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I posted some snaps today on my way to one of my closest friend’s baby shower and some of you asked about this dress so I thought I would write a quick blog post about it.  I’m wearing a medium and it’s perfect for post baby because it’s loose fitting around the tummy!. You can get it HERE.

Wonder how I’m able to go to a baby shower with a 12 day old baby? Well I have the most amazing partner and Kevin came with me. He stayed with Molly in the car while I went into the shower for an hour (she’s not old enough to go inside to public places yet. This was the direction we got from our pediatrician and I trust her opinion so please don’t comment saying “why wouldn’t you bring her inside a public place. She also doesn’t have any of her shots. Not worth the risk. Plus is was my friend’s shower and I was celebrating her baby. Not mine.).

Anyway, by Kevin being there, if she needed to nurse in that hour I was inside, all he had to do was call me and I would come right out to feed her. I don’t pump because most lactation consultants tell you not to until you milk supply is determined by your baby. So to wait until 3-4 weeks).

My point of this post is that having a good partner who is willing to work with you to make the transition into parenthood easier is EVERYTHING! I am so lucky to have Kevin.

BTW- I realize this isn’t a good breastfeeding dress. If you watch my snaps you’ll see me pulling it down to my waist to breastfeed Molly in the car! Ha! While is was parked of course. Mom life 😉

And don’t worry, sweet little Molly was covered up in her car seat for the trip. I just took her out of the car quickly to show her off to a few friends and to take this pic 🙂 Then she went right back in the car and was covered up!

Oh and my car seat is an Orbit for those for you wondering 😉


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72 thoughts on “Baby Shower Dress Post Baby

  1. I love how you and Kevin work together. I read once that a life partner is not about battling each other, but overcoming life’s challenges together.

  2. Ali you look absolutely amazing!! I so appreciate you sharing your story with all of us 🙂 seeing how comfortable you are with your body post baby is so beautiful. Our bodies do amazing things and seeing how you embrace it is just awesome!! Molly is such a beautiful blessing and it seems like you and Kevin are rocking parenthood!! Congratulations again ??

  3. Congrats on your precious little girl. I have a 6 month old daughter named Ivy. Think you could do a post on nursing friendly clothing. All I’ve been wearing since she was born is tank tops I can pull down or nursing tanks. I’m really struggling to find cute nursing clothing options. Sounds like your fiance is amazing… mine would do the same!

  4. You are such a great mom and you look beautiful doing it! I love watching your journey because you are so positive and it’s evident how much you love Molly and appreciate Kevin.

  5. Ali, whatever works for you is perfect. Good for you on all counts. And your wisdom about finding a Great partner is pivotal for so many women to know when searching. Carry on, love reading <3

  6. GIRL. Tell me about it with the comments. My baby is 3.5 months and the biggest lesson I’ve learned isn’t about my baby, it’s about how judgey all these other moms are. You just do you & forget the rest!! And good job breastfeeding on demand! That’s what I do too! I also waited the recommended 3-4 weeks before pumping. You’re doing a great job! No one’s opinion matters. ?

  7. Ali, do not listen to those horrible meanie internet troll moms! I have recently dealt with a meanie mom (in person and not online) that shamed me for the choices I made while raising my two kids and I cannot stand for it whether you are an average mom like me or a celebrity like yourself.

    My motto for motherhood and beyond is "just do you" you are Molly’s mother and you get to decide what choices are made in raising her. You are doing a fabulous job so block all the haters on your Instagram and move on. That will teach them to be mean lol

    All the best to you and your new little family! 🙂

  8. I was so intrigued by your IG post I had to read the blog. I agree with everything you’ve said. I would like to share something with you if I may, just to think about.
    With my first I was also told not to pump for the 1st month by my sister-in-law (a pediatric nurse practitioner.) When my daughter stopped breastfeeding at 3 months I was crushed & ended up pumping until she was 1 year just so we could give her as much breast milk as possible (which wasn’t very much). When my son was born 3 years later I pumped all the time after breastfeeding or if I was full & he was sleeping (for the first 3 months.) Fortunately, he didn’t stop nursing until 15 months, but I had plenty of milk frozen "just in case" & I was able to mix my frozen milk into his cereals & foods I made for him. Even teething cubes!
    So just something to think about. Breastmilk production is supply/demand, but it wouldn’t hurt to have extra.
    Btw, you look beautiful & you have a beautiful family!

  9. I get so excited whenever you post, it makes me sad when a judgmental few practically force you to go on the defensive. Don’t people know not to mess with a mama bear?? The majority of us love hearing about your journey and understand that any choice you make is absolutely none of our business; negative voices tend to seem louder even when they are in the minority 🙂 (also I’m confused as to why you would get criticized for NOT bringing her into a public place, nothing bad can come from that decision so why does it matter?? Since when is being cautious with a newborn a bad thing??) You keep doing your thing Ali you’re doing great!

  10. I love everything about our blog, I just hate you have to explain yourself/actions to over intrusive people. Do you girl. You’re doing great at mommihooding (is that a word?!)

  11. You’re doing great! I have a 10 week old and it is quite a different experience for every baby and every mama. Also, I second the nursing friendly clothing request! I am about to go back to work and I need some dressy clothes that will be easy to pump/nurse in.

  12. Just wanted to leave a postitive comment! You and your family are beautiful. Kudos to you for living such a public life and dealing with all the judgmental wackos. Being a new Momma is so hard without having people be judging. I bet , you are doing EVERYTHING just right for you! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl.

  13. Great job mama!!! BF is hard but so rewarding. You are doing awesome. I have a 6 month old and those car BF experiences totally make me laugh. Total mom life. Lol. Molly is just precious ❤️

  14. So wonderful seeing how great you and your family are doing! Molly is so cute! Please don’t feel the need to justify any of your choices as your loyal and caring fans know you’re doing a great job and what is in the highest and best interest of baby and mom! Ps you look AMAZING for having a 12’day old baby! Big hug!

  15. Sometimes you come across as a bit tone-deaf in your instagram and blog postings. Not every new mother has a partner (albeit a "FANTASTIC" partner), nor a mother who can come support her in the first few days, nor such an #omgimSOHAPPY #LOVEbeingamom #BESTLIFE EVER postpartum course.

    As a public figure who is read by such a wide array of woman (many, likely, new mothers themselves) I feel you are doing a disservice to other women around you by flaunting the ease with which you have transitioned into motherhood and the joy you are feeling. So many new moms struggle, and so many read your posts and feel a tinge of pain when they read the words "this has truly been the best week of my life."

    I prefer to follow humble, honest, witty, empathetic women on the internet who are self-aware and kind.

    Oh, and as a person who publicly writes about their personal life, you should probably expect and accept such criticisms and comments. No one is forcing you to share your life, and just like are are free to share, we are free to comment.

    Just my two cents 🙂 All the best.

    1. Ewe.. What makes you think she isn’t being honest? A lot of new mothers have a great first week. Why would she write about something she’s not experiencing? If you don’t think she’s humble, wity, etc. then go away. The saying "if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything" applies to you. You should start your own blog and call it "bitter and miserable". Stop crapping on her motherhood experience. #internettroll

    2. You are asking a new mom to hide her joy? That makes absolutely no sense. I’m a Physician Assistant in an OBGYN office so I am familiar with the wide range of reactions to motherhood. Some women come in at their 6 week postpartum visit overjoyed, while others can barely get out of bed in the morning. Neither way is right or wrong and neither group should have to hide their joys or their sorrows. I’ve learned that the best thing to do is to just support each other.

      And you’re right nobody is forcing her to share her life. However, I guarantee if she hadn’t been posting since Molly was born people would be writing her saying "why aren’t you posting about motherhood" or "can we see pictures" and so on. She can’t win either way which I’m sure is frustrating.

    3. I certainly see your point about how Ali seems to have it good and is transitioning with incredible ease when most women feel completely opposite.

      However, I do think it is unfair to say her blog is flaunting some perfect life – Ali has written several very real posts describing her struggles with pregnancy. These posts included talks of constipation, feeling like her body doesn’t belong to herself, and episodes of hormonal crying.

      Perhaps her awful pregnancy finally ending has made her outlook a little brighter? Perhaps she’s on a hormonal high? Maybe she is actually having an easy time!

      While nobody is forcing her to share her life, nobody is forcing you to read it either. I personally LOVE reading how she’s adjusting to mommy life.

    4. Don’t like what you see then don’t read it. Ali is not saying that all people have what she has, but this isn’t about all people. Her blog is about herself and her family. She takes the time to make relationships with her fans. If you’re not a fan of her lifestyle or are maybe jealous then you should try to find another blog that you connect better with. But putting someone down for being happy and blessed is ugly. I choose love not hate. Life is too short.

    5. Wow I couldn’t disagree with this more. She can only speak for herself and HER experience. When someone says "this has been the best week of my life" it is possible to be happy for them and not try to bring them down simply because you’re not feeling the same way.
      Ali, I truly hope you continue to feel as happy as you are now and never hesitate to tell the world because you have no idea how much hope it brings some people. You’ve been super open and honest about your journey and I personally think it’s SO courageous that you continue to do so despite comments like these. I honestly look up to you.

    6. Then unfollow and stop reading. You must be the type of person who is incapable of being happy for others. Do you always piss on everyone’s parade?

      Ali keep sharing. You have way more supporters than critics.

    7. You seriously need to seek mental help. I’m speechless after reading what you wrote. Your jealousy is eating you up

    8. You are also free to not read it at all, especially since it seems to bother you so much. Let her enjoy being a new mom, happy and in love with someone awesome who is an amazing dad and partner! She had a difficult pregnancy and shared that journey too. Nobody is trying to or claiming to be perfect because nobody is!

    9. I’ve met people like you, Jackie.

      People that are incapable of not making EVERYTHING about themselves.

      I stay far, far away from them. It’s too bad you can’t do that with the Internet.

    10. Very selfish Jackie, Ali is humble, honest, witty, and empathetic and I would like you to find a place where she hasn’t been that way. If you do not like her, her life, her positive outlook, or what she has to say, stop following and reading what she has to say. All you are doing is bashing someone who doesn’t deserve it so you can make others feel sorry for you. It’s sad that she should have to endure criticism from anyone, especially someone like you, in such a way. You should be ashamed of yourself. Every mom is different and Ali has been blessed with an amazing first week into mommyhood. I can only hope to be so lucky, but it is nice to see her sharing that it is possible. It’s her life go get one for yourself.

    11. Must be so exhausting to be as unhappy in yourself and for other people!
      If you see the beauty in everything, life could become beautiful for you too… You should give happiness a shot!

    12. Who are you to talk about being empathetic. Do you even follow Ali regularly? Where had she not been kind, humble, honest or empathetic? She she the most humble, empathetic, kind hearted person who just happens to be I the public eye. That doesn’t make her a punching bag for for unwarranted hatered. It’s fantastic that she has such a great support system, it’s not her fault others do not. You are shaming her for being happy and that is a pretty awful thing to do, especially if you yourself are a mom. So other "happy" moms should feel bad now because other moms don’t have it easy?

      Ali, keep doing what your doing, you are amazing! Don’t listen to the hateful people who have nothing better to do than teardown others who are happy.

  16. Adorable! You may want to reconsider the Orbit though. Their seats were found to contain Tris (TDCPP) which is a banned carcinogenic flame retardant and other dangerous FRs (despite Orbit insisting again and again that they didn’t use any harmful FRs – even though dozens of independent tests that say otherwise – and they still to this day claim they don’t). I’ll never trust a word that comes out of their mouths. Currently, Britax is the least toxic choice on the market.

  17. Great post! Don’t feel like you have to explain your reasoning behind everything you do for your sweet Molly! You and your partner are the only two who can make decisions for her and you 100% know best. Love the dress. Like you I’m also breastfeeding and go for convenience (I have a two year old running around as well). Do you have any breastfeeding friendly clothing recommendations?

  18. You have such a positive attitude. We need more of that in this world!!! Focus on the good!! Happiness and love wins!!! Molly is gorgeous. She’s lucky to have such happy role models in her life to show her how to see the beauty in the world!!

  19. I just went to a baby shower today and wrote on the advice card, "Don’t compare your baby to others. Every baby is different. Trust your instincts!" Love hearing about how others are dealing with being a new mom (I have a 6 month old baby girl). Can’t wait to read future updates and see more pictures of your cutie pie!

  20. It’s so sad that some people feel the need to pick apart what other moms decide to do. Just listen to your instinct and a few people that have earned your trust! 🙂 great dress! I find that dressing for nursing is actually trickier than with a bump.. Usually end up with button down shirts, nursing tanks and skirts.

  21. I feel bad you have to clarify what you did with your own baby. Life in a judgemental world. You should be able to write and tell what you did without the "Don’t worry clarifications". She’s beautiful by the way 🙂

    1. I was also thinking the exact same thing! Go Ali though, for covering all bases before the negative energy people could weigh in!

  22. So sweet! I love your snaps. I usually see them while I’m nuring my 12 week old on silent at 5am the watch the next morning ?

  23. I hate that, as new moms, we have to constantly justify and explain every decision we make. It’s sad that moms want to tear one another down, instead of supporting and building each other up. Best wishes to you and your new family!

  24. Do you mind sharing where you get your nursing tanks from? I’m due with baby number two in a couple months and I’d love to get some tanks that are tight fitting and I can wear under shirts. I never had good luck finding nursing tanks when I had my first child. Thanks!!

  25. I have breastfed 2 babies (one is 8.5 mo and currently breastfeeding). I have never heard not to pump in those early weeks, just not to introduce a bottle until about 4 weeks. With both, I started pumping once my milk came in just a little (1-2 oz) every morning to build up some extra supply just in case. Do whatever you feel is best of course.

  26. Ali, I am 31 weeks pregnant and have especially appreciated all of your maternity friendly outfit details! I have several pieces you inspired me to purchase, and I love them!

    I feel outraged for you when I see any negative/judgey posts, as well as sad for the people posting them. Just know for every one hater out there that they are outnumbered by people that get it and want to support other women whether they are incredibly happy or going through a tough time. So listen to all your supporters and remember that the others may not have had the life experiences yet to learn that one has no place being judgemental.

  27. Yay for a happy "almost" 2 weeks of mommy hood! You are Molly’s momma and are always looking out and doing what is best for her! #hatersgonnahate! I was shopping for nursing clothes with my mom and it is incredible how many shirts have elastic necks haha! I went from buying shirts that went all the way up to my neck when I was a teacher and now I am like "low cut and easy boob access please!" ha! Keep on rockin’ on momma!

  28. Totally agree with keeping baby away from public. A baby that young should not get sick. I had both of mine in October and kept them home through cold/flu season.

  29. Congratulations Ali. Your baby is beautiful. I’m a mom of 3 kids and everyone always give there 2 cents. You do what you feel is best between you and your dr. Big hugs

  30. I would like to share a comment about the breastfeeding. I have 5 kids and I’ve breastfeed and pumped with all of them. I always thought that the hospital said to wait to introduce a bottle until the baby was at least a month old, but I’ve never heard to wait to pump. In fact, pumping would increase your milk production. I started pumping with all my kids as soon as I got my milk in (that was about 3 days after delivery). You could always breastfeed and then pump what’s left so you empty yourself out and increase milk production. Do whatever is right for you though.

  31. You are doing great. So happy to see pics of your cute daughter. I am a mom to two boys and I also breastfed on demand and there are so many benefits so continue until you are able to. Keep enjoying her as a newborn they grow up so fast ?

  32. I don’t understand when people are negative towards a blog or a pic they see. If you don’t like it Jackie then don’t read it. Personally it’s very cute and sweet to see Ali’s posts about her cute baby girl. Don’t worry about explaining yourself u r her mother and u know best. She is just precious

  33. Wouldnt you just skip the babyshower all together, waiting witha baby in a car for an hour thats hard.

  34. Good for you for getting out! It can feel overwhelming in the beginning and it seems like you’re managing well. I was in my best friend’s wedding at two weeks postpartum, and while it wasn’t easy, I’m glad that I went! I just feel bad that you had to justify your decisions as a mom. I think it’s totally fine if she’s not covered up in your own car, I didn’t even know that’s something people would criticize!

  35. Good for you Ali! Beautiful dress and beautiful baby. I also breastfeed my two girls on demand. It is not easy but so worth it. Don’t let others tell you how to be a mommy. Follow your heart. I am glad you found a good helpful partners.

  36. I am so bummed by our mommy society that you’ve already been made to feel like you have to put all these caveats in your post! I wish you could just post w/o worrying about judgement from other moms (as an expectant first-time mom, I worry about this too). Hey other moms out there – let Ali do Ali!

  37. Ali I always get excited when I get a notification on my phone saying that you have a new post. I love to read all your posts and I’m so happy for you and your new family. I recommend your Instagram and blog to all of my girlfriends that are expecting a baby. I love your style. I’m not pregnant yet, but I already ordered 2 pregnancy dresses that you posted few

  38. Hi Ali! I’m a new grandma and I am very proud of you and so happy for you and Kevin. My daughter is making all her own decisions and I am proudly supporting them! All new moms (and all women) need to be supported by each other. I enjoy all your blog posts. Keep them coming!

  39. Wow Jackie that is horrible to say! I have been a single mom and a mom with a husband having a baby. You should immerse yourself in positivity and try to forgo the negativity as much as possible in life rather then sink in your own self pity. Just because people are happy in their lives doesn’t mean they can’t talk about it the same as people who struggle in their lives posting about it. Jealousy doesn’t not do anyone justice. Because some people go without and don’t have a huge family circle of support doesn’t mean that you should begrudge people that do. She is never talking bad infact she has stated she feels bad for these people that don’t have the support as it must be difficult and it makes her appreciate what she has even more and not take it for granted. So unimpressed with your post. If you are on the single parent side and have little family support I am sorry and don’t mean to attack but please fight through and try to surround yourself with some more positivity to uplift yourself. Attend some parenting groups to make more friends that can support you. The choice is yours in how you decide to live your life same as it is Ali’s choice everyday to breath happiness and positivity!!!!

  40. I’ve been married 30 years and I have three kids that are 23, 21, and 19. I enjoy reading your posts. Everyone does life differently. When you are 52 you realize that’s what makes us need each other or in some cases grow apart. You keep being you and if people don’t like it they can find some one else. Glad your first week went well. Enjoy every moment because it will fly by. That’s is what parenting is all about ~ take every day as a new day and live it to the fullest.

  41. Ali, I forgot to ask…

    Do you use your car seat with the stroller or just the G3 Bassinet with the stroller?

  42. That dress is so pretty! It’s great that you were able to go to your friends shower. My husband and I used to do stuff like this all the time. I have two girls who are 2.5 and 5.5. I breastfed both of them for an extended amount of time and they never took bottles (I tried but just gave up). He was so helpful and supportive, and I’m glad your partner is too!

  43. So thankful for you and your willingness to be open and real! Becoming a new mom is the most amazing experience but it can also be overwhelming so the last thing you need is ugly comments from unhappy people! Please do what works for you, Kevin, and your sweet girl! The day we brought my little girl home, the NICU nurse gave my husband and I a long talk about how we are her champions, her heroes, her advocates. I don’t take that job lightly and I can tell that you don’t either. You are already the best mom! Please ignore the negativity and keep doing your job 🙂 praying for you and this new journey! Lacy

  44. Love this!! Good for you for being so dedicated to breastfeeding you and Kevin are making accommodations to make it work! Truly one of the best gifts you can give your sweet little girl!

  45. Such a beautiful baby girl you and Kevin have! I love reading your posts….and motherhood seems to simply glow on you. Kevin sounds like he is a natural as a helping partner and daddy (but we kinda saw that coming during your pregnancy!!!) ! I think it is great that you got to get out of the house for an hour or so without your sweet girl……YES….you probably wanted her right beside you, but how nice that you got to focus on your friend and enjoy yourself while at the same time, Molly and Daddy got some great bonding time! You have a very blessed family! Thank you for sharing with all of us! lots of love going out to all of you!

  46. I too find mommyhood to be blissful! I have been blessed with a wonderful daughter and I wouldn’t try to hid the fact. Yes there were some tough times, especially when it came to breastfeeding, but the happy times far outweigh the hard times. Keep sharing! You are doing a great job!

  47. Unfortunately 66 nice comments can be spoiled by one mean comment. Try to remember that you have far more champions than critics. Molly is beautiful, and I don’t know how you’ve found time to continue writing a blog in the first month of her life. You’re a super mom and she’s lucky to have you!

  48. My husband and I have been doing the same thing! He waits in the car with her outside of bridal showers and baby showers for me in case our daughter needs to eat! It is so important to work together! 🙂 love this post and the honesty of the dufficulty of breastfeeding in the backseat in a non maternity outfit, the struggle is real haha you’re a great Mama for doing this for your sweet baby girl!

  49. It makes me sad that you have to put disclaimers on everything….the world we live in is not kind! I just had to laugh reading this because it took me back to my nursing days….I can’t even count how many times I nursed in the car! I told my husband I was buying a new car with a more comfortable backseat before baby #2. 🙂 He can do the test driving while I’m in the backseat with a boppy!!

  50. Love that you said it was about your friends baby – and not yours. I’ve never brought my babies to a baby shower before, it does take away some of the thunder of the mom-to-be.

  51. I love what you said about pumping!! Most people don’t get the whole pumping thing!! Best of luck on your breastfeeding journey!! I’ve so far made 15 months today! =)

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