be onto the next:) Don’t think it’s your parenting it’s just a part of the journey. And sometimes nothing works except cuddles and rocking and it’s hard and difficult but it to shall pass:) Congrats!!

  44. Hi gorgeous girl! My angel is 15 months now and is walking. I have noticed a huge difference in her since about 13 months, she is no longer a baby!! Boo. Anyway, I remember when she was the same age as Molly. She used to be quite fussy in the evenings, right around 7pm (her bed time) when we used to sit down to have our dinner. She would fuss until about 10 or even 11pm some nights. I remember being apprehensive about putting her in the bedroom without us until we went to bed at about 10pm so she would sleep in the sleepyhead pod in the living room until then. She cluster fed nonstop at this point. I think looking back, it was her way of consuming enough milk to get her through the night. God I love her!!!! Isn’t it awesome πŸ™‚ having a baby. So she started sleeping better and going down at 7pm at about 4 months. We had the cluster feeding evening thing going on for a while but she slept 7-10.30 (dream feed) then a feed at 4am. It can be the day/night too though. Making it really bright during the day and then dim the lights in the evenings helps. Hope my ramblings help a little! Xxx

  45. I read some of the other comments about gripe water etc. I just remembered we used something called Colief and Infacol which you get here in the UK. I’m not sure if you get them in the US but there must be something similar? My doctor recommended those which really worked! I think their poor bellies have a build up of gas throughout the day so by the evening they appear in a bit of pain. I bet it breaks your heart. We used to look at each other saying "what’s wrong with her?" After feeding, burping, changing, cuddling etc. My hubby used to do skin to skin cuddling with her and it would often send her to sleep whilst I was passed out!! Ha ha Xxx

  46. My daughter is now 15 months old but when she was that age, she did the same thing!! Around 6pm she would just start screaming and would cry for an hour or two unconsolably. Finally, after about 2 or 3 weeks of that, I read about sleep schedules for babies in "The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems: Sleeping, Feeding, and Behavior" and that changed EVERYTHING! I knew that eventually we’d get her on a routine but I didn’t realize we could do it when she was that young. Anyway, we started a 3 hour routine during the day–awake for an hour and a half and then sleep for an hour and a half. And then she would nurse every time she woke up from a nap so she was eating every 3 hours. We also implemented a bedtime routine (bath time, story time, then rock for a little bit before putting her to bed) and that really helped also. I think people forget (at least I did) that babies (and children in general) thrive on structure and babies in particular need to be taught what being hungry feels like, what being tired feels like, etc. Anyway, this worked super well for us! It’s not easy in the beginning but once she adjusts to the routine, it is SO worth all of the hard work.

  47. You guys are doing an awesome job! Just keep a good routine and I’m sure she’ll catch on!!! Precious moments for sure!

  48. I feel the same way! My son just turned 8 weeks today and can’t wait until he can hold up his head and then sit up and start crawling but we have to appreciate them at every age because it does go by so fast!

    Babies tend to be fussy in the evening and fussiness peaks between 6-8 weeks. And sometimes babies just cry. The first 12 weeks (aka the 4th trimester) are all about survival! I highly recommend the 5 S’s from The Happiest baby on the Block. It really does work…most of the time. Also look up The Wonder Weeks. She could be leaping which would explain extra fussiness.

    Always remember that you are doing great! Good luck, she’s darling!

  49. Molly is so darling! My little girl is almost 13 months and I miss the days when she was a little peanut and snuggled all the time. She wasn’t terribly fussy but maybe that’s because every time she fussed I nursed her. Sometimes she nursed a lot but I figured it was much quieter than screeming.

  50. I admire you for having such a good attitude about sleep (or lack thereof). That is my biggest struggle, and I know that my little man is an excellent sleeper. I just can’t function if my sleep is interrupted. BUT! My guy is 6.5 months old and started sleeping "through the night" (sometimes 12 hours, sometimes 8) and I think it’s feeding him purees 2-3x per day that finally did the trick. Good luck!!!

  51. If you haven’t moved her to size 1 diapers yet she may be ready! Blowouts have always been our clue that my daughter is ready to move up. She’s such a doll! Your posts are wonderful!

  52. I had a colicy son and my go to things were the miracle swaddle blanket, and a warm towel fresh out of the dryer wrapped around his tummy. Both seem to soothe him better than anything. She is beautiful and you’re an amazing mommy.

  53. Have you ever heard of the Wonder Weeks app? It’s amazing. Everyone always talks about growth spurts, but this one maps out developmental milestones for the brain and often causes fussiness, and other such symptoms. Both of my kids have literally been right on par with what the app charts every time. It really helped me with fussy weeks, and gives helpful tips on what you can do! The first wonder week is 6 weeks (as per due date) which makes me think this may be something Molly was going through at the time of this post? Just a thought!

  54. I was also going to mention the wonder weeks but the book! outlines the first year of milestones. Our son was so tiny he didn’t have many blowouts as a new born, as hes getting older hes having them more often. Ive notices that when we move up a size in diaper and theres more room its less likely to happen. Good luck with everything!

  55. Happiest baby on the block book is wha to followed for both of my kids and they were super easy babies and slept 8hours at night by 8weeks. I’m sure it helped they were chucky babies and the doctor said my breast milk was thick like buttermilk πŸ™‚ I think the lack of sleep is the hardest. Your doing great and all that matters is that sweetie is getting love and having her needs met.

  56. We had good luck with chiropractor visits for our son…helps with growing and sleep and digestion and poop and …lots of stuff! Take care!

  57. With my first two babies I used all of the tricks to calm the fussiness, gripe water, swaddling, white noise, it was always just pure chaos. This time (my baby is 4wks) we used the Windi by fridababy & holy cow!!! Total game changer!!!! It’s a little odd at first but it honestly calms him down almost immediately, helps get the gas out & then he sleeps so well!!
    As far as helping stretch out those nighttime feedings we stick to a strict feed every 3 hours during the day followed by keeping him awake for about 45 minutes after his feed and then straight to nap. That way his longer stretches of sleep are at night.
    Most importantly follow your intuition your Molly’s momma and you know best!

  58. Dear Molly,

    You are fortunate to have such a beautiful mom. Congratulations!!!
    I thought of you every day when you were in the belly of your mother. She is sublime and sweet.

    Kiss you.

  59. Hi Ali, our babies are almost the same age, just about a week or so apart! And they look sooo alike, it’s crazy! So I love to read up on your baby’s progress because we have pretty much the same thing going on! For the fussing, 2 things helped: 1. Probiotic drops called BioAmicus Reuters (made in Canada, no yucky chemicals) and 2. Going outside for a walk. Literally, like magic! She can be crying like crazy and the moment she is outside she calms down. Try it! Best of luck and looking forward to seeing our little girls grow! P.s. What color are Molly’s eyes?? Both she and my daughter look like they have this blue/green/Grey color that’s so difficult to decipher lol!

  60. I specifically came to your blog to see how you described your sweet girl at 7 weeks. My daughter is 6 weeks and we have been having so much trouble with her at night. She just gets so fussy. It’s nice to know we are not alone and that parents can be so open and honest with their troubles…it reassures me that I’m doing the best I can.

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