Molly at 5 Weeks

Molly has had a pretty good week. A couple fussy days but a few great days too! Well I like to think of every day as a great day, but some fussier than others – ha!

We went on our first actual hike this week. We tried once earlier in the week and only made it about 5 mins into the hike before we had to turn around because we felt it was too hot outside for her. Then we tried again a few days later at a cooler time of day and we made it through the whole hike! It was about an hour hike and it was the first real exercise I’ve gotten since having her, so it felt really good (besides walks around the block).


Molly also had her first blowout this week! It’s quite the milestone – ha! Luckily she chose to poop all over her daddy and not me 😉

She’s really sleepy today because yesterday was such a fun day for her! She went to her first happy hour! Kevin, Molly, and I (Owen went to daycare to get some energy out!) went to meet some friends at a restaurant for food and fun! Ok, who am I kidding, Mommy had a drink! It felt so nice to get out and spend time with friends. It was a really cool experience because 2 of my friends have babies under 6 months and my other girlfriend is 9 months pregnant. It makes me smile to see how our hangouts have changed. A year ago we were all hanging at that exact restaurant and getting buzzed! Now we all slowly sip one drink (with a DD of course! Kevin drove) and love on our children/share our mommy experiences 😉 I’ve always believed that we wouldn’t have to stop doing the things we did pre-baby, we just do things a bit differently now. And I like the new normal. Heck, I love it!


So as you guys can see it’s been a week full of firsts for Molly! I have a feeling every week will be full of firsts for a long time to come! And that makes me truly happy 🙂

Thanks for following along with Molly’s story! Love you guys!



Here are some things Molly LUVS this week 😉



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14 thoughts on “Molly at 5 Weeks

  1. I remember my baby (who’s now 31) pooping all over the newspaper similiar to Molly’s diaper! Needless to say the newspaper was trashed as well as everything I had on! They grow so fast… 😉

  2. Oh I remember this blowouts well! When my daughter was little I remember being so excited to get out. Had her in the car seat, bag packed, I was dressed and ready, keys in my hand and I heard it…what a mess! Lol

  3. Haha! Thanks Ali! The picture of Kevin standing there with poop on his crotch and on his hand while he posed for you to take the pictures made me laugh out loud! Boy it’s been a lot of years since my boys were babies, but I still remember those blowouts! LOL Kevin is such a sweetheart to wait long enough for you to snap a photo before getting it washed off of him! Molly is so so precious! I love that you share the pictures with all of us! It will be so fun to watch her grow! Glad you got to get out some and have a drink after so long going without one! God bless your precious little one. <3

  4. Haha. … it won’t be the last time either … Do you know the onesie trick …. you pull the onesie down their body instead of over the head to take it off and it keeps the "blow out" from getting all over their body and precious face!! I was mind blown when a friend told me!!!

    Congratulations on your little one!!

  5. My kids worst blow out were while in the high chair, all up their back. So lovely (sarcasm intended) 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I just showed my eleven year old daughter Molly’s picture and I referred to you guys like you’re family. We enjoy your pictures and listening to Kevin in the morning before school. God Bless!

    1. Agree, I would love to buy one but can’t justify spending 50$ on something they will outgrow in a month or two (and I can’t pass on to the next) haha!

  6. Molly is so so beautiful and perfect. You guys are amazing parents!!! Our daughters are 4 days apart, Emma was born July 9th. Its been fun following you and I have since the Bachelorette show. I love all the fashion and baby products and the blog you do. So much fun!!! I just bought the Bambini & Me baby wrap. I love it and the fabric but I need help. Do you think you could do a Tutorial on how to put on the baby wrap and how you wear it? Your doing a great job mama, keep Rocking on 🙂

  7. just bought this baby wrap I am expecting my first baby a little girl in one month! I can’t wait to use this! I love following you and your posts about your family I soon will relate to just about all of it! Thanks for being so real!

  8. oh will never fup orget blow outs. wait til your on a long road trip. yep blow out up to the neck. tip take water,,,to clean and cut up flannel squares. baby wipes do not work …its fun to find a place to pull over and clean. good luck. i recommend hylands colic tablets. you can find them in natural food part of store llke fred meyer. you can get them at target, walgreens. i used them 20 years ago and they work wonders. give to baby until gas passes. saved us a lot of trouble.

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