Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! I thought the Bachelorette was really good last night! Did you? Let’s discuss those hometown dates! 

I’m going to address some pretty “loaded” topics, and I am crazy overtired because I am up every 2 hours breastfeeding my daughter. So cut me a little slack if I’m not fully explaining myself, or if I say something that you may disagree with. This blog is meant to be a discussion between you guys and me! So let’s chat in the comments below after you read it 🙂

Chase is up first! I really liked both of Chase’s parents. His dads advice about not putting work, or climbing the corporate ladder, before your family was really refreshing to hear. I think it can be hard for men to admit that and I was really happy to hear his dad say it.

Did anyone else think it was weird that he (and the show) kept playing up how he was a child of divorced parents? Aren’t like 50% of us? My parents are divorced. I don’t think that makes me any less willing to commit to someone. If anything, it encouraged me to wait to get married until I was absolutely certain that I found the right person. (See the end of my blog for a wedding update BTW!) Anyway, I just thought it was made to seem like such a huge deal that he came from a “broken” family (as he called it). I just don’t think it’s a big deal. Sad, of course that the divorce rate is so high, but it’s very common now. Maybe he kept talking about it because it was a big deal to him. And that makes total sense. Divorce can have a huge impact on some children. I guess I just don’t like that they made it seem like children of divorced parents are unable to commit to a relationship solely because of their parents divorce.

Now onto Jordan…

Did anyone else think Jojo brought up Jordan’s brother one too many times on the hometown date? It just seemed like it kept coming up but no one in Jordan’s family wanted to talk about it. That said, I’m certain the producers encouraged her to bring it up at every moment. And I’m also sure that they choose to air every time she brought it up instead of cutting during the edit. So I totally don’t blame Jojo. And honestly, I found myself SUPER curious about what happened between Aaron Rodgers and his family. But I hate to even say that I’m curious because the whole situation is super sad. It’s just that they talked about it SO much that I think it’s natural to be curious.


I also have to wonder why Jojo keeps questioning Jordan’s love. She doesn’t do that with any of the other guys. I feel like her instincts are telling her that something is off and she should probably trust her gut. I hate to say that cause I really like her and Jordan together, but I don’t know what she is sensing that is making her question his feelings. I hope those doubts go away soon, and if they don’t go away, I hope she has the strength to send him home.

Robby’s hometown was so interesting to me! You guys might think it’s weird that Jojo was questioning Robby about the fact that he broke up with a girl 3 moths ago, cause essentially she and Ben broke up about 3 months earlier. But I don’t find this weird at all. “Bachelorette Love” is very different from a long term relationship love. I’ve said this so many times on my blog before, but I don’t think people REALLY fall in true love on this show. To love someone is to know someone and that’s what happens when you’ve been with someone for a while (like Robby and his ex). I believe in “love at first sight” in the sense that you know right away when you meet someone, but you still need time to pass to confirm those feelings. Although I do love when people get married after only knowing each other for a few short weeks and then stay married for decades! But I think those people are very lucky and are the exception, not the norm. Also, if you ask any of the past couples from the show (even the married ones) most of them will say that they didn’t REALLY fall in love on the show and that real love came later when they were actually able to spend real time together. Many people don’t realize this but you probably spend a total of 72 hours with the person you get engaged to at the end of the show. That’s hardly enough time to get to know someone. Especially when they are dating other people at the same time. It would take a long time to fully explain why I think Jojo’s love for Ben is WAY different from Robby’s loves for his ex, but hopefully most of you understand what I mean from what I just wrote. My point is, Robby’s love for his ex was much deeper than Jojo’s love for Ben. So it’s natural that she’s concerned.

On another note, I believe Robby (and his mom) about his ex. I don’t think he broke up with her to be on the show. I have seen some photos floating around on the internet of them together on a trip to Italy and in matching onesies around Christmas time (maybe the same night she slapped him?), but that doesn’t mean he was lying when he said it should have ended 9 month before. I’ve been in bad relationship where they should have ended YEARS before they actually did. But it could mean he was fibbing about not talking to her since December, because the Christmas pic was supposedly taken at Christmas. But maybe they stopped talking that night or the few days after. They would still make his December statement true.

I actually like like Robby and I know that isn’t the popular opinion. I get a lot of tweets from people saying they don’t trust him or don’t like them together. But I thought their conversation on the bed about his ex was one of the most real and emotional conversations I’ve ever seen on the show. It felt raw and real whereas I feel like many of the conversations that happen on this show seem forced. Even his “I love you” seemed natural. Where Chase’s “I’m falling in love with you” seemed forced. Who says that in real life? You either love someone or you don’t. I’ve never said “I’m falling in love with you” to someone. Have you? You either say it or you don’t. I dunno. Maybe I’m wrong, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. The “I falling in love with you” just seems like something people on the Bachelorette say because they are supposed to be falling in love so they say it.

Let’s talk Luke! Luke is just a good all American boy! And the show is definitely setting him up to be the next Bachelor. Him or maybe Chase. But I think it will be Luke. The show is edited to make him seem like the perfect guy! I’m not saying he isn’t a great guy, I’m sure he is, but the show wants us to fall in love with him and they are showing us all the best parts of Luke to ensure we do. Every time he is with her, there is the most romanic country music playing in the background. I feel like I’m watching a Nicholas Sparks book turned movie when they’re together. Is that because they are meant to be together? Probably not based on the fact that Jojo was going to send him home at the rose ceremony. I’ll be SO curious to see if she sticks with her decision or changes her mind. I think she will send Luke home next week. What do you guys think?

On a personal note, I think Kevin and I have nailed down a wedding date! Just waiting for our venue to confirm! We’re so excited. I’ve always wanted to marry him, but I never felt a huge hurry because a marriage certificate doesn’t affect our daily lives. We love each other just as much with or without it. But now that Molly is here and her last name is Manno, it’s more important to me than ever to be a Manno. I can’t wait!

Now for her fashion details! I am only doing a couple looks since this blog is getting long and I need to breastfeed my little one soon.

Her blue rose ceremony dress is by Jay Godfrey. I can’t find the exact dress online (I don’t think it’s available anymore). But you can rent a similar dress by the same designer HERE.

I love her outfit on her date with Luke! Oh hey country girl! Her denim top is by bebe and her white jeans shorts are 40% off right now! Only $40! Get them HERE! Finally something affordable that she’s wearing 😉 I don’t know her exact cowboy boots, but these boots look JUST like them and are affordable.

Photo from Cary Fetman's instagram
Photo from Cary Fetman’s instagram


Ok that’s all I’ve got for this week! Let’s discuss all of this in the comments below! Like I said, I don’t think of my thoughts on this blog as the be all end all! I am just thinking out loud and want to discuss with all of you!

Until next week…

xoxo Ali

P.S. When I was pregnant (like in the pic below), I alway blogged while holding a rose 😉 Ha! Now I blog while holding a baby to my breast (ok the second part is true). Oh and the heart sweatshirt below is by Jillian Harris’s adorable clothing line! Love it!


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  1. With Chase, I really related to him. Coming from a broken family myself, it’s very hard for me to open up and really be with someone. Hearing about his upbringing was great for JoJo to hear because she could finally get answers. Was it a little overplayed? Ehh maybe, but it was definitely something to relate to.

  2. Hi Ali! My thoughts on Chase are that he seemed a little embarrassed that he couldn’t give her the typical hometown with the huge family talking about how they have been married forever. Also, my parents divorce was also super nasty with law suits, restraining orders etc and it’s pretty traumatizing. I am sure some divorces are harder than others on the children. She totally wants Jordan but I don’t think he is going to be her forever. And on a final note, my 16 month old just weaned from nursing. It is exhausting and time consuming at this point but it goes quickly and you will miss it!

  3. Hi Ali! Great post, as per usual 🙂 I just wanted to comment on Robby…my issue with his ex isn’t that they broke up only 3 months before the show, it’s that he applied to be on the show during their relationship. I totally agree that a relationship can be over well before it actually ends, but I feel like his applying to be on the show is kind of akin to cheating. Just feels dishonest. As an aside, totally hoping James Taylor becomes the next Bachelor – he’d be such a genuine guy, fingers crossed! xo

  4. I also don’t understand why she keeps questioning Jordan! I really like them together but you’re right, she is suspicious of him… if she wants to keep him around she needs to let that go and trust him more!

  5. I really like Luke and hope he becomes the next bachelor if Jojo doesn’t pick him. I just am afraid it won’t work out in the long run with Jordan and Robby. To me (since they are both former competing athletes) they are both in their competition win the final rose mode rather than wanting a real connection with Jojo. How come if it doesn’t work out with her final man she doesn’t go and try it with one of her other top four? She is so worried she is going to make the wrong choice and send someone home that wasn’t supposed to go. The only bachelor couple that I know of that did the Switcheroo was Jason Mesnick with Molly. I feel like it would happen more often when things don’t work?

  6. Thanks for posting! Enjoying the read on my lunch at work :)!

    I haven’t been into the Bachelorette this much since your season I believe, or Jillian’s (forget who came first).

    Chase’s hometown with Jojo was the only one that made me emotional. He seems genuine so far. I love that he’s been through a lot, very real and good for him to have gone through as I’m sure he learned a lot emotionally about himself and relationships. Seems to have a smart dad, who wants to pass on the hard lessons.

    I feel Jojo is so smart, but also young and that makes it hard to always know who is best fit as a husband versus a sexy man to have fun with. We will have to see how it all pans out!

    Thank you for always sharing your style and opinions. <3

  7. Even before the girlfriend thing I was a little suspicious of Robbie. He just seems the type that falls for every girl he talks to and tells them exactly what they want to hear. He doesn’t seem genuine to me. Jordan does. I think he really does love Jojo.

  8. Great Blog Ali! I agree last night’s episode was one of the best. Luke is my absolute favorite, but I agree they are definitely painting him in a certain light to line him up to be the next Bachelor. I think it’s going to come down to Robby and Jordan….

  9. I don’t like Luke for the next bachelor bc he is so serious and never looks happy! This is supposed to be fun! So much of the show has to be light hearted and I don’t see that at all from him.

  10. Hi Ali,

    I think that the show emphasized the fact that Chase came from divorced parents because what happened between his father and mom was probably more traumatic than a regular divorce. You can see that Chase and his dad are not that close and his dad put him, his sister, and mom through hell. That is completely different from "ok, this is not working, let’s get divorced".

    Changing the subject, as a Brazilian and Portuguese native speaker, it is always very weird for me when I listen to the English expression "I’m falling in love with you". That makes no sense to me at all but I thought it was commonly used for you Americans.

    It came as a complete surprise Jojo wanting to send Luke home but she probably realized that chemistry is not enough. If she already doubted that she wants him, it is better to send him home. However, I hope he doesn’t become the new Bachelor because it would be as boring as watching Chris Soules’ season. Luke is a great guy, but I don’t see him being able to carry on so many conversations among so many women.


  11. Hi Ali! This is the first time I have read one of your blogs and I absolutely loved it! First, I wanted to talk about Chase because it doesn’t seem like he’s had a lot of time with her and that some of their relationship feels a little bit forced.? But overall I really like Chase. Also, to me it seems like Robby and Jordan have all of this history and background that make it harder for JoJo to make sure that if they were to have a future together, it would last. Lastly, I feel the same way about Luke as you do! He is such a great, honest, loving man and would be perfect as the next bachelor if he and JoJo don’t work out! Xoxo

  12. I agree 100% about Luke! I hope he will be the next bachelor! I don’t know if I love him for Jo-Jo.. She’s so indecisive and can’t make a decision to save her life. She needs to be sure just as she pressures the other men left to be. I don’t like Robby he seems quite fake to me.. Jordan I can’t say I’m sold on either- He seems as if he’s in it to win it, typical athlete… Chase, He has issues across the board…. So my choice is Luke and I almost died when she said she was letting him go.. I felt bad if Luke was watching that episode… My biggest issue was all the men saying I love you to her.. It seemed acted out, staged….. I believe Luke did it the best without saying the 3 little words! You have my heart.. What more can a girl want? But that’s just me… Onward and upward.. Until next week..

  13. I am not a huge fan of Jordan. They of course, have this undeniable Chemistry. Jojo seems so fixated on Aaron, that I feel she likes the "fame" associated with Jordan’s family. I don’t think she will choose Luke because he doesn’t have a "fame" cloud over him. He is a genuine good ole boy…and of course, girls like Bad boys.

    Divorced kids: I think Chase’s issue is more the hurt that his dad put his mom thru and the lack of involvement from his father in his life, not the actual divorce. Due to the divorce, his dad was not there for him consistantly, and that is why they have a strained relationship. It seems they have been working on a better relationship. Divorce does hurt kids, but I don’t think it is the actual Divorce that hurts…it is the actions that often times happen during a divorce, and the feeling of abondonment that sometimes happens. I am divorced, have 3 kids with my Ex but he has remained a constant in their lives and upbringing. We co-parents fairly well…I think having that support from both parents, even if they don’t live together is what helps kids accept divorce.

  14. I think she questions Jordan because he’s the only one she has serious feelings for (I agree that you don’t really fall in love on the show). She seems pretty infatuated with him, and probably a little powerless to the attraction, whereas she feels more in the driver’s seat and in the position of power with the other guys. Since she’s recently heartbroken, I think it’s natural for her to be worried about Jordan, purely from her insecurities (which all of us have).

  15. I think JoJo is feeling so vulnerable now, especially w Jordan as I think she likes him the best. So knowing what she went thru w Ben, she is questioning. Many families are dysfunctional, but this one is just obviously highlighted more.

  16. One more thing…I think Jordan reminds me of Josh Murray in a lot of ways…I think JoJo will choose him and I think in 6-9 months it will be another failed relationship. Jordan always has this smirk on his face, like he is eating up the camera when he is "pledging his love" to JoJo….it just seems fake.

  17. Thanks for the post! It’s always fun to read. I think Jojo is right to be so cautious about Robby’s recent relationship. Not that I don’t trust what he is telling her, but I just think it really takes some time after a long or serious relationship to process and heal (no matter how it ended). In my experience in a similar situation, my head was ready and wanted to move on, but I started a new relationship too soon and then realized my heart wasn’t ready (sadly it didn’t sneak up on me until a few months into the new one & he took me to a place my ex and I used to go to…I broke down in tears and felt so bad) I also completely agree with knowing that feeling of "falling" in love but it always strikes me as strange how they vocalize it on the show. But I get that it’s a compromise when you want to share your feelings but aren’t quite there yet. Congrats on setting your wedding date – I agree that when you are with the right person no piece of paper changes that – but I was blow away by how much saying our vows before friends/family really felt like a beautiful new phase and bond in our relationship. And BIG congrats on your bundle of joy – she is absolutely precious!! Molly has always been one of my favorite names (and every Molly I’ve ever known has been a sweetheart) and what I’ve always wanted to name my little girl one day. Enjoy every minute!!

  18. I definitely think that you’re right about Luke being the next bachelor. I picked up on the romantic country music right away. They didn’t do that for anyone else!

  19. I was so surprised she said she was going to say goodbye to Luke! I definitely thought it would be Robby and that Luke would make it to the final 2. I’m so curious to see what happens next week!

    Congratulations on your beautiful little girl. I have a 12 week old baby girl and have been following your pregnancy on snapchat and your blog. Motherhood suits you well!

  20. Great blog ali. I totally agree there setting luke up to be the next bachelor, but makes me sad because jojo and luke are so cute together, who doesnt want a romantic like luke? Now robby. I tink the ex would keep coming up if they worked out.so dont think they will make it. Jordon. I like . but does she want to get put in to the family drama with his brother? So that leads to chase. Lol who cares he came from divorced parents my parents are divorced. Lol

  21. I’m honestly so pissed that it was to be continued…..I hate when ABC does that. Luke is totally my favorite, and I think they would just be so amazing together. And that chemistry. Wow. But hey, I could handle him as a Bachelor too! I think Chase up’d his game and got some brownie points during hometown, just by opening up more. He actually seems like the most down to earth guy out of all of them. I think him taking her to his home and seeing that he’s got this stable life was a good thing. Just a normal guy. Robby and Jordan still leave me uneasy at times. When you’re already questioning someone this early on, I don’t know that it will go away. I feel like Jordan will catch a break, but then the next episode it’s something else that she’s questioning him on. It’s hard for me to imagine that Robby would be ready for a relationship after such a long one. And one that sounds like it had some drama involved. Jojo is potentially going to get dragged into that drama in the media. You don’t want that when you’re starting a new relationship. It could be the same with Jordan and his family. When I think back on Jojo’s family last season, and how they were a little harsh on Ben, I feel like they’d rip Jordan to bits with questions. And maybe Robby, if Jojo mentions the media stuff. I think Luke and Chase would do best. We’ll see! I hope whoever she picks is the right fit for her, long term.

    It’s always fun ready your posts and your perspective from being on the show. Not gonna lie though, I hope you’re wrong about Luke leaving next week! We need more Luke!

  22. Hi Ali!
    I Love, love LOVED last nights episode. I don’t remember the last season I watched where the bachelor/bachelorette had THAT many incredible guys or girls. Chase really shined this week for me. My husband is a child of divorce and anyone who knows him sees him as the most strong, happy, positive, and uplifting guy. No one would ever guess how much hurt and pain he feels from what happened. But, that happens to be the very topic that brings him to the most vulnerable and emotional place in his heart. Chase has totally been in the background this whole season to me and I honestly didnt have much of an opinion of him. But from what I saw last night, I think he is the most real contestant of them all. I think JoJo and chase shared something extremely intimate as he faced a huge demon in his life. It;s hard to face your insecurities and the "unspoken" emotions that have been building up for years and I think this experience brought him to that Moment. I hope JoJo saw how incredibly special that moment was for him and realized just who he is, why hes is the way he has been, and who he will become form that moment. It is so easy to have to say all the right things to make sure you get the time to fall in love but Chase has been 100% him throughout this process and I totally admire that.

    I think JoJo has a great connection with all these guys but I super think It’s important for her to look at all the guys and think about which risks she wants to take. Robby seems like a great guy and he could be the one… but If she continues on with him, she has to choose to deal with his past and help him work through it. I think Robby wants to be over it 100% so much that he believes it. However it doesnt always work like that. Sooner or later he will have to take off the band aid and deal with the wound. Jordan is a great guy too but I think she has to consider if she is willing to work through her trust issues with him… and Luke, I think he has seen some really dark things that have impacted much of who he is. He views life in a super unique and special way but that results in handling himself differently and acting on things differently. In the End I really believe Love is a Choice. This show helps them find who they are compatible with and attracted to bur after that… every decision you make is a choice to love… or not to love them and weather or not you are both whiling to choose each other when someone royally screws up. But to continue to choose each other every day. They all seem like they will be great guys for her.. but I think she just has to choose her battles and be willing to confront and work through them

  23. Hi Ali! Love your posts! I want to first say thank you for talking so much about breastfeeding your baby! I have breastfed my last two (I have four!) and it’s not always been well received. While I use a cover for my own personal comfort, I still feel uncomfortable and I think the more people are open about it, the more normalised it becomes. Secondly, I agree with you on everyone! I’m so curious about Aaron, but maybe there will be a happy ending and he’ll decide to be apart of the family again. They seem so sweet, all of them! Thanks for posting! Have a great day!

  24. Hey Ali,

    I completely get what you are saying regarding certain themes on the show and how these are played out and sometimes over dramatized. When it comes to Chase and his parents divorce of course there is a hesitancy there due to the divorce he saw his parents experience which is why he has a hard time opening up. You can tell this divorce was a tough one when his own sister says how hard it was for her say i love you to her own husband. This family has been through a lot and although you also went through a divorce and didnt let it tear down your thoughts and feelings on love not everyone reacts this way. Some people take the experience and learn right from wrong while others internalize it and create walls. He obviously created some walls and that needed to be explored more. The fact that his parents filed lawsuits show this wasnt your normal divorce things definitely escalated. I think its important for the show to open dialogue like this because most times the show portrays the perfect family on these hometowns. Every one just gets along, everyone is so happy, and magically everyone drinks wine we all know this isnt real life! Stuff is awkward, things happen, and not every family member is super close so i like some realness to this situation. When it comes to Robby and Jordan they like the idea of JoJo just like she likes the idea of them but like u mentioned when your gut tells you something you should follow it. So many times we ignore our gut and end up in shitty situations unnecessarily. When someone shows you who they are believe them! They have both had issues with exes claiming they were fake or had alterior motives for being on the show. When things like this get said theres usually some truth behind it. If she is smart she would pick chase. He has shown himself to be honest and is taking his time with his feelings and isnt filling her head up with what she wants to hear. All the other guys are saying i love you left and right but it simply isnt possible. This show is a good journey but not the destination. If marriage is where they want to be it takes time.


  25. I thought it was actually very interesting how jojo brought up to robby’s mom that she is falling in love with him. She hasn’t said that to any other parents of the bachelors which I find interesting, as already mentioned. What do you think?

    1. I totally agree! That came out of nowhere! She hasn’t said a hint of that to any of the guys and she confides in his mom she met 5 minutes prior?

  26. Hi Ali! Love, love your blog! I agree about Jojo talking about Aaron WAY too much! It’s not her place to try and mend things right now. Just let it be! Robby has always seemed kinda ‘sketchy’ to me, but after last night, I really am starting to like him!! I don’t think the chemistry is there with Chase…I like him, but I see such stronger connection with Jordan and Luke with her. Oh Luke, I just think he is adorable and I PRAY he is the next bachelor!…not sure Jojo is ready to move to Luke’s family farm and have babies! 🙂 Just my opinion!

  27. I really hope that Jojo ends up with Luke! He seems to be such a great guy, and I know she was second guessing everything, but then when he took her aside, I think that made her rethink.
    I hope she sends Robby home, because he is very cocky! I also feel that he did end things with his ex just to be on the show. But who knows?
    Jordan… He seems like a great guy, but at the end of the day he could break her heart. I love them together, but I am not sure about him yet.
    Chase did seem to be playing the divorce card to much… But as you said coming from a divorced family, that should make you cautious but at the same time ready to open up. I don’t think Chase would really give Jojo what she is looking for.
    I loved what Luke did to express his feelings ha for Jojo! It made me cry! I hope that who ever she ends up with, she will be happy with!

  28. I think you’re absolutely right about them setting Luke up to be the next bachelor. He definitely charmed America on this epi!!! He’s so sweet. Of course we all want him to be the next bachelor so he can find love! And if not Luke, then def Chase. This blog summed up ALL of my thoughts from this epi. Thanks for putting it into words for me haha.

  29. I actually find it commendable that Robby heard from his mom that there was rumors going around about him and instantly he went and talked to Jojo before she heard it anywhere else. I feel like that means he is actually really trying with her and wants to make this work. He could’ve just ignored it, not told her and hoped she never found out. To be honest my least favorite is Jordan (although I still really like him), I don’t know why, they just don’t seem to have the "it" factor together. I really hope she doesn’t send Luke home as I think they are good together. In the end though, it doesn’t really matter who anyone thinks she’s good with or not good with, she has to go with what she believes is best. I know the record for couples staying together with this show is not that great but I really am rooting for her (as I did all the couples) and the important thing to me is everyone is happy at the end, whether together, or apart!

  30. I love love love your blog posts. I do agree that the whole making a big deal out of divorced parents is kind of strange, I am a result of divorced parents and still do have a few fears when it comes to relationships, but not committing in general. I know I may have the unpopular opinion, but I don’t really know why Chase is still in the running. Also, I can see how much she is into Jordan and really cares for him. I feel about the Aaron Rodgers thing and his family regarding Jordan, but it did feel like it was brought up one too many times. The show is making it extremely obvious who the final two are going to be. I’m waiting for some shocker to happen. I hope Jojo doesn’t send Luke home, because their relationship is so much stronger than Chase and Robby. I’m sort of shocked by the 72 hours of dating thing you mentioned though, it seems like they spend more time together than that. That only makes me even more shocked that couples get engaged at all by the finale.

    You mentioning the "I’m falling in love with you," statement sort of makes sense, but I think it depends on the person. I know I’ve said it before and I’ve heard it before, so I am not totally convinced it’s a the bachelor(ette) thing.

    Also, your baby is absolutely adorable. Love your photos and snaps of her!

  31. I like Jojo but I thought it was wrong that she was going to send Luke home because he did not say the words "I love you." Now that he did and probably because he felt the pressure to, she may keep him or have a change of heart. But ultimately it just seems like she doesn’t have a strong feeling for him if she was first considering sending him home? If she felt strongly for him she would keep him even without those big 3 words. But don’t just keep him now because he said it! Plus she should also understand being on the otherside of the process how difficult it could be to date a girl who is also spending time with these other men. How can you expect him or any of them to say I love you after really 72 hours of time you’ve spent together? I just don’t understand the rush of it all. Why does it have to end with an engagement rather than a relationship that you can continue to grow over time. That’s one of the biggest things that I feel is putting these relationships into jeopardy. Like you said Ali Bachelor love is different than real world love.

  32. I don’t really see any of these guys with her forever. Don’t get me wrong, they all seem like great guys! I just don’t see a true connection in any of these relationships!

    We haven’t seen much between Jojo and Chase, which leads me to believe they probably have a stronger connection then the show is leading on. Much like last season, they didn’t show much about Ben and Jojo until the last few episodes. He seems like a good guy, so if she does end up with one of these guys, I hope it’s him.

    Jordan: I think Jojo likes him but she is always questioning his intentions and character. RED FLAG. No matter how much he reassures her, those concerns won’t go away. If Jojo doesn’t trust him now, why would she trust him 5 years down the road? And also, why so many questions about his brother? I actually felt bad for Jordan that the hometown became the Aaron Rodgers show, much of what his life is probably like. For once he wanted the day to be about him and his girl… Would she have been questioning so much if it was his brother Luke that didn’t speak to the family, or was it just because Aaron is famous?

    Robby: I believe he is genuine and has a loving family, however I don’t believe he is ready to commit to a lifetime with Jojo. He has not had time to truly process from his past relationship, to just get to know who Robby is! Something that he won’t be able to see until he takes a step back.

    Luke: first of all, I love Luke! I think the would be the most loving and caring husband to Jojo. It is obvious to me, however, that they don’t have much of a connection. Jojo seemed a bit uninterested last night when he was telling her that his heart was hers. She did not smile or anything. All she said was "thank you". It felt very awkward to me. Plus, if she was willing to send him home in the first place, clearly she isn’t feeling the same way. She knew he loves her, she just wanted to hear it. I think that was her excuse to get rid of him. But now that he said that, she feels bad.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens!!

  33. Love reading your blog each week! Hometowns- I like Chase!
    Jordan reminds me of Andi’s season, Josh. The athlete, one you feel like you can’t trust, but want to be that one.

    I do feel like Robby is genuine and I was surprised she dropped the L bomb with him and no one else?!

    Luke- I like him but I just can’t see her ending up with him.

    Chase- I’ve liked their connection from the beginning, he seemed a bit more stand off in the middle but I loved their hometown!

    Congratulations again on baby Molly! Being a mommy looks good on you! 🙂

  34. Robby threatened his ex if she speaks more there will be negative consequences and begging people to post him on instragram have you seen the post from chase Chrisley where he forgot to take out what Robby sent him in a text about promoting him on Instagram before it was deleted! Have u seen him on snapchat all over girls and all of the Instagram follows and likes how can you not see he was there for fame?

    1. He actually offered to pay Jade/Tanner and JJ Lane to promote him on Instagram. They sold him out! He needs to disappear

  35. Hi! I think people say "I’m falling in love with you" when they’re scared that it’s not going to be reciprocated. It’s like testing the waters – if you get the "go ahead" it’s then safe to let yourself fully commit to what’s happening and allow yourself to be truly vulnerable. Love is a choice as well as a feeling. I think that a conscious choice has to be made to really love someone and that happens once we feel reciprocation is likely. It’s got to be hard to fully open your heart to love when the person you’re falling for is dating three other people just as seriously!

  36. Luke is clearly the best guy and the show knows it and they also know that jojo always holds back when she is with Luke. Jordan is scum and Chase has no shot. I am in different about Robby. Ali, I love reading your blogs!

  37. I loved Luke from the beginning, but last night when she was crying as he poured his heart out to her was a sign that she isn’t feeling it like he is. I HOPE he’s the next bachelor! He sure is good eye candy. 😉
    I’m surprised at how connected she seems with Chase. It seemed like they fizzled out for a while. I like him but things don’t seem as fun or exciting with him as I think JoJo wants it to be.
    Robby….eh. Not sure about him.
    Jordan is growing on me. I feel bad for him – just because of his family, he has to constantly defend and explain himself. He seems like a stand-up guy. I think she’ll end up picking him in the end. But I’m not so sure it’ll last. 🙁
    I love keeping up with you and your baby Ali! She is adorable. I hope motherhood is treating you well (at least in between the rough spots). I have two of my own. It is the hardest, most rewarding job in the world!

  38. I agree in love and love are two different things. You either do or you don’t! I did like Chase’s hometown date. I think it went really well. He is so genuine. That’s how I feel with Luke and Robby. I like them both. I don’t know if I could trust Jordan. I liked him at first….but I somehow think he wants to be famous from the show. Their connection just happend so fast! It would be cool if Luke was the Bachelor. But at the same time…I think he has a very sweet and real connection with Jojo. We will see on Monday! Thank you Ali for posting every week! ?

  39. Great blog and recap of last night. I dislike Jordan and think she needs to listen to her gut feelings. Taking her to his high school seemed lame to me and to show himself off. He couldn’t think of anything more relevant to do? I really like Luke and chase. I think if she picks Robbie or Jordan then they will break up shortly after. BUT I think she is going to pick one of them. She said that Luke did not say he was falling in love with her but he said "you have my heart", which to me is saying more. I did notice the music with only Luke though. We will see what happens…..,,,,

  40. So, my thoughts are that Chase definitely grew on me in this episode – he opened up and seemed really genuine and like he’s in this for the long run. Divorce affects people in different ways (depending on the severity of the divorce) and Chase even said it was a pretty bad divorce. I don’t think she and Jordan would last if he was the last one standing. The fact that she keeps questioning his intentions and his character sparks a red flag for me. And I hate to throw the fame card, but I’m throwing it and feeling like this also could be a set up for him to be the next Bachelor. I think Luke is darling and genuine, but clearly, JoJo is missing something from him. Not 100% sure what to think about Robby – I think he (and his mom) are being honest about his past relationship, but I think we need to move on from that. I totally understand JoJo’s hesitation, but I (like her) would rather trust people than assume everyone is lying. Excited to see what comes of next week’s 2-night special!

  41. Unfortunately I could not watch last night’s episode but from what I’ve seen up until last night, it seems that she has a stronger connection with Luke than Chase. So I would think she would send Chase home. However her body language seems that she is more into Jordan. Why else would she be questioning him so much and not the other remaining men?

  42. 1: I dislike cliff-hangers.

    2: What I hope will happen: A) Luke doesn’t get sent home and she ends up choosing either him or Chase (I really love how Chase opened up and we got to see a glimpse of his stable side; his mom and JoJo had a really sweet chat too as well as with his Dad). B) She sends Luke home and he becomes the new Bachelor.

    3: What I think might happen (because rarely do things actually go down the way I want them to): She sends Luke home. Then, sends Chase home next. The final rose ceremony comes down to Robbie and Jordan (two guys I feel she is having trust issues with).

    Sigh…I know we don’t get the whole perspective on who these guys are, but my line-up would be 1-Luke, 2-Chase, 3-Robbie, 4-Jordan (he was my first-impression rose too, but now, there is something about him that waves a red flag).

  43. See, I think Robby is lying when he said he never spoke to his ex again after that night. There certainly had to be some text messages or crying phone conversations. Also if not and he really was telling the truth – I feel there has been no closure then. The last night a huge blowout and her slapping him? That doesn’t seem like me like the best way to leave things…

    1. Erin, I totally agree. You can’t just date for 4 years have this huge fight and then call it off without ever speaking again. She or he is going to need closure at some point and that’s where it can get messy.

  44. I completely agree with a lot you said in this blog! I was thinking the same thing about jojo bringing up Aaron Rogers sooo much. I was very clear that the topic made Jordan and his whole family uncomfortable. I like Robby. He seems genuine and honest and I do believe him. Something that came to my mind when Robby was telling jojo about his ex roommate spreading rumors was that earlier in the show, jojo’s ex Chad was spreading rumors so I feel she should be a bit more understanding. Luke is great but I can’t picture them together, same with chase. By the way Molly is ADORABLE!!!

  45. Ali, I love reading your blog about Molly, Bachelor, and style. I especially love the bachelorette blogs because I’m a huge fan and I love the behind the scene "tips and tricks", and producer edits that you point out. I’m actually thinking next week she will send both Luke and Chase home! Could it be?? I think this because next week is Men Tell All when they usually do that before the finale and then BIP starts August 4th which only leaves 2 weeks left. AND there were no previews of fantasy suite dates or anything! Hmm…

  46. I like Robby. I think he’s a great communicator and an all around fun guy. His I love you’s seem easy flowing and sincere. I like Luke too. He is such a man. I’m surprised he brought his group of friends to the date. Unless he felt it would impact HER in a great way. He seems like a pretty quiet guy, which I’m not sure she diga. Ahe lives the hot chemistry but that will only take you so far. As for Jordan, he seems like a great catch and good boyfri3nd material. Not sure about the husband part. I definitely think JoJo is a little too interested in Aaron, maybe his celebrity intrigues her? I’m probably going to lose some people with this one…I absolutely love all of these guys hair do’s!

  47. I agree with you too about Jordans brother being brought up. It concerns me that their is already issues with drama on her and Robby’s relationship and Jordan’s relationship. I think with alot more time her and Chase could make it. Because I see how bad he wants true everlasting love. With that being said, I might be the only one, but I felt theit was a huge connection with Luke and his family. When they were off walking by themselves I then could sense her being distant. I really think Luke would make Jojo the happiest. I think she would feel appreciated and loved by him. He’s my pick. I hope she has a change of heart and see’s that. As for the next bachelor. I want it to be James Taylor. He’s final words to her and how he reacted made me cry. I want him to find love. I loved him on the show. Him and Luke were my favorites. So sweet and gentleman like.

  48. I know I’m in the minority but I really am not a fan of Luke’s at all. Something about him bugs me. Anyway, I hope they pick Chase to be the next Bachelor but I doubt that’ll happen. Going to be the second season of the Bachelor EVER that I haven’t watched (I skipped Juan Pablo’s season because I couldn’t stand him either) if Luke is the chosen…BOOO-RING. That will be a snoozefest. I actually like Jordan more and more as time goes on. They are cute together! Hope it lasts.

  49. Ali, I’m also wondering how long the application/auditioning process takes?? I’m trying to get to the bottom of this Robby issue and I’m thinking that he had to have at least started the process while he was still in a relationship?!?!

  50. Love your blogs and pictures of your sweet new addition! Just precious! I totally agree they made way too much of a deal with the divorce. I really like him for her. Jordan, to me, is a total put on. He looks so fake when he talks to her, and overall, appears to be ‘acting’ when they are together. He just doesn’t seem genuine at all. WAY too much about the brother. He said when he first told her about it that its something they don’t discuss. Let it go. Unless he, or his family, feel the desire to open up to her about it, its rude to keep asking. Luke does appear to the be the total package, but she doesn’t seem at all into him. Her interaction with him isn’t natural. Robby is a nice guy and I commend his efforts to clear up the rumors immediately with JoJo. Overall, I think JoJo is a great girl, but puts so much emphasis and pressure on them to tell her they love her. I would much it come from them when they are truly feeling it than to say it to stay on the show. Look forward to next week!

  51. I really like Chase I think he’s obviously slower on everything but he’s just a cautious person which nothing is wrong with that. I really think they would be very happy together and he’s just so adorable. I like Jordan I think they got a cute relationship but she is for sure hesitant. But I guess with everyone one of the guys she hesitant with but how can you not when you really don’t know them all that much. She will have to just put it all in for a relationship to work. Robbie ain’t my fav for her but nothing’s wrong with him I just like her better with the other 3. I was shocked she was going to send Luke home I really thought the ending to there night was so sweet and don’t understand how she couldn’t get from all he did that he loves her. I would like to see Chase in the end with Jordan. Who I would like to see as the next bachelor would be James Taylor , he was such a sweet guy and I feel he would be the best for next bachelor . My opinion.

  52. Hey Ali,

    Congrats on Molly, she is very cute!’ Just wanted to comment on your "I’m falling in love" discussion with Chase. I think that Chase is actually in love with JoJo but because he knows that she won’t be able to say it back he is protecting himself emotionally by only saying "falling." I actually went through this with my now fiancé. I knew I wanted to say I love you to him but I also knew that he had an extremely hard time opening up emotionally (this was at the time, we are all good now ?), so I started with an "I’m falling in love with you" even though I knew that I was fully there. That being said it allowed us to open up with our feelings more quickly and easily knowing that "love" was around the corner. Although things moved slowly we are very happy now and I’m happy with my decision to take it slow with saying the actual words "I love you." I’m proud of Chase for being realistic and protecting his heart. #teamchase

  53. Ali-
    Congrats on adorable little Molly! She’s so beautiful. I agree with your thoughts on hometown dates. But I hope she doesn’t pick Chase and that he is the next bachelor. He needs a funny girl.
    Also, what size heart sweatshirt do you have from JH?
    And where did you get your gray robe you wore at hospital or on the way home? It looked soooo comfy!
    I have been a huge fan of yours since day 1!
    Thank you!

  54. Was anyone else so annoyed with the "to be continued" are did y’all expect it?? I was dying to know who she picked, because I didnt see any stand outs. I was sort of hoping for one of the home town dates to not go well so it would be easier on her…this has to be such a hard decision, I can only imagine…

  55. Luke is reserved and quiet for jojo. It might get more fun, but who knows.

    Jordan said I’m falling in love as did other guys. Way too soon to say I love you, but isn’t that what the bachelorette wants to hear or they go home.

    Chase is just awkward and nit in touch with himself. Difficulty talking.

    Robby just wants someone way too badly. Not sure if they would have fun in life.

    Summary: nobody is really ready here to commit. Jojo needs to date for a year to clear up her issues with these men. Understandable

  56. I love your blog!!! I totally agree Robby is so good for her I feel he is genuine. Of course being from Texas I’m rooting for Luke to win, but if he doesn’t I totally agree he will be the perfect bachelor.. I have a question for you.. You said in your blog "you know right away when you meet someone" how do you know? I’ve recently started dating a guy and I’m feeling feelings unlike I have ever felt before but I have a guard up because of hurt. So how do you know.

  57. Hey Ali! I am trying to figure out where Jordan got that jacket from (the one he wears on his hometown date). I would love to get that for my husband! Curious if you have any leads 🙂

  58. Ali,
    I love your blog and I loved you as the Bachelorette! As much as I love Jojo as a person…I mean come on, she is gorgeous, funny, sweet, stylish…this is NOT my favorite season. Chase is my personal fave, but I don’t think that any of them are right for her and I don’t even see this lasting until after the final rose. I thought she had a great pool of guys from the start, but maybe she is just still insecure from her heartbreak from Ben…she wants them all to open up and love her, but I don’t think she feels a ton for them. I think she WANTS it to be Jordan, but she knows it will never work. I’ve never felt so disconnected to this show before at this point, and I’ve seen every season. Rooting for everyone to find their happy ending! Don’t think it will happen though!

  59. I read this blog all the time (love it), but have never commented until now. Here’s my take:

    Robby – I find him to be extremely feminine for some reason – does nothing for me and I don’t think he’s ready for another relationship
    Chase – I find him to be the most attractive, but he has had a hard time expressing his feelings and that doesn’t go over well on this show – ever.
    Luke – I think he is a stand-up guy, but there is something that doesn’t seem natural about him whenever he’s with JoJo. Not sure what it is, but I don’t think he’ll end up with her.
    Jordan – I like him and I feel sorry for him at the same time. I think when he revealed that he didn’t have a good relationship with Aaron, that should have blown all the "entitled" critics away, but everyone keeps after him. Something definitely happened in this family and I find it sad. I don’t think anyone has thrown Aaron under the bus, but I am curious as to the real story. JoJo wouldn’t let it go last night and I wanted to yell – "it’s not about Aaron, it’s about Jordan!" but I think you’re right. The producers probably put her up to it.

    I think she is most into Jordan and that is why she seems so insecure. What I have seen consistently on this show is that the guy/girl that the girl/guy is most interested in is the one they always question and/or think is "too good to be true". Just my opinion.

    Lastly, just wondering if anybody else has noticed the thin gold band that JoJo has been wearing on her ring finger. Do you think one of the guys gave it to her?

  60. I was feeling confused over the big deal about the divorced parents but lawsuits was mentioned so maybe the dad did something illegal. Both parents are remarried so seems odd that both children are still so emotional about it. Luke’s dad was emotional when talking about his son serving his country yet Luke said nothing to him back, weird. I like Robbie and his family. Remembering JoJo’s family though, they might be too much for Robbie’s nice, normal family to cope with. I agree that Jordan seems to be acting all the time.

  61. This is what I heard about the Jordan/Aaron feud:
    Aaron Rodgers has been involved with Olivia Munn, who I personally adore, and I believe they are still living together. Anyway Jordan was dating Olivia’s best friend and cheated on her and that’s when everything went to hell.

  62. I think that maybe the fact that Chase’s parents’ divorce was "ugly" had a bigger impact on him (and his sister). I also think that Jojo is so worried about Jordan because she is really falling for him, and as she explained last night, she didn’t want the same thing to happen that happened with Ben. She’s afraid of getting hurt. I don’t care for Robby. I think she will still send Luke home next week. Luke for Bachelor!

  63. Congratulations Ali and Kevin! You baby is adorable? Just stumbled onto your blog and ❤️It.
    My take one this season—- nobody is ready to propose to her. They all seem to me not ready! Chase—- handsome but not ready needs more time. Jordan- adorable but not sure if marriage is for him YET. Robby—desperate to fill the void. Too much so.and Luke well it looks like he was going to get sent home but something very off with him in my eyes. We shall see next week and will check on what you think!

  64. I LOVE Luke. I really hope he’s the next Bachelor if she doesn’t pick him at the end — which, considering she was at least planning to get rid of him this week, I’m thinking she won’t.

    I don’t really blame JoJo for asking about Aaron. She’s looking into marrying into this family — I’d want to know what’s up, too!

    I used to really like Robby but for some reason I don’t care for him as much now. Probably because I love Luke so much…ha! As for the ex’s roommate’s comments — not sure I believe that he didn’t break up with her when he found out he’d be on the show/to go on the show, but I do believe that wasn’t the main reason for the break-up. It may have just been the push that set the break-up into motion. Too many of us have been in relationships that really should have been over far before they officially were, so I totally get his mindset there.

  65. I absolutely love Chase. I think he is REAL and genuine about his Intensions. He is on the show for the "right reasons."

    Luke is an American hero- no doubt, but I don’t think he is on the show for the right reasons- check out his Instagram- he’s a musician and is a paid performer. The show is really grooming him to be The Bachelor but I just don’t think he is genuine.

    Robby can’t possible be over his Ex and/or their 4 year relationship- no matter how much he claims he is. And if he is, then why would JoJo want to be with someone so inhuman regarding emotions- being with someone for four years SHOULD have a lasting impact on you and if it doesn’t, something is wrong with you emotionally.

    Jordan- maybe it’s just me, but there something extremely effeminate about ha maybe it’s just me, but there something extremely effeminate about Jordan. From the way he walks to the way he constantly swooshes his hair back and just some of his strange mannerisms. I don’t find him to be "real" and every time he speaks in confessionals, he has this fake affected showy type of’s speaking. what’s worse is that it’s the same way he speaks when he’s one-on-one with jojo. It’s like his whole stint on the show is one big performance.

    I am team chase all the way whether for Jojo or for the next bachelor as the best leads on the show are always the most real ones.

    1. Agree about Chase! He really seems to be the most genuine. Even his "I’m falling in love with you JoJo" was genuine to me. Because like Ali says herself, you don’t REALLY fall in love on the show – so saying THAT seems more genuine to me than saying "I love you" after the first date (hello, Robby ?)

      Anyway, Team Chase for The Bachelor!! ❤️

  66. omg what dress was she wearing at the rose ceremony last week( it was black with the lace V in front and the cross in back!?! i am obsessed with it!

    Congrats on your beautiful baby girl BTW. 😀

    Ok i have thought from the beginning that Luke would be her perfect match.. there are so many things that have shown that. But i guess she didn’t see or feel that.. We will find out next week.
    I am scared for her if she picks Jordan.. It doesn’t seem like a right fit at all..

    And i fully agree with you that her and robby’s convo on the bed was the most real we have ever seen. It also shows that he is capable of taking things head on and figuring out the issue at hand on the spot and he is willing to talk things out and listen to her worries and fears as well. He seems like a very genuine guy!

  67. I like Luke. the others are not ready for a serious relationship. I too agree this is not the best season,I don’t think she really had much to choose from and the forever person is still out there. On the finale, I can see her just walking away. Please Jojo, don’t settle, not unless you have butterflies everytime your man walks into the room. Till next week……

  68. Hi Ali, I am reading your blog and watching the Bachelorette while breastfeeding my newborn. I also love the romper that JoJo wore on her hometown date with Robby and think that it will be perfect for breastfeeding in the summer because it buttons in the front. Do you know where I might be able to get it?

  69. I completely agree with you about the "I’m falling in love with you" comment. No one says that in real life! I personally think it’s a cop out because it’s sorta saying I love you and sorta not. So for the guys who have feelings for her and KNOW that it’s customary and expected to drop the L word by hometowns, they’ll instead say they’re "falling" in love because at least it uses the L word, right?!? Hahaha.

  70. I really like Luke Pell. I hope he gets his own show so he may pick, choose and refuse. Jojo just don’t seems like the complete package for him. I mean she wants to send him home just because he never told her "I love you", like c’mon he may not have told her in words before but his actions says it all. I like Jordan and Chase also, but Luke is more mature and is full time now for him to get married and have a few babies.
    Oh congratulations on your bundle of joy and I hope you have a beautiful wedding.

  71. The real problem with Robby’s "I haven’t talked to Hope since December" story is that there is also a picture of them together on New Years. It’s very likely they broke up soon after this, but it’s also very likely he did break up with her to go on the show. If you’re a Reality Steve reader, there is an email from Hope to Steve about how she has been cautioned from, presumably, Robby and/or his family to not make any public comments regarding the situation. Overall, to me, he seems very shady.

  72. Is it just me or does it seem like Jojo is way more into Jordan that he is into her? She’s always rubbing up on him or snuggling, and he seems stiff and uncomfortable. She’s always looking at him with goo-goo eyes, and he just seems kind of "meh" when he looks at her. I’m not feeling the connection from watching them together. Anyone else?

    1. I agree!! His ex blasted him saying he was a cheater and I def get that vibe from him. I feel like he’s playing some game to win the girl. He doesn’t seem like he’s speaking from his heart or being honest. His responses when she questioned him the few times were lame! I would not have felt reassured about our connection after his responses if I were her. I agree with Ali I think deep down she knows something isn’t right but feels so stong for him that she doesn’t want to admit that something isn’t right.

  73. You’re my favorite bachelorette still! Looking forward to lots and lots of Molly baby pics! Jordan is still my pick for JoJo and Chase for the next Bachelor.
    I did have the thought last night that there are so many on the show whose parents are still together. I found that interesting!
    As to your comment about baby before marriage… I personally find the trend sad. The sanctity of marriage should be held high!

  74. I agree with everything you say! My mom and I text back and forth while watching the show (we live in two different cities) and we said the exact thing you did on almost every occasion. One thing I might add is as nice as Ben is, I think it really scarred JoJo. With Jordan (and even Robbie) she is so scared and does not want to get hurt and blindsided. I am not sure which date, but she said with Ben he told her all the right things, and then chose someone else. She is nervous that Jordan is going to do the same thing. Therefore, I do not blame her for constantly questioning him. That being said, I do believe Jordan is the front runner and JoJo wants to be 100% sure it will not be a repeat of Ben before saying "yes." I do think that Luke is going to go home (NOOOO!!!!). I hope I am proven wrong. However, if that means he is a possibility for the next Bachelor, I can live with that! 🙂 On the wedding date: congrats!! http://www.theknot.com was my biggest help while planning my wedding. You will make a gorgeous bride!

  75. Hi Ali,

    Congrats on your and Kevin’s little bundle! I follow your snaps and she’s freaken adorable. Anywho, I have to say I love Chase, he seems very genuine in who he is. I want him to be the next bachelor, he reminds me of Sean Lowe. On Emily’s season Sean was a little more quiet and didn’t seem as outgoing as the rest, however as the bachelor he was one of my favs. Also… I’m gonna attempt to the on the bachelor this weekend, (crossing fingers). I love Luke also but it’s tough being with someone who has done a tour or two overseas, I can only assume that he has some sort of PTSD and I’m not sure Jojo will be able to handle that. Robby, is whatever to me… Don’t like or dislike. As for Jordan, I feel that he is genuine however her constant questioning is making him question. I did feel irritated for him and his family with the constant Aaron questions. Everyone has family drama so she needs to let that go. Okay, enough blabbing on my part, have a great day!

  76. I completely agree with pretty much your whole blog! I’m also a child of divorced parents and I don’t think I’ve ever said "I’m from a broken home" or had commitment issues of my own. But like you said things affect everyone differently! The mentioning of Aaron Rodgers is getting old! Either fully address the situation or drop it in my opinion! I’m with you, I’m a fan of Robbie! I was so surprised when she said she thinks she needs to send Luke home! Especially when she called their moments together "powerful" on his hometown. To me, she seems to have the least connection with Chase so I am expecting him to go home but who knows!! Dang those cliffhangers!!

  77. I don’t agree about Robby. I think he totally ditched the girlfriend as soon as he heard he was cast for the show. The audition and selection process is a little long so he was probably auditioning and doing all these things while still with the ex so he was being sneaky behind her back. Definitely there for the wrong reasons. Didn’t you hear he was offering to pay Jade and Tanner to promote him on Instagram? I can see right through him. You are being too naive Ali. But i agree with everything else on the blog and congrats on baby girl!!!

  78. Hi Ali,
    Big congrats to you precious gift (a gift from Above)…..a sweet, little angel!
    If I had to choose someone who may be more husband material, it would be Luke (with what little we know of all 4 guys).
    Luke is the next best choice as the Bachelor. He’s 31, served our country, West Point Grad….don’t think The Bachelor ever had someone with the same characteristic as Luke….makes for an interesting story.
    I agree with what Lyn posted about the sanctity of marriage or baby before marriage. It isn’t enough to just have love for another (man & woman); just as a 2-legged stool cannot stand on its own without a 3rd leg, a family unit need to know and receive the Love, guidance, and protection of a higher deity as well as Give it back to Him. Though not perfect, divorce rates are higher among those who live together before marriage. The family that prays together, stays together.

  79. You know what Ali, now I’m thinking that the whole Jordan charade is intentionally overproduced. Think about it- so many viewers have thought Jordan has it in the bag since night one (myself included). My guess is that the producers saw this coming due to Jojo and Jordan’s undeniable attraction to each other. They knew they’d have to keep us guessing by throwing a few curve balls in there, such as only focusing on the Aaron conflict AND purposefully showing Jojo’s insecurities with Jordan. Perhaps she has said the same thing about Chase, who still hasn’t said he loved her, or maybe
    she’s rambled on about Robby and her worries about his ex- but since many viewers already have doubts about those guys, they needed to plant the seed of doubt in our minds about Jordan too. And like you said- they can’t do that with Luke because they are priming him to be the next Bachelor in our eyes (okay in our hearts too!).

    I’m still betting on Jordan taking this win. It’s always been Jordan for her. That’s why she cares about his feeling so much IMO. She doesn’t doubt the other guys feelings perhaps because she doesn’t care about them mirroring her feelings as much.

    What do you think about that?


  80. I think she will keep Luke for one more week and I think ABC probably has something to do with it. It gives us another week to like Luke and it brings him to the number 3 spot and in bachelor/bachelorette history that means he will be the bachelor. Obviously, that wasn’t the case when picking JoJo, but let’s be real he will be the choice by America. Also, how did she not fal harder for him with that flower heart? I mean c’mon that could have been the proposal.

  81. Hi Ali,
    Your baby girl is beautiful and precious!!

    I agree that JoJo has some real honest conversations.
    She seems to be very comfortable just being her natural self in front of the cameras.

    I’ll have to rewatch the talk with Robby, but I noticed this trait about her with many other conversations. Not really sure about Robbie. Maybe he is her type, but definitely not mine.

    Luke is the bomb, except I wish he had a lower voice.

    Chase is nice, seems honest and real. But, yes, very uncomfortable, almost forced into saying he is "falling in love".

    Jordon, just don’t trust this relationship.

    Thanks for sharing.


  82. When Jordan says that he’s crazy about her and that he loves her he doesn’t look at her. I think his body language says it all – not interested. Ali, I think you’re right about her sending something that is off. I hope she doesn’t pick him.

  83. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Jordan’s open-eyed kiss! There’s definitely something up with him — I would love to hear the REAL story about Aaron. They even had to blur him out in the family photo on the boat? Either he was stuck on that or his feelings for Jojo aren’t real

  84. I think the divorce thing is spot on Ali. Jordan, I have no idea…okay I do. I have a hard time trusting guys that cute. Typically they aren’t the ones I’m ever interested in. Luke, God love the man…He is so articulate and seems honest, and loyal and yummy! He hasn’t come across as GQ to me. Robby? Nah not feeling him. I really like Chase for several reasons. That first date yab yum = yum yum!

  85. You said it in such a PERFECT way. But I still think Luke is the one for her. But, he indeed will make a GREAT bachelor.

    Something has always felt off with Luke. I would want to know about Aaron’s relationship too cause what if it’s a "red flag" to her. Is it something that would scare her away?

    I am not into Robby at all but Chase after this show I have a new look on him. Yes he needs to be more open but you can sure feel and see all the love and emotions he has towards Jojo.

    So team Luke for me still although I know he does not win her over. I can just see it all over her.

  86. I completely agree with your assessments of the guys. I do like Chase though and I feel he has a lot of great qualities but she admitted that their relationship wasn’t as far along as the other three so on that note I would say he won’t get the final rose.

    I do like Luke but he seems one dimensional, always so serious and/or deep and romantic. I know that a lot of that is probably due to creative editing but it would be fun to see if he had a fun/goofy side. I think humor is really important in a relationship.

    I REALLY like Robby and he seems the most down to Earth. From their air time together they seem like their conversations flow really well and that they’ve had some "meaty" talks and not just superficial ones like some of the guys.

    Jordan seems like a good guy but like you said she keeps questioning his loyalty to her and the process which I think is her subconscious telling her that maybe he isn’t "the one".

    BTW you and Molly look great and I’m so happy for you and Kevin and of course Owen now has a little sister to love:)

      1. The romper is from Isabel Marant. Jojo’s stylist from the show posts her outfits on his IG. His name is Cary Fetman ?

  87. Another Krista here lol – I have not been a fan of Robby the entire show, until his hometown. I’ve always thought he came across as totally arrogant and uninterested. But I’ve never seen someone actually fight for the Bachelor/Bachelorette the way Robby fought for her that night. It was very moving and I also thought it was genuine. I think JoJo’s reaction says a lot about how she feels about him. I never realized just how much of a front runner he is until that date!!

  88. I’vebeen #team Jordan since night one. It seems to me she is in love with Jordan ( in bachelorette terms as you said). I think she keeps thinking back to Ben and is so afraid to say it to Jordan thinking it won’t last because she has fear of losing him also!! Read her people blog and sounds like that could be the case. I hope it’s Jordan. They need to let up on the Aaron situation seems like he’s estranged from the entire family I’m sure she’ll find out why or probably does know already the truth!!

  89. Firstly, congratulations on your sweet baby girl! She’s gorgeous!
    Secondly, Burnet is only 3 hours away, would it be it be too stalkerish to drive around and look for Luke because he’s pretty much perfect ?? ABC can for sure count me in if he’s the next Bachelor!!!

  90. Spot on!! Was thinking the same thing. Hate a cliff hanger until next week…ugh.

    Would love to know any info on the gorgeous white and purple romper JoJo wore with Robby. It’s so cute!!

    Also congratulations to you and Kevin (and Owen) on your beautiful daughter Molly!!!

  91. Completely agree with everything you said above…even the Robby part 🙂
    Love reading your take! Question I’ve always wondered when watching the show…the "bloopers" at the end typically show more realistic moments or conversations than the actual show- why is it the show/producers guide such unnatural communication for the show and don’t show us more of the real conversations and moments that they have on tape??!!

  92. Hi!

    First off, congrats on your baby girl! I’m also having a little girl in 6 weeks, so seeing pictures of your sweet babe gets me so excited to meet our baby girl! I swear – it’s like 2016 is the new baby boom year or something because I feel like everyone is having babies!!

    I’ve never commented on one of your blogs, but I have to make a comment about your thoughts on Chase’s "I’m falling in love with you" comment. I will say that the first time my husband ever mentioned the word "love" to me was on the couch, watching the World Cup, and looking right at me said, "I think I’m falling in love with you." Which I of course quickly responded, "I love you, too!!" Haha we weren’t totally on the same page yet. I don’t think he loved me in that moment like I had hoped, but I really feel like during that point in our relationship he felt like he was falling in love with me and he wanted me to know that. I think he wanted me to know that he was almost at the same point as me but still needed more time. And it wasn’t like I was asking him if he loved me or anything, but I think he just knew in his heart that I already knew for myself that I loved him. He was so genuine and sweet when he said it, too. And like Chase it was SO hard for him to ever open up about his feelings. No joke. Maybe it was because he had never had a serious girlfriend. Who knows. But it really was rare when he would open up about his feelings. So yes, some guys actually use that phrase 🙂 Don’t worry – not offended by your opinion at all haha just trying to support the other "Chase’s" out there in the world! Men actually will use that phrase and literally mean it! And I think some use it because it’s just that in between phase between crush and love and they don’t know how else to express themselves. Anywho, you asked for thoughts and those were mine 🙂

  93. I was surprised she was thinking of sending Luke home, thought he was more genuine and real than Jordan or Robby. I didnt get to see Chase’s date so can’t say much there. I do think the show rushes the ‘I ‘m falling in love with you’ yeah, who says that! I think you say I love you or not at all, and definitely don’t rush it. If you say it too soon, not realizing it, it only takes a fraction of a second for your head to say ,’oh no, did I say that too soon’ – then you know, yeah, you said it too soon.

  94. I think the emphasis on the divorce with Chase was the fact that his Parents are not speaking and she would have to meet them separately. If she were to marry him it may be the first time his parents have been in the same room since the divorce (I hope anyway that they would set aside their own issues for a wedding). I like Luke but I think JoJo would be bored in such a country life and that may be an issue with him if he were the bachelor too, like it was with Chris and the girls not looking got such a isolated lifestyle. I think she has fallen for Jordan and is just afraid he will break her heart after the Ben heartbreak. If I had to guess at this point I think we are looking at Jordan and Robby in the final two. When the to be continued popped I I found myself yelling Nooooooooooooooo

    1. ??? thank goodness you spoke your mind about that. I’m sure Ali will stop talking about it now! #rude

  95. I love Luke’s intensity! OMG! He’s so romantic and passionate! Their chemistry is white hot and jumps off the screen! If I wasn’t married, I would fall head over heals for him.

  96. There’s a new photo of Robby w his ex on NYE sooooo there goes that story of him not talking to her after they broke up… Also, breaking up on the same day as taking a pic in matching onesies and then posting the photo doesn’t sound right to me..

    And I completely agree about Chase saying "i’m falling in love with you" felt forced! I did not find that natural at all.

    If she decided to send Luke home because he didn’t literally say ILY then I don’t know what is wrong w her because the whole candles, flower heart thing and the words he said basically said I love you! Crazy girl.

  97. Luke is my favorite so if she does send him home I hope he is the next bachelor. I like chase too but she doesn’t seem as far along with him. Really I think she likes Jordan the most but I have some doubts about him too. And Robby is great. He seems as if he has moved on from his ex but they’ll for sure be some tabloids all over those stories if she chooses him.

  98. I adore Luke, but anything that seems too good to be true probably is. Especially with reality TV!

    On the flip side of things. I actually think she had the best connection with Chase’s family. I’m kinda excited to see them on the next episode.

  99. I agree with you.. With the "I’m falling in love" it’s a very bachelorette/bachelor thing to say! Haha… Who knows!? Also love that dress you wore the other day that ties in front… So cute on u☺️

  100. Ali,
    I just want to say that I look forward to reading your blog after the show. I’ve been reading since the beginning but this is my first comment. I have to say that I have always adored you since we first saw you on Jake’s season but you impress me even more now. I remember what it was like to have the demand of a newborn and I couldn’t even think, let alone write an incredible blog for the world to read. You’re a rockstar mom! Molly is lucky to have you.

  101. First thing I wanna say, I adore you since you were in the Bachelorette. Your season introduced me to this whole Bachelor/Bachelorette world. I always love your posts Ali. My question for my curiosity is, do all Bachelors/ Bachelorettes (and also the contestants) choose their own outfits for the taping or do they a stylist and wardrobe selections and they can just choose what they want to wear? thank you so much!

  102. I feel like I wrote this blog haha, During Luke’s hometown (particularly the scene with the heart made of flower petals and country music song playing), I was running into the bathroom for kleenex and said to my SO: "omg I feel like I’m watching a Nicolas Sparks movie", so you saying the same thing made me LOL. I also had the same comment about Chase’s hometown with the constant talk about "children from divorced/broken homes", I am one of those kids and so is my SO, I would say it has made us more aware of the magnitude of the decision and allowed us to wait. I have a real unease about Jordan, I have from day one, there is something about him, that I can’t quite pinpoint, but I don’t trust him, or maybe his intentions (?). Maybe he doesn’t know what he wants or know that he wants "this" (life with JoJo)? His "love" for JoJo seems, like he is trying it on or playing a part that he isn’t sure he believes yet. Robbie moved up a few bars for me, but to be honest this whole season, Luke has been my personal favourite, Chase has really appeared out of nowhere (in a good way) in the last 3 episodes, and I was sad to see James Taylor leave. At this point I would be okay if it was Luke and Chase. I could handle several more weeks learning about the two of them. Thanks for another great blog post Ali! Congrats to you and Kevin on the birth of your baby girl <3

  103. Just a quick comment- my boyfriend told me that he was falling in love with me and when he was in love with me then he said I love you. It was the only guy who said it but he was completely honest and I liked it because I always knew where he was at emotionally. Congrats on the wedding date!

  104. Hi Ali, you are my all time favourite and congratulations on your new beautiful family!

    I’m not sure anyone else said this because I didn’t have time to read all of the comments. I thought the divorce situation was really overdone too. That’s why I think the producers did it purposely in case they pick Chase as the next Bachelor. The "theme" could be Chase growing up in a split family (wasn’t this Dez’s theme) and he’s looking for his one and only that will last forever. Just a thought!

  105. Love the blog.. I agree on the divorce thing, it was very uncomfortable.. I don’t even know my dad, and my mom went through a divorce later on. I am a very kind giving, loving person, it did not affect me in the least. I divorced my son’s dad when I found out I was pregnant. (we were young, and he liked drinking and smoking pot too much). Anyway, it was weird. I love Chase though, I just don’t see him with her.

    Jordan – Ok, if she would have brought Aaron up one more time, I was going to put the covers over my head being embarrassed for her. it felt like she was star struck. It was weird, and they say Jordan had other plans by getting on the show? They made it look like it may have been her, although we all know that’s not the case. I LOVE Jojo.. She’s legit.

    Robby- Too self assure, almost conceited in my opinion. Nice, but I am not feeling him

    Luke – Good ol’ country boy. loved the party they had, may have been a bit too much for the 1st time meeting when in fact you don’t know that she will ever be around again, but whatev’s.. I love country, so I was into it, I loved what he did with the rose pedals.. I don’t see him with her.. I also don’t want to see him be the next bachelor. I keep saying they need someone new. Someone who is successful in their career did it all, and now they are ready to find the one to fall in love with. Not someone who’s almost there or doesn’t even know where to start. #EEKS..

    Anyway, I love when you talk about Molly. Being a mom is the best feeling you will ever have in your life. My son is 32, and we are literally best friends. we are only 20 yrs. apart..

    You talk/show pictures of her all you want, and we want.. Teeheehee.. She is gorgeous. She looks just like her daddy! You sound like you are killin’ it as a new mommy! Love it.

  106. Congratulations on the baby! I love reading your blogs! I just fed my newborn daughter, Avry, and she’s fast asleep… but I’m wide awake…best time to read your blogs…I can tell you’re sleep deprived too… I caught a few typos… if you need an editor… for free…I’m available…lol.
    Hometowns… Jojo has four amazing men left… I’d hate to be her… I like Robby… but I’d let him go… it’s too soon for him to be moving on from his breakup … too much baggage at the moment … Jojo seemed best with Luke … he’s ready … Chase holds back too much… and Jordan… something is off… when he looks at her sometimes… I don’t see that he’s 100% in it. These are just my opinion.
    I look forward to watching upcoming episodes… especially… Men tell all!! Ohhh Chad!

  107. My now husband did tell me he was falling in love with me a few days before he said "I love you." And it didn’t seem weird at all.

  108. I totally get where you’re coming from. You are either in love or not. However, I do think you can be "falling for someone." You know, that realization that you are beginning to feel the feels!

  109. I think Robbie needs to go home this week. Something just doesn’t feel right about his ex-girlfriend story. I’m close to my siblings and it would bother me if my guy had an issue with one of his. I would just want to know why the relationship was not working. I was shocked when she said she was sending Luke home. I’ve thought for a long time he was the best pick for her. It seems like they fit naturally together and their hometown date was so real and romantic. I’ve dated guys like Jordan before and I am just afraid he will break her heart. So many times those guys are not genuine.

  110. I haven’t watched the whole season this time but loved your season Ali, and you were my fav! …the first go around. I’m team Chase. Not a big fan of the others.

  111. I totaly agree with the divorce part of your blog. im from a divorced home and I am very geniune when it comes to love and serious relationships. I thought hometowns were deep and interesting. I think she sends Luke home evan after he yold her that he is falling in love with her because he took too long. im still all for Jordan! I know alot of people are skeptical of him and his situation but I cant help but feel the love between them! As for "falling in love". im either in love with u or not in love theres mo middle.

  112. Chase’s mother even said Chase had a very hard time with their divorce and could be why he is hesitate but that he had processed it all, not quickly but thoroughly. His dad said "Chase had seen the good and the bad" so who knows what issues he had because of these things that happened to an 8 yr old. Things like this affect kids in different ways. As for him saying "i am following in love with you" could be that he wanted to let her know he was there but as he told her on the cliff, I am trying real hard and she said she knew he was. Another thought, I would think that was pretty special that he didn’t jump right in and say ILY so when he does she will know he really means it. Others like Robby practically told her on his first date. As for Jordan, I don’t get the connection that much since he seems more interested in being there than being with her. i.e. when he won last 1-1 date her threw his arms up indicating he "won" while others were saying they were bummed wanting the date, to be with JoJo etc. he was saying "gee hope it is somewhere cool" nothing, nada, zip about being with JoJo if that is love then I am real confused.

  113. I definitely feel like Jordan is not genuine. If you listen to his words, he never speaks about Jojo and his love for her, to him it’s just a contest and he’s the frontrunner. Listen to how he speaks, because it’s very revealing.

    My personal favorite has always been Luke. He’s incredibly charming and I have yet to see any red flags. I completely doubled over when Jojo admitted she was going to send him home. Everytime they are together, she hangs on his every word.

  114. The reason Jojo keeps questioning Jordan is because she can tell that he’s not that into her. She feels it but she’s in denial because she is so into him and blinded. She better listen to that gut feeling because it won’t work out with her and Jordan. I give them 6 months or less. I woulf LOVE it if Jojo chose no one but she will and it will be cheater liar Raya user extraordinaire Jordan Rodgers.

  115. A little behind because I also have a newborn! I was surprised you didn’t comment about Jordan’s home town being ALL about him. I found it so odd that it was a walk down memory lane for him rather than sharing the experience with JoJo. If anyone ever took me on a date to meet their high school football coach, I would have been annoyed. Makes you wonder what kind of dates he’d plan without cameras. Maybe kind of boring JoJo!

    Congrats Ali on the new bambino!

  116. I think she should pick Luke. They are both from Texas and most compatible. They have undeniable chemistry. Maybe she picked Jordan and then have a change of heart and wanted to go back to Luke at After Rose.

  117. I absolutely thought it was odd the amount of time JoJo spent talking about Jordan’s brother. You’d think he would have wondered why also, esp. since he said to her that she didn’t need to bring it up.

  118. It makes me sad to see you say that you don’t feel like a family because you don’t have the same last name as Kevin and Molly. Many women don’t take their husband’s name-they are just as much a family!

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