Parenthood – The First 2.5 Weeks

Since becoming a Mommy I’ve been shocked at the amount of criticism I’ve gotten. Motherhood is the most magical (and exhausting) experience of my life, so I thought that all the other mommies out there would be on cloud 9 like I was, and have nothing but positivity to spread. Sadly, this is not the case. Last week I posted a few posts (like THIS one) about my first week of motherhood and how much I was loving it. I even went so far to say in a comment to a follower that is was “easy” for me. I don’t take back any of what I said, the first 2 weeks were blissful! I barely slept a wink but I felt totally fine (I must have been running on adrenaline), Molly is a really good baby and only cries when she needs a diaper change or needs to be fed. We feel really lucky that she’s so good. I never once said in those early blog posts that it was going to STAY that way. I was just expressing that I was loving every minute of motherhood so far. At this point, it’s catching up to me. I still choose to look at the positive side of everything when it comes to my child. I’ve waited far too long to hold her in my arms to complain about her keeping me up at night. Will I ever have moments of weakness where I have to get some things off my chest? ABSOLUTELY! I’m actually having one right now, but I will still look for the positive everyday. So please know that about me if you continue to read my blog. I’m never suggesting that being a mom isn’t hard, I just want to focus on the gift that Molly is and be thankful for her every second of every day. I’ll talk about the hard parts, because they exist! But if I feel great and feel totally in control at times, I’m not going to say otherwise. I’ll be honest when it’s hard and honest when it’s blissful. Right now, it’s a mixture of both.

All that said, yes the first 2 weeks were pure bliss for me and Kevin. I was honestly confused by that because most parents we talked to said the first 2 weeks were the hardest. Week 3 however, it started to catch up to us. Molly barely sleeps more that an hour and 45 minutes between feedings and I am exclusively breastfeeding so that means I get very little sleep at night. She also loves to cluster feed at random times throughout the day/night so I feel like I constantly have a boob out and that makes it really hard to get anything done. Luckily, Kevin is so amazing and does so much for us. When I’m not feeding her, he loves to talk to her and sing to her. He changes EVERY diaper in the middle of the night so I can get as much sleep as possible. He’ll even burp her in between breasts while I’m feeding her in the middle of the night so I can relax even if it’s just for a few moments. Most moms tell me they don’t shower when they have a newborn, but I’ve showered almost every other day because Kevin is with Molly. Having him makes all the difference and I truly can’t imagine doing this alone. We constantly talk about how badass single parents are. It’s incredible that anyone could do this alone and I have so much respect for those people. So here’s to you single moms and dads! You’re ROCKSTARS!


Kevin goes back to work on Monday so that might change everything. I could have a mental breakdown next week. And I know he’ll still want to get up in the middle of the night to change her and burp her but I also know that I won’t want him to do that. He needs his sleep for work! He’s a radio host and is on the air from 5am until 10am and I can’t imagine doing that job while sleep deprived! I care too much about him to wake him up to change her, but I also know he cares too much about me to let me do it all alone. So we shall see what happens. We’ll figure it out together!

I’ve also learned the past few weeks that there are some products that I absolutely could not live without as a new mom. And many of you have been asking me about my must have items (including my nursing tanks that I wear in my snapchat videos) so I thought now would be a good time to share some stuff with you guys.

4moms Mamaroo – Molly spends much of the day chilling in her 4moms Mamaroo. The first week I feel like she didn’t spend much time in there because Kevin and I would just pass her back and forth saying “ok can I hold her now?” Ha! We couldn’t get enough of Molly! Well now we are exhausted and it’s so nice to be able to put Molly in this swing and relax for a little bit. She’s actually in her Mamaroo right now as I type this! It has a bunch of different settings and sounds! It’s a lifesaver!

Halo Bassinest – I don’t think I would sleep without this! It’s a bassinet that we keep in our room that swivels right over the side of the bed so I can easily get Molly in the middle of the night to feed her. As you read earlier, I feed her every 1.5-2 hours during the night so it’s SUPER nice to have this product. A friend recommended it to me while I was pregnant and I’m SO glad she did!

Cute Hats – Ok, do I NEED cute hats for Molly? YES! Ha. Ok maybe not, but I can’t get over how cute a teddy bear hat looks on her. I have THIS adorable pink hat and I just ordered THIS teddy hat and THIS white polar bear hat. How cute are they? Pics coming soon!

Zo-Li Nail trimmer – Did you know newborns are born with long finger nails? I had no idea! And there is no way that I could trim them for fear that I would cut her little fingers. We use the Zo-Li buffer every few days to buff down her nails with no chance of a boo boo! It’s actually on sale right now, so this is the perfect time to get one for your little babe.

Baby Trend Bouncer – So I love my Mamaroo but I also needed a small bouncer to fit in my bathroom when I’m getting ready for the day. I needed something small though, because my bathroom is small, so I love this Baby Trend bouncer! It’s cute and compact so I can fit it in small rooms in my little home πŸ™‚ Also, Kevin and I love to keep an eye on Molly all the time so I like being able to move this bouncer easily from room to room.

Medela Breast Pump – This thing is AMAZING! I knew this was an item that I couldn’t skimp on so I splurged and got the Medela Freestyle Pump. It’s their best pump and so convenient because it’s completely portable. I started pumping at 2 weeks because Molly was nursing so well and I already had a great milk supply. I want to store up as much milk as I can so I can give Molly breastmilk for as long as possible (the length of time women breastfeed is different for everyone and I want to do what works best for my family). Plus, I know I will need to be away from her for more than 2 hours soon for work commitments and I want her to have yummy milk! Ha! This pump has made pumping easy for me and I am so grateful I have it! I pump once every morning after I feed her FYI.

Nursing Tanks – I live in these things when I’m chilling at home. If you follow me on snapchat you’ll see that I where a black or gray nursing tank ALL THE TIME! I got mine HERE. Maternity/nursing clothes are always a bit more expensive than regular clothes and these are no exception. But these tanks are getting SO much use that it’s worth the extra money. Plus they are super comfy, flattering on my body, and make breastfeeding much more convenient.

Well that’s all I have for now. I hope you guys understand where I am coming from in the first few paragraphs of this blog post. I just feel SO grateful for Molly and want to soak up every minute with her. I want to remember this time as the happiest time of my life!

Love you guys!

xoxo Ali (Mommy in training)

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153 thoughts on “Parenthood – The First 2.5 Weeks

  1. A lot of people thrive on negativity and focus solely on that and hate it when there are people who focus on the positive. Keep your blog honest to who you are! Be positive when you want and rant when you need to. I’ll keep reading no matter what! <3

  2. I can’t believe people are actually hating on you being happy about being a mom. I recently had a baby and people said the same thing about it being hard but I must say I’m having the best time being a mom. Maybe I just got lucky with a good baby because she sleeps through the night but even that first month where I had to get up during the night I didn’t mind it. My husband and I would take turns which made it easier. I was still able to shower everyday no matter what time it was lol. Everyone has different experiences and I’m glad your enjoying yours because being a mom really is a blessing. ?

  3. Ali, I’m not a mom yet(actively trying though!) and I have been a fan since your time on the bachelor. I’m so proud of how you are choosing to share your story! There is so much vitriol all over social media lately, and it hurts my heart, when we should be spreading positivity! You keep doing you, and enjoying moments, and hating moments, and sharing what you want. Thank you for sharing what you do- it’s weird to say that I feel like I know you(that’s creepy, I’m sorry lol!). Hugs to you, Kevin, Owen and Molly! My fur baby Louie wanted me to tell Owen nice job on being a big brother( mine will definitely need lessons when it happens for us!)

  4. I’ve never commented on a blog before!! But I had to to say that I experienced the same thing, needing to hold back my positivity and excitement because people would make negative comments, like "just you wait…it gets harder!". My son is now 14 months and it has been the most wonderful year. Yes there were tough moments (month 4 sleep regression πŸ™‚ !) but when you have a positive mindset you know those moments are temporary. I remember I would tell my husband at the end of a day that it was such a great day and he would laugh and tell me when he called earlier I was stressed about a feeding or something else had happened, but by the end of the day I had completely forgotten about it because the wonderful moments outweighed the tough ones. I love your positive outlook and how you put things in perspective!

  5. Babies are such a true blessing from God. I totally understand when you say you want to soak up all these moments, good and bad. That the first 2 weeks are the best 2 weeks of your life even with no sleep. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I had my 3rd boy a year ago and he is my last. I treasure every second because I know from experience it goes by wayyyy too fast! Write down as much as you can of her milestones so you won’t forget! Congratulations you are a great Mommy!

  6. My favourite time with my two year old was the first 6 months – but especially those first two-three months. Blissful – incredibly challenging and sleep deprived – but still totally blissful. It was easiest for me to adapt to being a mom when he was a newborn and just needed me. I clicked with it, and sounds like you are too.

  7. To be honest, I was a little shocked by your always happy posts and pics as well. Including pictures of Molly sleeping/napping on her own. As for me the 1st 2 weeks were absolute nightmare and I was slipping into postpartum anxiety and depression. By week 4 I got the handle of it and loving it. My boy is 2 and 1/2 months now. I still envy you and the fact that Molly sleeps in her rocking chair as my little man only wants to be held by me and will not nap on his own. We also co-sleep which means to time/chance to cuddle with my hubby πŸ™

    As for feedings. Yes it’s hard. She’s growing and will be going through major growth spurts which require her to eat every hour. Hang in they’re, it’ll get a bit easier. I’d recommend Wonder Weeks app to learn and follow her cognitive development. It’s been almost spot on for me.

    All the best to you and please do share your hard moments with us so we don’t feel alone or like we’re the only one going through that.

    Take care! πŸ™‚

  8. Mindset is everything!!!! If you are positive and calm baby will follow suit. I swear my husband and I have the most perfect angel. It’s been 15 months, he went back to work 3 days after her birth and still helped out half the time in the middle of the night. Before you know it an hour and 45 mins will be 2 hours then 3 hours…and eventually 12. Yes I was tired, I was severely anemic, and the pains of breastfeeding put me over the edge after 7 hours straight of cluster feeding, but how can you not be positive when you have that little girl in your arms? Enjoy it! It goes fast. The nights she lets me hold her a little longer before crying for her crib make my world. People will always hate!

  9. I am sorry you had to justify your beautiful experience. All mommies should help raise each other up and support each other. Mommies can be the worst at judging sadly. I wish you the best, I am a new mom to a now 8 week old. Being a mom is blissful and precious!

  10. Your doing a great job! Yes there will be rough times but I thinks it great to focuse on the positive. My son breastfeed ALL the time. It felt like one big cluster feed so I know how you feel. Ignor the negative mommies and keep doing what your doing. By the way I love the fact the you like to look leaving the house looking put together, I agree that it makes you feel better and puts forth. Good image for our kids.

  11. My son is 3.5 months, and I still think the first two weeks were the best and blissful. I remember loving waking up to nurse him and just holding him, looking at his shear perfection! It is a hard job but you have to look at the positives or you’ll drown yourself with the negativity of this world. Keep on keeping on mama!

  12. I am really sorry to hear you are facing criticism. Being positive just shows how grateful you are to have your beautiful baby. It doesn’t take away from challenges you face even when you are positive. We struggled with fertility and when my son was born he spent the first three weeks in sick kids nicu. I remember coming home and doing the night feedings and feeling like there is no other place I want to be. We need more positive people like you who realize what a true blessing these beautiful babies are.

  13. Love reading your posts about motherhood! My son will be 2 weeks old tomorrow & this is an amazing experience! It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one feeling a range of emotions! My husband goes back to work tomorrow also, here’s to staying strong! πŸ™‚

  14. Hi Ali! It’s refreshing to hear your positive outlook-I think we all need that reminder sometimes that although parenthood is so hard it’s also so wonderful. A tip that really helped me with the aggressive feeding schedule of a newborn- Have you tried nursing her laying down during the night? I did this with my daughter and it really helped me to get some extra rest during those long overnight nursing sessions.

  15. You are so awesome, Ali! You have nothing to justify or apologize for. Your optimism and bubbly personality are why your followers like you so much. Thanks for illuminating that you are still only human, but it looks like you are doing a fantastic job at being a new mommy! Good luck to you and Kevin, hopefully these next few months will be just as blissful and you manage to get enough sleep!

  16. Im sorry people are putting you down. You are doing amazing with Molly! She is precious! I wish you and kevin all the best in this beautiful journey. I will worn you, it only gets harder, but your absolutely right, stay positive because every minute is worth it. Treasure these early weeks. Good luck! ( i love your blog and watching you snapchats! I look forward to it everyday) beautiful family!! Xoxox

  17. I just want to say I totally feel for you girl!! Welcome to the world of the perfect parents wanting to give their two cents about everything! It’s soooo hard especially being a new mother, for me anyways I had zero confidence and had no idea what I was doing (who does as a first time mom!) But people with older kids forget that so fast and are so quick to judge and give advice. It’s exhausting. I was so overwhelmed at first with everyone telling me what to do and giving me advice, but slowly I’ve learned that he is my child and I know what’s best for him. Every child is different and every parent is different. We all do things our own way and that’s OK. At the end of the day as long as you love your child that is the most important thing. I belong to a mommy grow and I see this every day! It’s exhausting, you wonder how our parents managed back in the day right?!? Just keep on loving that beautiful little girl and don’t listen to the trolls. This is the most amazing (yes exhausting) time in your life and don’t let anyone rain on this moment!! Xo lots of love

  18. You’re doing a great job and it’s exhausting being a new mommy and a seasoned mom! Cluster feeding is absolutely normal, and will come and go, especially during her growth spurts. Feed her when she’s hungry. You know what, there doesn’t have to be a "schedule" right now unless you need it to prepare to go back to work. I had one child with a schedule, one without, and they’re both successful, brilliant, beautiful, self confident and secure. ENJOY the time with Molly; she’ll never be little again!

    Your positive spirit is beautiful, I wish more people were like that. Molly is a newborn and she’s learning just like you guys! The only difference, you’re grown ups and know how to communicate differently. I personally cry when I’m hungry and tired, too. πŸ˜‰ There will be challenges but this will be the best challenge you ever have!

    My advice: Relax, it’ll be okay. Every parent is a new parent at some point. Don’t spank, it is more out of parental frustration then what the child actually did. Discuss with Molly, even when she’s crawling around and is doing something potentially hurtful, discuss with her why it’s not the right choice and lead her to the right direction. This respect toward her will show her it’s okay to make a mistake but you learn from and move on to the better option. This will also cultivate open communication In the future. 1-2-3 Magic is a beautiful discipline program; look it up and start early. Discipline is teaching and spanning is punishment. They’re vastly different, IMO. If you teach properly in the beginning, there will be fewer punishments. (From my own growing up and parenting experiences. )

    Last but not least, you two are amazing role models for your daughter and never forget to love one another. When times get stressful and sleep isn’t in the near future but duties are, remember to fall back, regroup and see that gift of love you have the honor of being able to parent. She loves you and a needs happy, healthy mommy and daddy.

    Love and congratulations from Chicagoland.

  19. Don’t worry about the critics-you are right, count the blessing it is to have a child! And I agree with you about Kevin getting up-it was the same for us when my husband went back to work…I felt guilty, but it was sooo nice to have an extra pair of hands, and to know he cared enough to not make me do it alone! Good luck next week, you’ll be great!

  20. Love your positivity. Life and motherhood is too short and goes by in a blink of an eye to not be focused on the good. Your authenticity is apparent, and as with all things in life there are tough moments/days, heck even months…to be so open to sharing those things as well takes a lot of courage. My daughter is 6 now, her name is Ali :). I always thought that name brought with it a lot of sunshine. Thanks for being so inspiring πŸ™‚

  21. Do you. Anyone who doesn’t like it doesn’t need to read it. That said, finding things to be grateful about is a life skill that promotes happiness. Go gratitude!!!

  22. I was the same exact way! Motherhood just came easy to me and I truly enjoyed and am still enjoying every moment with my now 2 year old. I kept waiting for baby blues to kick in and they just didn’t. It’s ok to be happy and it’s ok to be sad. Every baby and every mom is different. I’m just waiting to have the complete opposite experience with baby #2 lol. Just enjoy every second and savor it like you are. It’s so refreshing to read your blogs.

  23. I have a 5 month old and I’ve always said its so much easier taking care of a newborn than I thought it would be! People would get annoyed, maybe because they weren’t so lucky to have an easy baby, but I’ve honestly enjoyed every minute. I hold her all the time because it’s pure bliss! Thanks for this post!!

  24. It is wonderful to see how blessed Molly is and having parents that have such a positive outlook even during the tough times. Love that you keep us updated (feel like I’m part of your little family!!). You and Kevin are doing what is best for Molly so please disregard the negatives you read and always focus on the positive like you have been. My boys are grown men now and I envy all the cool new things there are out there for new parents. Get you rest while you can and always take care of Ali too! Blessings to your family!

  25. It’s great that you’re so positive during these first few weeks, which are typically some of the toughest for new moms. It’s a shame people are being negative towards you in such a happy time, but I can see both sides. In reading your blog and seeing your pictures, you look very put together – full face of make-up, outfits put together, etc. (but I think ppl also forget that you’re a celebrity so you kind of have to be like that, despite your circumstance). But because of this, it makes people question if you’re being genuine. Is she really loving this mommy stuff? Has she had ANY difficulties thus far? For moms who may have had a challenging first few weeks, it can be easy to question your authenticity. Not saying it’s not authentic, just giving you some insight to the other side! But you keep doing you. You’re correct to admit- that it won’t always be easy. No such thing in motherhood πŸ™‚ but be happy it has been blissful thus far!

  26. I loved the first couple weeks. My husband and I got cabin fever so we went to the park, out to lunch… It was so nice to have that family time. It certainly got hard after he went back to work, especially because I wasn’t cleared to drive any where yet. I would sit down to nurse, forget to get my water and die of thirst! Good luck!

  27. You are doing great!! I had the same "easy pregnancy and easy baby". Mommy is most likely going through her 3 week growth spurt and that’s what the cluster feedings are right now. It is amazing to watch them grow! God bless your family! ?

  28. It’s crazy to me that people are criticizing you for enjoying motherhood. Your positivity and honesty is why I love to read your blog. If people are going to be so critical (and then share those thoughts) they just shouldn’t read/comment. I loved the first few weeks with my little guy and look forward to that time with my second baby in just a few months.

  29. Congratulations on mommyhood! I recently had my 2nd child 12 days ago and I agree with everything you have said. We also love our halo bassinest and medela pump and love hearing what your recommendations are as well (I’ll be buying some of those nursing tanks soon.. Thx!!). Just wanted to recommend something that has saved my life. The Freemie collection cups that work with the medela pump! AH-MAZING! They are a hands free way to do everything while pumping. Check them out. no holding the bottles and it ticks away into your bra; you can disconnect to run and grab something or pick up the baby etc and then just reconnect. They are a lifesaver! I’m pumping as I type and holding the baby as well. Good luck to you and love reading your blogs πŸ™‚

  30. Love your blog Ali. I had it pretty easy for the first bit too. Everyone is different and every baby is different. Enjoy this blissful time!

  31. Don’t feel guilty Ali! I have two boys that are 15 months apart. After giving birth to both of them, I never felt stressed out. I showered every morning, put make-up on and got myself ready, loved every minute of caring for them, cooked, cleaned, and never complained to my husband. We took turns caring for the boys in the middle of the night. I don’t understand women who say that after giving birth they can’t find time to shower etc. Motherhood is amazing and I am with you…..focus on the positive. Are there moments that will be hard? Of course! But don’t let some commenters make you feel guilty for enjoying every minute!!

  32. My babies are 26 and 22 and the one thing that still shocks me is how hard moms are on each other. We are all in this together, trying to do the best we can to raise up our children to become loving, responsible, caring adults. Why do we need to tear each other down?
    Yes, motherhood is hard, messy, complicated, full of long some time lonely days. There is no ‘right’ way to parent. Trust me, in 26 years, the "rules" of parenting have changed so many many times.
    Why focus on the negative To what gain?
    Revel in your kids. Celebrate mothers on the journey with you. Praise them. Keep positive.
    It goes by so fast.
    One of my favorite people is a mom with kids my kids’ ages. She just radiates light, joy, happiness. Everyone wants to be around her. Her kids are amazing. Has she had an easy time? No, she battles a delbilitating illness everyday, but is the most positive person I know.
    Ali, you are doing a great job! Stay positive.

  33. Ali,
    It’s easy for others to judge. Don’t worry about the judgy ones. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. That being said, no one’s experience is the same, no baby is baby but if you’ve done something how do you know what to do or how the outcome will. Babies change all the time and parents have to adapt until they figure out what works best for your life style. There’s no rule book for parenting so do your thing.

    Ps. her name
    Best wishes, Molly S

  34. Your blog just makes me so happy. You have the BEST attitude towards motherhood and life in general. Good for you girl.

  35. I think it is great that you are being positive. What’s wrong with positivity!! Even when things get tough, it’s important to be positive. Even more so important to remain positive when things are hard. I have a 2.5 year old, and the first 3-4 weeks were amazing. Our hard time came around week 4 and lasted through week 6. We had some really bad moments, but even in the midst of the bad moments, we remained positive because we were blessed to have a healthy, happy baby. I stopped getting upset when our baby cried, because I had a friend who gave birth to a baby with a lot of complications. One complication was that their baby would never talk, cry, laugh or make a peep due to brain issues. So when I wanted to get upset because my baby wouldn’t stop crying, I thought of my friend who will never hear a sound from her baby. So stay positive girl and don’t pay attention to the people who say you are too positive. Everyone is different and everyone has a different experience. Your tough days will come, but I say…embrace the tough times and be honest about them, and try to stay positive during those times too.

  36. I too during the first two weeks loved it. I was running off adrenaline and hormones. I was excited to have my body back bc like you the end was so uncomfortable and painful. I know week 3 hit me like ok now I need to sleep when my baby sleeps and take the help. I would love to hear your labor story. Like what happened and how that went. Mommies need to support mommies! We will always do things differently and as long as the child is fine, WHO CARES?! Remember once Kevin goes back to work if it gets hard take a five minute break. It’s okay. Your doing awesome! I’d much rather hear the positive instead of negative all the time.

  37. I dont remember much of my first two weeks with my first one but I also have a hubby who would get up willingly and happily whenever there was anything to be done. I swear if he could brest fed, he would have haha! My first was an amazing sleeper at night and by 6 weeks slept from 11-6 so I didn’t have these awful moments either. However I learned how much I love my sleep and how my body does not do well on less than 7 hours so it took a few weeks yo adjust but by week 4, I was good to go. Motherhood is amazing and I try my best to see the positive esp in the hard moments. Ive always wanted to be a sahm mom and I’m so thankful God allowed that to happen for my family. My kid is super awesome even when he is throwing fits and I cannot wait for #2 to arrive ? I love that you see the positive and that you are enjoying it. Looking back at the real hard times I still don’t regret anything ?

  38. Ali, I know exactly how you feel!! I’m a single mom to my 4 week old son. The first two weeks were so surprisingly smooth that I was starting to think I was doing something wrong that it wasn’t harder than it was! I definitely think it’s a new mommy adrenaline rush, lol! Week three was a bit more challenging, he slept less and ate constantly! And my little guy knows exactly when mommy sits down to finally eat or steps a foot in the shower lol. It’s exhausting at times and challenging as a single mom, but I wouldn’t trade these days for anything. I’m glad you are focusing on the positive, because these newborn days won’t last long. Enjoy!

  39. Just a helpful tip from one mom to another, don’t wait too long to start giving Molly a bottle (especially since you seem to respond well to pumping). With my son we started at 3 weeks (kinda early but I wouldn’t wait more than 5 weeks). I would suggest giving a bottle once a day everyday, that way when you do have to leave Molly she is familiar with the bottle and the caretaker won’t struggle with getting her to eat. I have noticed as a childcare provider that many Breastfed babes like there milk straight from the tap and will only take it that way if not introduced to a bottle early on. Also, consistency is key. Even if they take a bottle great for the first couple months and then you stop because you think they got it down, babies tend to develop preferences and then refuse to take a bottle. I had my husband give our son the bottle while I pumped and it helped to create a great bond between them. Just thought I’d share! Motherhood looks great on you by the way!

  40. Hi Ali, first I want to tell you have much I love your blog. It’s so real I think a lot of us can relate to some of your posts. I’m an expectant mom (due in October ?) and I really like how you shared your pregnancy journey. Being pregnant is not easy. Especially when you have a full time job.. Anyways don’t listen to the people who criticize you. They always will, whether you complain to little or to much. Keep up the good work! I think you guys are doing great ?

  41. Hi Ali – I just wanted to say this is a great post! My husband and I suffer from infertility and we hope we can expand our family soon. One of the harder things is to see those who are pregnant or with children complain so much! I think complaining is normal don’t get me wrong but I think it’s great you’re trying to be positive even though I’m sure it’s not always easy. I hope if we get pregnant one day that I try to stay just as a positive as well. Keep up the good work and know that us wannabe Mom’s appreciate these posts!

  42. Hello!! It’s awesome to hear how much fun your having with your little. No one prepared me that I would feel the opposite way after my little was born. It wasn’t until the first year that I truly loved being a mom. This was after a miscarriage and trying to conceive for a year so I can say she was no accident ? She has always been loved but now I’m truly madly deeply in love with her!! I have loved following all your posts on outfits and how to dress awesome on a budget.. You have been mentioning a lot of the items that have come in handy with Molly but the majority of them are way out of my budget and I was wondering if you had any recommendations on baby items that are on the lower end of cost?

  43. 2.5 weeks in for me and I feel exactly how you do! I was (and still am) loving every minute of motherhood (and I think I ran on adrenaline the first 2 weeks), but now the lack of sleep is catching up to me. Yes it’s easy, but some days can be really challenging, and it’s so worth it! To watch baby Zak grow every day, even though it makes me sad he’s growing up, is so rewarding! Love your blogs and it’s so cool seeing your perspective and mine.

    P.S. My husband and I were just talking about how we’re not sure now single parents do it. We give them serious props! Also, the best mom advice I got from multiple friends was you need to do what’s best for your family. People will always give you criticism but at the end of they day, you’re the mom and you know what’s best for your situation.

  44. I gave birth to a baby boy 12 days ago and I feel the exact same Way!
    Yes its not easy at all, but I think it’s all worth it so I don’t look at the hard parts as hard. It’s all positive!!

    Don’t let people’s comments affect you.
    It’s an amazing experience and it’s all yours and not theirs…

  45. Hi Ali, this post was so helpful. I am actualy pregnant with our first (and we are also considering Molly as a name for our newest edition, can’t quite decide yet though). We are just heading into our 2nd trimester, but I’ve been trying to prepare myself for a lot mentally. I feel like already, every mom I know has an opinion about everything and it’s been hard, so I can’t imagine how you must feel being in the spotlight and having the Internet as a buffer for people who drop off their opinions so easily. I think being a mom is so different for so many people, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. I actually enjoyed reading that you’ve been in bliss these past 2 weeks because everyone I know says how exhausted I’ll be, how tough it is, how my life will never be the same. I don’t doubt any of these things, but sometimes, it’s nice to know something positive too, otherwise, it feels super overwhelming sometimes. Thank you for sharing because there isn’t enough positivity (everyone wants to suck everyone else down their negativity hole). Also, don’t feel bad about being an awesome mom who’s enjoying the ride no matter what, that’s a gift not a curse.
    On to the items, this is so helpful, I’m adding all these items to my registry. Having a new baby is a lot! So I feel like a friend just gave me lots of great advice! Thanks so much for that and congrats on being such a great mommy to Molly! I have no doubt she’s one lucky baby!

  46. I agree with Jennifer about introducing the bottle early. I want to exclusively breastfeed as long as possible so I didn’t introduce bottle until almost 2 months for both my kiddos. My oldest had no problem with taking the bottle. My 2nd babe did NOT want it! It was very nerve wrecking because I had to go back to work, but he wouldn’t eat while I was away! He fell sharply off the growth curve and hasn’t rebounded yet. He finally did start taking the bottle but only a couple ounces a time, so he was being offered a bottle every hour in order to keep him hydrated. I will highly recommend starting a bottle early to everyone after going through that. It’s been so stressful!

  47. I agree with Jennifer about introducing the bottle early. I want to exclusively breastfeed as long as possible so I didn’t introduce bottle until almost 2 months for both my kiddos. My oldest had no problem with taking the bottle. My 2nd babe did NOT want it! It was very nerve wrecking because I had to go back to work, but he wouldn’t eat while I was away! He fell sharply off the growth curve and hasn’t rebounded yet. He finally did start taking the bottle but only a couple ounces a time, so he was being offered a bottle every hour in order to keep him hydrated. I will highly recommend starting a bottle early to everyone after going through that. It’s been so stressful!

  48. Oh sweet Ali. I think it’s probably time to add to your blog. Before you even begin, let it start with ** disclaimer example… all opinions stated are those of the blogger… Yes, I realize nothing belongs in Molly’s bed, just taking a picture…. Yes, I realize the harness on her car seat is not fully up but we are not ready to go, just was a cute photo opportunity etc etc etc

    Sadly, maybe some will STOP with their parenting of YOUR daughter xoxo

  49. I would highly recommend a Medela manual pump! It’s so easy to travel with and once Molly starts sleeping through the night (which seems is far away now I’m sure, but it will happen and it will be magical!) having the manual pump right on your nightstand will make the middle of the night pumping sessions MUCH easier to deal with. I got one a couple of weeks ago, and wish I’d gotten one sooner!!

    Keep up the great work mama!

  50. Love this and your blog! I am in the same boat. My son is a week and half old and I’ve been loving every minute of it minus waking up every 2 hours to feed. I have time during the day to cook and clean and feel like myself again! My husband has been super helpful like Kevin and has been changing all the diapers which is a huge help! He goes back to work in a few days and I know it’ll get more difficult then, but I’m not worried. I like that you talked about motherhood in a positive light, I feel like there are so many new moms that just constantly complain and I don’t think that does anyone any good. I Beleive babies can sense stress and when we get stressed out it doesn’t help them either. The more relaxed and positive we are, the more relaxed they will feel. Cheers to optimism and positive vibes! Screw negative Nancy’s that are just wanting you to be miserable. Motherhood looks good on you! πŸ™‚

  51. You’re doing such an amazing job! Congrats! ? Don’t worry about the negative comments! I LOVED the first few weeks of our baby girl being a newborn, and still love every minute of mommyhood (she is 6.5months now).
    I love my Medela pump, too! I was going to let you know that your insurance covers breast pumps! So if you ever need another one, your insurance should provide you one! ?
    Molly is so adorable! Congrats to you and Kevin! Parenthood is the most magical and indescribable feeling there is! ?

    1. Well I should say, most insurance covers pumps! I ordered mine through my insurance at
      I breastfeed on demand when at home and pump when at work. I’m a teacher and go back to work next month. My favorite storage bags are the NUK storage bags- I order them on Amazon for a pack of 100, it is about $17. I love the double zipper on it.

      I love the bond of nursing my little one. It’s something I’ll forever cherish!

  52. Hi Ali! I just wanted to say it looks like you’re doing an incredible job as a mom, and you’re going to face criticism no matter what you do, but keep up the positivity and don’t let all of that get you down! This is all coming from a fellow mom of 10 month old twin girls and a very full of life 2 year old boy! I had Med-free deliveries and exclusively breastfed all of them and you wouldn’t believe the negative comments and criticism I received from so many people about so many things! I just chose to enjoy every bit of it and keep moving along, everyday isn’t full of butterflies and rainbows, some days it’s poop, vomit and filled with sleepless nights, but just remember it’s brighter with that sweet child in it ? Try to enjoy every second of every stage because you will blink and wonder what happened to the little baby you were just holding, and those sleepless night will be less and less!! Sending lots of love to you and your sweet family ?

  53. Hi new mama,
    I have a little girl too who is 8 months this Monday I can say that the criticism I recieved from family and strangers when I was a new mom was the HARDEST part, not the sleepless nights or the sore boobs. What I did to keep myself positive was just focus on my family and my little Emma and do what I believe is best for us! So keep your spirits up and enjoy being a mama it is the best thing ever!
    From a fellow new mama

  54. And sadly, if you ever dare vent about a bad time you are having, you will be attacked by those who can’t have children and tell you to just be grateful. It’s a no win situation as a new parent.

  55. The freestyle pump is amazing! I wish insurance would cover it so more moms have that option to get it because it’s super expensive. I think the only medela one insurance covers is the pump in style.

  56. Enjoy motherhood and don’t feel guilty about having it ‘easy’ the first couple weeks, months or even years. Our perception is our own reality. Stay positive and enjoy your beautiful family.

  57. I’m expecting right now and I love the honesty in your post. Thanks for all the product advice too! I’ll keep learning from you.

  58. You are a good mom for your baby ali!. Let no one else tell you otherwise + you have also a realy great guy next by your side. Enjoy all the moments with your little angel. Take care.

  59. I’m 64 so my boys are grown. I think people are jealous, and that’s why negative comments. You have a life that most people dream of having but don’t, plus you are beautiful too. It’s easy to be criticize when you are hiding behind a phone or tablet.
    Being 64 I think back on my life and all the mistakes and redo’s I’d like of my life. I was a single parent and worked a lot commuted long hours and it affected my kids. I was to tired to be a great parent and have so many regrets. They grow up and the time flies. My BIGGEST advise not that you are asking.. Is… every minute, you are WRITING ON THE SLATE OF THEIR LIFE. everything you say and do will be absorbed. Just remember that all day every day and you will be an amazing mother!

  60. I usually never comment on blogs, but I just feel the need to. Thank you! Thank you from all the moms (including myself) who are struggling to get pregnant and only wish we could be woken up every 2 hours to feed a precious baby. Your positivity is so refreshing!!! A child is such a gift from God and I’m glad you are enjoying every second!!

  61. I don’t think there is any profession so criticized as parenting. You just learn to ignore everyone and do the best thing for your family. Congratulations! Glad all is going well!

  62. Can I just say that you need NOT APOLOGIZE for having a great experience! Does everyone? Nope. Is that for you to feel guilty about? Nope. I had an AMAZING time as a new mother. My kid hardly cried, spit up, slept through the night within a few weeks, breastfed like a champ (he was a 30lb 6 mo old?), smiled all the time, and I FINALLY GOT SOME SLEEP! (Miserable pregnancy)…I remember his dad & I looking at eachother one night & I said "When is this supposed to get hard…?" He just shrugged & said "I have no idea…" We heard the horror stories. I realize we were lucky & we were humble about it, but my point is YOUR blog is about YOUR perspective. Don’t apologize for that. People shouldn’t be telling you what they expect you to write about. If your baby sings the song of her people sounding like Adele, pukes like an angel & shits rainbows, then THAT is what you should blog about. If you feel like f**king Superwoman, write about it. This is YOUR & K’s only "1st times" with her. Don’t let others ruin the experiences you CHOOSE to share with criticism ?

  63. Thank you for a breathe of fresh air with your positivity and commitment to looking on the bright side of things with being a new mommy. I have a few weeks to go in my first pregnancy and what you describe here in your first two weeks is exactly how I imagine my babe fitting into mine and my husbands lives…what a special time in life to cherish and be thankful for ?

  64. Beautifully written! You are such an a amazing mommy and it was so refreshing to see your positive outlook on becoming a new mommy. I remember all to well with my first, I had the EXACT same feelings as you did! So stay positive and do not let the negative comments get to you. With motherhood, unfortunately there are a lot of judgers:(. Oh and LOVED the madela pump. Finally got it with my third baby and I wondered where it was with my first and second! Congrats again and Molly is adorable!

  65. There is so much criticism from the moment you become a mom, and I can only imagine how that is intensified when you are a public figure. Remember that it’s only the people who love you and are involved in your daily life that count, not these other people who can hide behind a computer and say whatever stupid thing comes into their head. But…be ready for people to watch every move you make as a mother and tell you when and how they’ve done it better and you’ve done it wrong. It’s frustrating and overwhelming at times, but then when your little girls comes and hugs you and tells you how much she loves you, you tuck that memory into your head for the times others, or you, criticize you in the future. You can do this! You’ve got a great almost hubby and support around you.

  66. In all honesty I think the criticism stems from jealousy. When I was a first time mom … I found NO bliss the first few months. I suffered severe postpartum depression and anxiety and didn’t know what I did. It was the hardest adjustment for me… (thankfully treatment helped and I found joy in being a mom!) Seeing my friends have babies and not showing the negative sides or going through the same experiences I did ..made me envious of them. Not that I would ever criticize them for that though! Good for them and good for you!!! At the time I just didn’t understand how anyone could have a baby and appear to have it all under control.. Maybe the people criticizing don’t know that it’s possible to love early motherhood like you! I just had my second 6 weeks ago and it is WORLDS different. I am having the best time with my son and enjoying it so much more! I can now relate to the blissful state you are in! Anyways… Congrats on Molly! She’s beautiful and you are rocking this mom thing!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  67. My son is 4 months old and I felt like the first 2 weeks were wonderful! Then the first growth spurt at 3 weeks happened ? I’m also EBF and growth spurts make breastfeeding even more difficult!

    Then colic and gas troubles set in. Gas drops save all of our lives and sanity lol

  68. Also I’m on my third child 3 months old and this will be our last baby. I know now to enjoy the long nights and even fussy times because trust me it goes so fast! I take in every second. You won’t even remember them so little barely soon enough. It’s such a blessing and wishing you and your family health and lots more happiness even through the hard times of having a baby.

  69. I am 23 weeks pregnant and NEED to hear positive things about pregnancy and newborns so THANK YOU!! It encourages me to hear the easy and good along with the hard and the bad, but I hope you just keep sharing what YOU want to share!

  70. Great blog, i love the positivity and follow your blogs. Some women arent lucky enough to become pregnant due to health issues like myself so i absolutely love when people rave about their babies and cherish the moments because it is a blessing to be able to have a baby. I am sure there are hard times…but to focus on that is sad when you have a tiny little human depending on you. Focusing on the positive always is the best option which i feel is exactly what you do. Great blog, great momma!

  71. My 7 week old baby girl slept all day and all night for the first two and a half weeks of her life, literally… I couldn’t even enjoy the peace and quiet and sleepfull nights because I was too worried and calling the Doctor every other day making sure it wasn’t something to be worried about! She then "woke up" just around her due date time (she was 2.5 weeks early) and I haven’t been getting all that much sleep since, but as exhausted as I am, there is just nothing more precious than waking up to her beautiful face and holding her in my arms. If you’re interested, there’s a sleep training book called 12 hours in 12 weeks that’s fantastic, easy to understand and puts your baby on a schedule that works for you. I’m starting next week in the hopes that my baby will be sleep trained by the time I go back to teaching in Sept. Ignore all the naysayers- there will always be people out there that only seem to have negative things to say no matter what! Congrats on Molly, enjoy her! And ps- love your blog!

  72. Oh goodness! There’s just no doing it right I suppose! Not only am I frustrated moms criticize each other, but now we’re doing it because one mom is too happy!? Motherhood affects everyone differently. My firstborn I was a blubbering mess the first month, and my 2nd I hemroaghed after delivery and had emergency surgery and was on bed rest for a week. Those times SUUUUUUCKED, but I am still so happy to hear about how wonderful this has been for you! Us mamas gotta come together!

  73. Only jealous moms would say anything negative to you, Ali! NO worries!! Any time it’s easy, rejoice in it and don’t be afraid to share it!!!

  74. Omg! I’m so happy I just read about the nail buffer. I am due in December and had already been freaking out about clipping her nails when my sister in law accidentally nipped her daughter. I didn’t know how I would handle it. Thank you for such a wonderful blog and as I’ll be a FTM as well I’m so glad your first two weeks were bliss (nice to hear something different and can hope for it too lol) enjoy your little Molly! <3

  75. Who cares what other people think. People can be so negative and judgemental with parenting. Looks like you are wonderful mama and your hubby is doing an amazing job also. Don’t let others bring you down!

  76. You are an inspiration to me when I’ll be due in November.
    Ignore the critics and you enjoy it as you are doing!
    I love reading your blogs.
    Well done Ali!

  77. First of all, Ali, you should never have to justify anything to anyone about your parenting style, and YOUR thoughts on anything! Every situation is different and special in its own way. Great and tough days! I have two kids, and each one was great and wonderful, tough and challenging! I would t trade a single second of any of it! The memories made during each day of them growing up are incredibly special to myself and my husband. We reflect back constantly to many of those days. Matt is almost 17, and our Emma is almost 14. We feel like we were in your shoes, just yesterday! I miss it often, however am cherishing each second of everyday! They are two amazing kids, and we are beyond blessed. You’re doing an amazing job, and delivering so much to each day with your new family! Relish In each moment, Ali! Do what you feel is best for Molly, and be the mom you’re being right now! Perfect! I think your babe is simply beautiful. Much love from Reno, Nevada!!

  78. It’s the best thing in the whole world. I was the same way. Still to this day with a 2 yo and on the way. It is refreshing to see you so in love and always positive. I know it’s not always roses, but they’re such a gift from God. Way to go mama. You got this!!

  79. I cannot believe that you were criticized. You are so open and giving. I am a grandmother who loves to follow you. I highly respect you. Enjoy your blessing. This is a magical time in your life.

  80. Love your outlook! It’s so true having a baby is the most amazing experience! Their are for sure hard days but me too also being a mom I know the good days always outweigh those hard days or moments. Being a mom is truly the best blessing in the world and I can tell you feel the same way through your heartfelt posts!

  81. I just want to say great job for staying positive! It’s hard to do when you are sleep deprived. Hang in there and don’t let anyone bring you down. Surround yourself with positivity and love every moment with miss Molly. There is no greater job than being a mama. Your killing it! ❀️

  82. I’ve always admired you but I admire you even more now that you’re a mommy and because of your positivity and grace with Molly <3

  83. Yay you are doing such an awesome job! Just wait for baby #2! In my opinion it gets easier because you get better at it. I feel for my first pregnancy I was so stressed out (my first baby went to the Nicu) and overprotective about a lot of stuff. This second time has been a breeze. Not to mention my newborn who is 2 months started sleeping through the night 2 weeks ago!!! Totally not the case with her older sister who is almost 2yrs and still sometimes wakes up at night wanting a cup of milk lol! Anyway, I love that you choose to focus on the good! Babies are such blessings. Don’t let negative Nancy’s bring you down. Sure it’s hard but would you rather dwell on it with a frown and not enjoy this precious time that goes by so fast!!?!? Loving your mommy blogs!

  84. I love your post Ali! I am a new mom to a 3 month old and I completely agree with having a positive outlook. I love my little girl so much. Even when she is crying she is so darn cute!

  85. Another great post! Thank you! When you do feel exhausted or defeated, don’t be afraid to take friends and family up on their offers to help. They want to be there and they really mean it when they offer! Enjoy this special time with Molly!

  86. Hey, Ali! Please stay true to yourself and please keep saying what is on YOUR mind. (I don’t doubt your ability to do this, but a little encouragement can’t hurt, right??) It’s YOUR blog! As a stay-at-home mom of twins, I receive soooo many invasive questions about how I cared for them as infants. There is no one-size-fits all formula for any parent/child, but I felt so much pressure to do natural this and that, and I felt that if I didn’t, I would be perceived as bad. Anyway, my point is, don’t feel pressured to say or not say certain things. If people don’t like what you say, it’s THEIR problem, not yours! But it definitely hurts to read that stuff. I started my own blog in February that has nothing to do with parenting, so I could take that pressure of myself and divert my mind elsewhere. I hope you’ll check it out some time! Best of luck. Can’t wait for your next Bachelorette post!! Xoxo

  87. Congratulations to you and Kevin on your sweet baby!! Don’t listen to all the negative comments!!! It makes me so angry that people can’t just keep their opinions to themselves. People that don’t love themselves can’t love or be happy for anyone else. Why would they care if it’s easy or hard?! Anyhow, my kids are quite a bit older and it’s been a joy! Don’t let anyone try to step your joy!!! Enjoy that sweet girl.

  88. Hey Ali – How have you liked your Owlet? My husband and I are holding off on buying one until we are closer to our due date (8/7), as I believe they only have a 30 day return policy. Curious if you are using it/enjoying it/would recommend it. Thanks!

    Robin V.

  89. ALI!!! You are absolutely allowed to express any and all feelings you are having, regardless of what others say–this is your blog and your insta and you can choose however you would like! Having said that, I am a single mamma, and have been the whole time(my lil dude is 7 bow☺️)–and yes times can be a teeny bit harder but trust me, you go through the same motions! But I appreciate your kindness and shout out, hah. Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing and being you!!! It’s so fun to be able to watch your sweet journey, thank you for sharing!! xox

  90. I have said this many times, if you choose to make a living writing a blog, and share way TMI with the masses you have to expect some negative comments. I remember a segment you did on ENews where you and your colleague’s were reading mean twitter posts and everyone but you was laughing it off. You really got your feelings hurt. Maybe you shouldn’t be in the business of sharing your life story if you are going to take things so seriously. I feel sorry for you that you feel the need to post non-stop.Just relax, enjoy the moment, and get over yourself.

    1. WOW Cindy – why we as humans feel the need to critisize behind our keyboards really baffles me. Ali is a human, like the rest of us. How can it help you or her to be rude to her ? Every single day I read things I don’t agree with, I just move on. Maybe you should do the same and "get over yourself" as well ?

    2. U feel sorry for her? I feel sorry for you that you feel the need to comment nasty remarks to a new mom. How can you put even an ounce of negativity into her blissful world? How sad. She wasn’t complaining even, she just said it was surprising that she was getting negative remarks for being happy. I feel so sorry that you live in such a negative head space.

    3. I don’t like when people are mean, ali was kind when she didn’t laugh off mean twitter posts. I too don’t find it funny at another’s expense. She’s not a follower.
      U need to do some self analysis and introspection. Ur being mean and what ur saying isnt profoundly helpful.

  91. It makes me sad to hear that people would be so negative about you sharing one of life’s greatest gifts. You should be enjoying every second with your little girl! I personally have loved reading your updates. In a world of so much hate and negativity, it’s a refreshing break and a reminder of to us all about what’s truly important in life. Btw, Molly is incredibly sweet! And you sound like you’re an amazing mom! Just keep being you and don’t listen to anyone else. πŸ™‚

  92. Haters gonna hate! Keep finding the positive in things and you’ll never go wrong. I agree that criticism is inevitable when you blog or post on social media, but no one should have to apologize for being happy! I pushed for 4 hours with my first baby and I remember the next day, despite being in so much pain I could barely sit, I wanted to relive every moment. The first contractions, the middle of the night drive to the hospital, even the 4 hours of pushing. It is all so special and sometimes so hard to appreciate in the moment. It’s great that you seem to be taking it on like a pro and documenting all of it. Your nugget will love to read it when she’s older. Best of luck to you!

  93. VERY well said. I always said when I had my kids, now 7 and 6 years old, that I was amazed at how well I felt even with only having a few hrs of sleep here and there. YOU MAKE IT WHAT IT IS!!! NO ONE should comment negative towards you. Molly is YOUR baby and you so what YOU want with her and feel how YOU want to feel. YES by all means there WILL be rough moments but there’s nothing in life that’s perfect.

    Molly is adorable and I wish you nothing but the best. After all, if we complain it just makes things work. If we look on the bright side and be THANKFUL then we will be blessed and be in a better mood.

  94. Why is it that someone should EXPECT negative comments and judgmental opinions from negative people in any situation (Cindy)? That logic would suggest that anyone leaving their house should expect negative feedback about their looks right? I mean if you are going to wear that short skirt …you should expect to be harassed right. Or how about if you choose a career lets say in baking and every time you put a cake up for sale …the same people come around to tell you how awful your cake looks.

    How about if you don’t like reading her …you go away and let those that do enjoy her blog and appreciate the time she takes to share her experiences just that.

    Love your blog Ali and I adore you …

  95. It makes me so sad there are moms out there who shame other moms. Everyone’s experience is different – but at the end of the day we are all moms and should all know Better to not critics another mom. Shame on people who have. We all need grace but we also all should be happy for one another regardless of our individual experiences. Ali – So proud of you for soaking it up and looking for the positives in the midst of exhaustion. I have two littles and my second baby (newborn experience – he’s 2 months old) is exactly like yours with Molly’s. I totally get it! People give me a hard time for being so happy and positive in the midst of the tough days/nights. My first baby was rough and i had baby blues BUT I never once made another mom feel inadequate because of it. We should all support each other. Good for you for writing this post – sadly, being a mom opened my eyes to a whole new world of critical mothers out there. It breaks my heart. Filter them out girl and continue being you, full of joy. Now is now. Challenging times will come and it’s ok to be feel defeated – just give yourself grace. Good for you for being real. Love seeing your posts and you glowing as a mommy! You were meant for this!

  96. Cindy… You shouldn’t waste your time criticizes a new mother… Didn’t your Mom teach you courtesy!!! And then to have the GAUL to say get over yourself is just plain nasty…. Find something anything positive to say…OUCH!!!

  97. People are jealous because you’re finding it less stressful than others. I think for women who have had it rough it’s nice to hear that they Are not alone in feeling less than blissful, but it shouldn’t mean that mommies who are enjoying it so much can’t say it…

  98. Hi Ali,
    I usually dont comment on your blog but i am a fan of you and i wanted to say if your happy then im happy for you..
    I had 4 beautiful kids and it was great and easy for me most of the if it is easy for you then you should be happy and just appreciate it while it last because we never know what might happend tomorrow….
    Enjoy being happy and in love thats what life is all about !!!

  99. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving your baby and enjoying being a mommy! You were blessed with a little angel and you have every right to share your personal experiences with motherhood. Everyone has a different mommy journey…I love reading about your new little one. She is a little doll πŸ™‚ Keep on loving that little one and don’t fret about the nit pickers out there. People will try to bring you down from your love cloud….don’t let them πŸ™‚

  100. Never posted before but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog. I just had a miscarriage this week πŸ™ but still look forward to your posts about Molly because they are so honest and heart felt and make me look forward to whenever my babe decides to come my way. Keep on appreciating that little miracle and keep on being honest about the ups and downs… I love hearing about it!

  101. Well first thing positivity goes a long way. I have never been blessed with a child. When I see children being abused and woman complain about the children I get really upset. Having a child is work, but to me enjoyable work. Keep up the positive thinking and remember your a better person not complaining about your child. Yes it is normal to have the ups and downs and good and bad days.

  102. Please don’t let others get to you. Unfortunately, parenting in this day and age is nearly impossible – everyone has an opinion and it seems like nothing you do is good enough. We should be banding together but, instead, we are tearing each other down. The first year of my first daughter was blissful, even through the bumps. With my second, it was tough from day one. Every baby is different. All you can do is your best and what works for your family. Embrace the good and don’t ever feel guilty about it. Parenting is a rollercoaster, but completely worth it!

  103. Hi Ali,
    I think you are doing a great job for a first time Mommy! She is so precious! I love this picture! When I had my babies they did not have all these modern conveniences! I applaud you for breast feeding as I have heard that you don’t get much sleep! I was so young when I had my babies back in 79 and 82. Back then they really did not push or explain the benefits of breast feeding. I was only 18 when I had my first one and chose formula. I would have probably had to use formula on him since he had what they called Polynoric Stenosis (spelling) where the muscle between his small and large intestine did not relax and let food pass through so he had projectile vomiting and had to have surgery at a month old. I had my second one 2 1/2 years later so I was still very young and still no one really mention breast feeding. Had I known the benefits of it and more about it back then I would have tried it. I guess maybe they didn’t really realize the benefits way back then. Anyway, So glad you and your little family are doing great! Keep the pictures coming!

  104. I’m a mom of a college student and a high school student. LISTEN UP…Hold her when ever she wants, feed her when ever she wants! Because in a blink of an eye she will be grown and you will look back and think I should of held her more. YOU will not spoil her! You have this one moment in time to spend with her, and damn it do it your way! Break the rules and give her what ever she wants when ever she wants it! #SeasonedMom

  105. Hi Ali, I admire your positive outlook on life and as a mother myself I know that it takes a lot to stay focused on the positive side of being a new parent because it is a big adjustment that takes time. I feel like you understand that the blessings that are given to us are never guaranteed, and you appreciate every single moment regardless of whether they may seem difficult (or easy) πŸ™‚ You are a great role model to many new moms and your grateful attitude is inspiring and encouraging. Stay true to who you are and do what works in making you and your little family happy. I think you’re awesome.

  106. I think it’s stupid that you get negative commentary. Everyone has their own experiences what’s easy and enjoyable for you may be difficult for others. When you want something so much even their poop smells good πŸ˜‰ Both my kids were super easy as newborns first few weeks all they did was eat and sleep. my youngest had some colic from 3-8 weeks that was tough, but even still I showered every day. I went out and about everyday. Shopping, visiting, etc. I got to know when the toughest part of the day was and you get thru it. There was a few teary evenings on my part as I didn’t know how to help her. I also exclusively breast fed both and they were up every few hours. Bassinet right beside our bed and when she was old enough breastfeeding while laying down was a godsend πŸ™‚ enjoy every minute of it and ignore the negativity.

  107. Hey Ali,
    Congratulations to you on the birth of your beautiful baby girl. I enjoy reading all of your posts and LOVE your positivity even as others try to make you feel bad. Your a new mom, it’s the most exciting, happy and exhausting time in your life and you should be able to shout from the roof top how happy you are! Keep the positivity coming!!:-)

  108. Ali- I felt the same when my daughter was born and she is twenty. Lucky for me social media didn’t exist! Stay sweet and a blissful as a new mommy❀️ Ignore the haters;)

  109. Motherhood looks great on you and you’re doing a fantastic job! I love your positive mindset and I too look at the postive side. I’m a new mommy to a 5 month old and can definitely relate to your experiences. My baby has also been easy/chill thus far and our first few weeks were pure blissfulness! I applaud you, and your hubby’s help/support, for BF! I’m still having great success EBF/pumping and it has gotten easier now that my baby sleeps through the night. Hang in there, Ali, and keep up the great work!

  110. You are doing a fabulous job, do not let any one take that joy away from you!! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  111. Good for you for being honest about your feelings, good and bad. I still remember the first two weeks with my daughter as the best two weeks of my life – things got very hard after that but it never took away from that special beginning. Yes adrenaline helps, yes you aren’t exhausted yet – who cares? I’m grateful I had that time to fall in love with her. I needed it to sustain me for the next few months. πŸ™‚ She is now 2.5 and I have a 6 month old boy. I’m still nursing the 6 month old and just want to tell you that the nursing gets easier. It seems like you’ll never be done being a round the clock milk machine but I’m now nursing 4 pretty set times a day. In the scheme of things the constant nursing is a short blip but it feels like forever when you are in it. (And my son got plenty of bottles and formula here and there for various reasons – don’t be reluctant to get some help along the way.)


    ^^^^^ you need this. Maybe even customized and replace advice with negativity!

    Please please please stay strong. Everyone will always have something negative to say. Keep focusing on the positive of motherhood- it is what gets you through those harder times.

    You are truly blessed to have an amazing partner. You two will figure it out when he returns to work- I wouldn’t stress over it. My advice- if he can help out at night while not letting it affect his work then let him. He is just doing his part, don’t feel bad or feel like you have to do it all- you will burn ourself out that way. Let’s face it, when you go back to work you will be way too exhausted to function appropriately if you’re running on E. This is coming from a mom who works night shift and stays up during the day with my daughter because we can’t afford daycare.

  113. Ali Congrats on your new baby girl! She is just precious. I think becoming a mom has been one of the best times in my life and I like you was tired but elated!
    Don’t let anyone get you down- stay you. Being a mom is a precious gift that should be celebrated. You are doing awesome. It makes me sad that anyone would take the time out of their day to tell you otherwise. There are enough hard things in life…we as women shouldn’t make it harder on each other. Keep setting the example of cheerleading others and finding the happy in life’s everyday moments. You are awesome.

  114. It’s human nature that somebody has some negative things to say to you so stay strong, never mind them and just do what you think is right. When my little girl was born then I enjoyed every moment we had together so I provided her with her needs and some fancy clothes to make her comfortable and also some cute accessories from and it just made me happier to think that my baby should come first.

  115. The first few weeks with a newborn definitely can be rough. But you only go through that time once, so its important to focus on the positive. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I remember going through it and we were both thinking "its going to get better, right." Now I totally do not really remember "the down times." This is your time to bond with your child, enjoy it!

    We have the same bouncer, my little girl loved staring at those sheep! I would use it for the same reason and keep it in our bathroom and bedroom.

    I splurged on the Medela Freestyle, and I am so glad I did. Its so convenient. Medela customer service is awesome too, I am already on my 3rd pump (my LO is 9 months, back to work and I pump a lot!) You will be 100% pleased with it!

  116. I’m very glad to hear you’re so happy being a mom! πŸ™‚ When you were pregnant and writing about how great you felt in your 2nd trimester, I was getting close to my due date and felt awful with preterm labor symptoms all the time. To be honest I wondered if you’d actually write if your pregnancy became hard – and you did! πŸ™‚ My son is 3.5 months right now and I feel so lucky because he is such an easy baby and I’ve enjoyed every minute of being a mom. Yes there are some hard times but they’re not as hard as I thought they’d be (maybe I just prepared for the worst) so I still feel lucky even during those times. He’s sleeing through the night and most often only cries if he’s hungry or needs a diaper chance (and both are easy to fix!). I don’t doubt you’ll share with us your struggles as well but I also think it should be ok to share when we feel great even if we think we ‘should’ be struggling because others are. When talking to other moms I sometimes feel guilty for not struggling more and I hate when I find myself trying to focus on something negative about being a mom just to feel more liked by other mommies. Enjoy this blissful time right now with Molly and please don’t feel like you won’t be liked as much if you don’t have anything bad to share… I love hearing about other happy mommies! πŸ™‚

  117. I am so happy to read this blog post! I remember feeling the exact same way as you feel and many of my friends and family had told me before giving birth that the first few weeks were so hard and miserable but as soon as my son was born I truly felt like it was blissful! I felt so happy to finally be a mom and I cherished those moments in the beginning. I still to this day say that the newborn stage is the easiest for me, as my boys are now 5 and 3 and toddlers seem to be more difficult but im still embracing it all! I love your positivity you are a wonderful mommy! And I might add that I have a husband just like your fiance and that helps a ton!

  118. Way to go, Ali! Don’t let criticisms get you down. There will always be critics sometimes even those closest to us. But trust in yourself and Kevin. Reach out to people you trust for help or advice when needed. At the end of the day, you are Molly’s parents and you know her best. Take care and keep it up!

  119. I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and although I haven’t had my baby girl yet I have LOVED following your posts regarding your pregnancy and I’ve been totally with you all of the way! I meant to comment on your blog post that you did right before you had her about being ready to have her and not be pregnant anymore. I’m right there! And while there are times that I have loved being pregnant I’m so over it at this point and am ready to have my body back. As far as the criticism you have received regarding how much you are loving being a mom and how easy it’s been just ignore it!! I know that’s easier said than done but that’s wonderful that you are so in love with her and that you are focusing on the positive aspects of being a mom. I can’t wait to get to that point! There will always be critics about everything you do unfortunately. Continue to be positive and honest with your fans! I love reading about your perspective!

  120. Dear Aly,
    I think the most of us were a little bit jealous because you were looking great those last few weeks as a new mom. I’m 54 years and I often thought how is she doing this; giving birth, breast-feeding, beeing a wife and looking stunning. So these feelings are so normal and everyone will recognize them. These feelings are universal. Let them come and let them go and never judge about yourself. Enjoy your new life with husband, baby and dog. Lots of Dutch greetings Henriette

  121. Ali – what did you do to get ready? Did he read any books that you suggest? My husband has been really supportive during my (terribly sick) 1st trimester but I’m worried about what happens after we bring home baby. I think it would be thoughtful to give him a book rather tell him what to do.

  122. I love reading your blogs! I remember having similar feelings with my first child — first weeks might have been hard, but because everything is so great and exciting and we have this special new baby, it’s so easy to forget about the hard stuff. That’s how it should be and sounds like you are a great mom!! What’s your snap name?

  123. I agree with everything said! My first baby was pretty easy and I loved and cherished every momment. We exclusively breast feed my babies and neither ever took a bottle ? Oh well it worked for us! Baby number two being only 15 months younger than our first child was a bit challenging and still is. However, I love being a mommy and feel blessed that I can be a stay at home mommy. I live looking at my kids as blessings and try not to relish on the negativity. It’s sad that so many people would want to hear about that when there is already so much hate in the world right now! Enjoy being a mommy it’s amazing!

  124. Ali…you continue to post your sweet blogs and pictures of that precious baby. What the world is in desperate need of is love and positivity. You are doing a great job and no matter what it’s yours and Kevin’s baby so do it your way…it’s working. Y’all look great! Hugs from Texas!!

  125. I’m really sorry you’ve received criticism, it’s something I will never understand how others feel the need to tear people down or comment on everything someone else does. It takes up too much energy in my opinion.
    I think you are doing an amazing job. I’m currently pregnant with my first and have appreciated all your tips πŸ™‚
    Keep up the good work mumma and all the best to your little family πŸ™‚

  126. You’re the best! Positivity and optimism are a gift that you’ve been given, and it’s a blessing to all of us when you share it. Keep shining bright!

  127. Not to Ali but for the mommies who are having a hard time……I know what it is like to not love being a new mom, to not even love your baby, the one you prayed for, dreamed for, couldn’t wait to hold, to have a difficult time breastfeeding, to be sad, to find it hard to smile. This is not the blog for you. You should not allow one’s new mom experience let you make you feel bad. This mom is having an easy time. Props to her!! We are all on different journeys. Right now, you maybe experiencing a challenging one but you are still a GREAT MOMMY!! You will smile again, you will love your baby like you heard you would (more than yourself). Things will get better. Call 211. This number in California will lead you to people that are there to help you with PPD and many others things, too. Someone is there to help. Also, find a support group so you can literally hear you are not alone. You deserve to be happy during this time. You went through an AMAZING JOURNEY!! You created a life!!! Congratulations!!!! You should be rejoicing!!! And if you are not, get help. You deserve it. (HUG).

    -from one PPD new mommy

    P.S. Gap has great nursing tanks for half the price of these and Gap runs sales. Right now everything is 40% off. Happy Shopping and Happy Motherhood.

  128. You’re doing a great job and I’m glad you’re enjoying the beginning so much (and staying so positive)! When my son was new, our toughest time was around 6 weeks…. Hopefully you won’t experience the same. The time flies by so fast so soak it up as much as you can. And keep up the great work!

  129. You are doing just fine. Enjoy all those precious early days because babies grow up too fast.
    I would give anything if I could just hold my babies just one more time. As a grandmother I did get the chance to hold little ones again, but it will never be enough for me. Guess that why I worked paediatrics and NICU during my nursing career,
    Please give wee Molly a hug for me.


  130. I’m truly amazed that people are having a problem with you posting the joy you’re experiencing as a mother thus far. I mean, for goodness sakes, you just had your baby. Since when can’t new mothers share their utter happiness they’re feeling in the first few months?? We ALL know motherhood is not easy, so I personally don’t need to hear the downs and lows, especially if you’re not in that moment. I sometimes honestly feel sorry for celebs/people in the spotlight because anything you say and do is going to be scruntized. Ali, enjoy your baby and continue posting without worry. I’m glad you’re enjoying motherhood and looking great while you do it.

  131. I’m about to be in similar shoes and one of my (many, many!) questions so far is around the Mamaroo and a bouncey seat. Do you really need both? Friends of ours have just a really great bouncy seat–the Baby Bjorn–and it seems to serve the same purpose. Trying to eliminate the amount of "stuff" we really need that won’t last more than a year! Why is it you’re loving both now?

  132. Oh my lord what is wrong with people! I have a 13 month old and all I can say is positive things when I look back at her first year! Sure they’re was hard times.. But I’m also a positive person and like to remember the good! I love your blog, and I love hearing about how wonderful your little Molly is!

  133. I think you are just a naturally positive person, so that is what you focus on. You also tell it as it is as well. Just continue being you! That’s why so many of us love and and love to follow your blog!

  134. Please don’t change! Your blog is fantastic. Your positivity is contagious and thank you for sharing your pregnancy and experiences with us. I just bought one of the dresses you have on here and can’t wait to get it in the mail!

  135. I love your blog! I had my first baby, a girl, July 1st and it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be. Don’t get down on yourself for expressing your opinions on motherhood. Babies and mommies are all different, and this blog is your experience with motherhood.

  136. Just keep on enjoying every moment. You’re a ray of sunshine with your blogging and don’t let anyone rain on your parade with negative comments. Credit to you for even being able to keep a blog going when you have a newborn!

  137. It bothers me that people will be so negative towards you. Its your first baby if you are enjoying every moment of it and keeping positive in everything you do so should all the other mothers out there be positive for you!! I am a mother of two a 2 year old and a 4 month old. I love my babies and days get so hard. I have meltdowns and feel like i am going to pull my hair out but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love my babies so much and i am so thankful to be their mother. You are a great mommy and your first week alone may be scary but you will do great! You may have a meltdown or you may have a great week with no problem! But every mommy is different and every baby is different so people should not compare you with them or give you a hard time. Thank you for showing positivity because i need that reminder too!

  138. I don’t get people. It’s your baby, your life, and your blog. I like that you’re being true to yourself.

    My dh had work in the morning also so we worked it out that I went to bed really early and he’d stay up with the baby and then get me up for a feeding when he went to bed. It wasn’t ideal but helped with a 2nd baby who still had a night feeding. That wouldn’t work so well for you now with Molly feeding so much but it will get easier. Good luck and enjoy your beautiful baby!

  139. You’re killing it mama! Motherhood is a series of constant change. Don’t ever apologize for where you are or where you’ve been.

  140. Ali,

    I love your posts. You are so sincere and genuine in everything you say and do. You are a beautiful woman inside and out. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  141. Ali,

    I love your posts. You are so sincere and genuine in everything you say and do. You are a beautiful woman inside and out. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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