Fantasy Suite Denied!

Hi guys! This is going to be a short blog. I have a work meeting this morning and I didn’t get to take a ton of notes during the show last night because Molly wanted to cluster feed during the show. But I still want to weigh on on yesterdays episode!

I’ll get to Luke at the end, but I just wanted to say a few quick things about the other guys.

Robby – I love that he calls her Joelle. She feels safe in her relationship with him, which she said herself is something she’s always wanted. But is that enough? I think we sometimes tend to go for the relationship that scares us and keeps us guessing – which is her relationship with Jordan. I’m not saying that’s the right way to choose someone to spend the rest of your life with, but it certainly seems to be a pattern for many people. Including myself at one point in my life.

Jordan – Jojo has been the most into Jordan since the beginning, but every time she is with him she asks him to make her believe that he loves her. She’s constantly questioning his feelings. I really wonder why? He says similar things to her that the other guys say, but she believes the other guys and not Jordan. At first I thought it was because she sensed something was “off” with him, but now I wonder if it because she is totally madly in love with him. He already has her heart and I feel like maybe she feels like she isn’t in control with him. Whereas she is in control with her relationships with the other guys. But in the end, isn’t loving someone completely trusting them with your heart and being venerable? I hope she finds comfort in being vulnerable to Jordan instead of fear.

Chase – I think Jojo knew she was going to send him home before she gave him the fantasy suite card, but I don’t think she knew she’d send him home IN the fantasy suite. It was pretty obvious to me that her feelings were way stronger for Jordan and Robby. She did the right thing sending him home when she did. And I like that she is honest about the fact that she has no idea what she’s doing or how to handle being the Bachelorette. I mean does anybody? There is no instruction manual or self help book for this. But maybe I should write one. Ha! Cause there totally should be one because it’s HARD! And I just have to say that I think Chase handled it just fine by walking away. He had every right to be upset with her even though I truly believe that she didn’t mean to blindside him. That said, I think him coming back to apologize was his way of trying to look good so he could become the Bachelor. I just didn’t buy that he wanted to come back to apologize when she is the one who broke his heart RIGHT after he told her he loved her. It’s too weird that he got over everything so quickly after being SO mad and then came back to tell her how great she was. That my friends, was his plea to be the next Bachelor. But should he be? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

My vote for the next Bachelor? LUKE!!!! He is an all American boy that women absolutely love! And his goodbye to Jojo had me, and the rest of America, in tears! The way he said “I”m sorry” to her before getting in the limo made me want to cry! She broke his heart and he still felt bad for her because he hated seeing her cry. He’s a true gentleman and I am totally #teamluke for the next Bachelor! If he wants the gig, it’s certainly his. I have a bunch of girlfriends that will be the first in line to sign up for the show if he decides to do it.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today! Men Tell All tonight! Chad is sure to be entertaining and terrifying I’m sure. I’ll be watching with you guys!

xoxo Ali

So fashion details…

Jojo’s dress from her date with Robby. Get is HERE!

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118 thoughts on “Fantasy Suite Denied!

  1. Ali,
    Do you have any information on the gemstone bracelet Jojo was wearing at the rose ceremony ? I am in love with it!!

  2. I vote for Luke as the next bachelor too! Also, you should write a manual for the bachelorette. Love reading your blogs Ali

  3. Definitely team Luke! His answer to her of where he wanted to be in a few years really stands out to me. He is so genuine and unselfish.

  4. Luke’s hometown was so romantic and goodbye was so heartfelt. Ali, how can Jojo say she doesn’t know how he felt? Doesn’t action speak much louder than words? The way he treats her and looks at her is always full of love. I just don’t get why she sent him home. Maybe there are reasons that we didn’t get to see on air? Luke has my vote as the next bachelor!!!

  5. I agree with you about Chase. I think they are setting him up to be the next Bachelor as well. I would love to see Luke though. Although Chase would be good too. I always enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks Ali! Hope you are enjoying motherhood. It’s truly amazing!

  6. As much as I would LOVE to be able to look at Chase for another season, I think Luke would be a good choice for the next Bachelor. I’m not looking forward to seeing Chad tonight…he irritates me!

  7. I wouldn’t mind either one. I think it will be a fantastic season either way. IMO, the contestants vying for the bachelor or bachelorette is what makes the show for me anyway!

  8. I like Chase– he’s my vote to be the next Bachelor!

    I get the draw to Luke but I don’t see enough personality or charisma to keep me coming back for the whole season. Maybe more camera time would help with that but Chase has my vote for now. 🙂

    1. Totally agree with you! Luke is missing that something that every Bachelor should have to make people watch. He’s good looking and a great guy, but that’s not enough. He’s too introverted and too serious all the time.

  9. I actually disagree with the reason Chase came back. I thought it was genuine and it made me smile. That’s coming from someone who hasn’t been a fan of his the entire show. He’s a nice guy, but kind of boring. I mean that in the nicest way lol. Now, Luke…yes! He was my favorite but I could tell JoJo was not the girl for him! I hope he’s the next bachelor!!! Sadly, I don’t feel like either of the two left are right for JoJo. If I had to pick tho, it would be Robbie. -just my two sense.

  10. First of all, Luke had me in tears! He seems so in tune with his emotions. He was completely caught off guard and his reaction was so on point. He makes good decisions in the heat of the moment. I guess that’s why he’s a soldier. He’s the real deal, I think he deserves the role of Bachelor and to find the love of his life. I’m 99% Luke and some are going to hate me for this, but I still think Nick deserves another chance! 🙂 I guess I’ll get better insight on him when Paradise starts.

  11. Meanwhile Jordan isn’t into Jojo as much as she’s into him. I mean we see her all over him and in a trance whenever shes near him. But he can’t even look her in the eye plus his body language. I’m so done with Jojo. She’s so blind. One of the worst things is watching a woman chase after a man that doesn’t want her.

  12. I personally am happy she let Luke go. He kind of gave me the creeps and I don’t know why. Robby too. I hope she picks Jordan but I have a feeling it will be Robby. I hope Chase is the next bachelor or if JoJo doesn’t pick Jordan, I would love to see him be the next bachelor!

  13. I vote for Luke!! He will be a great bachelor! I think he would of been perfect for jojo. She was pretty upset when she let him go and I think that should of told her something. I think every women at some point in there lives have gone for the guy they know might break there heart and I feel like she’s doing that with Jordan. She is so unsure of her future with him, and when you are looking for a husband that’s defiantly not the guy to choose.

  14. Luke should be the next bachelor. Chase showed his true colors, and only returned and apologized to try and be the next bachelor.

  15. I want Jordan for Jo Jo. It is a perfect fit. Robby…don’t trust him…especially his comment about being the front runner a few weeks ago…too sure of himself and I think he is lying about the ex..just sayin…

  16. Luke is a good guy and all but he doesn’t have a personality at all from what I’ve watched this season. He is extremely boring to watch and never smiles as is Chase so I don’t know maybe Robby will get the gig but from what I’m hearing it’s gonna be Luke. Just my opinion

  17. Hi Ali,
    I started reading your blog a couple weeks ago. It’s interesting to get your perspective since you were right in their shoes a few short years ago. Now regarding Jordan – I cringe watching jojo with him. It reminds me a lot of myself when I was so insecure with a guy I had a crush on back in high school. She keeps questioning him non stop and pulling things out of him to get what she wants to hear. I like jojo but she seems way to immature to be the bachelorette. How can she choose Jordan at the end of this? He is so clearly not into her long term and his answers to her questions are clear – he has no plan for the future that include a life together with her. He’s all about himself which is fine – he’s young but then don’t fake ther you a ready for marriage! Ugh this season really bothers me.

  18. I was literally shocked that she sent Luke home. My friend laughed at me as I screamed, "Nooooooooooooooo, keep Luke, I like him." I have to watch last night’s episode again because once she sent Luke home, I was too upset to pay close attention to the rest of the dates. I like Robby more and more. I get the feeling he’s genuine about his feelings for Jojo. Now Jordan is a different story. He’s a darn great looking guy, but I don’t think he’s in this for love. I think he’s attracted to her, but I don’t get the feeling that he’s ready to be engaged and married any time soon. I think he like the spotlight and attention more than anything else. I’m going from Team Luke ? to Team Robby.

  19. If you get time for the fashion details I would love to know where her bracelet from the last rose ceremony is from. I loved it!

  20. I say Luke… Chase is so boring! I think the only way it would be entertaining is if they get a bunch of dramatic girls on the show.

  21. Oh my lord, that breakup with Luke just about killed me! He was just in such shock & you could feel his heartbreak. The saddest goodbye in Batchelorette history for sure!

  22. I would love to know where to purchase the long grey robe JoJo has worn in many episodes!!!…thanks so much!!!

  23. Before this episode I was team Chase but now I’m team Luke due to the way they reacted.

    I am curious to know where she got her earnings- the ones she wore with the blue dress in the beginning… I LOVE those! (I am sure I couldn’t afford real diamonds so I’d need to find them in cz haha!)

  24. Luke and Robby both give me the heebie-jeebies, but for different reasons. Luke has no personality, I can’t remember a scene where he laughed! Robby is too well groomed. Where are the man’s men??!! I liked Chase’s honest reaction and felt his return after he cooled down was also honest. He would make a great Bachelor and I would watch for sure! But I haven’t any behind the scenes knowledge like you. Clearly I think Jordan is going to be her final choice, but unfortunately, I think the relationship will be over in a few months. Sigh, I’d like to be wrong though.

  25. I had a totally different feeling about Chase coming back. My husband was watching with me and literally, while the whole break up thing was happening, he was saying, "He needs to say he’ll be there when these other guys don’t work out." And then he did exactly that! I thought it was so gentlemen like. He realized he left it in a bad spot. If he genuinely cared about her, which I think he did, he realized he’d still want to be with her, even after the fact. That takes some serious courage, and I can’t remember a single guy ever saying that on this show. If he was doing it just to be the Bachelor, he wouldn’t have said he’d be around in the future if she wanted. He would have apologized for the way he acted, wished her well, and left. I think he’s the most normal and down to earth guy of them all. I loved seeing his playful side on that date and they looked like they were having so much fun. It obviously takes him longer to open up, so I can’t see him doing the Bachelor either.

    Luke seriously broke my heart. His face was in pure shock and he looked like a guy who just got ditched at the senior prom for the football player. It was just so sad. He totally thought he did something wrong. Poor guy. I’m 100% in for him as the Bachelor. He’s so romantic. But I’d want to see some good girls on the show. No girls caught up in Hollywood. That’s not going to work for him. If he becomes the Bachelor, he’s going to be all in, so I don’t want to see him get heartbroken with drama girls.

    Men tell all will be really interesting tonight.

    1. Rashel,
      Thanks for sharing that perspective. Maybe he’s smarter than all of them and has an inkling that her relationships may not work out. (I do hope they do for her sake of course!) But he’s keeping a door open, and why not. A significant portion of these relationships do not last forever. If given more time, I think she and Chase would be amazing together.

  26. I feel like if chase was the bachelor, it’d be a similar season to Chris Soules’. There isn’t a lot of charm or personality, aka the season would be pretty dull and boring. Luke grew on me more and more as the season went on. Not only is he charming and sexy and, like you said, all American and a gentlemen, but it seems as though from the few short bloopers we’ve seen, that he has a great sense of humor and seems to get along with everyone. Definitely Luke for Bachelor! Also, dying to know the details of the green dress Jojo was wearing in the last rose ceremony… The almost tiedye one? Thanks!

  27. I’m team Chase for Bachelor! I just don’t think Luke has enough personality to carry a season and Chase just seems like a nice and normal guy! Plus he was really funny and playful this week!

  28. Luke will be another Ben. Yawn. I think he wa already told by producers that he could be the next Bachelor. The editing from this season makes it pretty obvious that they are setting the stage for him. While, Chase has been pretty boring the entire season, his reaction in the fantasy suite makes me want to see more.

  29. Luke – should be the next bachelor ! He is kind and caring person.. He deserves to find his true love…

  30. My opinions..ha ha.. I say neither Robby or Jordan..and with that being said..Luke seems like a great ..wonderful family man..war vet..but he is not established yet into who he is now..It never says his career..just war vet..Chase on the other hand is employed..has a house of his own..seems he is set into life..Anyone ready to find lifetime love needs to be settled into who they are alone before they choose a life partner..just my I vote Chase as bachelor….just saying..ha ha ha..
    Oh and Congrats on your Molly and make a beautiful family..

  31. Team Chase! Luke is so closed off and he kind of bored me the entire season. He isn’t open about his feelings until it’s too late. Chase was so playful and charming!

  32. I really think Luke is a bit too slow to be the next bachelor. He doesn’t seem to be on top of the world around him…can’t describe it well, but I don’t think his confessionals would be very interesting or informative. He seems to be a stop or two behind in his reactions to things. Chase definitely is the All-American cutie who got cheated in the end. He deserves to be the next Bachelor.

  33. I think Luke is a little weird, he is good looking but his personality is lack luster and I didn’t really see Jojo connecting that well with him. Chase seems like a more normal guy, and would be a better bachelor (and yes I think he did come back to get people To like him) but my vote is for Chase!!!

  34. You do all realize that this is edited…you never see or hear everything so it’s hard to form an honest opinion about anybody!

  35. First Robby and Jordan are both sketchy in different ways. Jordan isn’t genuinely interested in her and thats why it feels wrong. She keeps trying to ignore her doubts. I say Chase for the Bachelor. He is a genuine guy..and he has more of a personality to me than look. Luke hardly ever even laughed, which is probably why he got sent home. Jojo tends to love playful guys.

  36. I’ve been going back-and-forth between Chase and Luke. I like both guys but neither one is very dynamic. Luke is so sweet but he is a very slow moving type person, really thinks things out takes a long time to react to things. Chase seems great, he handled the break up with a lot of class at the end. But he is not a very energetic person that you would want in front of the camera. Interesting to see who see who they pick!

  37. Meh I want Wells for the Bachelor. He is fun, cute, seems intelligent, normal, and has a personality. Chase would be my 2nd choice

  38. Why don’t they let the girls vote next season between Chase and Luke for Bachelor like they did the season with Kaitlyn and Britt?

    I personally have felt drawn to Chase the whole season as a guy who is genuine, laid-back, maybe slower at this whole process – but just genuinely fun and likeable. I actually felt the entire opposite about him coming back to apologize, because he did react very raw and hurt when she rejected him and he’s been such a sweet guy the whole time, it wasn’t how he should have left their relationship. Him saying he had an open heart to her after the show was PROOF to me that it wasn’t about a Bachelor gig.

    Luke, on the other hand, has felt contrived the whole show like he was pitching himself as the next Bachelor. Everything from his hometown date to his "I love you" right before the rose ceremony when she let him go. It was just too staged-feeling. Crazy how we can have such different perspectives!

    I am TEAM CHASE for the next Bachelor! Or let the girls vote. But please don’t just hand it to Luke.

    1. Cassidy-

      I am with you! Chase was hurt, blindsided, and how can he possibly react well to that? Either he’s a great actor (which I do not think is the case) or you saw a real progression of someone opening up, getting hurt, and being raw in rejection. I think his apology was sincere. I think if he was truly in love with her (and I do) that pitching for Bachelor was the last thing on his mind. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think he felt badly about how he ended (she ended it) and wanted a peaceful conclusion because he is thankful to her for opening him up to love/believing in love. Maybe reading WAY too much into it!

      I like your vote idea! I’d vote Chase!

  39. I had a feeling the last two standing would be Jordan and Robby – the two men she had various hesitations about. Jordan was my first-impression rose as well, but throughout the season, he has become too mysterious for me. Robby started out as weird for me but his last couple of dates with her have redeemed him. That being said, I wish Chase could have opened up more prior to the fantasy suites. I think he would have been a great steady choice for her. It reminds me of when Ashley was a "contestant" and she was rather closed off and quiet but then when she became the Bachelorette, she completely had this radiant beam of confidence. Maybe that’s just what we need to really see Chase. Speaking of which, I am Team Chase for the next Bachelor! Luke….LUKE….I felt so bad for him, but I knew it was going to be too much, too late with his rose ceremony admittance of falling in love. I really wouldnt mind seeing either of them be the next Bachelor. As for tonight….oh wow….I’m going to have to prep myself to feel really uncomfortable watching Chad. Should be VERY interesting though!

  40. Food for thought – you posted a couple of days ago that you don’t appreciate negative commentary from your readers who don’t think you are genuine with your blissfulness in motherhood – then turn around today and post the same line of negative commentary that you don’t believe Chase’s apology was genuine.

    Do as I say, not as I do?

    1. How is that the same?

      You’re comparing Ali’s real life motherhood to the behaviors of people on a TV show. Genuinely loving being a mom is not the same as genuinely delivering an apology. Quite odd that you’d even try to make that comparison.

      1. Hi Amber – it is actually not "quite odd" at all. Blogs and tv show such as the Bachelorette, are not that different from one another, especially when the blogger themself was on that very show. They are both edited versions of reality.

        I don’t care for people judging her on parenting or any other topic, and similarly, I don’t care for her judging others either.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I think Ali is great and is one of my fav bachelorettes. But I did feel like it was slightly hypocritical to point this out about Chase, when she clearly did the same thing (calling Jake from the hotel after she left the show) to get the Bachelorette gig.

  41. I think that when she ran into Jordan’s ex before she went on that show things must been said that she can’t quite forget and put out of her mind. I believe she has a reason to worry. I like both Luke and Chase but hearing that Luke was there to promote his singing career throws me a bit. Do not like Robbie at all.

  42. I love JoJo but her taste in men is eh. Luke was my favorite from the moment he rode in on the unicorn. Luke for bachelor 100%!

  43. I don’t agree with having Luke be the next Bachelor……….Why not find a bachelor or bachelorette from the interviews they do in various cities throughout the country? I think it is time to start "fresh" with people who have never been on the show. I felt sorry for Chase, as he was blindsided by JoJo just as Ben did to her. I think she handled the situation quite poorly and when Chase returned, I think he was sincere …….and not because he wants to be the next Bachelor……he’s just that kind of great guy!

    1. I think it’s probably for viewership purposes. I’m sure people are way more likely to tune in if it’s someone they "know" and like. Like how this season many people loved Jojo from last season and wanted to see her journey continue.
      I know personally I didn’t watch for a few seasons because I didn’t like Juan Pablo. I stopped watching that season after a few episodes, so I didn’t get invested in any of the women at all, and in turn didn’t watch Andi or Chris S.’s seasons either. Only got back into it when my roommate wanted to watch Kaitlyn’s season. Then I was invested in the people again.

  44. I really think Luke is not happy enough to be the bachelor. he always seems to be brooding. My choice would be Chase who is a normal guy.

  45. My choice for the next Bachelor would be Chase! He has been one of my favorites from the beginning! I think he had every right to be upset when he left, but I agree that it seemed he came back to apologize to place himself in the running for the next Bachelor.

  46. Hi y’all! I love Luke for the Bachelor… BUT he never really smiles!! Has anyone else noticed that?

  47. Please don’t forget about the fashion! I loved Jojo’s silver ring she wore very pretty! As for last night I think it went the way it should have, and I’m team Luke add well!

  48. I’m a little torn between Luke and Chase. Luke is way too serious, but I hope he would find true love. Chase kind of grew on me, after he came back to jojo, stated she deserves to be happy. Chase seems sincere. We need a bachelor who would keep our interest. ☺

  49. I knew Chase would not be the last man standing, but ever since their yoga date I wished it was him. I always said he should be the next bachelor but needed to lighten up a bit. He did just that on their final date and I was more convinced than ever he should be the next bachelor.

    Luke is a snoozefest and would be a terrible bachelor. He might be an all American boy but I find it so hard to watch him. Boring and robotic. If the producers are looking for entertainment value, they should not go with him.

    Neither Robbie or Jordan are right for JoJo. I’m sure she will pick Jordan but I doubt it will work out. Although I really hope it does for her sake.

    CHASE CHASE CHASE CHASE! He’s good looking, sincere and clearly does have a playful side and sense of humour. When he came back my first thought was that it was to smooth his way to be the next bachelor. But when he said he would be there for her if it didn’t work out with the other two I had much more respect for him.

    1. Jay,

      I can’t tell you how much I agree with your post. I could have written your post! I have been Team Chase since the yoga date; I think he is by far the most "real" guy. I don’t think that she will be happy with either final choice but I really like JoJo so I hope she’s happy in the end.

  50. I love Chase!! I think he was the most "normal" and "real" guy there. If he was the next bachelor and I was in the age range, I would line up to date him! lol. Luke is a bit too intense for me, and I think his storyline would be too similar to Chris Soules. He is a farmer in the midwest and thats going to be an issue for the ladies. I think there is trouble ahead for JoJo no matter who she picks at this point. They are both a lil sketchy.

    1. Luke lives in Nashville though. He might spend a decent amount of time with his family in Texas, but he lives in the city (country city, but still).

  51. Chase should be the next bachelor! Although I believe Luke is a good man, I feel he is too serious and intense to pull off the series. Chase, FOR SURE!!!!

  52. I like both Luke and Chase but I truly think that Luke will be the next bachelor. America has fallen in love with him the whole season and it seems as if ABC has set it up for Luke to be the next bachelor. Can’t wait for Men Tell All tonight!!

  53. Good point about Chase coming back to apologize so he would look good and become the next Bachelor! I vote Luke for next Bachelor!

  54. Did anybody else think that Robby forged the note he claims his dad stuck in his pocket without him "knowing it" – really, Robby?! I don’t trust that guy at all. Jordan all the way and Chase for next Bachelor.

  55. Chase for the next bachelor!!!!!!! Luke is WAY TOO serious. Never smiles. Yes, he is passionate and a truly great person but not very charismatic.

  56. I actually think Chase was caught off guard and has been genuine from the start so why would he his actions of coming back be misinterpreted as anything else. In any case – if it were between Chase and Luke I say Chase! But prefer whoever is rejected in the finale over both!

  57. Chase is not bachelor material – we are not that invested in him – I’m not sure Luke would bring the numbers either – nice guy yes, but are we all devastated he’s gone??? Hmmmm
    I came to the conclusion last night that Jojo may be a handful – she was crying and full of dramatics – – and the words "oh boy" popped in my head – let’s face it – she chooses Jordan – and it doesn’t work out – time will tell – sorry to sound so pestimistic but it’s just how this season made me feel

  58. I vote Chase for sure. He is genuine and I really don’t think he was like "this will make me the next Bachelor"….it is kind of insulting to him to assume that. Anyway, other than Chase, I would love Wells for Bachelor. Sweet, funny and had a personality, unlike Luke. I hope for JoJo that it works out, but I doubt it will with selfish Jordan.

  59. Luke is her soul mate. She made the wrong choice! The connection they have is amazing. Something you don’t see often. Robbie I feel is a safety net; and Jordan, well, he’s kind of a bad ‘pretty’ boy that every girl pines for. Sure he’s great but Jojo’s concerns about him bein ready and moving from one place to the next lifestyle are valid concerns. She was more devastated seeing Luke go than Chase.

  60. I’m over JoJo. She clearly wants a bad boy and not looking long-term. I believe whoever she chooses, it will be over within a year! Luke and Chase genuinely loved her, and both could stand up to her head-strong brothers where Jordan and Robbie will get eaten alive. Luke was my #1 and Chase my #2. After the last episode Chase is my #1 and I vote for him to be the next Bachelor.
    Ali, I’m curious and would really like a reply to my question. I would think that production knows your menstrual cycle…what would happen if it was that time of the month during taping of fantasy suites? Reschedule taping? It was just a thought I had while watching last night. Thanks! I love your blogs and it’s interesting to hear an insiders opinions.

  61. Chase for bachelor! Team Chase, through and through. I actually just cannot understand this whole Luke for Bachelor thing.. He had a great edit on the show to try and get everyone at home to swoon over him and I still just couldn’t fall for it! Every single time Luke was shown, there had to be cute music etc…. this is the producer’s way of forcing Luke down viewers throats and to try set him up as bachelor. Luke is great, don’t get me wrong but I still would choose Chase, every day of the year. I completely disagree that he was trying to set himself up to become the next bachelor. Chase has everything any woman could ever want and deserves the opportunity to be ‘The Next Bachelor’.

  62. I knew the week prior that she was going to let Luke go. And I have to say I felt really bad for him. He is a sweet, super romantic man and a sure thing. It’s the same old story he was too easy and there was no drama or chaos with him. I believe down the road in retrospect JoJo will regret letting Luke go.

  63. Luke for bachelor! His departure brought me to tears. As much as I adored Jojo on Ben’s season she appears to be a poor judge of character. Luke was so passionate, genuine, and articulate in expressing his feelings. Jojo’s explanation of letting Luke go was unconvincing. He didn’t expressly use the word "love" but his actions spoke louder than words. She was obviously not feeling it or didn’t like Luke’s mellow and country life style and had to make up some lame excuse that wouldn’t upset the viewers. It was so obvious that Jordan had Jojo at hello. Feeling quite sorry for the other guys on the show. They never stood a chance.

  64. Ali,
    I think Luke should be the next bachelor, and i think the show was lining him up to be. I have a fashion question, I really liked Jojo’s hot pink robe that she wore on the morning of her fantasy suite date with Robby and actually all of her overnight/PJ options. Do you happen to know where she got them?

  65. LukeNation #Lukeforbachelor

    I absolutely agree with your thoughts on Chase coming back to "apologize." Last ditch effort to make himself look good on television, pathetic attempt to grab the next Bachelor gig. I, along with all of my girl friends, will not watch if Chase is selected to be the Bachelor!

  66. I think it was pretty obvious they were setting Luke up to be the next Bachelor, especially considering Chris Harrison’s questions during the men tell all. I really liked Luke and do agree Jojo just wanted a more exciting lifestyle. I believe she truly wants love, but I’m just not sure she is mature enough. I felt horrible for chase and think he deserves the space to be angry. I don’t like Ali’s comment about his lack of genuineness. That’s super judgey. Jordan seems to like Jojo, but is clearly not ready at all to settle down. I like Robbie and think he would be a great choice. But, considering Jojo desires excitement and a little bit of challenge, I’m not sure she will choose him.

  67. I think Luke would be the best bachelor. He is a class act type man. Very genuine. I think jojo missed the mark, just my opinion.

  68. I think she made the wrong choice by sending Luke home. I honestly don’t know why Chase outlasted Luke to be totally honest. Probably due to the editing of the show, but you could see more chemistry between Luke and Jojo than Chase and Jojo. I think Luke and Jojo could have lasted long term and the two that are remaining probably will not have a long-lasting relationship that Jojo is apparently seeking. Maybe I am being too judgmental. I know Jordan and Robby both care deeply for Jojo, but their lives don’t seem as settled and certain as of now. As of now, I want Luke to be the next Bachelor, but I also don’t know if he has the right personality for it. And he doesn’t seem to be the type of person that wants the spotlight directly on him.

  69. Why is everybody thinking it could be Luke og Chase? It could most likely be Jordan or Robert, the 2 runner-up. I hope the bachelor would be one of them 🙂

  70. Definitely team Chase! Let’s not forget he is one of the only guys this season that had an actual career posted under his name when he was interviewed. I feel he was the most down to earth "normal" guy of the bunch. I felt his apology to Jojo was genuine and was probably told to come back and deliver it at that exact moment during the rose ceremony. We have to remember this is a television show.

  71. I have ALWAYS wondered how it works when you’re on this show & the relationship doesn’t work out. Does anyone ever call up their runner-up and see if there’s anything still there? Or maybe they’re not contractually allowed to date? Or maybe the runner-ups are too hurt to give it another try. Because it seems to me if you go with the relationship that scares you and it crashes and burns your next thought might be, "well what about that other person I really liked?" You know?

  72. Team Luke here!
    Would love to know where JoJo’s rose ceremony dress is from!
    …And of course Congrats Ali!

  73. I could be happy with either Chase or Luke, but my preference is Luke. I will still watch the show! Out of Robby and Jordan, I hope it is Jordan. #JoJoJo

  74. I’d like to see LUKE be the next bachelor. Chris asked him if he was ready to find love on the "Men tell All" show and he said YES! I am glad for that. BUT HOPEFULLY, they will have woman who are more mature then some I have seen. Ah, I hate naming a few so I won’t, and of course, those are my own personal opinions anyways 😉

  75. I NEED to know where she got the bar ring she was wearing for this rose ceremony! Im in love with it and cant find it anywhere! 🙁 Definitely Luke for next Bachelor 🙂 yummm…

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