Mommy Meetings! My ENTIRE Look is on Sale!!!

Had another work meeting today! Once again, it felt so good to get out and do something work related. But I have to say it was tough to get motivated this morning. The hope to give Molly the best life possible is the only thing that got me in the shower and dressed. I got almost no sleep last night. Molly is definitely in a “fussy” stage right now. Maybe a growth spurt? I’m not sure. But I was up every hour feeding her and soothing her. It was rough I’m not going to lie and my lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me. But I’m glad I pushed through and went to my meeting this morning. Doing stuff that’s work related makes me remember that I’m still me. I’m still Ali. I’m not SOLELY Molly’s mommy.

I had Kevin take a pic of my on my way out the door because I wanted to share this look with you guys! Everything in my outfit is budget friendly and part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! The burgundy top is so comfy and stretchy. Click HERE to see the full shirt. It’s great to wear with a high waisted skirt like in these pics, but it can also just be worn with jeans. So it can be either casual or dressy! An it’s under $30. I’m wearing a Medium.

This high waisted skirt is so soft too and comfortable. Can you tell comfort is a theme for me these days? Plus Molly came to this meeting with me and the high waisted skirt allowed me to easily lift my shirt to breastfeed while still covering my tummy and easily use a nursing cover to feed in public. I’m wearing a medium in the skirt.

The blush jacket is so great. It’s really pulls this look together and it’s something I’ll wear again and again. You can see me wearing it HERE too. And like everything else I’m wearing, it’s on MAJOR sale! I really can’t get enough of the Nsale! See a more casual Nsale look that I love and rocked the other day HERE (The top is only $20!)

Anyway, getting out and having a meeting today really made me feel good despite how tired I feel. I am so lucky that I was able to bring Molly cause if I couldn’t I wouldn’t have gone to the meeting honestly. She’s still so little and work stuff comes in WAY second to her. What stuff/activities make you feel good as a new mom? What helps you get through sleepless nights?


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  1. It helped me to binge watch new tv shows during the all nighters. Gave me something to look forward to (besides bonding with baby) I noticed Melissa Rycroft commented she was watching OITNB a few weeks ago while being up all night 🙂

  2. Hi Ali!

    She might be cluster feeding. It’s so common with BF babies. I was so exhausted at times! But it’s good. It helps establish your milk supply and it’s totally normal. My advice is to get cozy and have lots and lots of snacks and water (and coffee) handy. Sophie used to cluster feed for hours and hours every night. I just put on Netflix, had a box of snacks and drinks and rode it out. It’s soooo exhausting but keeping hydrated and well fed will help a lot. Hugs mama. You are doing a great job!!!

  3. Sleep whenever she sleeps during the day. I know it’s not easy because there a million other things you could be doing, but you’ll feel better and more motivated if you’re rested. I have 13 month old twin girls and am just now getting more than 4 hours of sleep at a time. It’s rough when you’re going through it but so worth it! Good luck!

  4. You look fabulous!! Things that make me feel like ME: doing my makeup + putting on a cute outfit, going to the gym, blogging + watching my favorite reality tv! As for the sleepless nights: tough it out. I hate to say it but it WILL pass. The first 3 months are hard! Once she reaches the 3 month mark, she will be more apt to sleep longer stretches. We sleep trained our daughter at the 3 month mark and haven’t regretted it because everyone gets a good night’s rest in preparation for the next day. That’s just what worked for us. Also, I found that going to sleep at night when she did in those early months usually guaranteed me a straight 2-3 hours before the next feeding. It’s SO cliche and annoying to hear, but honestly, sleep when she does mama! Every little bit of sleep helps, both with caring for her, caring for yourself, and just in the general healing process! I wish I would’ve heeded that advice from so many! You are doing amazing and Molly is just precious! God bless!!

  5. Definitely binge watching a new TV show. Also, napping when she is napping during the day. I always wanted to do other things (check email, social media, work, clean) but sleep to me is much more important! Reading, talking with other new moms for support. Listening to music that uplifted me. Also, when you are allowed to, take a warm bath. Another thing I liked to do during sleepless nights was bake and prepare freezer meals! Good luck. The first couple months can be trying but when you are having a hard time just look at your little girl and remember the hard times won’t last forever and it is totally worth it! Don’t be afraid to ask for help either from those around you! We mommies need breaks too! Hugs!

  6. Those first weeks are just all a blur! The best advice after having my two little girls is just love on them in this precious stage! It’s exhausting. Let her sleep on you. Snuggles save lives;)

  7. We had ours June 27- she is only getting up 2-3 times a night now to eat and pretty much going right back to sleep. I would try to get her on a 2 hour schedule if you can ? I know it’s hard and you said you’re doing it on demand… I try to soothe at night by using the sleep sheep (white noise stuffed animal thing), Pandora lullabye station, and we even wil let her use a pacifier at times! I am kind of following a book called "baby wise" thst recommends scheduled feedings and focusing on full feedings not snacking so it may not work for ya. Good luck. It’s rough! Or maybe have ur hubby hold / watch her from 10 to midnight or something and you can get two hours of sleep logged before night shift!

    1. I wouldn’t put little one on the schedule. She NEEDS to eat that often.
      1. Growth spurt/for survival
      2. To help Ali establish right amount of milk.

      Maybe down the line she can try schedules but not right now.

  8. Keeping in mind that this is such a short period of time in you and your baby’s life helped me get through all those midnight feedings. Having her in one of those sidecar cosleeper things helped as well. I could roll over to her half asleep and nurse then it her back in her own sleeping nook when she was done. Now that she’s almost two I sometimes miss those quiet feedings at night when it was just the two of us <3 also, sleeping when she did during the day was a life saver! You’re doing great mama!

  9. Not sure if you would be against this. But I started using two bottles a day of my pumped milk so my husband could feed and I could get some sleep.

  10. Surrender and lots of coffee!! Safely co-sleeping also if you’re comfortable with that was the biggest lifesaver.

  11. I loved the app The Wonder Weeks when my guy was little! It helps explain their growth spurts so you know when to expect them and explains what they are learning. Also – I always put him in cute pajamas during rough sleep weeks. At least they made me smile when I woke up every hour. 🙂

  12. I can guess by now you are growing tired of the sage old advice of "sleep when baby sleeps" that everyone likes to give. Sometimes those moments when baby are asleep are the only ones you get to yourself so I personally find it hard to sleep during these times! We have 2 kids. Our oldest was a terrible sleeper so I have been there. Now that I’m an old pro at the no sleep stuff, it seems more manageable with #2. Maybe she sleeps better but maybe not. It can be so emotionally and physically exhausting to be up that much nursing. You try all the tricks and they still just want you. Everyone is constantly giving advice and you feel like you are doing something wrong. But you aren’t. Trust me. You are the mom so you know her needs the best. It can take it’s toll and really make you feel like you’ve lost yourself. I have found that making it a point to carve out time to yourself everyday really helps, even if it’s just to go to a coffee shop and have your 1 cup of coffee a day without someone on you or to go pick up something at the store. Getting away, even if for a few minutes always energized me. Also gentle Yoga once your body is recovered and your Dr clears you for that!

    Also, with #2, I started wearing her from the beginning. If I didn’t know what was wrong, I wrapped her and instant magic. There are many groups (particularly Baby wearing International chapters across the country) that will help you feel comfortable doing this. Life. Saver. I would nurse her, then wrap her and then could actually go do errands and she would get some good sleep. I even went to a Mom’s Night Out dinner with friends and was able to socialize while she slept the whole time! Sleep begets sleep with this one so she sleeps much better when she’s had proper naps during the day.

    Hang in there. When you are in the thick of it, it’s hard to hear that it gets better. But it does. And then it doesn’t. And then it does. The ebb and flow of parenthood can be exhausting. Thinking of you!

  13. Could definitely be a growth spurt. I have a 7 month old, and those long nights in the beginning are still fresh in my mind. It is tough, but believe or not it does pass (kind of, ha). Some things that helped us were the 5 S’s, which I’m sure you’re familiar with. We also received the Windi from a friend. It’s a little device for babies with gas, made by the same company that makes the nose freida. Not sure if she is having any gas issues, but it’s pretty common in BF newborns. The Windi worked wonders for our daughter. The other thing I regret was just ignoring things that needed to be done and getting some sleep instead. It’s hard to not want to get things done when they’re sleeping, but looking back now, I wish I would have just slept instead of worrying about that stuff. It’s such a wonderful, rewarding, and trying journey. Buy so worth it! Especially being able to breastfeed and provide that to your little one. Best of wishes to you guys. Your daughter is precious!

  14. Hi Ali: I had a baby boy 9 weeks ago so it’s all still so fresh. What I wish someone had told me earlier was the importance of self care. Massages. Long hot showers or baths. See about having a family member take a middle of the night feeding. It’s really important for you to get a four hour stretch of sleep- our doula said that is a full REM cycle and she has seen new moms turn their whole emotional state around once they get that 4 hour stretch. Also most Lactation Consultants are pro-pacifier after 4 weeks. That has helped with soothing our little guy a lot.

    You are not alone! Parenting is TOUGH WORK. Keep laughing when you can and take time for yourself. Xo Molly (another one!)

  15. Hi Ali,
    Just hang in there is only a little stage that will past. Once Molly gets use to the feedings thing will get easier. When we are breastfeeding moms the dads can not do anything to help but all this will get easier believe me just keep doing what u r doing you and the baby have to adjust to each other and in a month or two the feedings wont be as often as they are now that will give you more free time for yourself. By the way you look beautiful.

  16. Hey Ali! The book BabyWise is pretty awesome when it comes to helping baby get on a schedule, eventually learn to self soothe and soon enough, sleep through the night! I swear by it- we took so many tips from BabyWise and both our boys slept through the night by 9-11 weeks. It is something that many of my friends have utilized and loved! Maybe it is something that could come in handy for you too? (The book highlights nursing and formula feeding mothers both, so you can make adjustments depending on your situation). Of course, it is a certain style of parenting, so I only give this advice if you feel led to do something like BabyWise promotes. I understand those tough nights! More sleep for mama and baby is better for everyone!

  17. Lack of sleep is rough for sure but you’re going a great job! It could be a growth spurt, my daughter cluster fed on and off around that time. Hang in there, it does get so much easier! Also, if you don’t already have it, the app The Wonder Weeks really helped me as my baby grew. It helped me figure out why she was so fussy, wanted to be held more, etc when she was going through her mental growth. Wishing you well!

  18. Love the outfit! You look amazing! The wonder weeks app helped me get through those growth spurts. I always felt like I was going crazy when my son was fussy but knowing that it was just a growing period helped me get through it. And coffee, lots of coffee! Haha.

  19. Look into the book baby wise, I swear by it. initially takes time to implement, but I have been a working/ nursing mother of 2 boys, and getting on a schedule helped me predict and better understand their needs! There are definitely 2 sides of the spectrum of sleep training mind you, but this worked wonders for us! I have recommended this to everyone I know and I am now know in my circle as the baby sleep whisperer! Good luck momma and this too shall pass!!

  20. I am loving this outfit! Wish I had some advice for you, but alas, I have nothing! Just wanted to say how great you look!

  21. Hey Ali! I just had my first son on the 11th so we are going through the same milestones as you guys. I love reading your blog and knowing I’m not alone during this time! My little nugget is almost 3 weeks and is definitely going through a growth spurt. He nurses every 2 hours then cluster feeds at night for 2-3 hours. ? I think so said you aren’t doing bottles yet but this weekend my husband is going to take one of the night shifts so I can sleep. I am using a nipple shield to nurse because he had trouble latching but the great part is that he easily goes back and forth between that and a bottle. If he takes a bottle I try to pump during that time or shortly after so it doesn’t impact my supply. Tonight will be our first night testing this out, so fingers crossed! I need more than an hour sleep at a time! ?

  22. My kids are 16 and 19 but my oldest was the fussiest baby and wanted to nurse every hour. At first we thought she was just using me as a pacifier while I was nursing but a few weeks in I tried to pump so I could sleep while my husband fed her and by pumping I realized I wasn’t producing enough milk so she was hungry! Maybe try pumping and see if she is getting enough because as soon as I started supplementing with formula she slept for hours at a time. Good luck!

  23. For me, I just toughed it out until my little one was at an age where I felt comfortable doing sleep training and putting him on a schedule. The sleep deprivation was by far the hardest part of being a new mommy!

    My only advice is to hang in there and on those rough nights remember they grow up so, so fast and eventually they will sleep!

  24. She’s def going through a growth spurt. There will be so many (will feel like back to back growth spurts) until she’s prob 8 ish weeks. And then it stabilizes a little. But then you’ll notice her cognitive spurt known as wonder weeks (get the app it’s awesome) during that stage they’re very clingy. I’m dealing with this right now. It’s hard to make a meal for myself, let alone eat it 🙂 But it’ll pass. And when it does, I love seeing what new skill my little man mastered.

    But for sleep. Sleep when she sleeps. That’s the only way I can function. Or matcha iced latte gets me through hehe

    Good luck!!

  25. "The days are long but the years are short". The doctor said that to us while we were in the hospital, and it’s a quote I always remind myself of. I will NEVER have this moment with my little one, so I can sit there and complain and cry, or try and embrace it and give her everything she needs. Knowing that made the rough times a little easier for me. And although it may seem like it will NEVER go away, she will get past this stage! They always do!

    One thing that helped us with overnight feedings, is that her last feed before bedtime we would give her a bottle of pumped milk. At the time we started, that was about 4 ounces. We knew that may have been a little too much, but we never questioned how much she ate before bed and it filled her up a little bit more than normal. It gave her a longer period of time to sleep. It also got me used to using my pump, starting up my freezer supply and gave Daddy the feeding time that he was missing out on.

    Things that make me feel like me: I get up at 530 every morning, even if I am spending the day home, to shower and get dressed. Once I got out of my sweats and did my hair, I felt more human and felt like a better version of myself (even if I was still covered in spit up and breast milk). Also a daily drive to Dunkin Donuts saved me on some of those long days. I am thankful those workers memorized my order within a few weeks!

  26. Massage your feet with coconut oil and lavender essential oil. I’m a mommy of a 2 year old half Samoan little son. Coconut and Lavender will be staples for your new, precious family. Much love 🙂

    1. Also! Add coconut oil to baby’s bottle. It will always soothe her tummy and it kills any infectious germs that might attack as well 🙂

  27. My daughter is 2 months old and was definitely fussy, but is getting much better! I pump her bedtime bottle in the morning and refrigerate it until it’s time for bed. She falls asleep a lot while nursing, so I don’t think she was getting a full tummy. With the bottle, I know exactly how much she’s getting and now she sleeps 6-8 hours before waking up!

  28. Oh, the beginning is SO hard but I promise it gets easier! I applaud you for going to work meetings but also, its okay to give yourself a break, throw on sweats and just sit on the sofa for a day. With my first I tried to do everything and the sleep deprivation caught up to me fast. With my second I knew how tired I would be and that I had to take care of a toddler so I did everything I could during the day while my daughter was in school to rest and conserve energy. It helped significantly. Also, I am not sure if you are doing a pacifier but on the advice of nurses I decided to ignore the whole nipple confusion thing and offered a paci pretty immediately. Those things were lifesavers! My kids were never confused about where to get their food and nursed like champs. If you just fed her and she is up crying after less than an hour, she probably just needs to suck to be soothed and will go back to sleep. If she is hungry for real you will know because more time will have passed or she will suck on the paci and spit it out in horror that there is no milk. Time will pass and this will get better, I promise. You can do it!

  29. My daughter was born on July 8 and we are currently going through the same thing. She has been fussy and spitting up a lot the past four nights but wants to eat almost every hour as well. Reading your blog has been so wonderful to see someone else experiencing the same things. This sleep deprivation is rough but I keep reminding myself she is so worth it and things will get better with time. Thankfully I can do the majority of my work from home – you are amazing for getting up and looking so great. Hang in there!

  30. Def. a sleep regression. My LO one those all the time. I know that sometimes they go through spurts where all they want to do is nurse too…they are smart and are increasing your supply for their next growth spurt. I got zero sleep for a year so you can do this. I know the feeling of not knowing my name or up from down each day. I was so tired, trying to clean a house, make meals, shower and breast feed every 2 – 3 hours. Its the HARDEST job I’ve ever done. BF is harder than giving birth if you ask me. Its awful but its so worth it in the long run. You can do it. Are you type A like me? If so, try and let some things go if you can or you will dev develop postpartum or baby blues. Keep an eye on that..i had that looking back and didn’t even know it.

  31. So everyone will have a different opinion on how to help you, because everyone parents differently, so takes these all with a grain of salt and figure out which advice works best for you, Kevin & Molly. That being said, what worked great for me with my 2 kids was trying to have a feeding by schedule from the get go. I know you said you are feeding in demand, and that can be great, the only downfall is that sometimes the baby will eat when they are just a tiny bit hungry, not really hungry, and then aren’t eating as much so they get hungry again sooner. I tried to feed my babies every 2-2.5 hours at the beginning and really gauge if they were hungry or just needed soothing (rocking, singing, new environment, pacifier, diaper change, etc.) so that they didn’t learn that the only way to be soothed was a boob in the mouth. 🙂 I did a much better job at trying to understand the fussiness/crying with my 2nd child than my first, trying to learn him to know if he really needed to nurse or if something else would calm him, and he was a much better sleeper than my 1st child (slept 12 hours straight by 13 weeks) and was a still a great eater. I nursed both my babies for 17 months so I’m a big fan of breast feeding, I’m just also a big fan of my kids getting the sleep they need and found a pretty good balance. You can do this. Sleep deprivation won’t last forever.

  32. You are gonna get so many differing opinions… Breastfeeding on demand vs sleep training, etc… Try not to focus too much on researching and just find what works for you. I’m an OB nurse and I am so pro-pacifier. It helps my babies soothe without having to use me as a pacifier/- bc they will do that. If you feed her every 3 hours and give the paci to soothe in between, she and your body will adjust to that. It is so hard the first 6 months but know that you are doing awesome and it is a learning curve. For me, I DVR’d law and order SVU and I’d watch episodes all night. It was really the only thing that helped me get through those tough nights. You are doing great!

  33. Pump and give bottles! She will be on much more of a schedule and Kevin can help. She is probably using you for comfort and not really hungry. Either way it will get better!

  34. Hi Ali- I’d love for you to share information or your child birth and delivery. I’m one of those crazy ones that wants to hear every detail to scare myself to death! I’m due in February and unfortunately I’m a nervous nelly! Also, how’s your recovery going? How long has it taken you to feel somewhat "normal"? I know everyone is different when it comes to your uterus going down. Are you breastfeeding? Sorry to pry but I just love when new moms are real and upfront even about their body image insecurities after birth! The amount of pressure we put on ourselves and how the media depicts this journey especially for celebs, is too much for me to handle!

  35. Love the outfit! You look amazing! Now stop tempting us with more cute outfits from the NSale! ? As much as we love and adore our babies, too many consecutive sleepless nights can be torture. I have a 7 month old who is finally sleeping through the night after pretty rough sleep training at 6 months. If Molly is cluster feeding it sounds like a growth spurt where she’s increasing your milk supply but that should only last a few days/nights. Things I wish I had from the beginning: a dock a tot (pure magic) and the mint and arrows cocoon swaddle (sold on etsy). A white noise machine was another necessity and I like the book "Bringing up Bebe" where the author talks about pausing when baby is fussing before picking her up to see if she can self soothe. The ability to self soothe will become essential to her sleep as she gets older. Good luck and hang in there!!

  36. How old is she? Babies usually go through growth spurts around 3, 6 and 9 weeks and 3, 6 and 9 months. 🙂

  37. Nap when she naps so that you get re-energized. Everything else can wait. I had a baby that did not sleep thru the night until she was 5 years old, and that wasn’t for lack of trying everything suggested and read. It was just her. My second baby, I put her in bed with me, and she was happy, and so was mommy. Just try and relax and enjoy those moments, as they go by so quickly, and then you will miss them terribly. You look amazing!!

  38. Are you sure she is getting enough with breast milk? Wanting to eat every hour on the hour may mean you don’t have enough milk to satisfy her. Talk to your pediatrician and see if they can advise you.

  39. Hi Ali, watch what you are eating, if you are breastfeeding and she is fussing humm 10 out 10 you are eating something that is causing cramps or gas like cauliflower, beans, chocolate…
    Just eat light chicken soup with celery and potatoes.

  40. Looking lovely, mama. Have you read (looked through) Happiest Baby on The Block? The book really help us get our daughter to sleep easier and longer. Lifesaver! You can probably google the basic principals. Best wishes for a good night tonight!

  41. Hang in there!!! This age is a really hard time for babies. They are going through a growth spurt and also their gut is trying to fully develop! I have a 16mo little girl and she was exclusively breastfed until 1 year old. Around the same age as Molly she went through the fussiness and nursing nonstop. Everyone tried to get me to take her to the ped, but my lactation consultant assured me she didn’t have colic or reflux like everyone insisted. Her tummy was just developing and all babies go through that stage. I never supplemented or gave her any meds like everyone kept pushing me to do. She was gaining weight and having sufficient wet/poopy diapers, so I knew she was ok! Just a growing little girl! Just try to nurse her as much as possible when she wants it right now! This too shall pass! Keep up the good work, Momma! It’s such a rewarding feeling to be able to provide the best nutrition possible for you sweet baby! P.S. Not sure if you’ve heard of the wonder weeks app, but it’s an app that correlates with babies growth spurts. Mine were always right on and helped reassure me that her behavior was normal and that we would get through it! ?

  42. Hey Ali. I second that she’s more than likely using you (not using you in a bad way- you know what I mean! :-)!) as a comforter more than necessarily needing fed each time. I used a pacifier with my daughter and it helped a great deal. Not everyone is pro them but it certainly worked for us. Also, feeding to fall asleep can be an issue but please don’t take, not only my advice, but everyone else’s too seriously, because I can remember only too well getting so much conflicting advice from every angle and it really got to me. Do what you feel is right for you and your family. You are doing a wonderful job already and well done for getting dressed and presented so well whilst still being in the early days. Mwah!! Xxx

    1. I second using a pacifier but we waited until our little one was 6 weeks or so before we introduced it as to not mess up my milk supply regulation (same with introducing a bottle). I can tell now the difference between hungry fussy and tired fussy so I know when to nurse and when to give paci.

      1. My vote is to avoid pacifiers! I’ve never been a fan, yes i’m sure they make somethings easier, but nothing is worse than when you see a toddler with one in their mouth– I imagine it to be a hard habit to break. I let my son use one when he was very little like few weeks, but quickly got rid of. I already told my husband baby that I’m due with in November won’t be getting one! Let them learn to sleep without depending on anything!
        In my opinion!
        Ali – you are doing great! Keep it up!

  43. Yeah I forgot to say wake her up and feed her every 3 hours regardless if she is hungry it will help tremendously.
    Afternoon walk with fresh air also is a nice way to get her tired for the night and bathing time also soothes.

  44. My only thought is maybe Kevin could do a bottle fed of expressed milk around 10 to 11pm so you could go to bed a bit earlier and get some sleep that way. Also a great bonding time for them as well. Also highly recommend wonder weeks app. Sometimes when having rough time just looking and seeing if she was going through a leap just made it easier to get through. All the best for getting through this stage.

  45. Just keep chanting "this is only temporary!" ? You can either hang in their and keep nursing on demand (which I found way to exhausting eventually) and know that it’s just a phase.. Or let your partner give her some milk so you can sleep! I wanted to exclusively nurse But eventually I realized Charlotte needed a happy mommy which meant a somewhat rested mommy! Mom guilt is real! Do whatever works for you guys!!!

  46. Hang in there mama! I have a 10 week old and she is already sleeping through the night with only 1 wake up to nurse! Growth spurts are so tough but it is only for a little while and soon your sweet girl will be sleeping peacefully (no guarantees on that one, but hopefully!)

  47. Yes, starting to freeze some milk so others can bottle feed might work. Not sleeping can run havoc on your body big time. Also talk to your doc if you feel you are experiencing any post partum depression. It is soooo common. Hang in there.

  48. Its tough to say… I’m heard you’ve it all different things. Its easy to say pump a few bottles to have help, use pacifiers, could be this issue or that issue but only you know as mom. Usually if something is wrong you know it. She may be having a growth spurt but get her on a schedule will help every 3 hours. Using a paci will help sometimes just the sucking is soothing. Going for evening walks will help but be careful some say then that’s the only way they’ll fall asleep like in the car. When feeding try feeding some in bed with her next to you laying down. You both will doze off some. Support is the best thing if Kevin can help let him. Using bottles and paci don’t take away from the breast esp if that’s the only source she knows!! If it was gas you’d know her tummy would be firm and poop would change some. Also what you do eat and drink does effect the milk. Spicy things makes for unhappy babies as well as any veggies that cause gas or heartburn!! Mommy fears mines 6 and I still have them!! Just breathe!! #putinbubblessyndrome

  49. Is she cluster feeding? I can’t remember when that happens. Growth spurt seems soon, but maybe not. I swore by the book Baby Wise… It highly encouraged full feedings, no snacking, and it helped with putting them on a schedule. Remember to take care of you too!

  50. Breast fed babies will definitely keep you on your toes. First thing to figure out, is she actually eating every hour, or is she just suckling every hour as a place of comfort. If she’s actually eating every hour, then may a discussion with her pediatrician is in need. She may just not be getting full and you may have to supplement some feedings with formula. As scary as that sounds, it might be necessary in order for your body to catch up with her growing needs. I was devastated when they told me I would have to supplement. But it sure helped to keep my daughter happy and gave my body the chance to produce what she needed. Don’t be afraid to call the doctor all the time, call on friends and family. First time moms get overwhelmed without even realizing it. It’s the "Super Mom" syndrome. You are doing a great job, deep breath, relax, (yes I know, impossible) and one day at a time. 🙂

  51. Babies and sleep will always be a mystery, you will be guessing why they aren’t sleeping as well as they were the day, week, month before for the next two years! Try what you are comfortable with, with my first I was scared of all the "don’t dos" but you have to find what works for your child. The second time around although I breastfeed I went right to using a paci and a bottle from the beginning so my husband could do the 10 pm feed and the baby could use a paci to suck when she obviously wasn’t hungry, she has just eaten 30 minutes before. If you are giving feedings more frequently than every 2.5-3 hrs in the beginning they are most likely comfort feeding. (You will have the occasional cluster feeding). Good luck and hang in there! It’s always just a phase!

  52. So here’s the situation… You have a brand new baby with a blank slate! You get to teach her everything that she’ll need to thrive! What a challenge.. Where’s the manual?! The biggest challenge is to make sure she knows the difference between days and nights.. Simple? Not so much, but totally doable. Start by feeding her every three hours during the day. Awake or sleeping, during the day, every three. Schedule so the last feeding can be around "bedtime". Keep her consistent by doing this religiously. At night you let her sleep and fuss as long as possible. She will absolutely calm herself down, she just has to learn that she can.. All goes back to her not really having any ideas how to tread this water! She needs to be guided.
    Every night let her go longer and longer, and you’ll see how it changes, and you’ll be back to yourself in no time! My kids are a little older, 8,10,12….remember what Kelly Ripa said, "your first baby is like the first pancake of the batch! A little messy, but the second and third are just perfect"!
    It’s a learning process, and is such an amazing journey! Best of luck to you!!!

  53. Ali- I have a bit of a "fool proof" baby sleep method. I have four children under 5 years old and it has worked for all of them, even with all their different temperaments, weight, etc. I don’t want to take up all your space here, but if your interested, let me know. I have it all written out because I use it to send to my friends and family when they have babies and inquire about how to get their babies sleeping. Keep up the good work, the first few months are the hardest/most amazing moments of your life!

  54. Ali – I have 4 kiddos with #5 on the way so lots of experience with newborns. My first I just kind of flew by the seat of my pants and didn’t read any books prior so floundered for a while. She was fussy, fed what seemed like constantly and I got VERY little sleep the first year or so……and really neither did she which I think was why she was so fussy. Babies need solid sleep too!! (Once they’re old enough) Before baby #2 I knew it was imperative to get some help because I was already busy with a toddler and didn’t want to go through another rough year of no sleep, so I read Baby Wise book. I have used it with my past 3 babies and they were all super happy, content babies who slept through the night by 10-12 weeks old. It has really just common sense advise on how to structure your day and feelings and night time just happens without effort. I HIGHLY recommend reading it if you haven’t. You don’t have to take it for every word but it has some great practical advise!! I know you would gain some great tips! We’ve all been there…..especially with the first as its all so new. It’ll get better!

  55. Being a mommy is tough work but so worth it and rewarding! I have three children, 12, 11, & 2. My first daughter wanted to eat all the time like your Molly so I gave her a pacifier which helped a lot because it was comfort sucking. I was against it at first but then realized this something she needed and so did I, lol. My second daughter was much easier in that respect and slept through the night. My third one, is my little boy who would wake up every two-three hours to nurse or be rocked. Someone told me about a sleep sak for him to wear at night because I too was sleep deprived and exausted. Once I got the sleep sak, that was the first night he slept at least 4-6 hours!!! It’s was such a life saver. Also, I did have my husband bottle feed him for me with the extra milk that I pumped. Sometimes 4 hours of sleep will give you a good boost and keep you going. Good luck Ali! You are not alon and are a good mommy to Molly!

  56. One more word of advise…..make sure each time you feed that you get a FULL feeding in…..not just a snack. If you get a good, full feed in, she should be nice and full to go a couple of hours between each feed. It’s 2.5-3 hours for bottle fed but a little more frequent for breastfed. And I second the bottle once you feel comfortable. If there is a night when you need your husband to get up with her…..give that baby a bottle so you can sleep! Good luck!!

  57. Something that made me feel good as a new Mom was a little bit of alone time once in awhile. Doesn’t have to be a long amount of time. Whatever fills up your energy tank. When I was feeling on "empty", my husband would take our baby out and I would do whatever I felt I needed. Nap, exercise, get toes done, clean, watch Netflix lol! Etc…whatever it took to get my tank on "full" again. Good luck!! Takes practice to make time for yourself but it’s worth it!!

  58. Growth spurts 3 weeks 6 weeks 9 weeks, 3 months 6 months 9 months … Was true for both my babies! More advice? Sleep when the baby sleeps!

  59. First you need to take care of you. Having enough breast milk has so many factors sleep,What you eat, fluids, stress Just make sure she is really nursing & not just pacifying herself You could start pumping & having Kevin give a bottle B 4 bedtime so you will know how much she is drinking & some pediatricians have nurses that can assist you or direct you to someone You are doing SO well as a first time Mommy always remember that & having your meetings is important for you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing wrong thing just reach out to ask for help

  60. She will become a way more efficient eater around 3 months…. Until then, Just do what you feel is right in feeding her. I was pretty lucky with two babies that were good with every 3 hours around the clock.
    Have you read, "The Happiest Baby on the Block?" Such a great book for helping infants adjust and feel comfortable in their new (outside) world. A very helpful read! I’m sure you are doing a great job…. But I know how unsure about everything a new Mom is firsthand….Keep up the good Work!! Jill Julian from OR.

  61. Hi Ali! My baby is almost 4 months old now (and still has his nights of minimal sleep) but for the most part every week gets better and better! What really helped me, since I was nursing him every 2-3 hours around the clock, was to pump a bottle so my husband could feed him an evening bottle so I could get a solid 4 or so hours of sleep straight! My only regret: when he got better at sleeping, I did away with the bottle. I felt as though I didn’t need the break anymore. And now I’m going back to work (as a nurse) and he won’t take the bottle! I’ve been attached to my little man for 4 months, but if you want any free/alone time- do a bottle daily… And don’t stop! (They forget!) xox

  62. Find a good Netflix show that you can’t put in whenever your awake with Molly. Also she may not be eating enough each feeding so that makes her hungry faster. The average newborn should be able to nurse then not need nurses again for about 1.5-2 hours and that will grow as baby gets older. I suggest you start finding a sleep help book to get ready cause people do things now and that’s what the babies get used to. I have friends who aren’t going to sleep train and some who do and the ones who sleep train are the ones getting some sleep at night

  63. ?I’m a first time mom to a 6 Month old and trust me lol the sleep thing or lack there of is VERY hard to adjust to, but you WILL get in the hang of things. I feel like the first few weeks my baby slept so good then boom yup a growth spurt which = a grouchy baby ? I Would suggest making natural energy fruit drinks with some baby spinach/ strawberri/ and half a banana to give you a boost of energy. I have so many friends that have had a hard time conceiving a baby I try and remember those who would kill to have a baby then it helps me wake up and put more of a pep In my step! Your doing great and I have ordered a few of your clothing pieces bc it looks great! ? Good job mommy!

  64. I’m a first time mom to a little boy (he just turned 11months)! I’m still breastfeeding him and I promise you the nights get better! The first 3 months were tough & what you’re describing is very typical! Personally weeks 8-12 were the hardest. I found Biogia probiotic drops helpful for his tummy & like you- limited my caffeine and dairy intake. You look amazing! Keep up the good work momma. **also- wonder weeks app is amazing! It has been bang on to help me know what developmental milestones my little guy is going through and assures me why he may be going through a rough week.

  65. I just wanted to ask how her sleep and eating schedule is during the day? My daughter had some rough times and I found out it was because my daughter was intolerance to milk and I had to cut all dairy out of my diet. And she was much better after that.

  66. Well you look great Ali. I don’t know how you feel about pacifiers but from what I remember the babies want to suck and I know it killed mine so I used the pacifier.

  67. Summer infant swaddle me and a rock n play! Life savers! And yes with nursing remember sometimes they just want to soothe not eat. After 7 hours straight of nursing, bleeding, and both of us crying I gave into the nipple guard by medela and it saved me.

  68. You look beautiful! Glowing! My personal takeaway from mommy hood- Post birth, I was not "me" anymore and would never be again. I will never again be my own greatest concern. My son is now off to college and the cliche is true- it went by in the blink of an eye. I look back now and regret my lack of complete surrender for fear of losing "me". Always grabbing at being more than a mom- when now I see in the early years that would have been enough- Pure complete bliss was mine had I completely surrendered "me". I yearn for one more sleepless night with my child a few rooms away; one more time to feel his sweet weight against my hip; one more snuggle; one more unabashed hug; my desire to be just his mom was always tethered to maintaining me. Now, it seems so insignificant. Moms are the most amazing people on the planet- superhuman. Get comfy in the lack of comfort and sink into the mess of parenting in your usual style!

  69. We just kept telling ourselves what our parents told us – before you know it the infant stage is over and they’re sleeping through the night, then they’re teenagers who won’t get out of bed 😉 and my dad’s other favorite reminder – baby’s aren’t robots, you can’t program them! They’re little people and some nights they’ll sleep great and some will just be plain rotten. Their little bodies and minds are going through so much change. When I came to peace with relinquishing control and predictability, I fared much better. I also liked advice one mom gave me when I was so stressed about 4 month sleep training which evvvvvveryone was telling me I must do. It wasn’t sitting well with me, but I felt like well the only way to get my baby to learn healthy sleep habits is to do this. The mom said something to the effect of, it’s only a bad habit if it doesn’t work for you, and sometimes doing what it takes to get the house back to sleep the fastest – nursing, rocking, etc – is what’s best. When that doesn’t work for YOU anymore, then maybe you try some sleep training, letting them fuss for a bit on their own. When I stopped freaking out about how long, when and where my baby "should" be sleeping suddenly I didn’t feel so stressed and frazzled. Tired, yes, but anxious and freaked out, no. And I was able to enjoy the middle of the night nursings back to sleep since I knew they wouldn’t last. Well here we are at 10.5 months and I haven’t nursed my guy back to sleep in the night once in the past month and a half – it almost makes me sad! Those times were special – seeing how peaceful and content he was.

  70. First off you are gorgeous and how you manage to not look tired in your pictures is worthy of a post itself. Second, I’ve read many of the comments below and keep reading what I feel is terrible advice: feed her x number of hours or Molly should only be eating x number of hours. Watching the clock instead of listening to my baby was the worst advice I had. It killed my milk supply because why would my baby be hungry if she just ate 1 hour ago? Because she is, that’s why. Listen to Molly and trust your instincts. No baby is the same and no woman’s milk supply is the same. Yes there will be nights and even days where you will feel like all you’re doing is nursing but I promise you, you will figure it out and Molly will certainly help you do that. No one knows her better than you.

  71. Rock and play sleeper at night and we left the vibration on for the first few weeks and only turned it on till she fell asleep and shut of. We breastfeed as well and I always did a bottle of breastmilk at night for the first couple months then she slept for 10-12hrs from 2wks on. We also use the baby shusher! That this is well worth the money!! We have been blessed with such a good baby despite her rough first two week start in the NICU. But since we brought her home she was a good sleeper. She doesn’t really nap a lot during the day which is fine by me since she sleeps longer at night. Try and set up a nightly routine too. We gave a bath every night or every other night if we were out and about. We would start it at the same time every night as well. Then fed her, her last feeding. Hope your nights get better for you! Also take turns who gets up with her when or if you bottle feed. My little girl is now 6 months old, still breastfeeding and sleeping through the night still.

  72. You look amazing!! Cherish these times…I remember sitting on the couch with my newborn daughter, all she wanted was to be held. I was talking to my mom on the phone, feeling exhausted, and discouraged by not getting anything done. My mom told me to cherish this time and to remember that moment… my little newborn is 18 and about ready to begin her first year of college. I miss those times with her cuddled up in my neck.

  73. Ali, this book is what you need to read! As a mom of 4 boys, Ive used it every time! Baby Wise! It helps you learn how to sleep train! Feel free to email me to vent or for advice! Love to you!

  74. Why not give her a paci? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with letting her have a paci, and many times, when we think they constantly want to eat, it’s simply that they are using mommy as the paci which is NOT a good habit for them to start. I bet she would sleep better with a paci. I’d say give it a try and see if that helps!

  75. Hi Ali! I’m also a first-time mom to a sweet girl named Addison, who is 11 weeks old. 🙂 Motherhood is challenging, to say the least! Just when you think you’re getting the hang of it, they pull the rug out from under you…but that’s a good thing! It means they’re growing and changing and learning.
    I’d highly recommend to download the Wonder Weeks app. Based on baby’s due date, it tells you what physical and mental leaps they’re going through, what abilities they are gaining, and behaviors they may exhibit during the leap. It’s offered such great insight to changes in my daughter’s behavior.
    As a new mom, it’s SO important – almost as important as caring for your babygirl – to make sure you’re taking care of yourself! Getting ready for the day and going out and about – if even just to run errands or go for a walk – has made all the difference for me. It’s so easy to feel like you’re losing your sense of self when you’re cooped up, feeling like a tiny baby is running your life…I mean, really, they do! But it’s fun to at least pretend like we’re still in control. 😉
    As for those sleepless nights…don’t be afraid to explore your options for sleeping arrangements! At first, I insisted that my baby would sleep only in her bassinet next to our bed until we moved her to her crib at six months. Well…she had other things in mind! She starts the night in the bassinet, but moves into the bed halfway through the night while she nurses. Now, I realize co-sleeping is controversial and something I swore I would NEVER do, but I’ve found that my depth of sleep is shifted when I know she’s close. That shallower (but still restful!) sleep is SO much better than staying awake trying to make a sleeping arrangement that’s not working to work. They make little "nests", if you don’t feel comfortable having baby right in the bed – and there are lots of ways to make it a safe situation!
    Lastly, you’re doing such a great job! It’s abundantly clear that you adore your daughter and, as parents, that is the best thing we can do for our children – love them. 🙂 The rest is just details. Follow Molly’s lead and your mama instincts – you know yourself & your daughter best…and you were made to be her mama!

  76. Someone advised you to sleep with your baby. Can I please beg people not to sleep with their infant? Seriously I know 3 people who slept with their infant and they died of SIDS. One was my Aunt, one was my Step Mother, and one was a friend. Not worth the risk. Maybe when they are older babies. I would only sleep with my kids if they were ill and I wanted them close.

    1. Co sleeping is a parents choice! If it’s done right and baby doesn’t have loose bulky blankets , it’s not a problem . My son is almost 6 months and have come slept with him since day 1. If Ali is up every hour to feed especially ,it’s much easier with a baby right beside her in bed.

  77. Hi Ali. First off you are a great mom with a great baby! As a pediatric sleep consultant, it is my role to help you figure out the best approach and tools to help your baby sleep. What works for one mother might not work for another. You can use all these helpful suggestions but I always tell parents that sleep patterns will often change every few days. Therefore you have to change your schedule or habits to be attuned to your baby’s needs and development. I would love to help support and educate you through this journey. Feel free to call or reach out!

  78. My little one is two months now, and I’ll tell you it gets easier! When Del was real fussy we discovered he was uncomfortable from gas. Just put him on his back, did bicycle and rubbed his belly clockwise. We also discovered he likes to be held upright peering or resting his head on my shoulder. Stops crying instantly!

  79. My little one is 1 month old and I have had her sleeping with me because she won’t sleep any other way, I was worried I would roll into her in the night cause I did before her but when sleeping with her it’s like my body knows and I don’t roll at all! She loves sleeping on me and now only wakes up once to be fed and goes right back to sleep! She is also I really light sleeper and wakes up or jerks around to any kind of noise or movement so I haven’t ever been worried about her not breathing. I went through the up every hour stage and didn’t feel like myself and started to get super emotional but I promise it gets easier!

    1. I haven’t tried co-sleeping. I’m too nervous! But I agree that we have super human mommy instincts!

  80. I have two kids- one 3 year old and a two month old. The sleepless nights can be rough. It’s important that you give yourself some grace. Are you able to let Molly’s dad take some night feedings at all? If you are able to pump? That’s the only thing that has saved me with both kids. There is a reason why sleep deprivation is a form of torture! It’ll get better, but if you can get a four or five hour stretch of sleep, you’d feel great. Being tired is part of being a mommy, it’s just what motherhood looks like sometimes, but you need to keep your sanity. You’ll be a much better mother.

    1. Oh! And one more thing that’s super helpful. If you haven’t done so already, start a bedtime routine. Bath, feed, swaddle, bed. Babies are very moldable, and can adapt to routines well. Also, I know Molly is young, but things got easier when my kids starting sleeping in their own room. Neither of us could sleep until they weren’t in the room with us. Plus, it was nice to not have to tiptoe around. When we did these things, I certainly felt more like myself.

    1. Yes! It’s AMAZING! I wouldn’t be able to sleep without it. I plan on doing another blog post soon about how wonderful it is. We haven’t had any false alarms and it’s so reassuring to have at night!

  81. I am going to give you some "not traditional" advice but it worked for us. My baby girl sleeps WAY better on her belly, in her crib, in her room. I can hear her if she crys but I don’t have to hear every squeek (because that mommy instinct keeps u awake). This has worked wonders for us! I read somewhere that infants are noisy sleepers and we often pick them up too soon. This is definitely true! I also think they wake up when they see/hear/smell their mom. Try belly sleeping and watch her for a nap (it will ease your mind). Good luck!

  82. Hi Ali! I am a nanny and can relate. Some things that I’ve done with the kiddos that seem to work include the following: swaddling (they like being wrapped it reminds them of the womb), creating a schedule to try to stick with (example: feedings for 10min every 3hrs, diapers every 2hrs, nap from x-x), having them sleep in the MamaRoo (gives her the feeling you are rocking her or have it on the vibration the setting), sleep when she sleeps, if she’s fussy when you do work during that time try putting her in a ergo or body carrier, try essential oils diffusing to calm her (lavender), find her little things she likes having done (songs being sung like wheels on the bus, butt being patted, foot or back being rubbed, light head massage). Maybe if worse comes to worse hire a night care person, yes it sucks but ultimately you need to get some sleep or things will hit the fan. Hope you get some ideas to try and hopefully can sleep, love watching little Miss. Molly grow! 🙂

  83. There is no question in my mind that breast feeding is the most beneficial way for babies to be fed—but I also believe that people should be more realistic about how utterly EXHAUSTING it can be for new moms! My advice: if you get to the point where you are overtired and need a break, take one. Have your husband give Molly a bottle so you can string a few hours a deep sleep together. I know people say she will get confused with exposure to a bottle, but in my experience with three babies, that didn’t happen. They all had occasional bottles almost from birth, mostly formula but I was also able to pump a bit as well. When I was nursing at night, we were mostly co-sleeping as well. I know that is also a bit controversial but I think it is more efficient. Good luck. These days feel like they may last forever but they won’t.

  84. You are doing great. I have co slept with four of my kids and everything was fine. It’s a personal choice. I nursed so nursing them at night was so much easier right beside you. All my babies were colicky too so j understand how hard it is. Time does fly! My oldest is 13 and my youngest is 5! Those times are precious enjoy!

  85. Ali, she seems to be going throughout growth spurt. I breastfed my two children and plan to do so with baby number 3 who is due in October. We are having s girl after two boys. Feeling so blessed with my husband! Kevin can give her a bottle so you can get some rest.
    Pump if you can and this will give you some sleep. Good luck!

  86. All you can do is push through and keep in mind this will pass. In a few months time she will be sleeping you will be sleeping, and you will actually miss the late night feedings.

  87. It gets easier!! If anything, you get used to having no sleep (sad but true). I did co-sleeping at this stage too, and it was a lifesaver. It was the only way my daughter would sleep, and not getting out of bed to nurse helped me feel more rested. While having your husband give a bottle for night-time feedings sounds great, I’d wake up before him every time she stirred anyways and I was too scared that it would throw off my supply. And while I loved breastfeeding, pumping is awful. Remember that every mom and every baby is different though, and we’re all doing the best we can.

  88. Hi Ali,
    I had my first baby a couple weeks after you on July 14th. It’s reassuring to hear you say that Molly has been a bit fussy lately because our little guy is experiencing the same. The last couple of nights have been exhausting, but I’m trying my best to stay energized/motivated/calm during the day on very little sleep. Thanks so much for posting about your challenges and delights – it makes me feel like I’m not alone!

    All the best!

  89. Hi Ali! The fussy stage is just hard… Until they are three months their digestive systems are just getting settled. I have four girls and each one has gone through the same thing. Swaddling saved my life in the first four months, also. And pacis for some of my kids. And obviously nursing is always something that calms them down… I am still nursing my twins (9 mos) and really when they are fussy, it’s the only thing that works. Only a momma can provide that, so even though it’s tiring, it is special ?

  90. Hey Ali, my son who is now almost 5 months old had a hard time distinguishing day from night so he was up every 2-3 hours until about 2 months old. my husband was a huge help and we would take shifts usually after a feeding he would be up with him and I would get sleep and then we would switch. I did a lot of research on baby products and kept up with the weekly updates on my BUMP app which helped make sense of what was going on with baby. good luck you look great keep on trucking along!

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