Maternity Clothes that Double as Nursing Clothes – Throwback Pic

One of the hardest things about dressing cute while I was pregnant was the money you have to spend on maternity clothes! I tried for the longest time to avoid wearing maternity clothes so that I could wear all the clothes I bought after baby. But once I reach about 7 months pregnant, I couldn’t really avoid wearing maternity clothes anymore. I got too big! That’s why I am really glad I found this SUPER fashionable maternity/nursing jumpsuit. It’s maternity so it stretched to fit my belly when I was pregnant, but totally goes back to it original form after I take it off so now I can wear it too! AND it has zippers on both side of the top so that I can have easy access to milk when for breastfeeding little Molly! Love it! It made spending money on maternity clothes so much more worth it because I’m able to wear this to nurse now! Getting more bang for my buck! Plus it’s a super cute jumpsuit! Hey, it could also be easy access for your man. Ha!

My purse is only $39. I own this purse in a bunch of different colors. You can see me carrying other colors HERE and HERE.

My cute scalloped blazer is perfect for a cute jumpsuit like this while going out to dinner or for the office! The scalloped edge gives it a little extra femininity and makes it more special than the average black blazer for work.


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3 thoughts on “Maternity Clothes that Double as Nursing Clothes – Throwback Pic

  1. Hey Ali, Can you recommend a good real estate agent in Valley Village? I can see you live around Huston/Ethel. Any agents I should connect with for my move to Van Huys/Studio/Valley area? 🙂 thanks!

  2. Hey Ali, can you please share which white nursing tank you’ve been wearing. On the hunt for one I can live in. Thanks!

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