Congratulations Jojo and Jordan!!!

Congratulations to Jojo and Jordan! I know many of you have concerns about Jordan and don’t think they can make it for the long run, but that’s really not your call to make! It’s obviously not mine either! All the matters is what Jojo and Jordan feel for each other and there is really no way for any of us to know what those true feelings are from watching them on a TV show. Plus, you have to remember that this show finished filming about 3 months ago! They have been meeting in secret during these past 3 months – most likely every 10 days or so – and I’m sure they have continued to develop their relationship and work on any doubts or insecurities either of them may have had when filming ended.

I had the chance to talk to Jojo about her final 4 guys right after she went on the hometown dates while she was filming the show. And I could just tell right away that Jordan was the guy for her. She talked about him with so much respect and love. She was (is!) smitten. As she was telling me about him she flipped through pictures on her phone to show me all the places the went together on the show so far. It was really sweet to see how in love she was. She talk about the other 3 guys too, but it was clear to me that Jordan was “the one.” She told me they had insane chemistry and after watching them together on the show, I know exactly what she was talking about. Their chemistry has been obvious from the beginning. So I for one have high hopes for their relationship and wish them all the best! We are one big family in the Bachelor world so I know I’ll get the chance to meet Jordan soon and I look forward to that so I can congratulate them both in person! See silly pics of me and Jojo below 🙂


There really is no point in analyzing the episode since we know the outcome, but I want to take a minute to say that Robby really surprised me last night. He totally won me over with his love for Jojo. I found it a little strange that she took her dumping him harder than he took it. His reaction was almost too “nice”. And I’m always questioning whether the guys at the end really want love or just want to be the next Bachelor so they can make out with 25 hot girls. Who knows. None of us know what it’s like to be broken up with right before you’re about to propose to someone so we can’t judge how someone “should” react in that moment. I’m giving Robby the benefit of the doubt because I don’t know what he was going through in that moment. All I know is that Robby won me over last night. When he ask Jojo’s dad for her hand in marriage it was so incredibility special and sweet. I really hope he find the love the Jordan and Jojo found.

So congrats to the two lovebirds! Ignore all the haters! Only you two know the true love you share!

Before I sign off, let’s talk a little bit about fashion…

If you want to buy Jojo’s final rose ceremony dress it’s going to cost ya – over $1,000 dollars! And honestly I couldn’t even find the exact dress online for sale. But you can RENT the exact dress for just over $100 HERE! And let’s face it, why would you want to wear a dress like this more than once? Renting it is the perfect option!

The dress that Jojo wore to After the Final Rose was HOT!!!! I am obsessed with it. It was so chic and stylish. It’s by Misha Collection and all the clothes by this designer are fabulous! I can’t seem to find the exact dress online but THIS DRESS by this designer might be my favorite dress ever! I just might have to get it! Maybe this dress would be a good rehearsal dinner dress for when we get married early next year? What do you think? Tell me in the comments below!

Picture and clothing credit is from Cary Fetman's Instagram Picture and clothing credit is from Cary Fetman’s Instagram

That’s all I’ve got! Until next season when we see Luke find love! I’m convinced he’s the next Bachelor 😉

xoxo Ali

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54 thoughts on “Congratulations Jojo and Jordan!!!

  1. I wasn’t surprised that she chose Jordan; she seemed most attracted to him right from the start. He seemed to me like he was trying to act his way through the show, and not that well. He told her what she wanted to hear only when she pressed him. Maybe it’s just how it was edited though. On After the Final Rose, after Jordan came out, she just looked unhappy. She doesn’t have much of a "poker face" and though she was saying how in love she is it just didn’t show in her body language. Thanks for your posts Ali!

    1. I don’t think you can read body language very well, so maybe it’s better you stay out of the judgment business. They definitely look very much in love. Should have watched them on the shows today. They make a very cute couple now that they can be free and open to showing their love for each other. Their families and JoJo are involved in planning their wedding, so I doubt they would be doing that if JoJo wasn’t in love with Jordan. Maybe you just liked Robbie more. I preferred Derek, but I’m happy for them and wish them a long happy life together.

      1. Elizabeth’s judgement is her own and she’s entitled to it. She’s not being rude or nasty. Sorry that it differs from yours Tammy but I think the point of Ali’s blog is to discuss our points of view (of the show). No need to be pissy.

      1. I think that is perfect (the dress by the same designer) In my opinion- Jojo’s dress was gorg but a bit too sexy for the rehearsal.

        Thanks for your blog, Ali. It was YOUR season that made me a bachelor/ette fan. I alsp love that you are also from Mass!

  2. As a fan of the show, I certainly had my picks which Luke and Jordan were initially my top guys, then Robby swooped in and had me going "awwwwww," but at the end of the day all that matters is, Jojo finally found ♥️. Jordan is a gorgeous guy. They look very happy and beautiful together. I wish them all the best and happiness that you and so many of the others from the show have found. Whose our next bachelor is all I want to know now. Is it Luke??

  3. Not real happy with the outcome last night but like you said, Ali.. "It’s not our call". I just hope all the rumors are NOT true and she finds the "forever" happiness she wants and deserves. As for her dress on "ATFR", I loved it so much!! If you can find it, or anything similar, it would be a great choice for your rehearsal dinner! She wore so many awesome clothes on the show but that dress last night had to be my favorite! Hope all is well with you and your little family too, Ali! Molly is beautiful!

  4. I love JoJo! She’s one of my favorite bachloretes besides Ali of course. I was never a big Jordan fan. He did not ask JoJo’s parents for her hand during the visit and then tried to back peddle out of it when JoJo confronted him. That should have been the deal breaker. Jordan talks a lot ….JoJo falls for it. During the interview last night with Chris H Jordan dodged the question about his brother Aaron. He also "sugarcoated" how things were going with JoJo since the rose ceremony. He says all the right things but let’s wait and see if he walks the walk! I would be very surprised. I agree with JoJo’s brothers….Jordan would make a great New Year’s date but Robby is solid and would be the one for the long haul in marriage. I think JoJo is just too "young" to get that or accept it. JoJo’s face and body language last night did not appear elated or full of joy. She admitted that it’s been hard. I wish them the best of luck and hope it works but I won’t bet my money on it at Vegas! Oh, by the way, what is Jordan’s job? All they say is "former football player."

    1. He didn’t have a real job until the Bachelorette started airing. He just got a sportscasting gig at SEC network (note: it’s based in NC? and they are living together in Dallas).

      I thought her response to Wells and his reason for his last relationship ending was really telling about her view on relationships. She isn’t okay with the "passion" slowing down and moving into a comfortable partnership. She wants sparks constantly, expects that to come from the guy, and that has to be exhausting.

  5. Congrats to Jojo and Jordan!!! They are so in love and I’m cheering them on for the long haul…good luck to them…he was my pick for her from the start.

  6. I wish them lots of love and happiness but I was surprised that he did not ask her parents for their hand in marriage. That is really important I think. But as always, it is her choice and she knows in her heart how she really feels for Jordan and it is not our place to judge. Best of luck to this couple

  7. I was never a big fan of Jordan BUT you said it so perfectly. We don’t know what she really feels. On the After the Finale Rose I could see they are really happy and I do wish them the best.

    Btw though one thing I wish ABC would switch up and trick us all is the first man out of the limo is the ONE she pick.

    1. I agree, I wish they would mix it up. They have once or twice in the past, but have never done it since. Did you notice that they were both wearing blue suits? And when Robby was getting ready, he put his shoes on with no socks. When they first showed the step out of the limo, he was wearing socks. At first I thought it was Jordan, so for a split second I thought she chose Robby.

    2. I think they like to end on the high note, since they cut directly to AFR and talking about that relationship. It wouldn’t make much sense to accept a proposal without having broken up with the other person first anyways.

  8. I think she ABSOLUTLEY made the right choice. Robby in my opinion came on to strong and was overly confident. I respected what Jordan told her as to why he didn’t feel like it was the right moment to ask her dad! He wanted to know that it was him and her forever!! Who wouldn’t want to know that? I felt like Jordan and Jojo’s realtionship had more depth than hers with Robby…Robby in my opinion was the sweet talker, just telling her the things she wanted to hear! So I say good luck Jordan and Jojo….wishing you much love and happiness!

    1. Wow, totally agree. Well put. I liked the rawness, too. Like, "I don’t know why, but I just didn’t do it…" I kept thinking, some things AREN’T a game, this is serious stuff! More power to him, and hey — it worked out!

  9. Ali, have watched each episode of both Bachelor and the Bachelorette and was wondering if the girls get to keep the clothes?
    .Does ABC buy them?.I read as a competing contestant ; they use their own clothes but as an actual Bachelorette that they are given their clothes and accessories

  10. I absolutely LOVE her "After the final Rose" dress and would wear it in a heart beat!! Not only did I love that dress, but JoJo rocks any outfits she ever has on!

  11. JoJo looks amazing in everything she wears. I especially LOVED the ATFR dress…wow! I wish them nothing but the best! I love the fact that he had the first rose, the first kiss and the last rose!

  12. I feel JoJo is falling victim to her old habits. We’ve all been there- the guy who is mysterious and emotionally unavailable is the one we fall for! Unfortunately she was left with 2 people who I don’t think were right for her. Jordan is confused and not ready and "it" wasn’t there with Robby. I was very impressed with how Jordan handled himself last night. He seems to be putting a lot of effort into making her happy and making things work. Sadly JoJo looked well, sad. I think she is addicted to the mysteriousness and drama, it’s a high. I know producers don’t show even a tenth of their conversations but they were never about getting to know each other and always about trust and his intentions. That becomes a burden and will wear him out. I know Jordan is hoping that now that they’re out in the open JoJo will calm down and become more secure and stop seeking drama. She has the chance to make it work by not using the outside as excuses to pick apart at him– you have him now, enjoy him, take care of him. That was another thing- it was always about her (naturally because she’s the bachelorette) but I feel she should focus on making him happy as well. Relationships are hard and take work and each person needs to feel cared for. This isn’t a jab at her as I do feel she has the opportunity to make it last but has an equal opportunity of again wearing him out if she doesn’t start to put on a happy face and take care of him!

  13. I think Jordan was right choice for her too but if she was smitten with him BEFORE the overnight dates then how did she sleep with both of them anyway? It seems like she still wanted to make sure in some way about the chemistry. And how does Jordan not care about that?

  14. It was pretty obvious to me right from the beginning that it was going to be Jordan. They did have the strongest chemistry by far. I really hope he’s good to her.

    I’m not at all into fashion, but JoJo always looks absolutely incredible in all her outfits.

    Good luck to the happy couple.

  15. Ali, you are so right!! No one can know their love and they should not be judged. I personally thought Chase was a good fit but that is because he is more "my type" that does not in any way say that Jordan is wrong for JoJo, and after all it was about her finding love not pleasing the viewers! I wish them all the happiness~

    1. Chase was totally my type too! And it was hard for me to see him go! But. As much as I personally didn’t like her final two, I wasn’t the bachelorette, Jojo was. And it’s her choice, her feelings and their chemistry together! I hope they stay together because they do look happy.

  16. Their chemistry was amazing! And lets face it… as humans if you had to choose between who was the ideal guy (written on paper) or a guy who doesn’t have all of that but you two just click. Who would you pick? I know I wouldn’t settle for boring… I’d want that spark with a little but ups and downs in the relationship. Wishing them the best.

    Ali- I am confused…. what did Jordan tell her? You mentioned something on FB

  17. Jordan was never my favorite, but I do have to say they looked so happy and very much in love last night! I hope all the rumors are false and that Jojo does have her happy ever after! I thought she looked absolutely stunning last night…loved the dress but I especially liked that she wore her hair in that elegant pony tail!

  18. My daughter wore Misha for her Groom’s dinner and has bought this dress Jojo wore in white for her honeymoon! It’s on sale now too! Jordan and Jojo are PERFECTION! Robby a cute boy in my eyes, Jordan is a much better fit for her! AND bring on Luke, please!!

  19. I really hope Joelle and Jordan make it! Seems like Jordan is showing his affection a lot more now, then on the show. JoJo didn’t look very happy many times last night, when Jordan was talking….very awkward when Chris asked about brother Aaron, and Jordan dodged that bullet with basically avoiding the question by answering about family. They are a beautiful couple, JoJo was an elegant and beautiful bachelorette, with a heart of gold, so I hope Jordan continues to treat her like the Queen her Mama wants him to treat her like!!

  20. Ali I would love to know where I can get the dress she had on when she brought the first date to her parents house? I love loved it. Anything you can tell me would help me find it.

    Cindy S

  21. Someone may have already posted this but i think the name of the Misha dress is Misha Collection, Trivata Dress.I found one in white on Shop Bob, sold out of course.

  22. I love what you said about nobody really knowing what JoJo & Jordan’s relationship is like except for them. I wish them nothing but the best and I hope they can tune out the nasty comments from people who need to learn to be considerate of others’ feelings.

  23. I loved Jordan right from the start. I truly hope they can make their relationship work. I think they are a stunning couple! I look forward to hearing good things about them.

  24. Jojo, I would not wear that dress for the rehearsal dinner. It was obvious you were not comfortable in it on the show last night. You kept having to lift it over your boobs. I like it you in a little more colour,

  25. QUESTION !!!!! Any luck on where Jojo’s shoes are from, for the finale?? I absolutely need it for my wedding day 🙂

  26. My gut tells me the Jordan – JoJo union may not endure…sorry, just my unpretentious way of telling it the way I see/sense it (willing to put a bet on it). They probably deserve each other.
    Jojo seemed more into Jordan than he is to her. Am not a "hater", just being real and not saying something for the sake of appeasing people.
    There is much wisdom to Desiree H. Siegfried’s blog

  27. Congratulations Ali on your beautiful baby girl! Love following your pics and fab mom style x
    Just was wondering about a detail in the show finale – We remember you as the bachelorette that was so thoughtful to send Chris home before the final rose ceremony/proposal, and not give him that anxiety! I heard that the bachelors and bachelorettes are no longer able to do that for the show’s effect (awful!) – did they not have this as a rule for you when your season filmed?

  28. I just found out that Jojo and Jordon broke up, feeling bad for Jojo. I for one did not want him for her. I didn’t feel he was in it for the long run. My favorite was Chase.We the viewers can tell what guy-girl on the show is more honest. Not worried for Jojo b/c she is so pretty and nice Iam sure her prince will sweep her off her feet shortly. Ali I love that dress,it is pretty and it would look nice on you.Ali your baby is adorable God Bless.

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