Summer Dress that’s PERFECT for Breastfeeding!

Originally posted 7/19

Hi guys! I had to write about this dress today because I can’t get over how perfect it is for breastfeeding! It literally ties in the front and I can untie to to give my little one access to her food! Today, Kevin and I went to lunch at a friend’s house and I wanted to dress up but knew I had to be able to give Molly her lunch at some point during our lunch! Ha! SO happy I had this dress in my closet.

Details on everything in the outfit below!


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23 thoughts on “Summer Dress that’s PERFECT for Breastfeeding!

  1. I thought she wasn’t old enough to be taken out in public yet. At least that’s what you said three days ago. Kind of confusing posts. Plus why post three pictures of the same dress? I think you need some sleep!

      1. It was at a friends house. Clarified in post. So frustrating to deal with people’s constant judgement.

    1. Beautiful Ali!

      BTW- I’m glad you poated more than one picture because the last one shows more detail on what’s going on in the front of the dress!

      What a breath of freah air for you to get out and visit friends! My daughter was born in January and I was too afraid to travel in the snow so my daughter and I didn’t go out of the house for 3 months (besides well appointments).

      Stay strong and ignore all the negativity. I don’t know you but I can tell you are a wonderful Mother and put Molly’s well-being above all else.

    2. Seriously? A friends house is different than being in public. Women support Women! The dress is really pretty 🙂

    3. Didn’t your mother teach you "if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all?" Gosh! Life’s too short be nice not so judgmental!

    4. "I think you need some sleep" ? Totally rude and uncalled for. Also tons of bloggers do that so you can see the outfit at a different angles/different lighting/etc. Easy to scroll past them if you don’t want to take a closer look. You look wide awake and glowing and gorgeous to me, Ali! Super cute dress.

  2. Oooh my goodness, poor Ali, you thought you were constantly being judged before? Sadly it’s going to increase tenfold now that you are a fresh Mommy! These Mommy wars are terrible! It’s hard enough for those of us who aren’t in the public eye. You go girl and keep on doing you. Trust your instincts and you will be wonderful! Ps. Love the dress from all angles! I wish I could pull it off, but I definitely can’t when I’m breastfeeding (too big on top). Also, kudos for being so stylish so soon after a baby! Much love!

  3. Sorry you have to deal with the judgement!! Too much negativity in this world.

    Thank you for posting this! I’m a new mommy too and have been looking for something that’s cute and breastfeeding friendly!

  4. Dress is cute!

    Cindy, just go away. Absolutely no reason for you to have posted that comment. Seriously, what goes on in people’s head that tells them to say crappy things?

  5. So cute! You look great!!! Would love for you to do a blog post on what your labor experience was like. I’m 39 weeks now with my first, so very curious!

  6. I’d love to read your labor experience as well. I had a baby in May and it’s fascinating to hear different women ‘s experiences!

  7. Hi Ali! I’ve been a big fan of yours since Bachelor. We’re about the same age I think and my husband and I are hoping to start a family very soon. I love following your posts because they make me even more excited for this new chapter. Thank you for all you share!

  8. Hey Ali just wondering is lil Molly allowed in public places now if both of you were able to go to lunch?

  9. I’m curious about the lining of the dress. Are you able to wear a bra/pad? I’m 10 months into nursing now, and still sometimes leak, especially if I am nursing on one side. Thanks!

  10. Cute dress, Ali! I hope you had fun at your lunch; I bet it was nice to get out and about! I hadn’t noticed your wrist tattoo before. What does it say?

  11. I’m also a nursing mom and dressing myself is HARD! It seems like all I can do is wear t-shirts. Whenever you come across anything that’s nursing friendly please share!

  12. Ali the dress is cute, you are cute and I love your blog.
    BTW here in San Diego they have this theather that on Tuesdays afternoon is all for mothers and babies. I love that idea there are tons of strollers. Maybe there is one in your city.
    Can’t wait to watch that movie Bad moms, totally me!! We have 3 girls, now grown and 3 dogs but I remember bake sales at their school and other events that I would think how and what time did they have to bake this?? Vons was always my option.

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