My FAVORITE white tank!

You guys have seen me wear and write about this tank before. I just LOVE it more than any of basic piece of clothing I have. It’s not a $10 tank. You are going to spend a little bit on this tank but it is worth it!!! Seriously. All tanks are NOT created equal. Last time I posted about this tank top, it sold out! But I am so glad it’s back. I might even buy a second one since I have a newborn now and I’m sure this one will get pooped on at some point. And baby poop STAINS!!! Anyone else find it weird how the yellow newborn poop does not come out? Like AT ALL! Ha. Anyway, back to my look 😉

My jeans are fabulous. I wore them yesterday too. They are by the brand GRLFRND and I love the fit – especially because they are stretchy so that makes them super comfortable. And the high-waist hides my lower “mommy pouch.” They are very true to size. I normally wear a size 28 and I’m a 28 in these jeans.

I also wore this necklace yesterday. It’s simple and I love the moon and star on it. My earrings are so fun! Check out how they are style on this site. I love the color combination. Here’s info on my ring too. Oh and my watch!

And finally these fabulous scalloped white shoes! They are so fun and girly! Get them HERE.

Do you have any favorite basic clothing pieces? Share them with me in the comments below!



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12 thoughts on “My FAVORITE white tank!

  1. Want to get the yellow stain out? Rinse with some water and some dawn if you have it then lay it out in the sun. The stain will disappear!

  2. I agree the sun removes breastfed baby stains! So strange but it works. Just lay it out for a couple of hours after it’s been washed and dried and it will be gone.

  3. Oh the baby poop stains! My little girl is 3 months old now and is quite privy to the blowout! I’ve had great results in getting her stains out with using one part Dawn dish soap and one part baking soda mixed with two parts hydrogen peroxide. Mix ingredients in a bowl, spread mixture on the stain, let it set for an hour or two, then wash normally. The stains disappear! I never was able to fully remove poo stains from my son’s clothes, but since discovering this concoction, I’ve gotten them all out!

  4. We never had to throw anything away! My husband and I became quite the pro’s at removing baby poop stains. Oxy clean works wonders and most all stains will come out after soaking in water with some laundry detergent. The faster you treat it the easier it will come out. Shaving cream also oddly helps remove poop stains.

  5. Yikes! poop stains…….I had the best luck with the oxy clean powder, and soaked them over night. works like a charm. Cute tank!!

  6. Baby poop does not have to stain!!! Check out Grandmas Secret Spot Remover!!! It’s amazing!! We had an onesie that suffered a blow out on a road trip which for forgotten until we got home. We were going to throw it out but I wanted to try with this stuff first.. I swear the onesie came out whiter!! It’s also awesome getting oils out of clothing left behind from nipple cream!!

  7. Oxiclean free and clear! Seriously go buy some. I use it all the time and it’s never failed getting a poop stain out, and we’ve had a lot! Just soak in hot water as soon as you can for a few hours and voila! Stain is gone. A fellow mommy told me about it.

  8. I mean the tank is gorgeous but i wud have to pay 217.00 no thanks. quite expensive Ali not all of us can afford

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