A Maternity Outfit that’s STAYING in my Closet ;)

I’ve already written about this outfit but since I’m not really getting dressed these day (mostly staying in PJ’s taking care of baby Molly) I thought I would write about it again since I love it so much! This is a maternity dress but I’m totally going to wear this dress now that I’m not pregnant anymore. It’s so so flattering! I actually let my girlfriend borrow it and it looked so FAB and flattering on her. As soon as I get it back from her I will be rocking it!

And I’m COMPLETELY shocked that this pink jacket hasn’t sold out yet. It’s on MAJOR sale and it might be my favorite jacket of all time.

All the other outfit details are below…


6 Thoughts

6 thoughts on “A Maternity Outfit that’s STAYING in my Closet ;)

  1. So expensive for the dress! Liz Lange maternity at target has "spacedye" dresses that look identical to this in various colors and for only $25. I’m sticking with $25 dresses on my teachers salary. Cute but $88 is too much for me :-/

  2. This is off topic a bit, but I was wondering where you bought your nursing camisoles from that you’ve been wearing in your Snapchats! They look very comfortable and well-fitted! My due date is tomorrow and I’ve bought a couple nursing camisoles to prepare, but none of them seem to fit as well as I’d hoped for.

    1. Ditto on the same question! They do look comfortable and I need to buy some when I get closer to my due date! Thanks!

  3. How does the jacket fit? Wondering what size to get. I usually wear a medium (8) in most anything.

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