Family Time with Miss Molly

Oh my gosh you guys, I am so so so in love with my daughter! It feels so amazing to say that- MY daughter! Being a mom is truly the most incredible thing in the entire world. I plan on writing a long blog post about it soon and sharing a bunch with you guys. Everything from the delivery to the first week of parenthood. The labor was rough (to say the least) but every moment since has been perfect! Everyone says the first two weeks of parenthood are the hardest, and if that’s the case for us, then we are in for one amazing experience because this week has been so wonderful. Sure I’m tired but it’s mostly because I don’t want to sleep! I want to spend every waking second starring at my beautiful little girl! Stay tuned for more on my experience later this week!

For now I wanted to share some photos of my little angel visiting with family this week. Isn’t she amazing?! And this wouldn’t be if I didn’t share my outfit details. Ha! I can’t wait to share all of Molly’s little outfits! Have you seen her closet (see it HERE)?!?! It’s filled with the more adorable clothes.

My dress below comes in both maternity and non-maternity. It’s so flattering during pregnancy (see it HERE on me at 8 months pregnant in another print) and helps hide my postpartum baby bump (which I love btw. I’m proud of my body and everything it’s done!). Plus I just love the colors – they’re great for summer! This would be a nice dress to wear to a summer wedding.

My rose gold necklace says “Molly” and Kevin gave it to me right after we had her. It’s a sweet, simple gift that means so very much to me. I wasn’t expecting it at all. Now that I have it, I don’t think I will ever be able to take it off.





How ADORABLE is this picture below?!?! I absolutely LOVE her PJ’s. This is actually the very first outfit she wore! It’s by my favorite baby clothing company and you can get it here. I don’t think her exact print is available anymore, but they have so many cute prints and the material is SO soft. We have the panda bear ones too.

The look on her face in this picture kills me! So stinkin cute! This picture was taken RIGHT before we left the hospital. The look on her face is saying “The world is HOW big? And we are about to go explore it?!”


My maxi dress below is Show Me Your Mumu. It’s very boho chic for summer. I love the low back. I normally wear a cute lace bralette like THIS with it so it looks pretty in the back. But right now I’m braless. Ha. Need to have easy access to little Molly’s food source 😉


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66 thoughts on “Family Time with Miss Molly

  1. Love, love, love everything!!! Congratulations Ali, Kevin and Owen. Molly is adorable and so are all the outfits. I can’t wait to hear all about your birthing experience.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all of this Ali!! I hope you continue to share more 🙂 Molly is an absolutely beautiful baby! She is just gorgeous. I am so happy for your sweet family. Much love!

  3. Congratulations! She’s so gorgeous! My two were born with the same head full of black hair and I love it, my little girl (10 weeks) still has most of hers too! Can’t wait to hear your birth story!

  4. So happy for all of you! She is so lucky to have you guys has her parents! She is a beautiful little Princess!

  5. Congrats on your beautiful and precious baby girl ???? I look forward to watching her grow and hearing all your sweet words along the way! Blessings to your amazing family ????

  6. Molly is beautiful!! I love your blog Ali, and now I will love it even more seeing pictures and hearing about sweet Molly! Thank you so much for sharing your love story and family with us! We are all lucky to get a little peek into your life! 🙂

  7. Congrats! She is beautiful just like her momma. 🙂 But whoever told you the first two weeks of parenting are the hardest was a liar! Wait till she has a sibling and then when they are teens. Now that is hard!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing all the pics! What beautiful family pictures! Nothing better than becoming parents. Molly is so adorable!

  9. Iv got 4 kids (current one is a newborn as well). And being a firstime parent can be a lil stressful during the first few months and yrs but as they get older it gets much easier. Especially if you have more kids. Congrats aly and ur man on ur precious lil bundle of joy!!! She’s a cutie

  10. Omg I love her sweet little face and all that dark hair she has! She looks just like a porcelain doll! ?

  11. What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations, welcome to Mommy hood! Don’t forget to rest and not push yourself too hard comma being a new mommy is a lot of work. Enjoy the cuddles and snuggles and time with your new baby princess.

  12. I cried at how beautiful this moment is for you both. Have always been a huge fan. Congrats on the newest addition.

  13. Congrats! She is perfect in everyway! Love her name too!! Can’t wait to watch Her grow through the years! 🙂

  14. Congratulations!!! I have been an avid watcher of Bachelor and Bachelorette. You are one of my favorites. I love your blog. Your baby girl is so precious and pretty. I am very happy for you, your husband to be and the rest of your family. You are in for the best years of your life.

  15. Ive been following you throughout both of our pregnancies. I’m currently 40 weeks 1 day anxiously awaiting the arrival of my baby girl. Hearing your thoughts on new mommy hood makes me that much more excited. I’ll be honest, I had a mini freak out this weekend about labor and how I’ll have no idea what I’m doing once I bring her home. Seeing you take to it so naturally and happily has really helped ease my fears ❤️

  16. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL POST <3 And you and Kevin are just glowing! I love how real & honest you are…thanks for sharing!! Enjoy this beautiful time!! Blessings to your fam! xo!

  17. She looooooks identical to Kevin. Love the pictures. I saw this dress in one fancy store in Vegas and it had for baby size aswell, thought humm Ali and Molly!

  18. What a CUTIE!, thanks for sharing the Pictures. She is al realy beautiful little girl. Congrats with the baby for both of you.

  19. Thanks for sharing your precious gift!! I have three girls, they are all adults now, but raising girls is the absolute best!! Enjoy every single second!! Congratulations to you, Kevin and Owen! ??

  20. Congratulations Ali she’s beautiful. I’m so happy that everything has worked out for you. Happy Birthday Molly???

  21. Oh my gosh she is so adorable! You look wonderful and you’re still glowing <3 in so happy to hear a positive first two weeks story !

  22. Hoping to start my own family this year…your blog makes me excited! Keep the details of motherhood coming! Molly is such a cutie pie!

  23. Love the necklace! Totally getting one for our little man who arrived the day after Molly! Congrats ❤️

  24. Oh my goodness.. She is so cute and you guys just look SO happy! She’s a lucky little girl to have you and Kevin as parents! Huge congratulations and thank you for sharing with us! Already can’t wait until your next post 😉
    P.S. Kevin wins with that necklace, that is the perfect gift

  25. She is so perfect and beautiful! My husband got me the same gift with our daughter’s name on it! I love it!!!

  26. Such a precious little girl. I forget how little they are. My little peanut is almost 1 and she grew up so fast. Congratulations to you and your family.

  27. What a beautiful daughter Miss. Molly is! I am so happy for you both. Lots of happiness to you and your precious family! Owen looks like a protective big brother! What a good boy!

  28. Congratulations…. You and Kevin will make wonderful parents, Molly is a very lucky little girl…

  29. She is so precious! Congratulations! I had my first baby girl (second baby) 7 weeks ago and we named her Molly too so naturally, I love her name! 😉 soak up every second!

  30. Omg Molly is sooo adorable and precious. …she really is a tiny angel…she’s just beautiful…love all her hair!! Congrats Ali and Kevin…much love and happiness!!

  31. Wish one day I could meet you. Congrats. When you ever come to Buffalo and want to good wings hit me up.

  32. congratulations! You are a sweet family! I’ve never heard that the two first weks of parenthood were the hardest – for me the whole first year was very easy because they sleep most of the time. The hardest thing about it is that is passes way too quickly!!

  33. What a gorgeous little girl and family pictures. I love your blog and you are so open and honest. Lots of love from Amsterdam!

    Xx Michelle

  34. Congratulations gorgeous girl!! Motherhood suits suits you :-))) enjoy every second. I’m looking forward to your birth story. Have a great day xxx

  35. She is exquisite and I must say Ali you are glowing!!!!!!!?You and Kevin made an angel baby?
    Great job and remember to enjoy

  36. Hi Ali, Molly is so beautiful! Congratulations to you all! Enjoy every minute of motherhood! It’s such a wonderful feeling, even on the rough days after they are asleep and you slip into their rooms and think I can’t imagine my life without them! My son is now 3 and adopted, but the minute I saw him I knew he was my baby. At that moment that little boy melted my heart and he is and always will be my everything. I love your blog and wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

    Ashley C., Ontario, Canada

  37. Congrats Ali! She is just adorable. Becoming a parent is the most exhausting, wonderful, tiring, and best thing you can ever do!

  38. She is beautiful. I remember those days. They are so very special. Congratulations. I wondered where you went….i didnt know you were expecting….you both look so very happy. How awesome is that? We should all be so lucky….

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