Nordstrom Sale Opens for EVERYONE Today!

Happy Friday! And it’s a happy Friday indeed! Why you ask? Because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened to the public today!!! Its such an incredible sale and I especially love it since I’m able to shop the sale from home while taking care of Molly. In fact, since I was up every 2 hours in the middle of the night feeding her, I found myself getting first dibs on the public sale items! Ha! See what I did there, tried to look at the positive side of being up all night. Cause I’m not going to lie, getting up every 1.5-2 hours is getting REALLY rough. But that said, we are trying to be grateful for every moment. Even the rough moments.

Anyway, I wanted to share my look in the pics below because everything I’m wearing to part of the sale!!! Woot woot! I have to say that this leather jacket might be my favorite item from the sale. I really feel like it will sell out fast so get your hands on it now if you love it as much as I do. It comes in black and grey nickel too. I almost got it in black because I loved it so much and black goes with everything. But decided to go with this caramel color because I like it with my blonde hair. You can’t see my boots in these photos but they’re also on sale. I know it’s summer now but fall is quickly approaching and I’l be so happy that I got these boots on sale instead of full price come September! I’m wearing a medium

My lace detail white top is great for summer and would look really nice wore with just jeans and pumps. It’s of course part of the sale duh and I have to say that’s it’s really hard to find good quality tops with such great lace details for under $50. If you get one cheaper it usually falls apart in the wash. At least that’s my experience. But I love the style and quality of this top! I got a large in the top since my belly is still on the “fuller” side (that’s my nice way of saying it) post pregnancy 😉 So I wanted a little extra room.

My watch is probably one of my favorite bargains from the Nordstrom sale. It’s on sale for only $15 if you can believe it! I wear it ALL the time. If you flip through my blog posts, you’ll probably see me wearing this watch in about 50% of them.

What are your favorite items from the Nsale? Tell me and share links in the comments below! Maybe I’ll get some of YOUR picks!


6 Thoughts

6 thoughts on “Nordstrom Sale Opens for EVERYONE Today!

  1. You look amazing! I love anniversary sale, but my wallet, not so much. I did some serious damage during early access!

    The long nights are so hard, but just remember that as soon as you can’t take anymore, everything will change. For better or for worse, everything in parenthood is a season. Soak up your precious babe and these early days of motherhood, you’ll remember them forever. <3

  2. Hi Ali! I like the jacket too!
    I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard nights. I’ve been there. The 3:00 am baby cry is the hardest. I admire you for staying with the breastfeeding. One thing I did with my husband was pump at nine o’clock before I went to bed and then he would feed her that bottle when I was asleep. That gave me a good 4-6 hours of sleep until she needed to nurse again. Maybe try that when you are ready to pump.

  3. Hi Ali! 🙂
    First of all, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, Molly! 🙂 She is so precious and you are radiating with happiness & positivity.

    Ever since I started following your blog I have been absolutely hooked on Nordstrom!! I always enjoy seeing what you add to your blog and love the way you pair outfits together – definitely gives me inspiration! I always gravitate toward BP or Lush items now!

    I got these two items from the sale and the sweater is SO comfy and I cannot wait until it cools down so I can wear it all the time.

    I also got this watch black watch. Mainly because I have it in the tan and the skinny tan rose gold one too! They’re such a steal and go with EVERYTHING!

    Always excited to see what you piece together. You’ve helped me to become more stylish & confident in my choices. 😉

    I’ve also added the faux leather pants to my cart like 6 times already and keep debating on actually purchasing them!

  4. Ali, you look beautiful! Personally, once I figured out how to nurse while laying down, those middle of the night feedings didn’t seem so bad. With my 2nd I was more open to co-sleeping which I felt gave me more sleep. But to each their own. Whatever works for you is the best. Keep doing what you’re doing because you look fabulous.

  5. Thanks for your blog, I love it. I’m blonde, too, a New England, Cali, Chicago girl and we have similar style. You are sometimes the sunniest part of my day, thank you and thank you again.

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