Me as a “REAL” Mom

One of my favorite things to do these days is go for a walk with my family – me, Kevin, Owen, and of course Molly 🙂 It’s so nice to get out of the house early in the morning before it get’s too hot outside. Since it’s been a really hot summer in LA, we are stuck inside most of the time since it’s too hot out for little Molly. Plus it’s a way for me to get a little exercise. And I especially love it because it’s something we can do with BOTH Molly and Owen. Owen’s has been feeling a little left out lately and that breaks my heart so it’s really important to me to include him in our family activities as much as possible. He is part of our family after all!

As many of you know, I’ve gotten some for criticism from people who think I don’t show what it’s like to be a “real mom” when I get dressed up and post it online. Well I am a real mom the last time I checked and this look could not be more easy and quick to put together in the morning. What I’ll do is I’ll throw my hair in a ponytail/bun and put on a red lip. I have minimal makeup on in these pics, but I look somewhat put together because of the red lip. Most people think of a red lip as something you only put on at night. But that’s not true! It’s so fun to wear this color lip during the day when I’m wearing navy blue and white – like with this dress! Speaking of this dress – it’s my second tip for getting ready quickly in the morning. Throw on a cute shift dress! Shift dresses are great because they are flattering and comfortable. The dress I’m wearing comes in this navy/white combo plus EIGHT other colors and it’s only $38! Such a great price. Another FABULOUS thing about this dress? It looks cute with flats! Which I love in general, but especially as a new mom. White slip on Chucks are PERFECT for this look. I’m wearing a medium in the dress FYI.

I paired the dress with a cute white purse that’s only $39. But doesn’t it look expensive? Every girl should own at least one white purse for all her summery outfits 🙂

My watch is something I saw a friend wearing and had to have. It’s so pretty and something I’ll wear and have for years to come! My earrings are simple but are a cooler take on “pearl” earrings since they have chains, so I dig them. And how adorable is my”I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” mug? The woman who did Molly’s newborn photos gave it to me (which was so nice of her!) and I love it! Lacey Chabert (who played Gretchen on Mean Girls) is a friend of mine so I definitely have to get her one of these mugs because she is about to have her little baby any day now!

And for those of you wondering, my stroller is 4moms! It’s like a little transformer! Ha! You push a button and is collapses on it’s own for easy storing! It can also charge my iPhone while using the stroller. Luv! We are super fortunate that we have such generous friends that gave us this when we had Molly.

Anyway, I wanted to share this look because I think it’s a great and easy way to look cute with minimal effort! And I think any REAL mom out there could pull of this look in the morning! It’s easy, quick and super cute! I hope you guys LUV it!





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48 thoughts on “Me as a “REAL” Mom

  1. Well I think you are fantastic! Gorgeous dress and the chucks are awesome! Would you be interested in ever featuring a plus size outfit, for those that aren’t able to wear what you feature? I think that would be awesome!!

  2. Don’t listen to the criticism Ali. You are doing great and look great. What is looking like a mom mean anyway? Every person is different and there is no guideline on how one should be or dress once you are a mom. I have to say that it has been probably the most annoying things about becoming a mom myself, all this unwelcomed criticism and advice on how I should do things. Nonetheless, I do not let it bother me. Keep doing you! I love reading your blog and thank you for sharing all your budget friendly looks 🙂

  3. You’re awesome! My little lady is a week younger than yours.. I would LOVE a hair tutorial on how you get the cute and effortless up do look- mine does NOT look like that when I try 🙂

  4. I have always gone to great lengths to not "look like a Mom". My sons are 13 and 10 now and they comment I dont look like their friends moms. A good mom is a good example in taking care of self?. You are a wonderful example to young Moms and to Molly. They grow quick….enjoy your lil wonder!

  5. Beautiful! Love love love all of your posts. It’s awesome that the things that you post are affordable for the average woman. 🙂

    1. I try to stick to budget friendly stuff cause I don’t like spending a ton on clothes either!!!

  6. What a great outfit!! I live in dresses during the summer months. You look great and don’t listen to the negative comments. Seems in this day and age there are people who get offended and upset by everything!!! Enjoy your time with Molly, and the rest of your family 🙂

  7. It might be a little more believable if the pictures weren’t always so posed and fake. Then maybe people would believe you actually look like a "real" mom… Because God forbid you ever not look put together in a pair of sweats for a picture…

    1. These comments are gettin real old. She had a baby, that is the ONLY qualification for being a "real mom". She could wear a ball gown every day or a wear a trash bag, either way she is a real mom. She is under no obligation to conform to your personal vision of what a mom should look like. If sweatpants are your thing, go for it. Don’t expect everyone else to join you to make you feel better about it.

    2. I’m very confused as to why you think posed photos=fake. I know that I personally don’t want to see a bunch of candid photos and outtakes from Ali’s phone when I come to check out her fashion blog. I love clear shots of the items she’s telling us she loves. What kind of pics would you suggest she post instead?

    1. I’m very fortunate to have multiple strollers. We bought one but we were then given two others as gifts from friends! We actually had 5 total (cause of gifts) but donated two of them.

      1. thanks for your answer, do you happen to have a favorite? we are looking at the orbit, but all the choices out there are getting overwhelming!

  8. You are an amazing mom and love the photos and blog because you seem like such an awesome person inside and out!! Sorry for all the mean people because I get ready and put makeup on everyday too because it makes me feel better and nice quality baby stuff is worth the buy and doesn’t mean any of us aren’t real because we have nice stuff and like to take good photos!! Keep being you because I love your blog! Hopefully one day people will become a little nicer and I think Molly is the luckiest little girl ever to have such a fun and cool mommy!!

  9. You are an adorable mom! Would love to look like this! I head out in workout clothes and usually end the day in them! Lol!! I have some cute monogrammed converse I need to try a cute shift dress with! You are a great mom to Molly, it’s obvious!! Love reading the blog posts! I’m sure Jillian’s little boy, Leo, and Molly will have lots of play dates! Keep on keeping on girl!

  10. Ali, I am obsessed with your blog! I just found it and have already ordered like 5 dresses. You are adorable and clearly a wonderful new mamma:)

  11. Ali, I love reading your blog and feel privileged that you include us all in your family. You are dojng a great job

  12. May I ask what size you are wearing in that dress? I got a Socialite dress in an XS and it was way too short on my 5 foot frame. Thanks!

  13. Saw this recently– "I’ve never had to unscrew another woman’s lightbulb in order to shine" how true is that!? I don’t know how real moms dress but I do know real moms build each other up! 🙂 you look great btw.

  14. Don’t let the haters get you down! I am a "real" mom with a toddler, and another baby on the way. I work from home, and even though I spend most of my days days just around the house, I still like to look put together every day. Why? Because it makes ME feel good. I have other mom friends who rock yoga pants every day because that’s what makes THEM feel good. And we are all equally great and equally "real." If you have kids and you love them like crazy, then you are a real mom. Period. End of story!

  15. Always love your posts, Ali. Just FYI – the link to the earrings doesn’t work.

    ((Also, you can’t make everyone happy — just do you and be unapologetic for it. You have other things to worry about than people hating on anything you do/wear. ))

  16. Hi Ali – Glad you are adjusting so well to motherhood. I’ve been silently following your journey and have watched the comments. I think its important to remember that some moms have a really challenging start to motherhood and that’s where their comments are coming from. I had horrible PPA after giving birth despite never suffering from mental illness before. I made a complete recovery but I am also very jealous of moms who have had such a graceful entrance to motherhood (or it is viewed that way from the outside). Additionally, while your outfits are budget friendly and you wrote that you don’t have outside help some moms aren’t as lucky. They may not have a supportive partner, are struggling financially, or may be forced to go back to work. I think that is where the criticism is coming from. I’ve also been reading your blog trying to put my ‘newborn mom’ goggles back on. I know that you are sleep deprived, are in a constant state of adjustment, and wondering just who your sweet girl will be. My point being, I wouldn’t put anymore stress into the thought of you as a ‘real’ mom. We are all trying to adjust and we are all real moms. I struggled with the thought of writing this because you are still in the newborn ‘survival’ phase and I know during that time for me I was really sensitive and hormonal. Trust that you are a wonderful new mom and that this time is full of the highest highs and the lowest lows. xoxo

    1. If people don’t have a supportive partner then they probably shouldn’t have a baby with them. Just saying.

  17. Hi Ali! I am 19 weeks pregnant with mine and my husbands first, and I want you to know that I look up to you as a REAL mom! 😉 You help keep me fashion forward on days I just want to wear sweats and remind me to pamper myself. I love reading about how you’re adjusting to motherhood and seeing snaps about precious Molly and Owen! I feel like I’m taking mental notes for when our little one makes it’s appearance 🙂 Thanks so much for being part of my daily routine! ~McKenna

  18. I’m not a mom but I do love that dress and love your style! Anything comfy and still look put together is what I always reach for in the morning. This dress looks very comfy, but I want to know what type of bra you’re wearing with it. I have dresses that are similar and I just can’t stand seeing straps or even the crisscross straps in the back.

  19. Cute outfit! I think if the way you look is important to you before baby, it’s easier to transition after baby. For me I’m not into fashion and am more of a jeans/shorts and tee girl, but I make most of our meals from scratch which I was used to before baby and that made it a lot easier with my son. Also, I MISS the newborn stage. All that sleeping and snuggling definitely made things easier. Once they get mobile it gets way harder!

  20. I think you are so honest and a wonderful new mom! There is something SO nice about feeling confident in your outfit especially as a new mom with an always changing body. Can you nurse in this dress from the top or not really? I have one almost two year old who is weaned now but I am always thinking for the future!

  21. You always keep it real! I don’t have a baby but I have a chronic illness that can keep me down for a month at a time. When I have to get out (especially in this heat) I have discovered the "pop" of lip color as well. Sometimes I just wash my face, apply products & sunscreen and a bold lip. Makes a huge difference in looking like I made an effort and brightens my mood too! Super easy to pull-of when more makeup would just melt off my face too! Thanks Ali!

  22. I wish I could pull this off! I have a 14 month old son, and we are also foster parents! I feel like I never have time for myself and haven’t even attempted to do makeup in probably a year. I’m sorry that you even have to post REAL mom because people assume you can’t look good and have a baby? Newborns sleep A LOT!!! There is down time, and it’s all in how we chose to spend our time. There’s time in the day for everything you want to get done, as long as you budget it correctly! So happy for you, motherhood is the absolute best thing, ever! Can’t wait to see your wedding photos! Congrats!

  23. check for typos/grammatical errors (there are a couple) in your post since this is a professional blog. other than that I love the blog and you look great!

  24. I just bought this dress today! I truly love reading your blog. Your affordable & adorable fashion finds are perfect buys for the everyday woman trying to look fashionable on a budget. Thank you for being so dedicated to your blog & blog readers!

  25. Hey Ali! I sent you a Facebook message with a picture of my Ali-inspired outfit I wore yesterday! Hope you’re having a good day!

  26. Bought this dress as soon as I saw your post and it arrived yesterday. I’m so happy and comfy wearing it today and just posted a pic on Insta of me and my daughter. Thanks for the post Ali!

  27. Ali, love your look! What’s the transfer like on your lip colour, I’m having a hard time not getting lipstick all over my lil guy. They’re just so kissable!

  28. People can be so mean ignore their comments! I have loved you from the beginning and people’s opinions don’t matter keep doing what you do, you are awesome! Ps LOVE Molly’s name 😉

    ❤️ Molly

  29. Hi Ali!
    I think you are a great inspiration for a lot of moms all over the world.
    When I was a first time mom I spent almost a year in my tights and a hoodie, and I did not feel great. My body was (of course) out of shape, and I was also struggling to find out how to take good care of my baby. When I went back to work after a year I started to take care of myself again. But it was not until a had my second baby I realized what it had done to me to take so little care about myself. Because then I wore jeans and the clothes I would normally wear, (only bigger size of course), and I put my makeup on even if I knew I was going to stay at home for the most of the day. And I felt so much better about myself, and although it was lack for sleep for long periods of time I felt better than ever. And I think it was because I took care of myself ass well as the baby. A woman will change a lot when she has a baby, but I think it is wery important to remember to feel like your self even as a new mom.
    So thanx you for doing just that!

    Best regards Kristina from Norway.

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