Feminine Dress for When You Want to Cover Up

I’m no longer pregnant! I can’t believe it. I have to tell you it feels pretty great to put on a dress that isn’t maternity. My selection of clothes just went way up and I’m excited about it! This feminine dress was the perfect choice to wear for a newborn/family shoot we did the other day (I’m going to be sharing some of the pics soon!). I chose it because at the time of the shoot I wasn’t even a week post labor and my body definitely wasn’t/isn’t back to normal. It will be a while until I have my old shape back (if I ever get it back!) and I’m totally okay with that. But for now I still want to look good in my clothes. So this dress worked for me because it’s loose fitting and hides my post baby bump! Yes, I still have a bump! And the long sleeves cover my arms which aren’t in shape at all right now! It’s an investment piece, but I was willing to spend the extra money because this shoot was super important to me. Can’t wait to share some of the photos with you guys!

And now that I don’t need to buy maternity clothes, which are EXPENSIVE, I will be back to my budget friendly posts ASAP!!! Stay tuned for those.

These soft pink shoes (which you can’t see in this pic obvi) are perfect for this dress. The are delicate and soft. You can see me wearing them HERE.


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4 thoughts on “Feminine Dress for When You Want to Cover Up

  1. Just wanted to say how much I love your blog and all your mummy stories, snaps and pics of your beautiful Molly! Thank you for sharing her with us and your journey so openly! ?

  2. Ali, just wanted to let you know that Molly looks like her grandpa Fedotowsky. She is so cute and congrats to you and Kevin!!

  3. Very cute dress!:) I want to know how the delivery went! Are you goof to write about your experience?

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