My New Mom Jeans

Some of you might remember this photo that we posted to announce that we wear expecting a baby! We I have graduated from those mom jeans to THESE “mom jeans.” Both are high-waisted jeans but that ones I’m wearing today are much cuter – hehe. In fact, I LOVE these high-waist jeans! They are so flattering. Let’s face it, since I had Molly my body just isn’t that same. Not even close. I have this “mommy” pouch in my lower stomach that I have a feeling is here to stay for a while. So when I try to wear jeans, I feel like my stomach is hanging over the top. But these high-waist jeans keep everything in place. Ha! You have to get them for yourself to see what I mean. I feel so good in these jeans. I even feel sexy. Which is not something I normally say about jeans on me. You’re going to spend a little bit on these jeans, but it’s worth it. Jeans are the one piece of clothing that I spend more money on because the fit is everything! And with jeans, you get what you pay for. At least that’s my experience.

But everything else I’m wearing is very affordable! My t-shirt is SO soft! The reviews on Nordstrom about this tee are SO good! People love it and so do I. It’s stylish, flattering and soft. Can’t get better for a t-shirt. Well can it? Maybe it can when I tell you it’s only $24!

My rose gold watch is GORGEOUS! I just bought this watch and I love it so much. And it’s only $25. My necklace is delicate, pretty, and more interesting than a regular pendant necklace. More details on my outfit below!


6 Thoughts

6 thoughts on “My New Mom Jeans

  1. How is the sizing on those jeans? I feel like I am a different size in every brand and style, so ordering online is risky for new to me jeans!

    1. Hi…Converse makes socks to wear with their shoes….and they are amazing!! You can’t see them at all and they are comfy. Just thought I would chime in. ;o)

  2. Love high waisted jeans!! As a mom of two, I can tell you the pouch does go away but it takes your body a while with your first. How is the sizing on these jeans?

  3. I too just had a baby and love these tees because they are nursing friendly. However, I’m bummed that they are dry clean only. Hard to justify when you have to wash them every time, especially with a baby. Do you dry clean yours or cheat like me?

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